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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Blue
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Product Description

High-performance wireless gaming now comes in blue! Express your gamer identity with this new dark blue Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Using optimized technology, enjoy a 30-foot range and up to 40 hours of life on the two included AA batteries?and when they run low, you're given ample warning so you can connect a Play & Charge Kit for uninterrupted play. Plug the Xbox 360 Headset into the controller for full two-way voice communication?a wireless first. Use the Xbox 360 Guide button to keep track of your friends, access your games and media, or power on and off your Xbox 360 console

  • 2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range
  • Can be used simultaneously with three other controllers on one console
  • Integrated headset port for Xbox Live play
  • Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life
  • New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice controller
    I'll make this one short, the additional controller that I purchased actually seems to be more sturdy than the controller that came with the Xbox. No complaints....more info
  • Awesome
    Nice to feel the small thumb nubs on this controller. D-Pad is very crisp. Wonderful product!...more info
  • White recharge battery won't work in blue control!!
    Just a heads up for those of you who are buying the blue control (or any colored controller). The other rechargeable white batteries that came in your original control won't work. It doesn't recognize it. Now I have to buy a blue rechargeable battery pack. It's a great control and would have been nice to know about the non compatibility issue. Thats why I knocked a star off....more info
  • Same as the rest
    This controller works exactly the same way as the one with your xbox, the only difference is the color. If the color doesn't make a difference get the white one for they are cheaper, however, i found that with shipping and handling the white one came out to be more then this one would be with free shipping. So choice what you like. ...more info
  • a very good wireless controller
    microsoft makes very well controllers i have 2 of each colors and 3 xbox 360's ...more info
  • In Charge!!
    Whenever anyone comes over to play, give him the pink controller, and don't let him forget who's in charge....more info
  • Totally cool!
    I purchased this controller for my 8-year old grandson and he is absolutely thrilled with it. It personalizes his controller and adds an extra touch to the overall XBox 360 experience....more info
  • Great for your PC too
    If you own an xbox, the choice here is fairly obvious. There isn't much to say other than if you don't have a wireless controller already, get one. If you only own a PC however, or play games on your PC as well as your 360 like I do, then things get a little more interesting.

    I wholeheartedly recommend using a 360 controller in combination with the Xbox Wireless Receiver for Windows. The range on this thing is great and goes through walls. You can tuck the receiver behind your monitor, under your desk, or in a drawer and you'll get perfect reception. The support for this controller is excellent in all applications I've tried, the drivers are minimal, and the controller even turns itself off after not being used for a while to save battery life. In a Games For Windows title, all buttons automatically work like they would on the 360, no muss, no fuss. Hitting the Guide button even pops up the Windows Live overlay if you're playing a game that supports it like Fallout 3 or GTA 4 (normally the Guide button just gives you a summary of your battery life).

    It is also possible to install a third party profiler app that lets you bind keystrokes and mouse movements to the controller, like XPadder (free). This lets me play a movie on my PC, and then sit on the couch and use the controller play/pause/ff/rewind,etc. I've had zero problems using this controller with xpadder.

    If you like emulating old games on your pc (nes/snes/n64/etc), the large number of buttons lets you map the controller to pretty much any retro console controller you can think of.

    As for the merits of the controller itself, there are plenty of reviews here that praise its comfort, feel, and reliability, and revile the D-Pad, so I won't go over any of that.

    + Most comfortable and reliable controller I've used.
    + Wireless, great range, good price on amazon.
    + Good battery life and auto-shutoff feature.
    + Great game & app support with little to no headaches or installs.

    - D-Pad is nearly useless, but there are few games where this makes a difference, like fighting games.
    - It can be hard to find the proper wireless receiver driver if you are running 64-bit Vista, but its out there if you search hard enough....more info
  • 360 Wireless controller info fyi
    The 360 wireless controller is one nice piece of hardware. I own a video game store and i know a thing about them. some of the reviews ive read here gave it a low score for a couple reasons. one when you get a new wireless controller you need to sync with your system for it to work. Push the tiny button on the top of the unit and the button on the front of the 360 at close to the same time. then it will sync and work properly. the second thing people seem to complain about is how many batteries they go through. like any modern electronic device that uses batteries cheap "store brand" batteries will die very very fast, like in a few days time inside one of these controllers. I would strongly suggest getting batteries that are made for use in demanding electronic devices and they generally will say so right on the package. I play my 360 ALOT and usually a good set of batteries will last me 2 - 3 weeks. hope this helps...more info
  • Proud to play Pink
    I share an xbox 360 with my husband, and we had a white wireless controller that apparently grew legs and disappeared from our house. So for my Xmas gift this year I requested a pink controller so I could keep tabs on it, and no one in my mostly male household would want to play with my pink controller! So much for that though - my husband uses my controller more than I do!!!...more info
  • Great piece of hardware.
    Well put together, get's it done. ONLY complaint is how fast the ridges wear off the thumb sticks. ...more info
  • Be Wary! Some Controllers Don't Feel as Solid as They Should.
    The Xbox 360 controller is five stars all the way. I'm writing about how I received a "bad" controller with the Elite system bundle. Here are the major differences that I noticed compared to my other white controllers:

    -the triggers didn't push down smoothly, but rather encountered friction when pushed down, making a squeaky sound and feeling rather "broken"
    -when pushing down the thumbsticks, they clicked rather quickly without much pressure induced; not necessarily a bad thing, but it simply felt different from my other two controllers
    -this is the most annoying of them all: the vibration motors were significantly weaker than from my other two controllers; it was extremely obvious; I thought it might have something to do with the battery, so I used one of my rechargeable ones, yet it yielded no difference

    I honestly doubt it has anything to do with the black controller specifically. I just believe that since these things are mass produced, some of them are less perfect than they should be. So be attentive to this matter, and exchange it for another if you notice anything different. Overall, this is a very solid and comfortable controller. I'm actually considering purchasing the red one because it looks kind of cool, even though I already have three white ones.

    Highly recommended! Makes a great gift for any Xbox 360 owner....more info
  • Great controller, but analog sticks lack deadzone
    The Xbox 360 controller is the most comfortable game controller I've ever used. But, when using it with a PC, the analog sticks never stay in the exact center when left alone. For example, when playing a racing game, the car may veer to either side when the stick is not being touched. Microsoft should include software to create a larger deadzone, because some games do not have this adjustment....more info
  • Guess
    It's an XBox360 Wireless Controller. Anyone looking for one, knows what it is. No review necessary. If you've never owned one before, I recommend buying Energizer Rechargeable Batterys and the Energizer XBox 360 Charger Stand. When you're done playing, plug the controller into the stand. No need to break your fingernails extracting the batteries....more info
  • Amazing Blue
    Buy this controller now. Trust me. The blue color looks great. Forget the other colors they sell. Get blue. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • Good controller
    Love the black controllers over the old white design. Batteries are the correct size and won't cause the controller to develop cracks where the battery is inserted. Smooth operation.
    Overall, this controller is basically all the same as the white, but the batteries fitting correctly will make it last alot longer...more info
  • Perfect
    The most comfortable and ergonomic controller I have ever used. Looks cool, lightweight, but doesn't feel hollow. Battery lasts long. The best gaming controller out there....more info