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Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100)
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Product Description

Award winning Sling technology moves toward hi-def for video access possibilities around the world. Recently, I took a trip to Africa to do some work with one of the communities there. As interesting as it was, I missed home. With SlingBox in my notebook, and the community's DSL connection, I was able to receive, view, and listen to my TV from the USA. It's like a taste from home! My journeys wouldn't be as complete and as comfortable without SlingBox. Their new SOLO makes any trip anywhere better and easier. The Slingbox SOLO allows you to view and control your favorite TV source including your HD content from anywhere in the world on your laptop or cell phone. So now you can view your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player wherever you see fit. With the Slingbox SOLO, you can view your favorite TV shows and sporting events wherever you see fit. The Slingbox Directory is where you can easily view all the available Slingbox connections in your network and add additional Slingboxes Extensive customizable settings, including a Favorites Bar and Manual Audio and Video controls, allow you to fine-tune your viewing experience SlingStream Technology SlingRemote looks and acts exactly like your real remote control at home, giving you full control over your viewing experience. From changing channels to setting a DVR to record, you can do it using buttons right on your computer screen SlingLink TURBO 4-port bundle enables network connections for multiple devices such as TiVo, satellite receiver, game console, or computer

The Slingbox SOLO allows you to watch and control your favorite TV source from anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile phone. So now nothing can come between you and your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player. The Slingbox SOLO not only allows you to watch your home television anywhere, but it also allows you to watch any cable subscriptions, special programming, or sports packages you may have--at no extra cost. If it's on your home TV, it's on your computer and phone--with no monthly fees. With the Slingbox SOLO, you can watch all your favorites wherever you see fit.

  • Watch and control your HDTV anywhere on your laptop or mobile phone.
  • No monthly fees.
  • On screen remote control.
  • Crisp video streaming.

Slingbox SOLO can connect to a myriad of A/V devices--over 5,000 of them.


  • Watch your HDTV anywhere on your laptop or mobile phone.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Watch and control a high-definition or standard definition A/V device, such as a DVR, cable set top box, satellite receiver or DVD player.
  • Full set of pass-through connections for easy integration with virtually any A/V device.
  • On screen remote control. Every feature that's available on your TV remote control is accessible through the included SlingPlayer software for your Windows or Mac laptop. This means you can view your electronic program guide (EPG), change the channels, queue a recording on your DVR, or even watch pay-per-view movies.
  • Clip+Sling ready. Use your Slingbox to clip segments of your favorite TV programs and share them with friends and family online.
  • Mobile phone compatibility. SlingPlayer Mobile software lets you watch and control your TV and all of its programming on compatible Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm mobile phones. Separate download required.
  • Crisp video streaming. SlingStream is the innovative streaming technology that ensures you receive the clearest picture possible at any given location.
  • Supports over 5,000 A/V devices.
  • Broadband internet connection w/router required.
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista, Mac and Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS-based mobile devices.
  • Watch your HDTV anywhere on your laptop or mobile phone with no monthly fees
  • Watch and control a high-definition or standard definition A/V device, such as a DVR, cable set top box, satellite receiver or DVD player.
  • Full set of pass-through connections for easy integration with virtually any A/V device.
  • Clip+Sling ready. Use your Slingbox to clip segments of your favorite TV programs and share them with friends and family online.
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista, Mac and Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS-based mobile devices.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product
    I am quite pleased with this, it works just as advertised. I was a little worried that it would not work with my AT&T U-verse service after all the problems I had trying to get Windows Media Center to work with that box. Even the power on/off button on the virtual remote works, which is good since the Motorola VIP 1200 box turns itself off after six hours. There is a problem with the version 2.0 of the viewer software that incorrectly says that you don't have an Internet connection from some computers, which prevents you from logging onto your sling account. Under this version the only way to connect to the box is via logging on to their web server. I installed the 1.5 version of the software, manually configured the settings to connect to my box (version 2.0 does not let you do this), then upgraded to 2.0. The configuration from the earlier version stayed and I could use the new version with no issues. The remote with the 2.0 is exactly like the real remote, I can watch video on demand, recorded TV, etc. The viewer automatically adjust the stream bit rate so you get the highest rate your connection can support without stopping to buffer. The only addition I think they should add would be an internal web server that has a Java embedded player, so you could use the box from any computer without having to install the viewer software....more info
  • Awesome Product !!
    If you want to watch your cable or sattelite box while you're away from home, this product is fantastic.

    I have a cable modem as well as a DVR/Cable box at my house. I had the Slingbox SOLO connected to both and the software running on a MacBook Pro in less than a half hour. I have also installed the software on a Windows laptop and it works equally well.

    Not only have I been able to view live and recorded programs on these computers, but I also discovered that the Slingbox SOLO works with my phone (Palm Treo). This has led to some very interesting situations such as being in a football stadium watching a game in person while watching another live game on my phone through my home cable box.

    I honestly can't think of a better technology product for the money.

    ...more info
  • Happy
    Got what I ordered when promised. Slingbox works just as I had hoped. Set up was fairly easy, and Tech support was quick and easy. Overall I'm pleased....more info
  • Just what I needed...
    I don't have a cable connection in my bedroom, so I wanted the SlingBox to watch television there. It has served the purpose well.

    I know it sounds silly, but my biggest question when trying to decide to buy it was if you had to be watching the same thing as where the actual receiver is located. The answer is yes and no. If you have a dual receiver and you are not already using the second output somewhere else in your house, then you can connect the SlingBox to the second output. We use our second output in our son's room, so the SlingBox is connected to the first output. When I change the channel watching on my laptop via the SB, it changes the channel in my den, and vice versa. Which is fine, it still does what I wanted it to do, I just wanted that clarified before I bought it and that was never really spelled out clearly anywhere.

    As far as using it, there is a bit of a lag controlling the remote on my laptop when I am using it somewhere else in the house, but I have gotten pretty good at allowing for that. When using it away from the house, the biggest factor is the speed of the Internet connection where I am using it. But, I don't really use it away from the house all that much, so I don't have a lot to say about that.

    Overall, this solved my problem of wanting to watch TV (including what I have saved on the DVR) in my room, and I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Slingbox Solo beats Hava Titanium HD by a country mile.
    With DirecTV at home and Cox Cable in my weekend apartment I was tired of paying $200+ every month to watch TV. I read reviews and concluded that a Hava Titanium HD installed at the house would save me over $1000 a year by cancelling Cox at the apartment and watching DirecTV over the Internet on my 70" JVC 1080p display.

    After buying the Hava, I was so disappointed with the performance that I returned it for a refund. However, I decided to give the Sling Solo a try and the difference is amazing.

    Over the Internet, Hava High Definition channels are streamed at around 350Kbs giving a resolution of around 240 lines - not even standard definition, never mind HD. Images were broken up with ghosting, painful to watch. In less than an hour of viewing, the Slingbox hit transfer rates of over 1200Kbs and picture quality was excellent.

    The Hava on screen remote control for DirecTV has a generic skin - the Slingbox one is identical to the actual DirecTV remote. Furthermore, although the Hava remote can record selections on the DirecTV DVR, it has no way of viewing or playing those recorded programs . . . Hellooooo !

    The reaction time in using the Hava remote is very sluggish compared with the Slingbox and the Slingbox has an onscreen program guide independant of the remote DVR which can be customized for favorites and allows single mouse click selection of channels to be viewed.

    In a nutshell, the difference between Hava HD and Slingbox Solo is like night and day. I have to thank Amazon for their generous return policy that allowed me to check out both brands without obligation. They even paid the freight cost for me to return the Hava unit for a full refund. Thank you Amazon. ...more info
  • Very cool product - Works well with iPhone and Touch!!
    I wasn't going to write a review for this product since so many others already have. However, I changed my mind when Sling recently released the software for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    First of all, the device works as expected. The only frustrating thing is the initial setup. CHECK ONLINE FIRST!!! Before you begin to setup the Slingbox for your TV/DVR/Satellite/MCE box, be sure to check that the remote control codes are supported. I have run into issues with my new DirecTV DVR model R22-200. After more then an hour of trying to figure out the correct model, I learned that it's not yet supported. This is/was a big bummer, but I've sinced moved the Slingbox to a different TV/DVR and it's working like it should

    The SlingPlayer interface is real straightforward on both PC and Mac. It's much more responsive (on a local network) then I thought. However, I tried to use with my Verizon DSL and it's not so good. I figured as much, since my DSL server is S L O W.

    Now to the coolest part of all. I recently (last night, but it depends on when you're reading this) downloaded the SlingPlayer mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch (i have the iPod Touch). This is one of the best applications you can get for the Touch. It works similar to the PC/Mac version, but it has to be compact, since it's on a much smaller screen. It works amazing. You can control the video performance if you don't have a good wireless connection. Oh yeah, it currently only supports Wi-Fi, so no luck for the 3G iPhone users. The only downside is the $30 cost for the application. That does seem a little steep, but possibly not a barrier for those folks that already have a SlingBox and iPhone/iPod.

    Anyway, I'll likely be using this when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't go back to sleep. Now, I can just flip on the Touch, go to my favorite channel or review previous recorded shows and watch TV (with headphones, of course) and not worry about waking anyone up with a glaring screen or loud commercials.

    I now highly recommend this for anyone who can't get enough TV and to any of you who is really interested in watching live/recorded TV on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    - Works as expected
    - Great performance over LAN connection
    - Easy to setup
    - Perfect solution for watching TV remotely

    - Lack of some remote control codes
    - The SlngPlayer Mobile for iPhone/iPod is expensive...more info
  • Slingbox works great, and Iphone app coming soon!!!
    I got the slingbox for two reasons, one, so i could watch TV when I am in my home office, which doesnt have a cable jack in it, so i couldn't put a TV in that room, but with the slingbox, now I can watch my downstairs TV on my 24" computer monitor and while i am running two monitors so I can browse the internet or play online poker while I watch TV. The second reason I got the slingbox was to watch tv on my iphone because I heard that the application for the iphone is coming soon, and they just announced it should be out in the next two months, so I will be able to watch my home TV right on my phone from anywhere. On my home computer it works very smoothly, and when I am out of the house on my laptop on a wifi signal somewhere else, it works almost as smooth. ...more info
  • Takes up bandwidth even when not in use
    This is a neat gadget, to be able to watch your TV anywhere. And it works great. The only complaint I have is it takes up a lot of bandwidth on your network even when you are not watching TV with it.

    DVG...more info
  • Easy and it works!
    The slingbox actually does what it is supposed to do. Could be a little clearer on instructions, but I managed to hook it up and get it working on my computer quickly. Then I called my son and walked him through installing the software on his computer and in 15 minutes he was watching a ball game that was blacked out in his area. Now he checks scores every night on a channel he doesn't get. ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is a great technology. My brother has one. Even for watching in your own home. The bid advangage to this one over previous similar models (A/V) is that this one has AV passthough, so you can daisy chain with your other equipment without 'losing' an output. B&H has it for 139 now, so I'm hoping Amazon will follow suit soon, and I will definately buy one so when I got on a business trip, I can still view my Tivo.

    And in a few months, you'll be able to stream it to your iPod Touch or Phone. Already can do with Blackberry. Very cool...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great device. I travel a lot, and I'm a big sports fan, so I liked the idea of being able to watch my local teams while I'm away from home. Setup was easy and everything worked great right out of the box. I also enjoy the fact that I can program and watch my DVR remotely using the slingbox.

    If my broadband router hadn't been located close to the TV I hooked this up to, it may have been more complicated to setup, but luckily for me it wasn't. This may be something to consider, however, if you're thinking of making a purchase....more info
  • You get exactly what you pay for.
    I love my Slingbox. If you travel alot or want to be able to watch TV remotely this is a must have. If your just hooking it up to a DVR I would probably just get the solo. When I watch HD brodcast it is pretty clear. I am sure the Sling Box Pro HD is better, but it is twice the price. With the addition of [...] you can watch your TV from any computer with an internet connection. There is no need to install the sling player on a friends computer to just show off your sling box. ...more info
  • Impressed with the technology
    This worked great. It was easy to set up with a ethernet bridge. It is connected to by satellite box downstairs in the basement and I get a great picture via my router on the first floor.
    Slingmedia rocks...more info
  • Great for local viewing, pretty good for remote viewing
    I am using my Slingbox Solo for my wife to view TV in bed. I need to go to sleep sooner than her, so we cut off the bedroom TV and turn on the Slingbox with the earphone attached for her. I am off to sleep with no TV noise. It works great in this application.
    For remote viewing, the video quality is just ok. Turns out that my Time Warner Cable upload speed is just 384KB/sec, so the streaming quality on remote is limited by this upload speed. But, the quality is acceptable. So, this is not a Slingbox issue.
    ...more info
  • Slingbox Works as Advertised
    I am impressed with the Slingbox Solo. It does everything the company said it did. Installed very easily. My first trip out of town after it was installed was a place with a very slow internet connection. In spite of this, the Slingbox worked very well, Recommend highly....more info
  • What a Invention
    One of the best inventions since Tivo. It takes a little time to download the software and getting it to work with a internet connection. But once you get it set up it is great. I was at my brother in-law's house on a Sunday and he does not have Directv with NFL Sunday ticket. Well I do and I used my Slingbox on my laptop and got to watch my New York Giants beat the 49ers while he had to watch his lowly Detroit Lions lose another game. It's like having your TV and Receiver with you no matter where you go providing you have a Broadband connection or High Speed Wireless. This thing works as advertised. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Does what it says although the price is a little high in my opinion. The software that you load on your PC is very nice as it will buffer the video and let you fast forward without using your DVR remote. Video quality is dependent on network and Internet conditions. Don't expect HD quality via the internet unless you have a very fast Internet connection. On my home network it works flawlessly with excellent quality.

    I am glad to see that the Slingcatchers price has been reduced as this will be my next purchase and allow me utilize my SlingBox a lot more....more info
  • Slingbox SOLO
    Easy to install, just plug the component video cables (not included), the Ethernet cable, IR, and the power source; configure through a computer on your network, update the slingbox, it takes about 7-10 minutes to have it all set, and you're ready to watch TV anyplace there is broadband connection.
    I have a Motorola DCT 6412 DVR, cable modem with 2Mbps upload speed in my house; and a ADSL modem with 2 Mbps dowload in my office and the video quality is very good.
    I would rate the video and audio quality:
    On your own network.
    Video 9/10
    Audio 8.5/10
    Through internet, with adecuate speed, the faster, the better.
    Video 8/10
    Audio 8/10
    For those who are interested in using this device in Mexico, if you connect the Slingbox at home, with an upload speed higher than 500 kbps, and travel to Mexico, you'll be able to watch video with good quality, it works with the main internet provider here, Telmex, the download speed here is not fast at all, but still you can get good quality.
    But, if you're planning to connect the slingbox to your cable or DVR, located in Mexico, if you use Telmex broadband, you will get very low quality video. The upload speed of Telmex broadband is 100 kbps, just not enough.
    ...more info
  • It's great!!!
    I'm in the ARMY National Guard and currently serving in Kosovo, the Slingbox is one of the coolest things I have here. Since I'm a big soccer fan and the military network does not broadcast any games, I get to watch them from my cable service from back home. I'm very happy with it, it makes time go faster....more info
  • Perfect for On-the-Go TV watching!
    The Slingbox Solo is perfect for watching tv anywhere. It is a device that controls a cable box, DVR, DVD Player, or other devices. You install the software on your PC or Mac (The Beta 2.0 version, windows only, is great). On the software, you use a virtual remote to control your device. Slingbox works through the internet, and sends it to your laptop. The quality is very good depending on your internet speed. If you have a 3G Mobile Broadband card, you watch on the road or anywhere else. Even with this, the quality is still very good. I highly recommend this product. It is an excellent investment....more info
  • Slingbox gets it done
    This little wonder allows me to watch my favorite Pac-10 college football teams on the east coast when the games aren't usually shown. Image quality for long distance viewing is around 640x480 resolution, not HD, but not bad either. Setup was ok, ran into a few issues, but figured it out in the end. If you need tv on the go or need access to out of market games this is the thing for you. ...more info
  • Slingbox
    Sling Media Slingbox PRO (SB200-100)

    I heard about this product from Canadian friends. I purchased it so I could watch football games on my Dell laptop that are not available through our cable television. It was easy to install and I am actually surprised that it is not widely advertised considering how many people travel and/or have relocated. Would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Slingbox Solo
    This product performs as advertised, I'm very happy with it. Very easy to use and the new Slingbox client allows you to rewind live TV which is very cool....more info
  • Great product when your home or out of town...
    I highly recommend this product if you travel or like to watch tv on your computer. I am a sports nut and like watching hockey games witch are not always available on out of town tv stations. I also like watching baseball games outside in the summer and can use my computer to do that.
    Set up was easy using the sling box is real simple and for the price you can't beat it....more info
  • Quicker than you think
    Great product does what it says it will do! Make sure you research location requirements and order all neccesary parts, then you'll love it!...more info
  • It works well, good product
    I have been using this Slingbox for about a month, and so far it has worked out really well.

    Setting up: The Slingbox is connected to the Time Warner Cable (NY) HD Scientific Atlanta box via components input. The Slingbox is wired to a Linksys DIR 655 router. The setup was a breeze. I followed the steps that came in the box, and was able to choose the right remote control, which looks exactly the same as the physical one that I'm using. I spent about 15 more minutes installing Slingbox player and setting up an online account.

    Home Network Streaming: With Slingplayer installed on the laptop, I was able to stream live TV with a nice VGA (800 x 600) resolution without any issues. The connection speed was averaging over 4000 Kbps.

    Remote Streaming: Initially I wasn't able to stream remotely at all. After reading online, I found that I need to forward a port on my router to the Slingbox. I believe that, depending on the router, you may not need to do this as during Slingbox setup, it should have configured your router for you. I could be wrong. With everything working, I was able to stream at a lower quality than streaming within the home network. The speed average around 400 - 420 Kbps only, which gives QVGA (320 x 240). To me, this is sufficient watching it on a laptop. It's the limitation of my Road Runner cabe in NYC, which has a slow upload speed. If you are in an area with fast internet upload speed, I'm sure that picture quality will be better.

    Overall, I'm satisfied and haven't had an issue with it. Some reviewers mention that Slingbox takes up bandwidth. I haven't experienced that problem. No one has complained about the Internet or latency problems in their online games while I'm streaming outside the network. ...more info
  • Much better then my old Slingbox A/V
    I have been using slingbox for almost 2years now. I mainly use it around the house so I can watch tv in bed or in the kitchen. I have been mainly been using a Slingbox A/V and recently decided to add a second Slingbox to my other tivo.

    The quality on this slingbox is much improved over my old box. The resolution is higher and overall the video is much improved.

    I am using the component cables from a HD source and watching on my mac. I ended up purchasing this box over the Sling HD since there still is no HD support on the Mac slingplayer. Once the HD player comes out I will probably get an HD slingbox to replace the A/V....more info
  • Works well with OS X Leopard; no iPhone client yet
    At first I was disappointed with the Slingbox SOLO. Notwithstanding my cabled connection all the way from the Slingbox to my computer, I noticed frequent throughput drops that interrupted the picture dramatically. These problems continued until yesterday. Then Sling Media released an updated Mac client, and that software update triggered a firmware upgrade for the Slingbox SOLO. I had already concluded that the firmware was the problem, and apparently I was right: the throughput is now fantastic, and the picture and sound are continuous (as expected). So now I can watch TV on my Mac without the annoying loss of picture every few minutes.

    The downside is that no iPhone client exists yet, so you're out of luck if you're an iPhone user wishing to capitalize on the Slingbox experience. I did have an AT&T Tilt (aka. HTC Kaiser) phone previously and was able to view my DVR recordings and live TV from it thanks to the Slingbox. Perhaps Sling Media will release an iPhone application soon for those of us who have abandoned the Windows Mobile platform.

    Based on the tremendously improved performance of this product via the firmware upgrade, I give the Slingbox SOLO 4 stars....more info
  • Slingbox
    I bought the Slingbox Solo and Turbo, as my router is not close to my HDTV. The setup process took about 15 minutes, and the Sling Box works great. I use it to watch recorded programs while travelling on my laptop, the quality is generally very good. One problem that the Sling Box has, if you connect your cable box to your HDTV using an HDMI cable, you will only get a video signal using the analog video cable, when connecting the SlingBox to your cable box. The composite cable connection will not work, so you will not get a HD connection. I contacted technical support and Sling Box does not have a fix for this yet. I have a Scientific Atlantic Explorer 8300 HD cable box and a Samsung HDTV. ...more info
  • This thing rocks!
    A friend bought a slingbox more than a year ago and I thought it was great, but without a Mac client it was useless to me. When this year's Tour de France came on I REALLY wanted to watch at the office and so with a Mac client now available I bought the SOLO. What an amazing device. On the home network the picture is astounding, over the internet, it is amazingly clean and smooth.
    My only down check is that I am still waiting on an iPhone client.
    A great gadget, I recommend....more info
  • FYI - Slingbox Only Streams Standard Def Video, Even from HD Source
    So, maybe this was obvious to other buyers, but it was not to me. While this product is marketed as an "HD" Slingbox, this only means that you can connect video to it via HD Component Cables (not HDMI). The actual video that the Slingbox outputs always has the same maximum resolution of 640x480 (otherwise known as 480i or "standard definition").

    I read numerous reviews that described the video displayed from the HD Slingbox as "somewhere in between standard def and high def." This is definitely not the case. The device has an absolute best case maximum of standard def.

    This might still make sense if your primary purpose is to watch TV/video content on your mobile phone. (You definitely can't see any more than standard def on that.)

    BUT, if you are wanting to use the Slingbox to view TV or video in another room of your house (on a PC), via a wired or wireless home network, you may be very unhappy with the resulting low quality.

    Any wired (100 megabit) home network, and many wireless home networks, are fully capable of moving full HD quality video around from room to room. If you are looking for a solution to view HD video in other rooms of your house, you might want to look at other "multi-room viewing" solutions, such as multiple DVRs (e.g. Tivo), or something like Tivo-2-Go, which allows you to actually move and play the full HD video (from recorded TV) on any PC on your network....more info
  • Almost too good to be true
    I purchased the Sling Solo so I could watch Minneapolis TV stations from my home in Indianapolis, IN. My brother installed it in his house there and got the Solo set up in less than 30 minutes. I LOVE it, but the picture isn't quite as good as I had hoped. Football/Basketball/Baseball are watchable and the Audio is perfect. Just don't expect the picture to be DVD quality. It's pretty grainy at 400kb upload speed. Apparently it is much improved at 800kb or higher. ...more info