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  • Sure To Be A Hit!!!
    This show will be the next big hit for NBC. The writing and acting are amazing. The plot and development of the characters is spot on. This will grab anyone who sees it and they're sure to be back for more "Chuck"! From the beautiful CIA Agent to the Nerd Herd, "Chuck" is looks to be a standout show this year....more info
  • Simply Amazing!!!
    What a great show. Original idea with a wonderful geek twist. I think this show will be a huge success, just from the mass of geeks in the world. The cast was incredible and seemed to have a good chemistry. I hope this show is on for a VERY LONG time. Keep of the great work guys. ...more info
  • A nice surprise
    I fully expected this to suck, what with a premise that has been done badly before. I only decided to DL this out of loyalty to Adam Balwin, and if it was not great! It now has a season pass, with hopes that other give it the chance I almost didn't.

    Funny, sexy, smart. A winner....more info
  • Favorite new show aside from Pushing Daisies
    Chuck is a truly fun and wonderfully funny show about spies and slap-stick comedy, with the faintest hint of romance.

    For those that are drawn to shows for their music, you will not be let down if you like quirky modern music. It has lots of great stuff from Iggy Pop to Beck, with great thematic contributions from Cake and Teddybears. If you are interested in more info on what songs/artist can be heard on particular episodes I recommend searching for some selection of the following: chuck tv series trivia featured music....more info
  • Surprisingly delightful
    I didn't expect to like this show but I do. I find it humorous that the store is named Buy More.

    The romantic relationships are cute and predictable, just like they should be in a comedy.

    The "spy stuff" is even comical.

    I find it to be well written and an entertaining half hour.

    ...more info
  • Now that is a HIGH bar!
    If you come on that strong in the pilot we're in for one fantastic season of TV. You have me hooked already and can't wait to see what you do with it from here. Not since Jag or Las Vegas has anything been this good on TV, you've raised the bar, now lets see you take it over the top! It's full of action, has the explosions, the drama, the cast is excellent and easy on the eyes. Time will crawl now waiting for the next episode...where's my time machine????????...more info
  • Unexpectedly this was really good
    Based on the promos, this show didn't appeal to me at all. But I downloaded the free pilot figuring I could always just delete it if it wasn't my cup of tea. But I found that I liked the main character and although the premise is unlikely, so are most TV shows, if you think about it.
    Its really more of a drama that has humor, rather than a comedy with drama (if that makes any sense).
    I will watch this one....more info
  • Great!!
    This pilot made me wish for the next episode. It combine, with a smooth and cohesive style, the action of a CIA drama (like Alias) with the comedy of a witty sitcom (like Scrubs). The combination was quick and nearly seemless, leaving me awed and excited....more info
  • Clumsy Nerdy Action
    Chuck is one of the shows that I am most looking forward to with the writers strike over. It is a great blend of comedy, nerdyness, action, and smoking hot women. Chuck is the head nerd at the Buy More, a Best Buyesque big box store. He has had a great deal of secret government information downloaded into his brain. He often flashes on people or things he sees, which crank up the action in the show. The cast is great and the balance between comedy and action is great. Chuck gets himself into all kinds of trouble and he often has to find creative ways to get himself back out. Check this show out Mondays on NBC and until it comes back catch up with episode on UNBOX....more info
  • Very cleverly done
    As pilots go this one will make you curious to see how the show progresses. Hits all the marks well. Now to see how long it will keep our attention. ...more info
  • Enjoyable for someone who does not watch TV
    My teenage daughter got the 1st DVD at the video rental place. I do not watch TV (other than news) and so had no interest. But, she talked me into watching the pilot. It is a very well done show with a good blend of humor, action, and developing personalities and relationships. The comedy is not that stupid situation comedy stuff (lying and then spending the rest of the show trying to cover up the lies, etc), but more in terms of oddball personalities and quirks, stereotypes hammed up for laughs, and the like. The show is more serious than that makes it sound - it focuses a lot on relationships and slowly gives more and more insight into each person. The spies are not the usual empty-shells and yet are not just the other usual of "lost lover due to some nasty killer, so internally screwed up". The spies themselves are dual-personalities with stereotypes on the one side and slowly emerging people under. The action is integrated well for the most part, and does not feel just tacked on.
    So far, it has been very enjoyable to watch.
    My daughter was rolling on the floor at The OC party scene takeoff parody (music, slow motion, but not quite the normal characters). There are a lot of such little parodies like that along with quite a few inside Hollywood jokes.
    Worth watching in my view....more info
  • Love this show!
    I can't wait for the new episodes. It's extremely funny and action packed at the same time. I highly recommend this show :)...more info