Wireless Spy Camera Hunter
List Price: $599.00

Our Price: $399.00

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Product Description

The wireless Camera Hunter seeks out and locks onto transmitting wireless video signals and allows you to see exactly what the camera is seeing. This state of the art device easily locks on to hidden wireless cameras within 500 feet making it easy than ever to locate hidden cameras in your home, apartment or neighborhood. Now you can easily see what the hidden camera is seeing. Upon the arrival of the wireless camera hunter here at MicroVideoX we had unbelievable results with out testing of this device. It was very exciting to say the least. After installing the 4 AA batteries we jumped in the car and within 30 minutes of slowly driving around in a quiet residential neighborhood we found 3 wireless cameras in operation. It was very fun and we was amazed by the results of our tests. The wireless camera hunter easily located the video signal within 500 feet of the wireless cameras. It scans all common wireless frequencies within 30 seconds. It even found a X10 camera. The wireless camera locator comes with a video out port as well so all video can be recorded to your video camera or digital video recorder. While scanning the video frequencies an audible alarm sounded while locking on to the video signals. The monitor display is a high resolution 2.5 Color TFT Screen that displays the Video Image and the exact frequency of the transmission. If you are looking for one of the most advanced hidden wireless camera detectors this is no doubt it. The wireless camera hunter works automatically making it very easy to locate and view wireless cameras video signals. If the device detects any live video signals the signal is immediately viewed on the LCD. The LCD below shows you exact frequency of the source letting you know exactly what video frequency the camera is operating on. Includes: Camera Viewer 2 x detachable SMA Antenna External Power Adapter Alarm Terminal Cable

  • Locate Wireless Hidden Cameras Instantly.
  • Scans all known Wireless Camera Frequencies and Locks onto them.
  • Allows You to See what the Wireless Camera is Seeing.
  • Scans all known wireless camera frequencies every 30 seconds and locks onto video signals within 500 feet.
  • State of the Art Device locates Wireless Cameras with Ease