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Oregon Scientific WMR200 Weather Center
List Price: $349.99

Our Price: $256.95

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Product Description

Advanced Pro Weather Station

  • Displays Weather Forecast icons - Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy or Snow
  • Displays current moon phase
  • Indoor and outdoor (up to 10 wireless sensors) temperature and humidity measurements
  • Measures temperature, humidity, wind chill, wind speed, wind direction, UV index (optional), barometric pressure and rainfall
  • Weather alert alarms for temperature, heat index, humidity, dew point, gust wind and rainfall rate

Customer Reviews:

  • It works but still have some questions. Will give update Jan 2008
    The developer of the Weather Display software has released an update that now fixes my primary complaint of this Weather Station not being able to provide timely updates to the computer. I appreciate the developer being very personable during our communication although my review is quite stinging.

    I still am quite disappointed with Oregon Scientific support as it appears that they do not have WMR200's connected to any computers to assist in troubleshooting or confirming that the Weather Display software, that is shipped in the box is working as intended.

    Kudos to "Windy" at Weather Display for getting to the bottom of the problem without any assistance from Oregon Scientific.

    On the hardware side it appears my rain gauge is now not working without a reset every couple of days.

    Although initial assembly and setup of the outdoor components and the indoor display are rather simple, if you plan on connecting the station to your computer you are in for some pain and suffering.

    This is NOT an "Advanced Pro Weather Station" as stated in the Product description in my opinion as it is just to difficult to get past the basic features of the touch pad that is delivered with it. The software that is shipped with the WMR200 weather station that allows you log, monitor and publish your weather data automatically is the basic version of Weather Display which has a ton of features but seems very fragmented and thrown together, in my opinion it needs a major re-write as it feels and looks very clunky/disjointed, dare I say it looks like an application that has been written since the Windows 3.1 days and just carried forward adding this and that without any re-think.

    Once I installed the Weather Display software and configured it to work with the WMR200 I have had nothing but weird connection problems between the WMR200 base display and the software. The WMR200 has only a single USB connection to connect to the computer. The software will intermedantly stop collection or recieving data from the WMR200 over the USB connection. What is stange about this behaviour is that although you will loose the ability to get updated humidity/tempature data the wind speed and direction continues to update properly between the software and the WMR200 display.

    You can see my WMR200 online data at Weather Underground with personal weatherstation id KFLMIDDL6.
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  • Nice Upgrade
    The WMR200 has been a nice step up. I've owned a couple of other more basic time and temp units from Oregon Scientific. The WMR200 is a much more complete weather station than the products I've used in the past. It has met all of my needs in a weather station. ...more info
  • Great Weather Station for outdoors
    I was given this item as a gift and absolutely love it! I haven't had any hang-up's so far. The display is beautiful and it's very accurate. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and gardening and this weather station has been nothing but helpful. I had read previous reviews about the software problems and decided to contact OSI up front to get the software upgrade. It was easy to install and has worked wonderfully! ...more info
  • I love this weather station!
    This is the first weather station I have owned and I really love it! It was simple to set up, easy to use and looks nice too. Great tool for the amatuer weather buff!...more info
  • Great home system
    The weather system (so far) has been great. Installed about three weeks ago. Naturally, the "forecasts" it provides are unreliable, as they are limited to what the system senses, but the readings are pretty accurate. All the sensors appear to operate well, although the anemometer is not yet reading accurately (I knew it wasn't in the best spot on the roof when I installed it, and I haven't yet had the time to get up on the roof and check it out). The majority of the sensors are on the roof, and the main panel is in the kitchen, with about 40 linear feet, including the roof and a ceiling, between them, with no wireless connectivity issues. Also installed the optional UV sensor, which is working well, too.

    Easy to install, instructions were very clear, as long as you have at least a smidgeon of mechanical aptitude. I had the whole thing in place in a matter of 1-1/2 hours. That is AFTER carefully reading the instructions and identifying all the parts, as you should always do.

    I'd recommend it to any homeowner looking for a good quality, easy to install, wireless home system.
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