Denali 3.6-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Wall-Mountable Charger
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Product Description

Don't be fooled by its compact size, the Denali 3.6-volt lithium ion cordless screwdriver is a powerful tool for serious do-it-yourselfers. The ergonomically designed pistol-grip tool fits into the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 13 ounces. At its heart is a high-tech lithium-ion rechargeable battery that delivers 20 percent more torque—that is, turning power—than comparable nickel-cadmium batteries.

And if you're tried of battery-powered tools that are always dead when you need them, you're going to love this Denali screwdriver: its lithium-ion battery will hold a charge for over 18 months! Leave it in your desk, under the kitchen sink, or on your workbench, and this little powerhouse will always be ready when you are. It takes about 10 hours to fully charge the battery the very first time, but after that, recharging takes between five and seven hours. The tool has a series of three battery indicator lights that lets you know when recharging is required.

The Denali 3.6-volt Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver is ideal for all light- to medium-duty screw-driving and hole-drilling chores, including hanging curtain rods, drilling pilot holes for nails or screws, assembling furniture and toys, installing window shades, attaching cabinet hinges and door pulls, and countless other home repair and improvement projects. It's even equipped with an LED work light that makes it easy to work in dark spaces. The tool comes in a convenient zippered nylon case, along with the plug-in charger, and a 20-piece accessory kit (five titanium-coated drill bits, and 15 assorted screw-driving tips). -- Joseph Truini

What's In The Box: Denali 3.6-volt lithium-ion cordless screwdriver, zippered storage case, plug-in charger, 20-piece accessory kit, wall mountable charger

About Denali

Named after the tallest mountain range in North America, Denali tools stand above the rest in providing an exceptional blend of quality craftsmanship, professional-grade features, and customer value. All homeowners, hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, and price-conscious contractors will appreciate Denali's design and functionality. Denali products compliment one another and will be an indispensable and long-lasting addition to any home or workshop. Our products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure high performance standards. Denali tools are available exclusively on

  • Compact/lightweight design makes working in tight spaces easier
  • Lithium ion battery technology provides 20% more torque and holds a charge for up to 1-1/2 years
  • Nose mounted LED light provides added light source
  • Equipped with battery level indicator lights and a comfortable cushion grip handle
  • Includes durable carrying/storage case featuring a built in 20 piece accessory set and wall mountable charger, this item will need to be charged prior to using

Customer Reviews:

    This is the best cordless screwdriver/drill we have ever owned. i just bought 2 more for gifts for my brother in laws because they were over this weekend and wanted one so bad. excellent. very pleased we have had it almost a year and just bought a new home. It has been invaluable.
    bye it you will not be sorry....more info
  • Problem
    The work light on this tool did not have an on/off switch, it only worked with the trigger. This is very annoying....more info
    ... just like it says in the title of the page where you bought it. If you want something for Commercial use, buy something else. If you want to drive 300 screws on one charge, buy something else. If you want to drive lag screws, buy something else. If you want to drill half inch holes in hardwood, buy a drill press. Amazon has a nice selection of 14+ volt drill/drivers. Don't know about drill presses.

    This is an excellent and very inexpensive ...

    Denali 3.6V Lithium-Ion Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Wall-Mountable Charger !!
    ...more info
  • Excelelnt
    I got this product for general home use. I first use in Installation of my Under Cabinet IPOD Player & I use Drilling Bits & othere necessary accessories & it worked great, The entire Job was done when it was not fully charged but still it worked very well.
    I have the Big One too but it's huge to carry in between diferent floors of a house and I would Highly Recommended!this one for general use & on the Top Price is great....more info
  • a great cordless screwdriver
    Purchased a similar model (without wall mount) a couple of years ago and it has performed well. For the less than $30. you can't go wrong. great for light and 'moderate' screw jobs - but on the slow side for drilling. An excellent hand screwdriver substitute. Good torque and the battery is great at holding a charge. Overall pleased so I purchased a couple as gifts....more info
  • A surprising disappointment
    I purchased this screwdriver after reading up on the positive reviews it received from other buyers.
    I was disappointed that it broke in just about a month of use.
    I used it about four times a week. As a cable repair man, I purchased it as a replacement for my manual screwdriver to do light duty work, i.e. unscrewing wall plates and occasionally mounting cable. It's power was good enough for this light duty work and it kept my wrists from getting tired of repetitive tasks. It worked well enough until it broke just about in half while screwing in a screw on the outside of a house.
    When my refund is processed, I will be looking for a tougher, stronger drill.
    This drill is apparently meant for lighter, more occasional duty than I was using it for....more info
  • Nice screwdriver, but......
    I have purchased this item for my work. I do alarm/security work and need something small like this item to screw in small security equipment. Screwdriver did the job, but it lacks some power. Takes a bit longer to screw screw into wall.If Denali could add more power to this screwdriver it would be great and awesome product.
    Edited on 08/02/2008
    I have replaced this thing 2 times. First time LED was dead. Second time it died after I was using it for 4 weeks. I was screwing all day small magnetic contacts into wooden windows and using small screws. After it Amazon refused to replace it for 3rd time.
    In my opinion this thing is not for professional every day use, maybe for once in a while use....more info
  • Great product..very comfortable.
    The product is really great for routine fixing jobs at home. The tools are very comfortable and easy to use. Love it..!...more info
  • Excellent handy tool.
    I have owned this tool for 1 year now. It's a very handy tool.

    1. Li-Ion battery is really good to keep the power for long.
    Li-Ion battery has not memory effect, so you can just charge it whenever you want.
    2. The small LED nose-light is pretty handy to work under low-light condition.
    3, The size of this tool is small for working in tight area.
    4. The included drilling bits serve good use too. This tool works well for light duty drilling purpose.

    1. Technically, this is really not a "con"...due to the small size and lower voltage range, this tool does not have strong torgue. So, I have to use my 18V power drill for heavy duty tasks.

    Again, this is a 3.6V power tool, not a 19.2V or 24V power tool. So it has its limitations in power, speed and torque. Do not expect it to handle heavy duty tasks. For light and medium duty tasks around the house, you will be happy with it....more info
  • A $100 screwdriver for $24
    Denali is just an amazing company. Truly amazing. They packed so many features into such a tiny package that the selling price of this unit had me asking "what's the catch?" or "did they fall off the back of a truck?"

    Ok, for starters, everything ships in a convenient small box that is easy to wrap if giving it as a Christmas or birthday gift. Shipping box is, maybe, 8in x 8in x 8in. Inside the box are two neatly wrapped pieces. One piece contains the plastic stand-up charger. The other contains the Denali bag -- which contains the driver, the drill bits, and the screwdriver bits.

    Let's talk about the battery itself. The battery is lithium-ion so you can leave it in the charger all day long without worrying about running down the battery. Speaking of the battery, the unit carries a charge for at least a day. Light user will get 2-3 days from it easy. On the driver are three LEDs (red, yellow, green) that tell the state of the battery.

    The driver has a standard trigger plus a forward/reverse toggle button. The best part? It also includes a flashlight! Built-in under the socket is a small flashlight, which is great for lighting up those hard-to get places. The driver is small enough to toss into a bag or toolbox.

    The bag of included bits contains the usual screwdriver bits (flathead and Phillips) plus some drill bits for light drilling. Oh, the bag has a belt clip on it so you can take the unit with you anywhere.

    I couldn't be happier for the price. In fact, it was so good, I bought five more for co-workers (they are field engineers). Highly recommend -- although it appears Amazon isn't selling them anymore.

    ...more info
  • Good tool for the price.
    Nice set, with wall mount, nice case, good set of bits. But, as it says, 3.6 volt tool, for light jobs only....more info
  • Cordless screwdriver
    Plenty of torque and excellent battery life at a good price.
    I bought a second one as a gift....more info
  • Cordless screwdriver
    Very nice item. It is very easy to use. There is nothing complicated about this cordless screwdriver. Since receiving this item, my husband and I have used it several times. Really great and handy to have. ...more info
  • for the small size and the price ...great
    i love this thing
    i have it in the Kitchen for those unexpected moments
    ...more info
  • Very Good
    I liked it very much for the first hours, but when i mistakenly but it into a 220V plug, i hated myself for doing that, cz the effect reached the screw not just the charger.

    So it is important to not let the charger link the overdose charge to the screw.
    plus it would be nice if the charger is two ways 110~220.
    ...more info
    I got this several months ago when it was in my gold box and I've been thrilled with this purchase ever since. I've read previous reviews where people have had a problem keeping it charged, and fortunately for me, I have had no such problem. In fact, I took this out yesterday to change cabinet pulls (after keeping it off the charger for months) and it fired right up. Initially I tried my husband's exceedingly heavy and ridiculously large, turbocharged, supersonic drill that can double as a 50 pound weight . . .but it just seemed "too much" for the job .. that is unless the job was "breaking my wrist while installing cabinet pulls" This is not to say that this is a "chick drill", it was just more practical for the task at hand. In fact, this drill was initially purchased as a christmas gift, but when my husband saw it and tried it out, he said "let's get your dad something else for christmas" . . So. .with father's day coming up . . I'll look no further. . . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • Great Buy!
    Got this on Today's Deals and what a great buy.
    It's a great tool to have around for assembling small items.
    It's nice to have a small cordless tool for hard to reach places and the light is a pretty nice feature. Power is perfect for what I'm using it for.
    ...more info
  • Feisty Little Drill, A Little Too Ambitious
    This feisty little drill comes in a great package - with a lot of bits for driving bolts and screws, but the drilling comes off a bit short with the few included bits. You'll drill wood without a doubt, but with a lot of effort.

    It's a feisty drill with a higher than normal RPM for its size, but that doesn't help in terms of getting the job done, especially when drilling. Getting those IKEA furniture pieces built is a snap with a tool like this, which has a whole host of bits. If you have small home projects, this is the item.

    Great for smaller apartments and those who don't want/need the power of a 18v drill....more info
  • Excellent tool
    The cordless screwdriver works great. It is small yet powerful the carrying case with all the accessories is a bonus. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a small cordless screwdriver ...more info
  • It Was a Hit!
    Reasonable strength, simple to use, good selection of bits and nice carrying case. Not for a serious job, but great for that kitchen tool. It made a great gift....more info
  • Confused
    Bought this product due to size ane accessories.First one I got did not work at all and Amazon 2 day replacement GREAT, The second unit has a very short battery life while painting and removing light and receptacle covers the batter last less tha a hour. Not very use full . With such a shor hattery life. ...more info
  • Excellent value and performance considering compact size
    As a screwdriver, I have only one complaint: the unit could use more torque. However, this is understandable, given the compact size. As a drill, I have noticed that the drill bits themselves do not stand up to wear very well.

    Otherwise, a great product! At the Amazon price, it's worth it to add to your toolkit if you only do minor home maintenance....more info
  • Good for light tasks, plenty of bits
    This is a nicely designed lightweight power tool, but don't plan on doing any heavy drilling with it. On the plus side, it's quite small and easy to handle, has a convenient charging dock, and a carrying case that holds a wide range of drill and screwdriver bits. Each bit fits in a little elastic loop in the case. The bits have a hex base that slips into the magnetic holder on the drill, so no chuck is needed to tighten/loosen them. That saves time when changing bits, but the downside of this is that it's not easy to back out a drill bit from the hole you've just drilled without it coming out of the bit holder.

    The minus side: At 3.6V, you don't get much power, the RPMs are slow, and there's no variable speed. The button for changing the rotation is a little too easy to push, and because it's right on the grip (instead of on top where many other drills locate it), I found myself inadvertently changing directions when I didn't intend to. The largest drill bit in the provided set is only 1/8", so I bought a hex-base set at Walmart for a few bucks that filled in the 3/16" and 1/4" sizes.

    All in all, it's a worthwhile tool to have for small jobs, and compact enough to slip in your pants pocket. If you have a lot of drilling and driving to do (is that illegal?), go for a heavier-duty model, but this one fits the bill for lots of occasional light tasks.
    ...more info
  • A must have!
    This is the best tool purchase I have ever made. I use it constantly for household repairs. I use it so often that I ordered a second one to keep in my car. The design is extremely user-friendly and it is just the right size for most projects. My wife loves it too....more info
  • No Longer Charges
    We bought this in July of 2008, and it no longer will accept a charge. I will say before this, it was the perfect size for me, and worked exceptionally well for the size.

    ...more info