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  • Excellent for riveting fight scenes and unique opponents.
    An exhilarating story about deadly ninjas, lightning-fast swordfights and battles with bizarre demons. The violent and sexual scenes in the movie make it suitable only for adult audiences. The devils that the hero, Jubei, fought against all have their unique lethal ability and costume. Each battle is exciting because Jubei always seems to be overmatched by his opponent and so the viewer has to watch each battle to the end. The devil Yurimaru's costume and appearance reminded me very much of the character "Kojiro Sasaki" in the Musashi Miyamoto trilogy....more info
  • Fantastic Action, Idiotic Storyline
    Ninja Scroll
    Have you ever seen a car crash on television? Most of the time they look fairly awesome. This anime puts you on the side of the highway watching cars pass with the occasional car crash. The action sequences are brilliantly put together, but everything else is a giant mess. If you are an action junkie, I can suggest this one. If you enjoy a compelling story that is important, keep moving.

    Jubei is an independent ninja who will do almost anything for some spare gold. He is an impressive contender for any one who may challenge him. He is forced into a mission Dakuwon, who is a government spy. Dakuwon poisons Jubei and will only give him the antidote if he helps him. Gemma, a thought-dead rival of Jubei, has plans on taking over Japan. He is using the help of the 8 Devils. The 8 Devils are extremely powerful beings that are often very interesting.

    Jubei joins up with Kagero later in the film. Kagero is a female ninja with an immunity to poison. However, if she becomes intimate with anyone, she will kill them with her body's excess poison. As you might expect, there is some sexual tension between Kagero and Jubei throughout the film.

    We see Jubei, Kagero, and Dakuwon fighting the 8 Devils on their journey to stop Gemma. The fight sequences are some of the best I've ever seen. Animation is good and the detail of gore is breath taking. Blood squirts all over the place when someone is sliced open. Arms and legs are ripped off at times. The movie is sick in a good way.

    However, the problem comes in the ridiculous story. The 8 Devils really only serve as kill joy. They really serve no purpose to the story. Gemma has an entire army on his side, he does not even need the Devils. Gemma himself only appears near the end of the movie. The rest of the movie's story is about the relationship between Kagero and Jubei. Kagero feels to need to keep saving Jubei's life...because she loves him. The English voice acting is terrible and can not pull this off well. The entire acting comes off too generic for such a personal storyline.

    Not only is the story filled with a bunch of lame rambling until the next action sequence, but it just isn't that interesting of a story to start with. There is tons of nudity and sex in this one to mask this horrible movie. I am not falling for it though. This is pure garbage. Only action junkies and perverts should purchase this one....more info
  • Phenomenol(sp)
    I'm suprised this review submission asked me if I was 13. Regardless, this is still a great movie for anyone to see. Anyone that even moderately likes anime......more info
  • Mr. Ninja
    Jubei is a ninja who fights Tessai who is a evil ninja that the power to turn his appoinets into stone and he can chop down walls. Kagero is a female ninja who teams up with Jubei to fight the bads guys after Jubei been poisen....more info
  • It Slices, It Dices
    As a non-anime kinda guy, I never would have expected a movie like this to be so darn good. It's got an entirely different feel than other products of its genre - specifically, a great plot that doesn't require a strong Dungeons and Dragons background to understand.

    It's got some really strong thematic elements, such as:
    - A reluctant hero
    - A femme fetal
    - Seemingly impossible odds
    - A great finale

    Ninja Scroll's strength comes from a solid plot, great character dialog, strong character arcs (both leads) and clever directing. Unlike other movies of this genre, this film does not rely entirely on spectacular animation; in fact, there's a good chance you'll forget your even watching an animation at all.

    Still not convinced? Consider how popular ninjas have become. Buying another movie with the word "Ninja" in the title could make you more popular. Just a thought....more info
  • Stylish
    Similar to its Samurai predecesors Ninja Scroll is all about style and pays very little attention to the plot. That's not necessarily a bad thing though; next to animes like Cowboy Bebop and Akira Ninja Scroll is among the most stylish of series. While Cowboy Bebop is infinitely stronger in plot and is equally a stylish, making it perhaps a stronger series, I have a genuine soft spot for Ninja Scroll's Samurai/Ninja elements. (Also similar to Cowboy Bebop) You have a hybrid of time periods; combining elements of the traditional Samurai flick with futuristic cyber-enemies and magic powers that render the dueling/battling both incredible and amazing.

    Scroll, the protagonist, is Japan's greatest swordsmen, wielding unfathomable power that can slice virtually anything in two with a little more than the twitch of his wrist. He embodies all that we love about the typical Ronin (wandering masterless Samurai) - he's a loner, he's funny and, dag dabbit, he's a bad-ass. I often find that the enemies steal the spotlight. Every enemy that is throw at Scroll is bigger, badder and uglier than the previous. While the baddies often adhere to an anime mold (the quiet guy that chuckles all the time, the insane hairy guy, the shrieking femme fatale, etc) they are nonetheless very original and I always find myself looking forward to see what enemy will come lurking out the shadows next. From half-naked ladies with small gremlins crawling out their bodies, to snakemen, to beastmen, to vampires, to see-through blue [...] with blue flames for intestines; there is never a dull moment on the battlefield.

    While the plot's weak (a young-common-girl-who's-super-powerful-but-she-doesn't-know-it-yet named Shiyu finds out she's being hunted down by ungodly evil doers she finds protection from Scroll and together they seek out her destiny before she is captured), the animation itself is to die for. The characters are cool, sexy and hilarious and, on rainy saturday nights, it's that much better than re-runs of SNL.
    ...more info
  • Classic, great first anime, gore, violence, sex, samurai
    i like to keep my reviews short, especially cause this one has about 400 already.

    i owe it to this film to leave good feedback, i was shown this almost ten years ago when i was in highschool by a friend and ive been hooked on anime ever since.

    this film is so epic, i really don't know who else would be reading these reviews except someone extremely new to anime, so if you are this me, i rule and i know what this, buy 2 of them, it's the awesomeness. if youve seen akira and think thats what all anime is about cause everybody talks about, this movie is the essence of good(blood/sex/violence) it NOW!...more info
  • messed up
    me and my friend were renting a movie he thought he'd seen before and he picked the wrong one.second the movie didnt make a whole lotta sense either,and I understand its anime BUT COME ON!!!!!way too graphic,raited R man....more like the way im a guy,im almost 16,and me!...more info
  • Awesome!
    Anyone who has anything bad to say about this is just plain dumb. Too much violence, sex? blah blah blah, Who ever said anime was for kids? Only western people would think this way watching bugs bunny and crap, and even then there's violence in american cartoons like blowing characters up and such, they just don't show blood or make it realistic. Anyhow, most western people would not understand the ideas and stories from asia for obvious reasons, they're not asian! They're raised in a white western culture. Just the same, people in asia wouldn't understand things about western folks. Anyhow, the great thing about anime is they're for mature audiences, these kind of movies, they ain't no Disney so don't be expecting that. Most are beyond the comprehension of younger audiences. But in any case, take it for what it is and that's entertainment. Ninja scroll has nonstop action and excitement. So if you looking for a cool anime to watch this is the ticket....more info
  • 5 Stars, but -1 for the BS Widescreen version.
    This movie is what anime is all about, anyone who says differently is probably watching Sailor Moon. The illustration is starting to show it's age but the flow of the action doesn't seem to be affected. If it has Yoshiaki Kawajiri as the director, you won't be dissapointed. Buy this, then checkout Wicked City.

    I haven't seen this particular "Anniversay Edition", but I've read many reviews that state the the letterbox version is bogus. They actually cut from the top and bottom to make it widescreen. That's a new low....more info
  • Good anime for grown-ups
    Well, isn't most anime for grown-ups anyway? There's some children ones too I guess. For every Tenchi and Pokemon and Ranma 1/2 there's Evangelion, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D and Akira. Yet for some reason, people always think that animated means children based. Well this is one film you should show people that have that mindset, it's gory, it's violent, and yet it's entertaining.

    Jubei is basically a wanderer, a mercenary ninja taking odd jobs for money. Kagero and fellow Kogi clan members investigate people caught in what looked like a viral outbreak. While investigating, they find Tessai, a strange guy who can turn his body to stone and throws a heavy blade, in what results in probably the most goriest scene in the film. He captures Kagero and tries to make love to her(really bad at that too by the way), enter Jubei who rescues her.

    She takes off and he encounters an old man whose name escapes me oddly enough. He tells him to take a mission which Jubei refuses until he's poisoned by him so he reluctanctly takes it. There, Jubei finds there's a plot to get rid of the Tokugawa Shogunate(the political party in control of Japan at the time) and ascend themselves to power.

    Not only that, Jubei finds the 8 Demons of Gimon: 8 people with incredibly bizarre abilities. It reminded me of the Metal Gear games recently with enemies and bizarre abilities. In the film, you'll find a woman with control over snakes, a ninja who can disappear into shadow, a blind man with incredible hearing, a man with a hive in his back and the leader, who is capable of reincarnation and regenerating his limbs.

    The gore is quite violent with ripped off arms, a man torn into 2, other men ripped in half and one's head sliding down his own blade. There is nudity also, one woman has a habit of being nude quite a bit, while there's an attempted rape in the beginning and something that looks like anal sex(or just entering from the back, who knows).

    This film is definately not for the little kiddies but for the adults? They just might enjoy themselves....more info
  • Sometimes action alone a great anime makes
    Normally anime shows would be boring if they just put in "shoot-shoot bang-bang,swish-swash,GAAAAH!" for no reason and the story would really suck.But for Ninja Scroll, it's an exception. It's action packed,ultra violent,and it is just plain cool. Not to be sick or anything,but seeing the characters decapitated and all bloody was quite awesome.
    Drawbacks well the story is quite dull. Basically it's good against evil battles and that epidemic. Second like every anime DVDs' it's kind of pricey,$30-$40 for a 90 minute movie. And sure there's widescreen format but really the price antes up for that? Nonetheless Ninja Scroll is a great anime if you need some action....more info
  • Ninja Scroll the Movie
    Ninja Scroll is by far one of the best anime movies out there. The movie tells the story of a wandering samurai that is forced to take on a mission not only to save his life but stop an apocolypics from happening. The action is supurb with detailed amount of fight scenes. This feature is and will continue to be the best throughout time. I highly recommend getting this movie it is definitely worth the time to watch....more info
  • Ninja Droll
    Okay animation + convoluted plot + extended graphic anime violence + brief anime nudity = a movie any 14-year-old boy should love. Unfortunately, not many of us are fourteen years old anymore.
    If this is indeed a "peak achievement of Japanese anime" you can keep it. For those of us spoiled by classic western animation this could be a big disappointment - only the lips moves when a character speaks, static images are panned and scanned by the animators (or brought forward rapidly if the character is supposed to be running towards the camera), cels sequences are repeated over and over (a scene of a river filled with dead fish uses this trick - the same fish, in the same relation to the others, are repeated rather than freshly drawn.) On the other hand, there's a nice use of color in NINJA SCROLL and some of the fight scenes are very well rendered.
    Still, being mildly impressed with a scene or two doesn't make a movie recommendable.

    ...more info
  • Limited appeal
    Ninja Scroll depicts gory cartoon violence, sexual sadism and villains with supernatural powers. Using sufficient suspension of disbelief, the story becomes enjoyable.
    ...more info
  • Fast paced, violent, cool fight scenes!
    This was one of the first anime's I watched and I loved it. Extremely violent, very cool fight scenes. Action packed. The end of this wasnt as good as the ride getting there but it was still great as a whole....more info
  • Fairly Warned
    I wouldn't recommend this unless you enjoy watching women being raped (I don't) and women being raped by monsters (I so very don't). Do not be swayed by claims of deep and meaningful plotlines, nor by claims that the rape scenes are necessary for said deep plot. The rape scenes in this show are NOT deep or meaningful in any way, shape, or form. They do not add to the story, except that *one* of them reveals the fact that the woman being raped has a body full of poison that kills the people who rape her. Which is such an incredibly stupid plot point I really can't imagine where "deep" or "meaningful" would come from or how it could *possibly* justify the scene, which involves the woman in question being graphically raped by a monster. And it certainly doesn't justify any of the other abusive sex scenes that take place, all of which are equally or even more unnecessary.

    None of the other plot points in the anime are any more interesting. Indeed, the plot feels horribly clich¨¦d and weak, and the ending was mind numbingly stupid. The main character *is* a good guy and a mildly interesting character, but nowhere near on a level to save the awful script. Pretty much the only times I wasn't bored watching this was when I was too busy being repulsed by the aforementioned rape scenes. (As a side note, guys? Showing that one character in the world treats this woman like a human rather than an object or weapon does not make this an awesome show, especially when the woman in question behaves like a whipped dog that's just been given a pat on the head for the first time. It is pretty sick, and definitely misogynistic.)

    If you are looking for a dark or bloody action anime with an actual plot, try the Hellsing Ultimate OVA (though be warned, bloody is an understatement). If you want something that really is deep and/or meaningful, I would advise trying Twelve Kingdoms. If you want dark AND deep, try Kannazuki no Miko. If you like rape porn, well, maybe you will get something out of this anime. I surely did not....more info
  • Best Japanese/Ninja Animation EVER
    Great Japanese animation, good action scenes with a good story to go with it (which is rare)...more info
  • Magic
    I saw Ninja Scroll on a whim several years ago and I was blown away. It was the first anime movie that I ever saw, so I had no idea that animated features could be so impressive. The characters were amazing and diverse. The film had funny instances at times and it was deeply engaging. I was stunned with a new respect for anime. ...more info
  • good anime
    I first saw this movie playing on the sci fi channel late night. I was lucky enough to catch it in an action scene, and it was a good action scene. The plot is well made, and what i really liked about it was that they made the main character not so powerful, but still kick a**. Only one complaint, i thought that fight scenes should be longer....more info
  • Very pleasing...
    Everything a Manga movie should have. An exciting look into feudal Japan and the ninja way of life and the mercinary aspect of their work. But once Jubei finds himself in too deep into something that puts his very life on the line, he has to commit and see this venture through. What's more, it has loads of blood and violence in it too. a must have for any manga fan, nay any guy!...more info
  • Classic Anime
    This Anime has something that most anime's dont have... GANAS! Well rounded plot, with a few sub-plots passing through just to keep you interested. Major character development throughout the story and enough animated eye candy to interest even the staunchest skeptick. Watch the video and see for yourself why its one of the 100 best anime's ever done. ...more info
  • Hated it, Couldn't Finish!
    WARNING: This movie contains a sexual assault. It's not just a case of roll your eyes here at anime undies or chesticles either. I felt like I needed to shower with a whole barrel full of disinfectant cleanser to remove the icky creepy sensation this movie left me with. EEW!...more info
  • It's good, but something's missing
    Always has been a great movie. It seems the 10th anniversary edition is a little edited in areas the original was not. I wish I hadn't spent extra for this version. I bought it used and there appeared to be a booklet missing also. No biggie. The best anime ever! It seems Hollywood has been flirting with the idea, but I hope they finally make the live action version....more info
  • 10th Anniversary Widescreen Note
    I read a review warning viewers about being tricked by the widescreen presentation of the movie. The only reason there is a widescreen version is for those who have high definition televisions. Yes the original version of the movie is a 4x3 picture, but for those of you who are watching on an HD tv or projector, you will probably enjoy it. The Widescreen presentation is actually animorphic, so aside from the picture being zoomed in to cut off the top and bottom of the picture it looks really crisp on a 16x9 screen. If you are watching on a regular television and enjoy widescreen more than fullscreen, don't waste your time with this edition. However, if you enjoy the movie and want to watch a nice HD picture, then go ahead and try it out. just note that on the back of the box it does say at the bottom that the widescreen version was motified from its original to fit 16x9 televisions....more info