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Pampers Baby Dry disposable diapers let you fit it and forget it! Features soft Koala Fit Grips that allow you to adjust and re-adjust until you get a secure fit that makes you and baby happy. Pampers Baby Dry have double-thick leg cuffs to help prevent leaks, while the Breathable cloth-like cover helps keep baby's skin dry. Features Sesame Street characters on top front of diapers.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible diapers
    I purchased the next size up for my son for nighttime. I have never had a leak this badly before where it went up his chest and sides. I'm going to try the Huggies nighttime diapers....more info
  • Great value
    The Pampers baby dry diapers are a great value. They are a good quality diaper, but don't have the cost of the high end diapers. They work great for my baby!...more info
  • Pampers are the best
    Pampers are the best... tried every kind, can LIVE with those other guys, but I always end up with pampers... they are thin enough to be flexible, yet they hold up to big bladders beautifully!...more info
  • I love Pampers!
    These are great diapers and buying in bulk saves $$$! Amazon ships quickly too! ...more info
  • perfect
    These diapers are amazing. I have used them with both of my girls until they went into pull ups and they have never leaked. I couldn't ask for a better product. The price is great too....more info
  • Not as good as the Swaddlers
    Not bad, but for our little girl, the Swaddlers did a better job of containing her "blowouts"....more info
  • pampers size 4
    Fits great and there are no more little white fuzzies left on my baby's bottom after she uses the diapers....more info
  • The cadillac of diapers
    I've gone through many different brands of diapers and these work the best for us. As far as my husband is concerned, they are worth the price to avoid the mess of a leaky diaper. They are high quality-- I very rarely have any issues. I have noticed that with my boys, not my girl though, they will leak overnight, but that is easily avoided by not giving them too much to drink right before bedtime. I'm not sure any diaper can contain a large sippy cup or two of fluid.......more info
  • Better than Pampers Cruisers
    We used Pampers Swaddlers up until my son outgrew them. We were sad because we LOVED the Swaddlers but "graduated" to the Cruisers. We were really dissappointed as most every morning we awoke with a what we refer to as a "breach of security." And i don't mean just a little spot but full on have to change our sheets and sometimes even my clothing (we co-sleep.)

    I didn't even know about the Baby Dry diapers until one time we ran out of Cruisers and hubby brought these home from the store. I've got to say that these are fantastic diapers and our nighttime leaks happen maybe once or twice a month (and I think that might have something to do with my husband putting the diaper on a little... askew.)

    And speaking of... I'm wondering if maybe some of the negative reviews are from folks who maybe aren't putting the diaper on well (occasionally) or more likely, they need to go up a size perhaps. I know when we were trying to use up size 3 Baby Dries we had enough leaks that we just gave them away to a friend and went right up size 4. Anywho, just a thought... we LOVE these diapers though....more info
  • pampers review
    This is an excellent product at a great price with I searched several baby goods providers over the Web and around town, and this was the best price for Pampers diapers....more info
  • Love it
    I love to shop in bunches, and this product fits both my toddlers really well. When i put a different brand on my oldest she complain about discomfort, but with this brand I get no complaints... Thank you pampers!!!...more info
  • The best so far....
    These are the best dipers which I have experience it on my kid so far. They are little overpriced, but for the reason, trust me.
    I am very satisfied with these dipers and definately I will keep buying them....more info
  • hate them!
    Hubby brought home these diapers because we were running really low and he couldn't find the swaddlers that we normally use. I really wanted to give the diapers a chance and used them for a while, even after the first few blow-outs. There was leaking every single time. It just didn't seem to absorb anything at all. We're back to using pampers Swaddlers again and I make sure we NEVER run low!!...more info
  • Very pleased
    I love Pampers diapers. The diapers never leak even at nighttime or long road trips with our babies. ...more info
  • Great to dispose
    All diapers are not for all kids. That's the case with my kids. Huggies don't go well with them and so Pampers is sort of the only option.
    We have been using Pampers for both my kids and haven't had any problems with them.
    Kids are comfortable with there's no mess. That's what counts....more info
  • Unbeatable! The only diapers I will use for my son!
    After 'road testing' several brands of diapers NOTHING can beat the baby-dry diaper for keeping the wet away from my son and being leakproof! I have tried cruisers but they leave a purple residue on my son's skin and did not 'lock away' the wetness from the skin. My son (now 2) has never had a diaper rash and I think that is testimony to the baby-dry quality. I also love the pampers wipes as they are more moist than other brands I have tried such as Huggies. I would not use another brand again....more info
  • Best Value for Money in terms of quality and quantity
    I always buy diapers from, but I must admit these were premium diapers at a discount price. At our local big box store these cost over 57 dollars plus the 22 dollars to drive to the store. All totaled to buy this locally would cost me 79 dollars! With I order with a click, never leaving my home and have it delivered free! Plus they arrive well packaged and in great quality. My son always had no name diapers before I found They would leak, sag, and generally fall apart in the night. These diapers never did this. In fact these have been the very best at keeping his sheets dry, my lap dry, and his pants dry. No more diaper rashes for my baby boy! If you haven't tried these and worry about the price, figure in the time and cost of gas to get the diapers at your local big box. After that you will see that it is a steal....more info
  • Diapers
    It's awesome to buy diapers online instead of having to go out and get them at the store. I use the super saver deal so I don't pay shipping. Pampers have always been my favorite brand....more info
  • Absolutely the best for my baby, but expensive
    After trying several brands only pampers are working for my baby since he has very sensitive skin.
    I wish they were cheaper but they are definitely the best!...more info
  • Pampers Baby Dry All the WAY!!
    Nothing can compare to the quality, and dependability of Pampers Diapers. I have had 4 children and have always used Pampers Diapers, and Cruisers. Besides, the value for the price is beyond expectations. Even if I had to pay a little more I would still use Pampers only. ...more info
  • pampers diapers
    I love Pamper's diaper product, we especially love the baby dry style. Economical and we don't have problems like we do with other brands. Just last week, we tried, "the other" name brand and my son leaked...yeah, might be the timing but I was not impressed seeing how my son has stayed dry in the Pampers ones for most of his life - except for those few times when no diaper could have contained anything...
    Wish it were a part of the subscribe and save program here on Amazon...actually I thought it was and that is why we got them on here - but it is a better deal to get them from Walmart if they are not in that program...
    love the product, I am totally thankful too to the one diaper company who actually gives out points, they might be small but they do add up. and why buy a diaper that holds less so you have to use more, it all ends up costing the same thing anyway.
    ...more info
  • Reaction
    I like these diapers, however, my son gets severe diaper rash with the pampers brand so we use Huggies and there is no rash. The best Huggies are the supremes, worth every extra penny....more info
  • soft and very nice
    i love these diapers, also they are at a great price. they leak at night sometimes if the baby pees tons of times, which is very normal....more info
  • best diaper in terms of price and quality
    Pampers makes the best diaper. It's absorbant, breathable, easy on the sensitive skin of a baby. My son has used pampers exclusively based on the experience I had with my daughter where we tried different brands. And he never had any diaper rash. the baby dry is on the thin side compare to cruiser, but still can do overnight job quite well. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers
    These diapers are a great option for overnight diapering specially if you are starting to ween your baby from the midnight feeding....more info
    I love these diapers!! They keep my baby dry, and don't leave cotton pieces all over her like some other diapers do. Amazon has a great price and I always get them within 2 business days. ...more info
  • Not as good as Huggies Snug & Dry
    When my son wheres Pampers, the poop always rides up his back. I am very disappointed in these diapers and can't believe all the positive reviews. I gave it 2 stars because it does hold in pee alright for 3-4 hours max. These diapers don't perform as well as Huggies Snug & Dry....more info
  • The Best Diapers for our Munchkin
    We love these diapers. They keep our little munchkin very dry. At seven months, he's never had a diaper rash. He's been sleeping through the night since two months and ends up with some VERY wet diapers by morning. So to never have had a diaper rash, I am super impressed. As for "blow-outs," I can't comment. Our poor little guy tends to be constipated... But as my sister would tell you, there may not be a diaper out there that can handle some babies' blow-outs.

    My only advice to parents that think these are too leaky is to try another size before switching. My son is so tall that he'll have to go up a size before the weight guidlines indicate they'll fit. We know it's time to go up a size when he does have lots of leaks....more info
  • What can I say...they're diapers
    Well, they work for us. The price under the Subscribe and Save makes it cheaper to have them delivered from Amazon than to buy them at my local Walmart....more info
  • Perfect!
    The diapers are exactly what you find in the store! And they always arrive on time!...more info
  • Cheaper and more convenient than retail stores
    This package is what we use for my daughter who tears through a box in under 2 weeks, this size is actually a little better priced and had more content in it and the best part of all with Amazon prime it was at my front door when promised so there was no disruption in having diapers or making a cumbersome trip to store which is close (6 miles) but not convenient with a small child....more info
  • Best Disposable Diaper
    We tried Huggies, Target Brand, and Pamper's Cruisers... the Baby Dry don't leak (unless I don't fasten them well b/c he's fighting to sit back up). My sister-in-law swore by Target Brand with their daughter and finds that Pampers works best with their newborn son... so my advice is to try a few types and find what works best for you baby and go from there... for our son Pamper's Baby Dry is the best!...more info
  • To small
    I was using swaddlers (pampers yellow box) and then decided to try these baby-dry (pampers green box. My 5 month old is in a size 2 but when I ordered size 2 in the baby-dry they were to small even though she was still in the weight range (15lbs) they give on the box. So my advise is that the baby-dry pampers run small....more info
  • Good Value
    Great value for diapers (as long as you get the free shipping). Although I prefer Pampers Swaddlers and no design/print on diapers, I would purchase these again. The fit well and are lightweight....more info
  • Best so far for my baby
    This the best diaper I have tried so far. It's thin but very absorbent without leaking. Hope there could be choices of fragnance-free and chlorine-free....more info