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Sling Media SlingCatcher SC100-100 Universal Media Player for TV
List Price: $199.99

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  • On-screen interface and remote control provide easy access to digital video from anywhere
  • Compatible with all Slingbox generations
  • Works with Standard Definition and High Definition TVs

Customer Reviews:

  • Mixed Review
    I have setup and used just about all Sling products since the first Sling Box came out years ago. The concept of the Sling Catcher is great. The implimentation into the real world is a little disapointing. My laptop plugged into my large HDTV does a much better job than the Sling Catcher. The Sling Catcher has the advantage of the remote control. The last software update to the Sling Cacther made some marked improvements to the picture quality. The Sling Catcher has had problems staying connected to one of my Sling Boxes on the other side of the world, where my laptop just runs and runs. I would say that with a few more updates to the software I will be able to change my review from a 3 to a 4. Like most people I think it's over priced. I could nearly purchase a laptop and keyspan remote for the same price. There are some positives with the Sling Catcher. It's fairly easy to plug in and setup. The menus are easy to use except when entering passwords, emails addresses etc. It takes some time to scroll through and enter the correct characters. In all it's a great product but needs a little work with the firmware. If I was thinking of buying this product today I would. Just be aware that it needs a little improvement. ...more info
  • Sling Catcher is Ok
    The sling catcher is all right. After I reconfigured my network around so I can get a hardwired connection to my router, I am able to reach 2000 kbps. Sometimes, though, unexplainably I will get speeds far lower even though my computer will always pull in at 2000 kbps. When it works (about 85% of time) it looks like I have a regular cable connection. When it don't, it looks pretty ugly but I still get the overall idea of what is going on....more info
  • Save your money
    After buying a Slingbox, which works fine and as promised, I decided to buy the SlingCatcher. I purchased one from Amazon and attempted to set it up. It failed, however, to turn on and connect to my network. Using Amazon's excellent return and replace service, I soon had another one. Frankly, I wish I'd just asked for my money back. This one connects to the network but the picture immediately freezes and the device locks up. Save your money. This product needs more work....more info
  • An Expatriate's Delight
    I love this product. As an expatriate living in Italy, I had previously watch Slingbox video through a laptop, connecting it to the TV for a big football game or something else noteworthy. It was just enough hassle that I hardly ever used it. With the slingbox catcher, your US TV channels are available with just the push of a button.

    What makes this such a great unit, and why do I like it so much?
    1) It connected and started up without any effort. Intuitive, fast to get it working.
    2) It is dual voltage and works well in any country around the world, with all the output types you might need for your TV. (unfortunately Amazon won't ship this overseas or to a PO Box so you'll need to make special arrangements).
    3) Its stream optimization feature seems to give me better video signal than I got on my laptop - very few of video hiccups.
    4) The whole concept works exactly like a set top cable box. You only need the remote control to operate everything back home.

    I've read reviews from others who give this a one star review, and I can honestly say that this is an ideal product for expatriates. It hasn't disappointed in any way, and the price seemed almost too good to be true. I noticed that today the price is below 200 USD, a bargain in my opinion. Great Product - Well Done Slingbox!...more info
  • Love it.
    The bad reviews seem to be from either people who didn't understand what this was supposed to do or from videophiles who cannot take any degradation in quality. The Slingcatcher, in fact, is a stellar product. I use it to watch the Slingbox (connected to a Tivo) in my exercise room and also to stream live tennis matches from the internet. I'm amazed at the flexibility and the fact that it just works. When I stream from the internet, I do it from a virtual OS using Parallels on my Mac, even though it's not recommended. It still works. I couldn't be happier.

    btw -- it is NOT wireless, which is my only pet peeve. You have to connect to the internet via a wired connection. I bought Sling's Slinglink to handle that, and it works fine....more info
  • Buggy software, still a BETA product.
    I found so many bug in the software for this product, you should at least wait 6 months from now (Oct 2006) to buy it.

    Otherwise you will run into sound sync issues, menu errors, and missing advertised features.

    Personally I think it is fraud to release a product that is not finished.

    Slingprojector can NOT steam HD-DVDs or Blueray content....more info
  • Amazing device
    I have had a slingbox for several years and this is a really nice tool. I can download movies and project them with the correct resolution to TV or save to USB and play them on this box. You can also project most any video to you TV or, connect to your slingbox so you only have to pay for one DVR from the cable or satilite company.
    This was the cheapest place to buy it that I found. Fast mailing and met my standards. ...more info
  • An Innovative and Well Executed Product
    The Sling Catcher allows you to view multiple media sources on your TV through the internet or wirelessly. I am currently using the Sling Catcher in conjunction with a Sling Box to send my Satellite and HD DVR from my living room TV to the TV in my bedroom. This saves me a minimum of $17 a month as opposed to paying for a second receiver and line. It also circumvents the need for me to have a cable jack installed in my room. The Sling Catcher works in conjunction with a program called Sling Projector which enables you to click on a video screen on a computer or laptop and have just that video projected to the TV wirelessly, this allows you to watch internet clips and movies on your TV. It also allows you to project the entire screen. This would be ideal for using a TV as a monitor since it would eliminate the need to have a cable connecting your TV to the computer. The Sling Catcher is nice and small and takes up very little room. It is easy to set up, you only need to hook up one cable to your TV and then you hook up the Sling Catcher to the internet. If you don't have an internet connection in the room you wish to use the Sling Catcher in you can use the Sling Link to hook up to your internet through your house's power lines. The remote and the unit are both stylishly designed. The remote is exceptionally easy to use and program. It has all the buttons you might need in order to control almost any device and also has several programmable buttons. The only downside I have found is the delay in operating other devices since the signal first has to navigate the internet before being sent to the device being watched.

    Overall, this is an excellent device that allows you to use your existing cable or satellite hook-up in any room while also offering a host of other interesting features.
    ...more info
  • Much better than I expected
    I'm not a techno geek or anything. I recently moved to Spain from the US and my kids were REALLY sad that they were missing most of their favorite shows (that on top of their old school, friends, etc.) Doing research on how to watch American TV in Europe, I stumbled over the Slingbox (and later the slingcatcher). I pre order it (it IS expensive) and received it with no problems in the US and brought it back in one of my trips.
    I was expecting poor image, slow jerky connection, complicated setup. Instead I found a very easy to use system and very decent picture quality. I'm amazed that I'm actually controlling a box that is nine time zones away (I set up the service at a friend's home in Oregon).
    Of course is not HD and is a long way even from your regular TV service. But definitively works and rescued me from the disastrous (at least from my perspective) Spanish TV.
    I also tried the Sling Projector feature. It works very well with one caveat: You need a pretty fast processor in your computer, otherwise is a disaster.
    ...more info
  • Substantially less than I thought it would be!
    I have used a slingbox for about a year. The slingbox is in another state, and I have used my laptop computer, connected to a 50" DLP as a monitor. The picture was OK, but long shots in football games were difficult to watch. I decided that what I needed was the slingcatcher, so I ordered one and installed it yesterday. It is connected to the DLP by an S Video cable. The internet connection is a hard wire, high speed cable modem. I am getting about 950 mbps from the remote site. The picture using the slingcatcher is not as good as the picture I was getting off of my laptop connection. I have played with the settings, and it appears there is nothing I can do to get a better picture. This is a 5 year old DLP (Samsung), and it does have a DVI, but not an HDMI port. I am getting an HDMI to DVI cable to see if this improves the picture at all. With the slingcatcher, I also lost the functionality that I had on my laptop of the real time program guide. Slingmedia; I am disappointed that this product functionality is this poor. The only plus I have is that installation was easy. Love the Slingbox, really question the Slingcatcher. ...more info
  • Max resolution is 480p. Useless with Pro-HD Slingbox
    You can read all the reviews pro and con, but it really comes down to this. The Slingplayer software that runs on this box has a maximum resolution of 640X480. If you use a non-HD Slingbox, it does the job. Using it with the Pro-HD is pointless. Although the SlingCatcher has HDMI (& Component) outputs to an HDTV, the software that runs on the Box only supports 640X480 output. According to Sling Media, this may be corrected in the 1st Qtr of 2009. Until it does, avoid....more info
  • Do not buy Sling products, they are a different company now
    This is long winded... here is a summary: Don't buy the Sling Catcher. Sling Media's support in unacceptable, they don't honor their hardware warranty, and it just doesn't work well enough to be worth the money. Buy a "net top" computer instead, it'll do everything and more, and much, much better.

    I first heard about Sling when they first started up something like 3 years ago. I was looking for a solution that would allow my wife to watch TiVo in the nursery without having to run wires and other complexity. We got a SlingBox classic, and it has served us well.

    I've been watching the Sling Catcher release closely, because I've been looking for a media-playing solution for my family. We've been scratching our DVDs from repeatedly swapping them and leaving them out of the cases... I wanted a device that could play media files somehow directly to the TV. I liked the SlingBox classic so much, I gave the Sling Catcher a look.

    I purchased the device the end of January, when they dropped the price. I almost immediately regretted my purchase, but there really wasn't a better solution for the price point. I struggled with external USB hard drives (but figured it was a problem with the old drives I was using), a Sandisk Cruiser stick (I read on the forums the Catcher does work with them), poor quality from the Sling Projector (I don't have a dual-core CPU, so little actually plays without choppiness), and high latency between the Slingbox/SlingProject and the Catcher, making it an unpleasant viewing experience.

    All these issues I accepted. They were mostly my problem, not having a newer computer, not purchasing hard drives that work well with the Catcher, and realizing that latency is just something you have to deal with in a product like this.

    I read they were going to release a software update with SMB (network share) support, and I figured if that worked, I would have a usable device. I was actually fairly pleased with the network share support... though they lack a lot of basic features like a playlist, and the scans can take forever if you don't limit the shared drives to <100 media files.

    But, over the last 5 months, the device has become unstable. Randomly, it will freeze. Sometimes it will soft reset itself back to the power-on screen, other times I'll have to pull the power plug out. This morning, it appeared bricked. It didn't respond to hard power cycles, the remote, nothing. The lights just stayed on solid, and the screen was blank. I read online about the "reset" button, and that finally woke it up... but that set it back to factory defaults, so I had re-enter all my SMB share names, etc.

    I decided that this was enough, and there was something wrong with the hardware. So, after 20 minutes on hold, I talked to a representative. They informed me that my support was up (after 90 days), and I could purchase an extended warranty. I explained to them that this was a hardware problem, and the hardware is clearly defective. The warranty states the hardware to be free of defects for one year... they explained that only if the box caught fire would they honor the warranty. I would have to purchase an extended warranty or some other $40 product (can't remember what they called that) and if after that they found the hardware to be defective, the would replace the unit.

    Well, I'm already regretting my purchase... regretting that I didn't return it immediately instead of waiting for the software upgrades... why would I want to pump more money into it? They stated they could do nothing.

    I used to advocate Sling... I even had some people interested in the Catcher... I will inform them to stay away from the Catcher and Sling all together. With the developments in the iPhone SlingPlayer (will not support older boxes... like 2 years is old), dropping support for the Classic in any future products, charging an arm and a leg for support... I am going to recommend all of you to steer clear of Sling from now on.

    I've decided I will buy a Mac Mini to hook up to my TV. For my needs (Hulu, ABC, Netflix, media files, etc) this will give me the best experience. Yes, it costs 2-3 times as much as Sling Catcher, but it will work flawlessly. Acer is coming out with a cute "net top" based on the Atom and nVidia's Ion. This would also serve you better than a Catcher, and is cheaper than the Mac.

    I hope you've found this review useful....more info
  • Works great with a Slingbox
    I have a Slingbox Pro set up in Romania and I watch it from New Jersey. The main reason why I got the Slingcatcher was for the convenience of watching the video on the TV, instead of the computer. I did not care about the Slingprojector feature when I bought it and I still don't care about it too much.
    My Slingcatcher works superbly when connected to my Slingbox....more info
  • Better then slice bread
    Slingmedia is hitting a home run with this one. I love it, I have a total of three. Two are setup in my home so that can watch my Tivo which is in the basement in the upstairs family room or the master bedroom. It is nice because I can watch recorded shows from either location. I installed the third one at my girlfriend house in Florida and she can now watch recorded shows and can make her own recordings. The picture is great on my home network and there is no notable drop off at my friend's home 700 miles away. BUY, BUY, and BUY....more info
  • It's easy and it works
    Right out of the box it took 5 minutes to hook the Slingcatcher up. It is really no harder than plugging a VCR into your TV with the one difference being that the Slingcatcher requires a hardwired Ethernet connection (and a Slingbox elsewhere to conncect with). The Singcatcher does not have built in wifi and is not set up to work with a USB wifi dongle.

    Setting up the Slingcatcher for the first time actually took twice as long, not because it was hard but because it required entering my Sling Account email & password using a somewhat cumbersome on-screen process to "type". I also needed to program the learning remote with the on / off, volume & mute buttons from my TV remote one button at a time. Not hard, but probably confusing to the average person who is used to entering a four digit code to program their universal remote. Finally, the device automatically checked for and installed a firmware update which took another 3 minutes.

    Once the initial set up was complete, I connect to my Slingbox approx 10 miles away and was really impressed. The picture quality was very watchable on my 36" tube TV. Not cable quality, but still very watchable even in full screen mode. The remote control took a little time to figure out, but worked very well and featured Tivo controls eliminating the need for an onscreen Tivo peanut like when you use SlingPlayer on your PC.

    Getting to see Ryan Howard hit a grand slam last night was the icing on the cake. (Go Phillies!)

    Overall SlingCatcher is a great device that I am sure to get lots of use out of and would highly recommend....more info
  • Sling Media SlingCatcher
    This device operates EXACTLY as described, and is extremely easy to install. Other than the software update (10 minutes), the whole installation took less than 10 minutes. Good quality video through HDMI, and good control of the DirecTV box just as the SlingBox does. includes a remote that is easy to use. HDMI cable is not included, however, and it should be, as this is the best way to connect....more info
  • Works for me
    I use it to watch a Slingbox on my local TV. Works just fine for me. The only problem I've had is mounting the USB drive. It won't recognize the drive unless you recycle the power. I think that a firmware upgrade will fix that.

    I've used the PC projector software once, and it is pretty clunky. To be honest, I don't see how you could do something a lot better....more info