Zefal Dooback Bicycle Mirror (Left)
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Product Description


  • Universal fully adjustable
  • Bar end mount
  • Left side mounting only

Customer Reviews:

  • An awesome mirror!
    This mirror is easy to install. I didn't need extra tools, just a philips head. It is unbreakable! (My last good Mirrycle bar end mirror wasn't as well-made; it broke and wore-out from moving it out of the way that it would not tighten-up anymore). This mirror is awesome! It's handsome and unbreakable... repeat... unbreakable! Awesome. Easily gets out of the way and snaps right back. I wish I needed two but one works for me, perfectly. It relatively stays and fully adjusts to where you put it; when it loosens-up a little tightening and it's back to working perfectly, again. I love it! I keep thinking I want to order more of them!...more info
    Sadly very useless otherwise, extremely cheaply made mirror glass has many many mars to a capacity you can even hardly see anything. Have returned it but still havent got a refund, its already way over one week since its been received back....more info
  • This is a great product
    I bought this last year for my mountain/around town bike and love it. Someone mentioned it's not a "mirror" but the whole point is that an actual mirror would break easily. I am ordering another because my bike fell at just the right angle and the hard plastic part broke - so that is a complaint and why I gave it a 4. They should construct it all out of flexible plastic.
    I'm a road biker also who has tried out various mirrors - this has been my best option so far....more info
  • Mirror? NOT!
    I guess they must have made material changes since the other reviews. This is not a mirror. It seems to be mirrored tape on a plate. I can barely even make out general shapes in this piece of s**t. Bottom line... STAY AWAY! I'm replacing it after using it only once. I almost veered into another rider because I was trying to see him in the mirror and couldn't see if that were a rider or a freakin school bus....more info
  • Zefal Dooback Mirror
    This is the third one of these mirrors that I have bought. (Lost or broke others.)
    They adjust smooothly and, most important, since they are not at the end of a stem, do not vibrate excessively.
    I also like the rectangular shape for reflecting well the road behind....more info
  • Nice to keep looking ahead!
    Since we live on busy roads, it was getting tiring looking over the shoulder for traffic that may be coming. When I hear a car approaching, it's nice to be able to look down a bit in the mirror, while keeping eyes ahead. Makes me wonder why anyone WOULDN'T want a mirror for thier bicycle. It stays in position while riding. And another plus, it was easy to install. Good riding!...more info
  • Broke my first one after 12 years. Wouldn't buy any other.
    Never had a problem with this except for some slight deterioration of the silver b/c of my leaving it in the elements. Otherwise it was my best safety tool in traffic on the bike and worked superbly until I finally busted it on a tree mountain biking. Had to have this model and brand again. I doubt you'll be sorry you spent the cash for this one....more info
  • Great product
    I've tried a few different designs and finally settled on this one. It's on a short and sturdy mount so it doesn't vibrate. If you bump it, it moves out of the detent position and you can move it back into place without having to adjust it all over again. A great product!...more info
  • Love this mirror
    I just recently returned to biking and tried a helmet mirror, which was a nightmare - I could not get it to 1. view the road well and 2. stay viewing the road well.

    I took it back and ordered this, and am very pleased. I am able to set an angle and the mirror will stay there; also, it's not as touchy as a helmet mirror and has a very large viewing angle. It's not as clear as a glass mirror but I don't need minute details - I just need to see if anyone is coming, so it's plenty clear.

    It was easy to install and quickly/easily swivels to be out of the way if the path is too narrow. It's also easy to adjust while on the road.

    Bottom line - I would reocmmend this mirror....more info
  • LEFT- Handle bar mount_ no easy install
    I have both the right and left versions of this mirror. I like having 2, as pedestrians sometimes approach on both sides & it'll be convenient when riding abroad. If U only need 1 & riding in the U.S., don't buy the right side on amazon by mistake b/c the price is cheaper & the description is NOT clear. This is the 1 u need.

    Pros: it appears to work fine =strong plastic frame, nice size- clear view (not too small), and foldable -- yet got it late fall- will break it in more this spring & see. Cons: I had to get a bike shop to install it because the directions are very poor and I needed extra tools, they also added alternative hardware. It would be better if the mirror were designed to fit either handle bar.

    Although I'd prefer those that easily mount with Velcro (as others have made them hold in place w/ rubber washers). I decided to go with an handle bar mount (inserted into the bar) for the better security (yes, you'll need to cut out the center of the rubber grip on the bar- not difficult & they're replaceable). My 2nd choice would be the Mirrycle ( Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mirror , Round, Black 109519 ),yet I wanted something a bit more compact for this particular bike.

    FYI: Some, who wear shades/glasses during their rides, have enjoyed the eye-glass mounting mirrors. The "scientist-look" has its appeals ;-)

    Side mirrors provide extra safety, yet you'll need to turn ur head sometimes...just like when driving.

    (! FYI: the new seller above has now changed the name & description to someth/g generic. Didn't know Amazon allowed this. It was originally the Left Handed "Zefal Dooback"). For reference- Here's the Left Hand version listed elsewhere: (Zefal Dooback Bar End Mirror Left) & the Right Handed version(Zefal Bicycle Dooback Mirror, Right Hand)
    ...more info