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Adam Sandler and Kevin James star as best friends and fellow firefighters Chuck and Larry, the pride of their Brooklyn fire station. Chuck owes Larry for saving his life. Larry calls in that favor big-time by asking Chuck to pose as his "domestic partner" so his kids will get his pension. But when a fact-checking bureaucrat becomes suspicious, the two straight guys are forced to improvise as love-struck newlyweds. Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames and Dan Aykroyd co-star in this hilarious comedy.

It's crude and sometimes awkward, but there's a gleefully subversive movie lurking inside I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. By virtue of a tooth-grinding contrivance, two manly Manhattan firefighters, Adam Sandler and Kevin James, must move in together and pretend to be gay; after seeing life from the other side, they learn something about tolerance. Sandler is the obnoxious, aggressively offensive womanizer, while James plays a widowed dad worried about his effeminate son. Nothing is too surprising about the way this works out, except for the film's unabashedly gay-rights fervor. It's one thing for a sensitive art-house movie to preach to the choir, and quite another for Sandler to speak to his multiplex audience on how uncool it is to use a homophobic slur. Ham-handedly directed and almost proudly sloppy, Chuck & Larry wins points for remaining defiantly rude; a nicer movie wouldn't have been as effective. There's a hilarious supporting performance by Ving Rhames, and Jessica Biel brings her Kim Novak-style glamour to a truly unbelievable character. Rob Schneider and Richard Chamberlain (two names not generally brought together) are amusing in small roles. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Funny A$$ Movie!
    Adam Sandler & Kevin James rip it up in this absolutely hilarious comedy. The movie is about a firefighter (Kevin James) whose wife dies finding out that he can't pass his pension to his children but rather only to a spouse. The only person that he can trust with his savings is jiggilo firefighter friend (Adam Sandler). This is where the comedy ensues. Although the movie does make fun of Gay people I don't believe that it negatively portrays them. In fact I feel that the moral of the movie is that 2 men can love each other as much as a man and a women can.

    Please watch this movie, you will thank me for it later.

    5 Out of 5 Stars!...more info
  • Light hearted comedy
    3.5 stars. I'll give it up to Adam Sandler for trying to do something new...but overall, I'm not sure he hit his usual bull's-eye with this one. Even upon writing this, I don't quite understand why he wouldn't be able to change the beneficiary on a policy when the one listed is deceased. Doesn't matter how long that person has been dead. You can't give benefits to a dead person. Other than that, the film has it moments and it's general message about tolerance is a good one. It's just a lot of this feels like we've been here before...all the way down to the trial (Big Daddy. Mr. Deeds) Overall, It's solid paint by numbers comedy taking on a touchy subject but still coloring within the lines. A decent rental....more info
  • Kinda Disappointed In My Two Favorite Comedians
    Being a big fan of both Sandler and James, it hurts to rate the film so low. I was really expecting a lot from two of my favorite modern comedians, but there just wasn't much in the story to be really funny. James and Sandler have both done seperate movies and TV shows that are funnier than this. Don't get me wrong, it is ok, but more like a giggle here and there instead of a full on belly laugh the entire film. I can't even think of a scene that was my favorite, which is another problem, it's not that memorable. Overall, it is worth watching but not worth buying. ...more info
  • Top comedy of 2007
    I will begin this review by correcting two mistakes in Amazon's product description. First, this movie is rated PG-13, not rated R. Second, the movie is just under 2 hours in length, not 1 hr and 16 minutes as stated on Amazon.

    Now to the movie itself. First of, this is Adam Sandler's first movie where his character is Jewish, as the actor is in real life. As such, there are the occasional Jewish humor that anyone can appreciate. Second, as a movie about two men pretending to be gay, there is actually not that much humor relating to homosexuality; which is good as that would become tiresome really quick. And most of the gay humor is wordplay, with very little crude, physical humor.

    Third, as an Oriental person, I did find Rob Schneider's Japanese impersonation hilarious, and not overly insulting. Like all other Sandler movies' this one has a moral undercurrent. In this case, it is that gays are no different than heterosexuals. Also, one should always support their friends. This movie is classic Sandler, and also a great big-screen breakout role for Kevin James. In conclusion, a great movie and probably the best, if not surely the most innovative comedy of 2007....more info
  • Good Cast
    I love this movie. I went to see it in theaters and it's just non stop laughter. I had to go buy it on DVD. You will find the usual people that work with Adam Sandler, and Kevin James is alot funnier that I originally thought. They make a good pair for the movie.
    ...more info
  • Adam and Kevin together again.
    I have seen several HBO specials of these 2 together and it's always pretty funny.
    This movie overall was pretty funny.
    I was worried it might be one of those movies where if you have seen all 3 trailers you have seen all the funny parts.
    But I would have to say I was surprsied how many times I laughed during the movie.
    This movie leaned more towards the old days of Happy Gillmore rather then some of Adam's movies that haven't been as favorable.
    ...more info
  • Good Cast
    I love this movie. I went to see it in theaters and it's just non stop laughter. I had to go buy it on DVD. You will find the usual people that work with Adam Sandler, and Kevin James is alot funnier that I originally thought. They make a good pair for the movie.
    ...more info
  • Movie is blurry--DO NOT RENT!!
    As stated in another review before, this movie is extremely blurry during any action parts for some reason. I tried it against the reviewers advice and it almost made me sick in the first 5 minutes! A refund was promptly given by Amazon but trust me--Do not waste your time here. I have watched many movies before with no problems, this one has a problem in the source code though....more info
  • A disappointing movie, offensive, occasionally funny, preachy
    I consider myself an Adam Sandler fan and have seen all his comedies except Little Nicky. The ingredients are there for another successful movie from the Sandler team. In I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY, you have Sandler paired with two solid co-stars in the hilarious Kevin James and beautiful Jessica Beal. You have the trade mark childish, politically incorrect humor of Sandler. You have the usual great supporting cast of Sandler regulars Allen Covert, Steve Buchemi, Rob Schneider and Nicholas Tuturro. Ving Rhames and Dan Akroyd also star in limited roles.

    Okay, sounds like the movie should be funny, right? It is laugh out loud funny in many parts. Larry has lost his wife, and for some confusing reason, he needs a benificiary for his life insurance in case anything should happen to him while on the job. So, in order to ensure his kids have a bright future, Larry (Kevin James) does the only logical thing: talk womanizer Chuck (Adam Sandler) into being his domestic partner. Sounds easy enough, except the city of New York comes around investigating their relationship te ensure they aren't committing fraud. Much of the comedy comes from Sandler and James pretending to be gay to maintain the charade. It starts killing Sandler, when he becomes friends with a beautiful lawyer (Jessica Beil). He is falling for her, but must maintain the charade of being gay or else be thrown in jail for fraud.

    While much of the movie was funny, in the end, it is crushed under its own weight of stereotypes and preaching. You see, instead of trying to be a comedy, it tried to also preach a message of tolerance. Social tolerance is a fine message, but not in a Sandler comedy. Regardless of your stance on the issues, you will find this movie offensive. In one scene, the movie showed vehement demonstrators protesting, one side a bunch of religious fanatics, the other side a bunch of extreme stereotypes of homosexuals. The movie also made light of a father dealing with a son who shows interest in singing and the theater instead of baseball, basically implying that his child was destined to be gay. Also, in every other scene, a character came out of the closet in response to Chuck and Larry's professed, but fake, love for each other. It was funny the first time, but grew old after the tenth.

    In summary, this movie has some funny scenes, but it lost me when it started trying to preach. The movie could have focused on Sandler's relationship with Beil or James' moving on after the loss of his wife. Instead, it just kept throwing stereotypes of gays at us in hopes of being funny. Maybe calling this movie offensive isn't the right word, because that gives this movie too much credit. In the end, it just wasn't very good.
    ...more info
  • So so so funny!
    Expected it to be "okay". Adam Sandler movies can tend to be ridiculous -- when he plays ignorant and unrealisticly stupid boneheads from time to time. I was kind of expecting that. But I was hoping for a couple of hours by myself so I got a movie I know there was no chance my husband would dare watch with me (not in a million years...) And I was so pleasantly suprised to be laughing out loud over and over again. I absolutely loved the light-in-the-loafers son. Especially when he beat up the bully at school. I about peed my pants. THAT was one of the best fight scenes in film history! Someone needs to clip that and turn it viral! If you're homophobic, you are going to be uncomfortable a lot in this movie. Not like Brokeback Mountain, but you may want to pass nonetheless. But if you've got a sense of humor and you're a normal human being -- watch this....more info
  • Really funny movie!
    We really enjoyed this movie from the beginning till the end. I had my doubts at first but I am so glad we bought this movie. It has been awhile since I've had some good laughs. Def recommend this movie!...more info
  • Funny
    This has got to be the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. Adam Sandler and Kevin James were funny but Vhing Rhames had me in stitches. A must see....more info
  • Maddie's review
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
    By: Maddie Embree

    This movie is absolutely hilarious, but yet at the same time touching peoples hearts with the brother hood between the main characters Larry valentine, (played by Kevin James) and Chuck Levine, (played by Adam Sandler). The life lesson of this movie is a good friend will go to the end of the world and back to help a friend. Although it is hysterical, there is one scene that completely over did the whole family movie title. If you have seen this you should know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't you will as soon as you watch this movie. This scene takes place in the lawyers house after a so called "girls day". In this scene the lawyer (played by Jessica Biel) changes in front of chuck who is only pretending to be a homosexual. I feel like some of the younger kids might have not need to see that. I know they rated it PG-13 but it's not like they aren't going to watch it sometime. One of the funniest scenes takes place at the party when Chuck and Larry meet the lawyers brother Kevin (played by Nick Swardson). As they are leaving a group protesting against homosexuality surrounds them. Chuck decides is trying his hardest to make them leave but they will not. As the chuck and his group were leaving the man calls them "fagots". Chuck walks back and asks, "what did u just call me"? and the man decides to say it to his face through a mega-phone. Chuck turns around as if he is walking away and then turns sharply turns and punches the man to the ground. This is an excellent movie to show your older children to teach them the lessons of what being a good friend is all about. I would say the ages appropriate for this movie would be 12 and up. Well I do not want to give any thing else away. If u have not seen it, it is a must to have on DVD. That is why I enjoyed this movie.
    ...more info
  • I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry
    This was quite possibly the funniest movie I have ever watched in my entire life. I was laughing very hard from the start to the finish. I would recommend this DVD for anybody who loves Adam Sandler movies. This is his best movie yet....more info
  • Not that great
    This movie made me really happy to have Amazon Unbox for my Tivo. I didn't buy the movie (yay!) and I didn't have to return it (even better) after renting it.

    I just didn't care for this one. I usually like Adam Sandler, but this movie just didn't make me laugh. It mostly annoyed me. Oh, sure, by the end Chuck and Larry have learned some Very Important Lessons in life (of course) but that didn't make me feel any better about the movie.

    I guess it's ok for an afternoon where you're snowed in or otherwise really bored at home....more info
  • So bad you have to see it to believe it.
    The gay stuff is predictable and mostly tired, but the hefty side platter of sexism and racism will leave your jaw on the floor. Who ARE the people that make these things and WHAT were they thinking??? It's so poorly crafted, it's kind of enjoyable as a bad film. On the Showgirls 1 to 10 scale, (1 being Hush, 10 being Showgirls) I'd give it a healthy 7 for enjoyable badness.

    The cast looks miserable and embarrassed and the dark circles under their eyes seem to indicate they know they are working on damaged goods. Steve Buscemi is actually kind of OK and is able to make something of the stupid, stupid, stupid script, that had to have been written by a 7th grade junior high class from 1986. Dan Aykroyd speaks and moves quickly through his scenes, surely hoping that if his part is brief, no one will have noticed him. Alas, I did. ...more info
  • What A Flop !
    Adam Sandler can be hit or miss with his movies - this one is worse tham "miss" - it is dire ! Quite obviously made by macho lesbian loving , football playing , beer guzzling men who have'nt the faintest idea what the word comedy actually means - NOT FUNNY - Just crass ! If you have 90 minutes of your life to waste - get this one !! See if you can find an intelligable storyline or a funny line ....more info
  • Loved it
    It is very hard to make me laugh but I couldn't stop when I watched this. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time!...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I was pleasantly surprised by this film, especially considering all the negative reviews it received by film critics. I recommend this movie for anyone in need of a good laugh. It is worth your time....more info
    Contemporary lifestyles have always led to comic films that either make light of those lifestyles or recognize them through comedic eyes. I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY does the latter.

    Larry (Kevin James) and Chuck (Adam Sandler) are two New York firefighters who risk their lives daily. The two are close partners who would do anything for each other. Larry is a single father trying to raise two kids. Chuck is a womanizer of the highest order. So it only seems natural the two would end up together, right?

    Having lost his wife three years earlier, Larry discovers that since he didn't switch beneficiaries within a year, he can no longer do so. He's stuck unless he remarries.

    During a search of a building once the fire is out, Chuck falls and Larry catches him, saving his life. The two recuperate and one night while reading the newspaper, Larry comes up with an idea. Rushing to Chuck's house he offers a plan for the pair to pretend to be homosexual partners to set up his benefits. The promise that no one will ever find out is a comic setup if ever there was one.

    The two pretend but worry about what would happen if caught. A visit to an attorney (Jessica Biehl) results in their learning significant fraud charges could be filed. Its through her they learn that one way to avoid investigation is to actually marry. Off to Niagra Falls!

    All goes well until a checker from the benefits department shows at Larry's home expecting to see the loving couple together. Now the two must not only pretend to be married but live together as well. And when more intensive investigations ensue, they do everything they can to prove they are a gay couple to the people who matter.

    Sound complicated? Well perhaps the set up is but the jokes are simple and frequent. Not to mention most revolving around the preconceived notions of gays that people have been fed for years. Stereotypes run rampant but are used to make a point. Through it all both men learn about their friendship, the intolerance of others and begin to open up their own minds discovering that perhaps things aren't what they seem.

    Sandler turns in his usual solid performance, playing the Brooklyn tough guy to the hilt. James does a stand up job as the beleaguered parent doing what he needs to take care of his family. Biehl does more than look pretty, showing a comedic side not seen before. Perhaps the funniest stand out here is Ving Rhames in a role not usually associated with this macho actor.

    While CHUCK AND LARRY may not be everyone's cup of tea, it does make a thoughtful comment on today's world and does so with a laugh or two. Fans of Sandler and James will want to watch immediately. For all others, give this one a chance.
    ...more info
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Full Screen Edition)
  • Meh
    Two macho firefighters decide to register for a domestic partnership to avoid having to worry about custody of one fighter's kids and benefits should he die.

    I found the plot and storyline kind of lame. The reasoning behind Larry and Chuck's domestic partnership and charade seemed really minor. Surely they could hire a lawyer and get the pension issue/custody issue straightened out?

    I felt the persecution of the boys by the benefits people was over-the-top as were the Gay stereotypes in the movie. I didn't find the situations particularly funny and at times the humor seemed awkward and forced. Every gay stereotype is brought out of the literal closet to rattle its chains, and in the end... All is forgiven, and our boys are pronounced straight. Meh. Corny and lame....more info
  • I laughed and spat my coffee - silly but funny
    I am going to say right up front...I AM NOT AN ADAM SANDLER FAN. And Kevin James doesn't light my fire either usually, I don't watch his tv shows. BUT this was different. Yes the premise is a bit silly but, news flash, this is a comedy. How many are based in reality?
    The movie Strange Bedfellows with Paul Hogan is similar. If you get beyond the "Who would do that" ideas you get to the theme of men loving their friends and trying to help them - they don't have to be overly bright (because there are other ways to solve the problems, of course there are). This is a well paced movie, it gets to the point very quickly. Of course some characters are over the top but they are off-set by Kevin James and surprisingly by Adam Sandler. I have to say a memorable character is the son - who can do the splits and is into muscial theatre...hmmmm. I don't like the minister who marries Chuck and Larry in Canada (Canada are sooo enlightened they allow marriage not just domestic partnerships or civil unions). It is quite racially stereo-typical and offers a jarring note to me.
    What made me spit the coffee? Ving Rhames acts like a homicidal axe murderer...you are just waiting for the point he explodes, you can practically see the steam coming out his nose as he glares and snorts at people. Then Chuck and Larry are exposed as gay...horror. No-one wants to play with them at the fire station anymore...basketball, showers, work etc. Alone of the basketball court Chuck gets confronted by the potential axe murderer Duncan and puts up his fists ready to be...well let's face it he would be slaughtered. But lo and behold he gets a hug and Duncan comes out. Did that make me spit coffee? No, that was the aaawwwww moment. The coffee needed to be cleaned up because of the shower scene, it starts of giggle funny and ends up wiping up the coffee funny...it is worth getting the movie just for that scene. I have decided I like Ving Rhames.
    For the guys there is the Jessica Biel scene were Chuck has to authenticate, in her bedroom (and she is in her underwear), that her breasts are 100% natural...he gives them a very good test...very thorough. It is literally a touchy feely moment. She of course thinks he is one of the girls (because consensus is that Chuck is the girl in the relationship - the kids even say so).
    What the movie shows is that if you change category in the eyes of the world for some sections of society the 'closed' sign is immediately erected. Chuck and Larry were no longer wanted in their shift at the station. Larry was no longer needed as a parent at school camping trips or little league...he is still the same person no matter who he bunks with but for some who you snuggle with determines your eligibility as a citizen in their closed little world.
    The deleted scenes and gag reels in the bonus feature had me laughing out loud too.
    I like this and I am not into comedies, really don't like slap-stick farcical movies. This is a cut above - the performances of the main characters are solid, I am surprised. Other characters were over the top but I suspect that is how they were written rather than the actors themselves. Not going to become a fan of Sandler or James anytime soon but am a fan of them in this movie. There is some star power here, and it is played to good effect. Enjoy, and remember don't put food or drink in your mouth for much of this, you will just have to clean it up off the floor, walls, coffee table......more info
  • The ULTIMATE review for this film
    I threw up after watching this movie and wanted to die so that in my sleep I wasn't haunted by the weak, empty, shallow, stupid, pathetic, asinine viewpoint this movie shoves down your throat. It is the wart on the backside of all that's sane and descent in this world. I have a gay brother; I love him; I'd die for him. As a person, he's one of the best people I know, but I don't agree with his life style. I disagree with the homosexual belief system. And this movie tries to get a guy like me to feel guilty for not embracing the gay lifestyle whole-heartedly as completely normal and equal to traditional marriage between a man and a woman. In two hours, this movie basically says "How dare you accept the silly notions in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin." To insult our intelligence, the film tries to use somewhat subconscious effects to persuade you to their ideology. For example, one scene shows a group of protestors outside a Huge Gay Drag party. The protestors are subtly presented as bigoted, ignorant losers with half a brain and no love. One of the main protestors is the ugliest, most unintelligent backcountry red-neck I've ever seen. But on the other hand, the Gaydy Bunch, are all smart, well spoken, descent folks-just poor innocent benevolent beings that have been so wrongly persecuted against by mean spirited deviant Christians. It's as if the scriptwriters thought we were idiots and assumed that if they portrayed a "protestor" as a total loser, all of us dumb religious folk would change our way of thinking and say something to the effect of this: "GEE, i dun't wanna be like that ugly protester man who doesn't agwee wid the homosexuals. I'm bettew thun dat. I bettew embrwace the Homo Gay lifestyle, dugh dugh." Another example is more blatant. The scriptwriters include a scene of a little school girl listing off animals that are naturally homosexual, in an attempt to persuade people that human beings should be as well. I've seen a dog eat crap, and female praying mantis will reach back, grab the males head during mating, and eat it off. What, so because other creatures in nature do it we should. That's the PHD of DUMB Logic, and these even dumber scriptwriters actually used it as an argument as to why humans should be gay. They actually think us straight traditional folk are that stupid. Any intelligent person that's smart enough not to be persuaded by the likes of a movie will certainly never be tricked by false persuasion. I wish I could yell at every gay person at once and say "No matter how hard you try to persuade us to your agaenda, we will NEVER embrace the gay life-style as "good." It's a Biblical sin, something God and common sense doesn't condone, and neither do we. Furthermore, we will never allow for gay marriages, if we have any say in it. And we do. There are more of us than there are of you hence the reason gay marriage is illegal! Its clear to see that you are trying to persuade us that the Bible and common sense are "wrong" but it will never get you anywhere! Give it up; it will never work." If the gay community put a fifth of the efforts they exhaust trying to demean American Values (like making this movie)into something constructive, we'd have an elevator to the moon by now. This movie mirrors the intellectual narrow-mindedness of the average gay rights fighter. They're clueless that the bigger picture (God, all of us voting against them, etc) dictate an inevitable defeat for them. In the end, the gay movement is like an Australian Aboriginal tribe digging for snow. This movie is the lamest trick up a failed sleeve I've ever seen; sadly it won't be the last. Please don't watch the movie. If you do, let it serve as a teaching device. Learn how dumb gay rights activists think us straight people are, watch how hard the gay movement tries to persuade you with weak logic, and how much effort and time they've wasted. Your's Truly, Spencer................................... Hey, for any gay person reading this that's now fully depressed, there's always going to be an answer. It's the most enlightened and liberal gay mecca in Europe-"Amsterdam." If I were a billionaire, I'd personally pay the airfare and fly every gay person that wanted legal equality to Amsterdam. Afterall, America was started as a religious safe haven with Puritans looking for a "City upon a hill" for the rest of the world to look upon and see the Success that comes from religious fervor. Well lets leave it that way. All religious folk stay here; all gay folk go to Amsterdam. You'll have equal rights, and with all that extra time on your hands, we'll finally get an elevator to the moon....more info
  • What Turkey of A Movie
    I should have been paid to watch this crummy movie and I was embarrassed for the actors. This just won't look very good on their resumes....more info
  • Hilarious Silliness
    I suppose as a gay man I should feel offended by this movie somehow, but I just can't muster the feeling. This movie is hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in some time. I regret that I didn't see it in the theater (due to a very critical review.) Not every movie has to be a classic. Actually, this one just might be, it's just a "sloppy" classic.

    Sloppy, in that the editing is a little rough. You will notice that some of the scenes run a little over-long, and a few minutes could have been laid to rest on the cutting-room floor. And the premise and resolution of the plot is kind of a stretch. (That was a giant understatement.)

    However, all is forgiven, because the messages of tolerance, friendship, community, relationships, teamwork, acceptance...it just goes on and on. This is a truly interesting and funny study in humanity, in all our various forms, and one with positive messages.

    Add lots of "guest stars" and funny quips, a gay costume party, a gay pride parade, a "forward" gay mailman (whose slogans never end) and two weddings, and you'll want to watch it again.

    Chuck and Larry brightened up my day. Kudos to all involved. Highly recommended....more info
  • "Going In Alive, Coming Out The Same" ~ My Sentiments While Watching This Film
    Synopsis: Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) are two New York firefighters and best friends who pretend to be gay and get married in order to restore the company benefits lost after the death of Larry's wife. What they thought would go unnoticed by workmates and friends blows up in their faces and before long the entire city is in an uproar.

    Critique: I'm not exactly sure what I expected before viewing this film, but I'm certain the motivating force for watching it was because of the presence of the extremely attractive Jessica Biel. While Jessica did indeed look fantastic I was relieved when the movie finally came to an end.

    There are definitely some funny moments but there is also a predominance of predictable sequences we've all seen over and over again in other films. Worst of all is the extreme heavy-handed manner the storyline is presented and the excessive focus on negative stereotypes. Making fun of individuals and groups gets a little old after awhile and so did this movie.

    My Rating: Saved by the presence of Jessica Biel; -2 1/2-....more info
  • Perfect Comedy!!!
    This is a very funny movie with Adam Sandler and Kevin James! They are hilarious together. Kevin plays Larry Valentine, and Adam plays Chuck Levine. Larry is a Firefighter who's wife died. Since he is distracted by his wife's passing, he hasn't changed the primary beneficiary of his pension from his wife to his children. The only way to do that is to get married. Larry sees an article about same-sex domestic partnership, and decides to have Chuck be is 'partner' Even though they are both straight, they have to go to Canada to get married, because no one will let gay people get married in the U.S.A. (I thought America was supposed to be about freedom.) Soon, a specialist is sent to investigate to see if they really are gay, or just trying to cheat the system. Chuck and Larry receive help from Alex McDonough, played by the beautiful Jessica Biel. While attending a gay costume benefit party, an anti-gay rights group come by and bash them for being gay. Chuck gets in a fight for being called a faggot. Even the guys at the Fire Department don't want them around. Later, they must go to court to prove that they are gay. If you are gay, and love comedy, you'll love I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY!!!...more info
  • Average Comedy
    This movie falls far short of Sandler's recent film Click in both comedy and overall story. Some parts were actually so ridiculous that I felt myself cringing. Several of the actors seem miscast (Steve Busemi as an attorney attacking Sandler and James as being insurance frauds and Dan Ackroyd as the Fire Captain). Rob Schneider looked ridiculous as a minister marrying them.

    Sandler's relationship with Jennifer Biels fall far short of Matthew Perry's relationship with Neve Campbell in a much superior movie call Three to Tango....more info
    The movie was just hysterical. I am a big Adam Sandler fan, pairing him up with Kevin James is just genious!! Enjoyed the movie tremendously. Much needed welcome. Enjoy ...more info
  • Enjoyable, though not for children
    An enjoyable comedy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, brings to the screen the story of two best friends and fellow firemen who decide to pretend they are a couple in order to secure New York City funds for the children of the widower of the two.
    Aside from the not-so-subtle and not-so-hidden agenda (and thus the R rating), the movie does a good job of providing a fairly generous dose of humor.
    Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Jessica Biel (who is GORGEOUS!), Ving Rhames, Rob Schneider, Richard Chamberlain, Dan Aykroyd and the rest of this AMAZING cast carry out their performances very well.
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, the humor, and the music are all good.
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is probably not a movie you would want to add to your collection, and though quite silly at times, it will surely put you in a good mood and provide for an evening's entertainment.
    ...more info
  • seen it before
    If you've seen *Strange Bedfellows*, starring Paul Hogan and Michael Caton, then *Chuck & Larry* is deja vu for you.

    Larry (James) is a widower with 2 kids. Since he was too busy grieving over his wife and working, he missed the deadline to switch the primary beneficiary from his deceased wife to his children. Since there are no current woman in his life, Larry decided that his best option is to do a same-sex marriage.

    Larry pulled this off by guilt-tripping his best pal and co-worker, Chuck (Sandler) into this gay marriage scam. Of course, the insurance company want to make sure that everything is legit and sent out an investigator. So, Chuck moved into Larry's place and both play the gay life.

    To make things worse, the media picked up on Chuck & Larry's life. Now, they can't back out of it. Their co-workers have treated them differently, etc.

    Again, *Strange Bedfellows* deja vu.

    Funny but not lap-slapping funny. Just alright....more info
  • I now pronouce you chuck and larry
    Love this movie - saw it in the drive-in this summer - loved it so much I had to buy it. Adam Sandler and Kevin James and Dan Aykroyd and the whole cast are wonderful. You will love this great movie - buy it....more info
  • Just the usual Adam Sandler comedy
    Chuck and Larry isn't as bad as critics called it but it's still not great. Kevin James didn't make a wise decision choosing to make an Adam Sandler movie as his first movie since the King of Queens series finale. I mean when did the Happy Madison company ever make anyone a star ? Plus King of Queens was way funnier than this movie. He basically just ended the show to just play...Doug Heffernan making believe he's gay. If he made believe he was gay in the show though, it would have actually been funny since the show had better writing.

    We don't get much new from Sandler either. He once again just plays a jerk that everyone likes for no good reason. I mean we're supposed to believe that Jame's character would want him to be the caregiver of his kids if something happened him. While he's such a father figure that he leaves the toilet seat down and also does something bad and blames it on one of the kids. We also get the same sort of unrealistic court scene that we have seen in like 4 other Sandler scenes before this. Where everyone is cheering for Sandler's character like they are at a sporting event. He of course gets to beat up people, I've never seen Adam Sandler act tough and beat up someone in one of his movies. He beats up anyone that calls his character a fagot. How about getting an Adam Sandler movie where he's beaten to a bloody pulp for once. At least we get to see Jessica Biel in her bra and panties though, that almost had me giving it 5 stars. ...more info
  • Chemistry is everything!
    I want to start by saying my husband and I loved this movie! He is a huge Kevin James fan and I love Adam Sandler, and they make a wonderful team in this movie. There couldn't have been two better matched comedic actors to star in this movie. Also, my Husband is a firemen so he thought that it was a great back story for this movie. If you are looking for a humorous date night movie this is the one for you! ...more info
  • King of "Queens" indeed.
    Kevin James is a widower that talks his playboy friend Adam Sandler into pretending to be his life partner so that he can keep his benefits at work. The insurance company suspects fraud and they send an investigator to get to the bottom of things, excuse the poor choice of words. it's not a bad flick but the chemistry wasn't quite right between Sandler and James. Still a good enough movie to check out....more info
  • Very funny
    This very funny film unfortunately was a vehicle for a certain political agenda, filled with the usual sterotypes. Not for children definitely. ...more info
  • A bit disappointing
    I guess my expectations were a bit higher for these comic leaders and the potential this film had. It was still good and worth watching. Dan Aykroyd was the only actor that could pull off the scenes he did as the Captain. I had to back up those scenes a couple of times since they were just too funny. Jessica Biel did a great job of adding a strong female presence....more info
  • Very cute
    This movie is just as cute and funny as any other Adam Sandler movie. Of course I wasn't disappointed. The story is fairly predictable, but there's comfort in the expected and in just watching an enjoyable movie for laughs. Funny moments that make you laugh out loud and then repeat funny lines later with your friends. The "homo humor" isn't offensive and even some homophobics will find it a cute movie. ...more info
  • Good movie, but buy disc, don't download. It's blurry.
    I like the actors in this flick and it's a good movie to watch, but don't download!!

    The motion is all blurry. When they move fast, the people start to blur. Almost like
    you are drunk. Buy the disc instead and you will be much happier.

    Don't waste your money. If Amazon is going to put out crap like this, don't rent from them.

    Buy the disc from them!...more info
  • A Few Good Chuckles
    I enjoy Sandler and James I thought did a decent job as well. The story is about two firemen that try to get around a death benefits law by pretending to be married. Overall watchable just not their best. Sandler has had a number of funnier and James was best in "Hitch". So I suggest this one for a rental first. Not particularly a family comedy and some of the jokes go beyond good taste. My wife made it very clear I was not to buy a copy of the DVD. It is rare she makes that kind of request. I would have to give it low marks for replayability....more info
  • Funny and Great
    This is truly a great movie. If you are a fan of Adam Sandler, and or the King of Queens this is perfect. ...more info
  • How Far Would You Go For a Friend...
    I must admit sometimes my expectations for a movie tend to get a bit too high; of course this isn't completely my fault, mind you. Generally it's caused by what I see in the previews or who the actors/actresses are that are starring in the film, or who the director is, or maybe just the subject matter. Whatever the case, there are times that I get excited to see a movie and whether I just expected too much or whatever, the movie just flat out lets me down and I leave the experience wishing I could get my time back. A recent example of this occurrence would be the Adam Sandler ("Reign Over Me") led comedy "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", also starring Kevin James (TV's "King of Queens") and Jessica Biel ("Stealth").

    "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is the story of two firemen, Chuck (Adam Sanlder) and Larry (Kevin James), best friends who would do anything for each other. After Larry's wife passed away, and some forgetfulness on his part regarding necessary paperwork noting his spouse's passing, Larry discovers that his department's benefits will not cover his children should something happen to him, that is unless he is legally married. With such a hazardous job and the thought of leaving his kids with nothing looming over him, Larry does the only thing he can think to do, marry his best friend Chuck. However, by making this choice they must convince the rest of the world that their gay marriage is completely real, and this will prove to not be such an easy task for these two completely straight guys.

    The previews for this movie portrayed the film as a laugh out loud comedy that by all rights would have me hurting from laughter. I mean with subject matter such as straight guys posing as homosexuals the possibility for comic gold was obvious. However, the result was somewhat lacking and the movie was left feeling overly long, with a thin story line that seemed to have way too many lulls between laughs, and way too politically correct for its own good. `Chuck and Larry' wound up being yet another movie that had a great preview that completely sold me on the film, but when I got to the actual movie I had already seen all the good stuff in the preview.

    As a fan of Adam Sandler, I've gotta say I expected much more from him here. Comically this had to have been his absolute weakest film to date. Sure the stuff that was shown in the previews was funny, but that's pretty much all there was. I felt that it seemed like Sandler was playing it safe with this movie, not wanting to possibly offend anyone, therefore all the jokes and comic situations were watered down to fit into our politically correct world. This wasn't the only problem I had with Adam in this movie though; he also acted as if he wasn't really into the role of Chuck. Most of his scenes were so flat and boring that I was surprised the director actually accepted them for the movie. Kevin James was much better in the role of Larry, but even his funniest moments were shown in the previews. I will say that Kevin did have one of the most dramatic scenes, and possibly one of the best scenes, in the movie when he had to face the fact that his wife had died and it was time for him to move on. Kevin played the scene so well, his pain was so genuine and him talking to his wife as if she were in the room with him was such a nice touch to fully illustrate just how connected he still was to her and how hard letting go has been for him. The rest of the cast was decent, Jessica Biel was a good choice for the eye candy role of the movie, and her role didn't require much on her part other than looking sexy, which isn't much of a stretch for her. Steve Buscemi as the slimy, somewhat creepy government employee attempting to prove that Chuck and Larry's relationship is a sham was perfect and it's a role he always handles so well. Ving Rhames and David Spade made several funny appearances that were surprising and enjoyable, but didn't really add much to elevate the movie above being a below average comedy. The biggest surprise out of the entire cast was Rob Schneider as the oriental minister, I normally get a small kick out of Schneider's cameos in each of Sandler's comedies, but this role was probably his best to date. He was so hilarious in the few scenes he was in, actually stealing the spotlight from Adam and Kevin in those instances, and I was left wishing that his character actually had more to do in the film, and maybe then the movie would have been better.

    Truthfully, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" would have been a better movie if it would have trimmed down the running time by about thirty minutes. Most comedies are only 90 minutes, very few actually try for the two hour mark, and those that do are smart enough to cram enough jokes and maybe even a little drama to fill in the space, but `Chuck and Larry' apparently went for the less is more approach to fill in their two hour run time, and the decision backfired massively. Had I not seen all the funny parts in the previews (and they were funny, enough to get my expectations up), the running time been shorter, and the jokes not been so politically correct, then I think this movie could have been the laugh out loud comedy I was expecting it to be. But often times what we expect is rarely what we actually get.

    "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is rated PG-13 for language and sexual references.
    ...more info
  • Need a laugh?
    Adams Sandler and Kevin James rarely disappoint. Every now and again, I just NEED A LAUGH, and his SILLY HUMOR does the trick. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry fits the bill....more info
  • Funny!
    This movie is quite funny. It is more like the comedy version of "Brokeback Mountain". The story is good. For the acting, they are good too. The two actors are simply a good choice to play this movie. I am impressed. For the direction, it is a bit far-fetched. It is quite fair. Overall, this movie may not be the perfect movie. However, it is quite fine....more info
  • too funny
    I expected to be less then impressed with this movie, but it actually cracked me up the whole time...There were parts that were kind of slow going for me, but over all, it was pretty funny and I'd definitely add it to my movie collection....more info
  • Pleasant surprise!
    As many here are saying I didn't expect much from this DVD. My family had seen it and were telling me about certain scenes that sounded funny. I borrowed it from them, put it on and laughed a LOT. The experience of 2 working class straight guys "being gay" as an allegiance to their friendship...I'm trying not to spoil anything here...was quite funny to watch. Adam Sandler's character isn't so hot about the arrangement so watching his responses was quite enjoyable. My friend thought the exact opposite with the final statement at the end, "That was stupid." He didn't laugh once, I laughed throughout.

    The reason I didn't give it 4 stars is because this is obviously not Oscar worthy material, and despite it appearing to be tolerant of difference/gay issues there was a great deal of stereotyping going on. Practically every gay character in the film are prancing or swishing etc, so it really reinforces stereotypes while also breaking them down.

    I hated the movie The Bird Cage because of the over-the-top stereotyping of the characters as every gay character was a big flaming homosexual. I was very insulted. Most gay people I know are not that. Some are, most aren't. This movie treads close to that but never really fully takes on that extreme stereotyping.

    A final note is that I thought this was insulting to firefighters to some degree. They are both firefighters and they enter a home that is on fire. The scene was ridiculous with a few nicely place, well controlled fires sitting around. I immediately thought firefighters must see this and think it's a slap in the face.

    Overall, a sweet funny movie. Again, don't expect brilliance, but it's worth watching. ...more info
  • Definitely One of Adam Sandler's Misses
    Adam Sandler certainly has had some hit movies- but this is not one of them. This particular film is seriously missing something...I think overall it's just the chemistry of James and Sandler. They don't work well together; they're better off never working together again.

    I rented this out for the plot did sound funny enough, and the trailer for the movie sure made it look entertaining. But trailers can really fool you sometimes that's all. I hardly laughed throughout the entire movie, and most of the time I was looking at the clock, eager for the film to finally wrap itself up. It does grow boring and the jokes are not close to being memorable or side- splitting.

    Not to mention Sandler's character is just annoying from beginning to end. All this together makes this a rather lousy movie. Another Sandler miss to add to the list.

    2/5 ...more info
  • I now pronounce you a morally bankrupt nation.
    Why would I go see a movie when I KNEW ahead of time that it would be liberal propaganda? Because I'm MAN enough to do it!

    Being a normal, healthy, VD-free man that loves women, I wasn't worried about the liberal propaganda affecting me. The only thing that bothered me was being in such a confined area with all the sickos that see this kind of movie.

    "Look! It's two straight guys pretending to be sexual deviants! And look! Now they're in a sexual deviant parade! It's funny! Yuk yuk yuk."That's your typical audience member of "Chuck and Larry."

    The movie starts out with the weakest premise ever hack-written in Hollywood, to wit, Larry misses the filing deadline to change his beneficiary from his late wife to his kids. That's the catalyst for this movie, a man accidentally forgets to file paperwork. As weak as this is, it can't compare with the absolute ridiculousness of his solution: pretend to be another man's unnatural lover!

    A Barrack Obama biography takes less willing suspension of disbelief to believe than does this drivel!

    This alone was enough to make me hate it but things went from bad to worse. As you may have guessed, all the humor in this film is homoerotic or otherwise sophomoric; obviously because that's the only kind of humor that the typical liberal audience member of this film would be stupid enough to understand.

    Then there is a scene where various nude men and women are feeling each other up in the shower. The camera zooms in on various unclothed body parts. I ran outside and looked at the marquee: Rated PG-13. I just sat on the stoop and sobbed a bit before summoning up the courage to reenter this sinful display of sinners.

    Even further supporting my position that this movie is pure filth, is the scene where Chuck and Larry rescue an obese man from a burning house. You are not going to believe this. The three of them end up falling down the steps and when they reach the bottom, the obese man and Chuck are in the 69 position and the obese man farts in his face! This is the kind of low-grade filth young liberals revel in.

    Think that's bad? The movie then goes on to degrade women by showing Tori, Larry's girlfriend, on the john! Then a man upside down in a vent claims he just urinated in his own face. The `laughs' just keep on a-coming when you watch Chuck and Larry. ...more info
  • Average
    This film is basically an average comedy. You can poke a lot of holes in the plot and there is a lot of stupidity. Yet, there are some parts that make you laugh out loud. This is an entertaining film, but your own sense of humor should dictate whether you want to see it or not.
    Sandler and James play New York firefighters. The basic premise is that Kevin James' character finds a loophole in the system so that if he marries Sandler, his children will easily get his employee benefits. Without a wife, his children would be held in limbo by the state for a while before they get any benefits. This, of course, is a stretch, but since it is a comedy you just kind of go with it.
    Anyway, all the jokes are supposed to be in good fun, but some people might get offended. If you are the type of person who gets offended easily, then you probably should avoid this movie.
    This is not going to be a classic comedy and is not close to one of Sandler's best. At the same time, I don't think that it is an awful film either.
    ...more info
  • I Could Use Some Toilet Tissue In Here
    I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY concerns two aggressively heterosexual fire fighters, Chuck (Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) who get legally married for insurance purposes and then find themselves forced to play out the roles of husband and husband. It's hardly original, but in the hands of a master of bad-taste comedy it might have been very funny. Unfortunately, director Dennis Dugan ain't no Mel Brooks--and Adam Sandler sure ain't no Cleavon Little.

    Throughout the film Sandler is presented as a mighty stud and a chick super magnet--but given that Sandler is about as sexy as Wally Cox this is even more improbable than the plot itself. We are also very obviously supposed to like him--but given that he spends the film finding ways to be obnoxious to every one who crosses his path it isn't possible to do so. I could overlook this if the film was actually funny, but it isn't: there's no wit, no cleverness, no originality, and most damning of all no heart. We feel nothing for these people except, perhaps, a sense of gratitude that we aren't like them.

    When all is said and done, I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY is simply a parade of unoriginal insults with a few minutes of "aw, shucks, folks! We didn't really mean to offend anybody" tacked on at the end. Nothing is more excruciating than an unfunny comedy except a dull unfunny comedy, and this is all of that with a Hallmark card thrown in for good measure.

    The DVD includes several bonuses, including a couple of audio tracks with Sandler, the director, and so on--but I can't comment on them because I couldn't be bothered to learn more about a movie that was so tiresome in the first place. If you're in the mood for bad-taste comedy, pick up a copy of PORKY'S, AMERICAN PIE, or better yet the classic BLAZING SADDLES instead. Not only are they actually funny, they also have heart.

    GFT, Amazon Reviewer...more info
  • horrible awful
    really bad. any questions? shame as I like both of these guys. Kevin is one o my favorite funny guys. This movie i a stinker - how does this get the green light? the writing is so bad . . . . ...more info
  • quite a bit better than advertised

    In "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," Adam Sandler and Kevin James play two New York City fire fighters who pretend to be gay so that Larry's two kids can be raised by Chuck in the event of Larry's untimely death (Larry`s wife has been dead for two years and he has not been able to bring himself to date another woman in all that time). The hitch is that to bring this about, the two of them will have to officially register as "domestic partners." Originally, they intend on keeping their "relationship" an on-paper-only deal, but when the government starts sending inspectors around to verify the validity of their claim, Chuck and Larry are left with the choice of admitting to the scam and going to jail or convincing everyone around them that they are indeed an actual couple.

    As a "high concept" comedy, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is pretty much a contrived manufacture from the get-go, mixing equal parts humor and sentiment in an attempt to play to the broadest possible audience - which is probably the only way the filmmakers could reasonably have gone with material this dicey. Yet, while the movie traffics in any number of lame stereotypes (gay as well as ethnic), it also has some important things to say about equality and acceptance in an ever changing world. The script achieves about a 50/50 ration in its humor - about half the jokes are zingers while the other half are clunkers - but the movie's heart is definitely in the right place, so much so that you will forgive the filmmakers when the story turns all heavy-handed and preachy towards the end, in what is surely one of the least plausible courtroom scenes in motion picture history. As compensation, the movie actually places its characters in some pretty sticky moral dilemmas at times, the prime one being that, much as we may like and admire Chuck and Larry for all the social barriers they are tearing down, we still hear that little nagging voice in the back of our heads telling us that they are defrauding the public and breaking the law while doing so. Such moral ambiguity is actually a pretty rare commodity for a mainstream American comedy these days.

    Sandler and James imbue their roles with a great deal of charm and gusto, and they receive strong support from Dan Aykroyd, Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames and Steve Buscemi.

    "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" certainly isn't up to the level of "Knocked Up" or "Superbad," its summer 2007 comedy contemporaries, but neither is it the cinematic disaster most of the critics have accused it of being. It's an uneven but largely likable romp that makes you feel good about the world when it's over. ...more info
  • Best Adam Sandler EVER!
    I laughed my butt off all through this movie.

    Adam Sandler and Kevin James together = Hilarious.
    I don't think there was a dull moment in this entire movie.

    DON'T LET THE KIDS SEE IT! Definately not subject matter that kids should be seeing.

    I've watched pretty much ever Sandler movie that's come and this is by far the funniest one yet. He's outdone himself this time in comedy. The wedding scene has to be the best part of the movie "That's how we roll" I must have hit rewind a good 5 times before I could finally hear what he said after he lets it fly because I was laughing way to hard and so was everyone else in the house.

    HD Quality: 5 stars, simply great video, I don't recall much of any grain or bad video in the movie.
    Sound - Id say 5 stars, crisp and clear through the whole movie. Music was exceptionally clean and crisp....more info
  • More Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler has a reputation among the Hollywood types as the nicest guy in Hollywood. I believe it is because every movie he makes consists of him and his "buddies" horsing around for couple hours without any real plot or reason.
    This makes for mild entertainment for a little while, but soon you will be wishing for it all to end.
    The one saving grace in this movie is Jessica Biel, who doesn't do any great acting but looks fantastic....more info
    Whoever thought to put these two guys in a movie together is a genius! They play so well off each other that you forget you're watching a hilarious movie and think of them as true best buddies. This movie is a riot. A must for comedy DVD collectors. I'm a huge King of Queens fan AND any movie that Adam Sandler is in is great. He has such a wide range. I think Kevin is probably the same way. Hoping to see these two together again sometime. Great entertainment!...more info
  • Double Vision
    We also had trouble viewing this rental. We downloaded it to our Tivo and it came out blurry. Anytime there was action in the film, it was hard to watch. ...more info
  • Loved Chuck & Larry
    Superb HD 1.85 HD transfer of this excellent comedy. It was deeper than I expected, but then again, most of Sandler's comedies have deeper messages than one would imagine from the title. ...more info
  • Funny - Funny - Funny!
    I have watched "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" three times, it's one of the best comedy movies I have seen for awhile. This will keep you laughing!...more info
  • Could've been a great movie
    disappointing, could've been a really funny movie! There was just something missing, either chemistry between the two actors or timing. The preview was better then the movie!...more info
  • Not the Best, But Worth a Shot
    Don't be put off by the slow start. There are many funny parts of this movie but it seems like all the jokes in the beginning of this movie fell flat. But ignore the way the beginning drags on and, once the plot starts, you'll be in for a treat.

    There is a bit of sentimentality thrown into the mix to give the movie some depth, and it works, but the best part of "Chuck and Larry" is the comedy. The two leads, Sandler and James, aren't at the top of their game here, but they both gave competent and believable performances. Jessica Biel's role is limited, but plays an interesting part in the film. Aside from the comedy--there are many laugh out loud moments--the best part of this film is seeing ignorant people learn and accept the lifestyles of the gay community. This is not a movie for self-righteous conservatives, because many scenes satirize the religious rite that are known to protest the gay lifestyle. But, as we know, some people deserve to be made a satire of.

    While the film is imperfect--Sandler's cheesy "ladies man" scenes come to mind--it is definitely worth it to give it a try. It didn't wow me like Sandler's best emotional film (Reign Over Me) or leave my jaw tired from laughing like his best comedy (Billy Madison, The Waterboy), but it was good enough.

    7/10...more info
  • Loved it!
    Of course this movie is not going to get an oscar but I laughed through the whole movie. I really think both actors are great, and worked very well together. Some people just don't like raunchy comedy which this movie has plenty of, so if you like that then you must see this movie! ...more info
  • Few laughs. Poorly done film.
    I enjoy good comedies that make me laugh and forget the stresses of day to day life. This film, unfortunately, did not do that often. The jokes were strained and the writing tried too hard to get a laugh, mostly unsuccessfully. Furthermore, the camera work and editing were substandard--I expected better production value from an Adam Sandler vehicle.

    This film gave me the impression that somebody came up with a funny premise and then rushed it to the screen. I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Watchable but disapointing
    I honestly was looking for a typical Adam Sandler comedy. With the lineup this movie boasts, I was ready for side splitting hilarity from title to credits. This movie did NOT deliver. Aside from a couple funny moments inserted to break up the drudgery, this movie is not worth watching. Unless of course, you feel as though you need a lesson in Gay rights, which is all this movie is about. Essentially it's a public service announcement for liberal gay tolerance, which I have absolutely no problem with. Where I do have a problem is when it's billed as a comedy, and I paid to buy the movie thinking it was something it is not. The plot has so much potential, but instead of going the typical Adam Sandler route of crude adolescent humor, it takes a turn in a completely different direction. Happy Gilmore fans will not enjoy this film.
    If you rent this and it looks blurry on you're screen, you need to buy a monitor with a faster refresh rate. It's you're screen, not the film....more info
  • Not That Funny
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. The previews made it seem like it would be hilarious but as can often be the case these are the funniest parts in the movie. There is very little left to laugh at. Overall, the movie is ok but I would recommend renting not buying. ...more info
  • It was just ok
    Over the years I have grown to Love Adam Sandler's humor and off-beat comedies. When this came out I was so looking foward to another Adam Sandler classic. So, how was the movie, it was just ok. To be fair the good intention of the same sex driven humor was evident, but there was something that was missing. All of the personalities were extreme without the payoff. The ending resolves all of the relationship conflicts as a movie should, but after just making it through the movie once you will likely not need to do it again. Wait until this is on cable, you will appreciate it more. ...more info
  • Chuck and Larry - Funny, Funny, Funny
    This movie was so funny. You will be talking about so many parts of the movie to family and friends. Definitely a movie you will want to watch over and over. The only thing I did not like about the movie was that it made all religious people out to be jerks. If you can get past that, you will be laughing your butt off. Just take it for what it really is... a comedy. ...more info
  • Platonic love
    Two heterosexual Manhattan firefighters(Adam Sandler,late of NBC's Saturday Night Live and Kevin James,late of CBS's recently cancelled The King Of Queens) move in together and pretend to be gay(this must remind Three's Company fans of Jack Tripper doing the same thing). If you haven't seen this film,you'd assume that the guys enter holy homosexual matrimony because of the words "I now pronounce you". Great support from Ving Rhames(BABY BOY). Those who saw this film loved Sandler in other laugh-filled favorites like HAPPY GILMORE,BILLY MADISON,WATERBOY,MR. DEEDS,THE WEDDING SINGER and AIRHEADS....more info
  • Silly movie
    But with Adam Sandler and Kevin James, you can't go wrong. If you liked any of Adam Sandler's movies, then you'll love this one, I did!...more info
  • It is not hilarious.
    I've always laughed watching Adam Sandler's movies, specially "The Wedding Singer" which I regularly see again and again. In this new movie, (I watched it on cable, so it's new for me) Larry (Kevin James) is his firefighter friend who happen to save Chuck (Sandler) during a fire mission. In return, Larry asks his friend a difficult favour (according to Chuck's point of view as he is a womanizer). He has to pretend to be his friend's gay partner. They have to prove for a Government agent they are happily married, so Larry's children continue with him and receiving domestic benefits. By the way, Larry has been a widower for three years.

    The two actors try to make this situation funny but I found it to be dull and offensive. I'm straight, however I don't like to see anyone to be rididularized, either straight, gay, lesbian... Everybody has the right to live his/her life and that's it. Only in the end, they finally understand to be democratic and learn by themselves the meaning of prejudice. Anyway, I give three stars because I really like the two actors....more info
  • Terrible Video Quality
    My video quality was also horrid! Everything else I have downloaded has been fine but this is just terrible. Picture bounces, jitters, etc so bad we couldn't watch the movie....more info
  • Decent movie, horrible blurry download
    The movie was decent but almost unwatchable on my Tivo. I've rented other movies from Amazon and they were fine but this one gave me a headache. I should have listened to a previous reviewers comments that this movie download was blurry but I thought how bad could it be. So bad that I don't think I'm ever going to use Unbox ever again....more info
  • ridiculing the intolerant
    Firefighters Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) are best friends. Chuck is a very single womanizer; Larry is a widower with two kids who never dates. When Larry finds out that since he didn't update his paperwork soon enough after his wife's death, his kids won't be able to get his pension if something happens to him (yeah, I found that a little hard to swallow, too, but what the heck--the reason isn't the point), he comes up with the idea of posing as a gay couple--the new relationship would give him a bureaucratically-approved reason to change his paperwork.

    The city official in charge of such things is suspicious, and investigates them, and they hire a lawyer (Jessica Biel) to help them out.

    In the meantime, they have to deal with Chuck's withdrawal from his addiction to women, which isn't helped any by his attraction to their lawyer, and discrimination from their fellow firefighters.

    Dan Ackroyd is fabulous as the fire chief, and Ving Rhames as a firefighter inspired to come out of the closet by Chuck and Larry's example is over-the-top but good-naturedly funny.

    This is, I think, a good example of how expectations affect enjoyment of a movie. I expected goofy, low-brow humor, and I found Chuck and Larry better than I'd expected. The friendship between the two men was realistic and poignant, and there was definitely a message of tolerance. Both of them, and their firefighter pals as well all end up better people at the end of the movie.

    However, this movie is in no way meant to be the defining movie of LGBT rights. It's not a serious movie. It's not about gays in general. It's about these two friends. And on that level, it succeeds very well.

    And in fact, it also succeeds in its message of tolerance--in the same way that Blazing Saddles (30th Anniversary Special Edition) tackles racism: by ridiculing the intolerant. ...more info
  • i now pronounce you hilarious!
    watched this movie the first time and laughed almost all the way through! watched it a second time with husband that has an aversion for movies like this and he laughed his a** off! think it's the studio (adam sandler & co) that produced it cuz they really put out some funny movies!!!...more info