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Timex Unisex Black Ironman Sleek iControl Resin Strap Watch #T5K047
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $40.00

You Save: $59.95 (60%)


Product Description

The unisex Timex Midsize Black Ironman Sleek iControl Watch transmits signals seamlessly to your ipod. Simply connect the included receiver into your iPod and you can control your music in a heartbeat. Designed to work with your body and coordinate with your iPod or with your iPhone (in airplane mode), the iControl watch is sleek and comfortable to wear. This watch is compatible with iPod 5th generation (video); iPod Nano 2nd generation (aluminum) 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB; iPod 5th generation (video) 60GB and 80GB; iPod Nano 1st generation 1GB, 2GB, 4GB; and the iphone. By using the buttons surrounding the dial face, you can easily adjust your iPod's volume, use track forward or reverse to select your song, and play or pause your music.

The digital-gray dial face with its Indiglo night-light offsets the black bezel, and the case, which is made of durable resin, measures 41.5 millimeters. A resin band and buckle clasp ensure a steadfast fit. For further practicality, a day-date-and-month calendar is also included, and the watch can be adjusted for three time zones. Other features include a 50-lap memory, three alarms, a countdown timer, two interval timers, and a chronograph function. This sophisticated timepiece is powered by digital-quartz movement, is water resistant to 330 feet, and is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Quartz movement
  • Strong acrylic crystal protects dial from scratches and scrapes
  • Case diameter measures 41.5 mm
  • Resin case; Digital-Gray dial; Day-date-and-month functions
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what it is suppose to, But feels CHEAP!
    I purchased this product only 2 days ago and I have already sent it back. I was excited to get it at first, what a connivence to be able to change my ipod touch without unlocking the screen. But when I slipped it on my wrist, the first thing I noticed is that its small... I mean this model should be listed as a FEMALE watch, not unisex. Past that I was willing to keep it and try it out. I clicked the buttons and it did change the song, but it felt like the cheapest plastic toy. I was afraid that just by clicking to change songs, it would break. I think that this watch is poor quality, It was nothing like IRON MAN TIMEX I was trying to replace. I do not recommend buying this, unless you plan on getting a new one ever other month. ...more info
  • 1 glitch but otherwise, so-far-so-good
    It has performed exactly as described. I chose this one for its plain, no frills styling (all black...I like it that way)and size. I made sure I purchased the largest, plainest model available so it couldn't be confused with the female versions. It is quite large; I like that, too.

    I'm not so fond of the wrist band styling, but it's not a major issue although I wish it was fastened onto the watch body in a more traditional manner. I wish it had the push-pins that other watches have so you could purchase a replacement band off the shelf and replace it yourself. This band appears to be integrated as part of the entire watch body. It seems sturdy, but if the band were to break it looks like you might need to have a jeweler replace it for you. I mention this because I've been pretty rough with all my previous Ironman products.

    The glich:

    I was on an elliptical machine at the healthclub that was wireless enabled for heart monitors and I think the transmission signal may have disturbed the watch function. The song volume spiraled uncontrollabley loud and spontaneously. I detached and re-attached the receiver and it worked fine and hasn't done this since. I'll keep an eye on this.

    an oddity:

    This display is very large and readable; however, when you activate the indigo/nightlight the illumination is "reversed." On my previous Ironman's the numbers would remain dark and the background lights up green. This watch lights the numbers green with a dark a negative image. It's fine; I just had to get used to it.


    I'm very happy with my purchase and I would recommend it. I've gone swimming with it and it works fine - just make sure you follow the instructions and DON'T press the buttons while you're underwater for fear of damaging the watch.

    The only other thing is maybe it's a LITTLE larger that I'm used to.


    I don't know if Amazon updated the product discription to include 6th generation iPods, but I went to an apple store and checked it with Nanos and Classics, (G6). It works.

    ...more info
  • Timex Ironman watch
    Great watch. Just need an Ipod. I live in FL and work in a Restaurant its a cool clean watch to wear all day....more info
  • The Band breaks and there are no replacements available
    I have this watch and loved it. However, the band is not very durable. My band broke. I have looked everywhere for a band that I could replace it with but none will fit and no one sells a replacement for this band.

    So the watch just sits in my drawer now - watch works perfect but I cant wear it without the band.

    The band will not last very long. Dont waste your $$, until Timex starts selling a replacement band. ...more info
  • If I just waited a week.
    Timex has been a choice of mine since I was a kid watching all those crazy "takes a licking and keeps on ticking" tests.. Through the years they have always worked as advertised. I purchased a week too soon though, they are giving away hats with the watches now. It has helped me with my running /lap timing. I am very satisfied with my watch and will use it for the reason I bought it on NOV. 2 in the ING NYC Marathon....more info
  • Good Chrono, iPOd control added feature
    I'm a competitive runner and usually buy a watch for practical features, i.e. splits, avg times, indiglo (for night time runs). I run occasionally with an iPod. The remote iControl feature works pretty well, and keeps you from stopping when a loser song plays on your shuffle, because you can change it (and it looks like you're recording a split). It's a good watch, and has the features that you are used to with an Ironman watch. If you're willing to pay a little extra for a remote control for your iPod, it's probably worth it. ...more info
  • Pretty good but could be better
    Pros: Reverse indiglo, remote control feature, sleek look, fuctions are sports-friendly, practical for when an ipod is out of reach
    Cons: "Mid-size" description gave me the impression it was going to be bigger than it actually is
    It would have deserved a 5-star rating if the remote control feature did more than just volume control and move through playlists...more info
  • Amazing
    I was surprised to find just how useful this Ipod adapter was during my morning run or just doing other tasks which required my Ipod to be tucked away. ...more info
  • Worth the sale price
    Watch works as advertised, band is comfortable, and the remote functions are easy to use even through the sleeve of a shirt or rain jacket. It drains the juice from my iPod much faster though....more info
  • great for ipod nano
    I just got this watch this week as a replacement to my Nike Triax Speed 50 (good watch but the band broke after 10 months use and not replaceable). The Timex watch adds the remote functionality that appealed to me and compatible with my ipod nano (5G). I've tested it out and it has worked great, although the volume buttons are a little stiff but that may be the fact that it's new.

    Pros: lightweight and sleek stlying, controlling the ipod remotely while running/exercising is great, time and date is large and easy to read, simple to use and no software to install (pop the adapter in and it's ready to go)

    Cons: adapter for the ipod sticks out about an inch - not a big deal for me but if you bought the nano for its compact size, something to consider

    I'm happy with the purchase so far and hope that this band will last......more info
  • Everything as advertised, good overall produce
    Pro's; Cool iPod & iPhone controls (works with my 1st gen iPhone). Lightweight watch. Multiple timezones. Good water resistance. Easy to read display and cool lighting. can also connect it to your stereo and sit on the bed and use this as a remote- very convenient!

    Con's; Can't fast-forward through songs by holding the skip button (owell no big deal). And the plugin the iPod/iPhone is kind of big, it's sort of a pain to use with an armband- which is why I wanted it in the first place because you can't really use the scrollwheel or change the volume through the plactic cover of my armband - (but they have newer different armbands with a plugin space at the bottom so problem solved!)...more info
  • Long lasting, Great Item
    My husband never has a watch last longer than 6 months without breaking and this is now 18 months in use and still in great condition. Wonderful item that is durable and lasts a really long time....more info
  • Timex Ironman
    Bought this because it was cheaper thn getting another heart rate monitor.It works well and it makes running or biking easier.
    However it seemed to take more battery power from the i-pod.It soon lost its gimic magic and I have gone back to the heart rate monitor.However,I will give it another chance....more info
  • Terrific man gift!
    I bought this for my gadget loving guy and he did really like it and uses it a lot at the gym in particular!...more info
  • Love it!!!
    I love it!!! Works great and it is so nice to be able to skip to the next song or change the volume right at my wrist. No more twisting all around wasting energy trying to get to my ipod to change the song on my long runs. It's also great because I can use my nike+ arm band on one arm to keep track of my pace and distance and still use this to go through my music. I highly recommend it. :-)...more info
  • Very Useful
    Great product. I highly recommend for the exercise buffs of the world. Easy controls and simple setup. A little small in size but otherwise good. ...more info
  • Perfect for Runners
    Here's what we like:

    It's a Midsize Unisex fit, so both my wife and I ordered black watches. Perfect fit on me. On hers, the face is just a bit big (but OK) and the band comes all the way back around to just below the triangular opening on the band (see the picture), but the excellent built-in strap 'hold-down' keeps it from poking out and looking ridiculous. Very comfortable, lightweight, and "sweat-proof" design.

    iControl Works as Advertised, so we can control the separate iPods without reaching down and fumbling around. Just plug in the dongle and go. Response is reliable. This is the main reason we purchased, as the fumbling was becoming too much of a distraction.

    No Cross-Talk between units. Very important if you are going to be running together. I actually called Timex to verify this before purchasing.

    Additional features, i.e. stopwatch and splits, intervals, alarms, timers, etc. Standard Ironman features, well thought out for the athlete. Waterproof.

    What could be improved:

    Tactile feel and size of buttons - While the buttons are large enough to be found with bare fingertips, we're wondering about gloved fingers in the winter. Maybe not.

    IndiGlo button could be more prominently placed (we often run at night).

    Conclusion: At the 50-60 dollar price point, worth every penny. At the 125 MSRP, maybe not so much.

    Update -- Design flaw discovered: The INDIGLO "Night Mode" feature does not appear to function correctly on ANY of these iControl watches. This feature (described on page 8 of the owner's manual) allows you to press and hold the INDIGLO button for 4 seconds to activate the Night Mode, after which the press of ANY other button will illuminate the face for four seconds -- a nice feature for night running, and a feature that is found on most of the Ironman INDIGLOs. Unfortunately, while the mode does indeed activate on these iControl watches, it doesn't work correctly, as only three buttons are activated for illumination when depressed (bad), and the duration of the illumination is only for the actual time that you depress the button (very bad). Especially because a prolonged press on the center Play/Pause button will . . . uumm . . . play/pause the iPod, this is not practical, rendering the Night Mode virtually useless. I experienced the exact same flaw with both of the watches that I purchased, as did the rep at Timex with a test watch when I called to report the problem. While he acknowledged the problem ("first time anyone's ever reported this since the watch was released") and indicated that he will "send it up" and get back to me, I'm not holding my breath. Still a good watch, but a disappointing design flaw....more info
  • great product
    Great way to control your Ipod. As a runner I am often wearing gloves during the winter and controlling my Ipod with gloves on is impossible. This works perfectly....more info
  • Works with iPhone too!
    I bought this to remotely control my 5th generation iPod but am delighted to say it works equally well with the first gen iPhone in iPod mode.

    Actually the iPhone will prompt you to go into Airplane mode, but I haven't had to yet.

    Nice and light and does what its supposed to. Got it as a Gold Box special so that makes it even better! ;-)...more info
  • Great watch...
    This is a nice watch. Bought it mostly for working out, but found myself wearing it all day because it's so comfortable. I barely even know I'm wearing it, it's so light, yet sturdy, and the band breathability is incredible.
    The iPod control is surprisingly useful and dependable. There is a slight delay when using it, but that's because some of the iPod buttons double as watch controls which you have to hold down to use.
    One caveat... this is a fairly small, sleek watch. It almost looked like a ladies' watch when I first opened it up, as I'm used to beefier watches like the G-shock and such (it's tagged as unisex). I have since gotten used to it, though. Not a big deal, but something to pay attention to if you need something a bit "manlier". All-in-all a good buy for the money....more info
  • It's more of a conversation piece
    I dont use the watch to much any more. It is supposed to have a range of 10 feet but it is more like 5 feet. I use wireless headphones and my ipod at work. The I control was to pause my music when I had a coworker or supervisor speak to me. This only works in close range of my desk. My headphones will work from 50 to 75 feet away so a remote w/ that kinda range would be more suitable for my needs.
    J-Dawg...more info
  • The band CAN be replaced
    . . . but not by you or a jeweler -- you have to send it and ten bucks to Timex. You can contact the company at or call them.

    My problem is that the receiver which attaches to the iPod is small and easy to lose. Replacing it costs $15 last I checked. It also had a very limited range, and apparently took a lot of juice from the iPod battery. A fun geek toy, but not terribly practical for me; attempting to use it while driving resulted in more than a bit of frustration from pushing the wrong button.

    ...more info