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B¨¦b¨¦Sounds Angelcare? Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor
List Price: $139.99

Our Price: $129.49

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Product Description

Rechargeable Charging Bases included 8 Channels

  • Alarm will sound if no movement is detected in 20 seconds
  • The Nursery Unit has a soft nightlight and room thermometer
  • Out-of-range indicator and Parents' Unit locator
  • Optional voice activation and a color LCD on each Parents' Unit
  • Monitor operates on both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies and has 820-ft. range

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth it for the peace of mind!
    We are first-time parents and were struggling with having our daughter sleep with us vs. sleep in a crib in our bedroom vs. sleep in a crib in her room. We really wanted her to sleep in her own room, but were hesitant to be so far away from her. We looked into a video monitor, but I was certain I'd wake up all night to look at her on the monitor to make sure she was OK -- the video monitor only provides peace of mind while you are looking at it!

    We finally found this monitor and it was everything we wanted. We use three features: the no-movement-detector (to detect if she isn't breathing), the voice-activated microphone (to hear her if she's crying or talking to herself or kicking her legs against the mattress), and the temperature sensor (to alert us if her room gets too hot or too cold). Our daughter is almost five months old now and we've been using it since she was born (first in a bassinet in our bedroom, and now in a crib in her bedroom). It makes me so comfortable knowing that it is detecting her movements and will alert me if she isn't breathing.

    It has four wonderful features:

    1. It detects the baby's movements and will sound an alarm (on both the parents' units and on the baby monitor in the baby's room) if movements aren't detected in 20 seconds. Actually, it gives a single beep if movements aren't detected after 15 seconds (nice because we often forget to turn it off when we take her out of her crib, so we get a single beep to remind us to turn it off) and beeps continuously if another five seconds pass without detecting any movements. We've had several (three or four) occasions when it beeped once while she was in the crib, and one really scary time when it didn't detect our daughter's movements for a full 20 seconds. That one time, we were asleep and didn't notice the single beep, but we both bolted out of bed when it started beeping continuously. When we got into her room, her monitor was beeping and it seemed to have just woken her up (her arms were straight out and up like she had been startled). She had a bad cold at the time and her nose was congested, and when we got to her room she was gasping--I think she really hadn't been breathing for that time, and the beeping woke her up and reminded her to breathe again.

    2. It has a temperature sensor and you can set it to alert you (with a different, milder beep than the not-breathing beep) if the temperature gets higher or lower than your preset range. This has been really nice for us, since we never used our daughter's room before she was born and didn't really know how hot or cold it got relative to the rest of the house. The current temperature is displayed on the parents' units.

    3. The sound from the baby's room is very crisp and clear, and we don't hear any static like you can hear with many baby monitors. It has a microphone and only transmits sound if there is noise coming from her room, which is nice. It also has a visual display of how loud she is, so I can turn the volume down all the way and still know how loud she is crying.

    4. It comes with two parents' units, so we keep one in our bedroom and one in our living room, so we can be close to one in the two places that we spend the most time (and they are mobile, so I can easily grab one of the parents' units and take it outside or around the house with me).

    It doesn't have a video, so I can't see her, but I feel pretty comfortable knowing that if she is hurt, she will cry to let me know I need to get into her room. And if she stopped breathing, I wouldn't see that on the video monitor anyway, but this monitor will let me know. If you want a video monitor, this isn't a good one for you. And, if you plan to have the baby sleep in your bed, it's not good either because the monitor wouldn't be able to differentiate between your movements and the baby's.

    Overall, this is the best baby product we purchased and I plan to buy one for all of my pregnant friends and relatives!...more info
  • Nice product and few cautions
    Well, I bought this product for my 5 months old son, turns out that the movement sensor is really for the 0-6 months age range. Even with the movement sensor disabled, this is still a good product with loaded features.

    What really bothered me about it is that the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit only, you'd think that a pricey product with so much features should have this function. I have digital clocks that cost a fraction of this monitor's price that have a Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display. ...more info
  • Well designed and high quality -- highly recommended
    We bought this monitor for our newborn. My first impression was that the components are all very well made. They're very sturdy, and the displays are very clear and easy to read. The range is also very good. I'd heard that these movement sensor monitors can be a bit finicky in that they occasionally won't detect the baby's movement and then will scare both the baby and the parents. I haven't encountered that problem with this monitor however, and in fact, the monitor seems to be very accurate at detecting when there is even the slightest movement in the crib.

    The overall design is also very intelligent. Each parent unit has its own charger, so you can keep them in different parts of the house (eg: family room and bedroom). The parent units can also warn you when they are out of range, rather than just going silent like many other baby monitors will. The parent units also use standard NiMH AA batteries, so if you forget to leave one in the charging cradle you can swap out the batteries. (Just be carful not to use non-rechargables and then put it back in the charging cradle!) The system is also very configurable (though this aspect is a little complicated).

    My only complaint is that I wish there was an easy way to silence the parent units when removing the baby from the crib. If the movement sensor is enabled and the baby is removed from the crib for more than 20 seconds the movement alarm will sound. You can avoid this by completely turning off the base station, but then the parent units will complain that the base station is "out of range" unless you also turn them off. It would be nice if the base station could instead tell the parent units to go into some sort of "standby mode" so we wouldn't have to coordinate turning the parent units on and off with the base station.

    Other than that one minor gripe, I'd highly recommend this product, especially for very young babies as the movement sensor can give a lot of peace of mind....more info
  • Peace of mind
    This monitor is wonderful! My husband and I bought this after reading the great reviews about it and we haven't been disappointed. The alarm has gone off a few times, usually because our son moves to the corner of his crib and sleeps with his bottom in the air and I think the monitor has trouble detecting his breathing with him laying like that and so far away. It does take a couple of times with the alarm going off to train yourself to turn off the monitor before picking up baby. All in all, very satisfied. Have already recommended this to several friends....more info
  • A good night sleep
    B¨¦b¨¦Sounds Angelcare Movement Sensor w. Sound Monitor w. Two Parents' Units

    Well worth the price - an excellent tool for helping my husband and I sleep better with our baby in his crib in his own room. We strongly recommend....more info
  • This monitor is Great
    My husband and I bought this for our daughter because our grand daughter was born 9 1/4 weeks early and we knew that our daughter would be afraid to sleep when the baby came home. This monitor has worked wonderfully. It not only monitors for breathing and movement but it also tells the temperature in the bassinet, plus even though you cannot hear the baby breathing the parent monitor has a signal on it that shows the baby moving or breathing. I would highly recommend this monitor to anyone even people with healthy babies. The cost is not much higher than a regular monitor that works well and to us the cost was minor to the peace of mind this gives our daughter and her husband....more info
  • Make your own board
    Great unit. No need to buy the board that they try to sell. I cut a small piece of plywood and it works just find....more info
  • Angelcare Deluxe
    I returned my original Angelcare monitor due to static. The deluxe is so much better. No static and wonderful parent remotes. It was very hard to find one in stock online. I highly recommend it if you can find one....more info
  • Worth it for peace of mind
    We had a premature baby that spent some time in the NICU. They didn't feel a monitor was necessary for her, but we were nervous so researched and found this product. We love it! You do need to read the manual and decide if you need to adjust sensitivity. It did not go off when we took the baby out of the crib when we had a fan running, so other vibrations can fool it. Other than that it consistently goes off when we forget and take the baby out of the crib without turning it off. We also haven't had any false alarms, just once when she was breathing very shallow (I was awake and in the room with her) and it might have been legitimate. The beep woke her up enough that she started breathing normally again. It is not a piercingly loud noise, btw, and after spending time in the NICU with lots of babies on monitors, it doesn't even wake our baby up when it goes off. (we frequently forget when we take her out of the crib... ;)
    I've recommended this to my pregnant friends. It is a bit pricey, but if you have a preemie or are the type to worry, it is definitely worth the money....more info
  • Excellent monitor with great functions
    We love this monitor. Really helped us to sleep peacefully after our baby started sleeping on her tummy. We had a few alarms but either the warning sounds woke her up enough to get her breathing again or got her to change her position - we're not sure. Only gripe is that we had to get a board under the monitor since our crib has a spring (this monitor should come with a board!) but other than that, we couldn't go without this monitor (we use this in conjunction with a video monitor). We like the temperature sensor capability. The voice activated function is also great! Much better than listening to the static of other monitors we had. Highly recommended....more info
  • good baby monitor for preemies
    we bought this a few days after we brought our son home from the hospital he had been born at 31 weeks and after spending 5 weeks with him on monitors in the NICU I couldn't sleep with out checking on him every half hour. This monitor has allowed me to sleep again.
    The movement detector feature works very well, we used a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to place under it and it functions fine so I would say its not necessary to get the manufacturer recomended piece of wood to place the mat on. Our son sleeps in a pack and play with the bassinet insert and the monitor has no trouble picking up his movements. It is very comforting to me to see the little detector bar going back and forth on my monitor at night. It picks up every breath. I have had two false alarms where it did not detect movement, both times I had left the vibration feature going on his mattress.
    We have been using this for a month now and I feel like it was worth the money. The audio part of the monitor is great too. It has a microphone feature so it only transmits when the baby makes noise and you can adjust the sensitivity to hear your babies every sniff, or only when they are crying to be fed. This way you don't have to listen to the constant hum of a conventional baby monitor.
    It has some other features like an alarm when the r...more info
  • I thank God for this product
    As first time parents, we got this product mainly for peace of mind. My husband thought that it was gimmicky, but was all for it so I would feel better. However, as time went on, we both became more and more impressed with how the monitor worked. Our daughter is 10 weeks old and she has not laid down for so much as a nap without the monitor being turned on.

    I never thought that this monitor would be used for anything other than peace of mind. However, in the middle of the night a few nights ago, the alarm went off. My husband and I jumped up and ran to her room. Our daughter wasn't breathing. My husband shook her and yelled for her to wake up. We performed CPR and she finally started to stir.

    I truly believe that this product saved my daughter's life. The ER doctor told us buying this monitor was the best money we've ever spent. I have to agree.

    As for a review of the monitor: We have never had any false alarms. We've never had a problem with static or interference. There are only two things that I have found to be less than perfect: 1. The temperature on the display seems to always be a few degrees off. 2. The low battery beep is the same as the 15 second warning beep, which caused us to run to the crib once in the middle of the night in a panic. No biggie- I just keep the monitor in the base at night now.

    I thank God that we bought this monitor for our precious baby girl. ...more info
  • wonderful product!
    This has to be one of the best inventions ever! When we brought home our baby who was a preemie after he had been constantly monitored at the NICU for 5 weeks, this monitor allowed us to sleep at night knowing it was monitoring him. Now our son is a big five month old and has outgrown his bassinet, but it works great in his crib now as well! I don't know how I would sleep without it.
    I would recommend it to everyone having a baby. The temperature monitor is very great too so that you can be assured the room is at a good temperature for baby....more info
  • Much better. . .
    I returned my original Angelcare monitor because it was very staticy. The deluxe is much better, but even with the "tick" feature off every time the motion sensor is triggered the parent's unit make a clicking noise. It's far less annoying than the original and with the voice activation feature you won't hear the ticking all night. . . of course the voice activation feature sometimes doesn't pick up the kid until he's at a full scream.

    Overall I'd say if you're considering the Angelcare monitor for the motion pad feature don't waste your money on the original, get the deluxe....more info
  • The darn thing works
    I was skeptical that this movement sensor was not going to work through a 10" thick mattress. Amazingly enough it does work, and not even on the most sensitive setting. The whole rig is pretty decent, and we've had no problems thus far. I would recommend reading the instructions and leaning how to use the monitors many setting before the baby is born :)...more info
  • Angelcare may have saved our baby
    We weren't lucky enough to have this monitor with our first child, and I don't think I slept through the night until she was over 1 year old - even though she was sleeping well from a young age. I was so worried about SIDS that I would sneak into her room a few times a night to put my hand on her chest and make sure she was breathing. Not wanting to experience this worry again, this time we bought the Angelcare monitor. My son was a wiggly baby from the start, and would manage to wedge himself into the corner of his crib, often flipping face down and ramming his nose into the bumper. I took the bumper out, and he freaked. He wanted to have his face pressed into something soft, and would not sleep without it. Thankfully we had the Angelcare. I would put him down at bedtime, and not go in again unless he woke up. I never felt the urge to peak, even though I knew that he would be smashed up against that bumper. We had a couple of false alarms with it, mostly when one of us took him out of the crib and forgot to turn it off. One night though, it went off and I walked in to check on him. He was on his back, not crammed in the corner for once. Out of habit I put my hand on his breathing....I put my finger under his breaths! I patted him a few times, and still nothing. Now considerably freaked out, I picked him up and he coughed a couple times and started breathing again. Thank goodness for the Angelcare monitor! I don't know if he would have started breathing again on his own or not, but I don't care. If there was even the smallest chance that this monitor saved my son's life, I am eternally grateful. We have had minimal problems with it. The temp is within a couple degrees of what a thermometer says, and even though the sound quality isn't the best, it is more than enough. I don't know why there isn't some kind of government grant or something to provide and Angelcare to every baby. The minor annoyances of false alarms are nothing compared to the security it provides. ...more info
  • BebeSounds Angelcare Monitor
    This is an excellent product and we couldn't be happier with it!
    Thank You!...more info
  • We LOVE this item!
    We love this monitor and couldn't imagine not having it for our baby. We sleep so much better at night knowing that his respiratory movements are normal. We have not experienced any interference with any electronics in our home. In fact, the sound is so clear that we can literally hear our baby pass gas. No, that is not a joke. We would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    Movement detector works great. Never had a false alarm even when baby moves to a corner of the crib. We did not have any issues with the ceiling fan as some other customers say. The voice baby monitor also works great, is crystal clear without static. I like the temperature reading, and if you'd like you can program monitor to alert you if baby's rooms gets too hot or too cold. I like how the monitor is programable.My doctor reccomended this product when she reccomended our son sleep on his stomach due to acid reflux. Son sleeps comfortably now, and I feel secure knowing an alarm will beep almost immedietly if he is in danger. The alarm sounds after 20 seconds of no movement, but gives a warning beep after only 10 seconds! ...more info
  • All monitors should be made this way
    As new parents, we understand why tradtional baby monitors are good for listening to hear if your baby cries and you are in a part of the house/apartment/condo where you can't easily distinguish crying baby from, say, neighbor's tv. This monitor is great, though, for letting you sleep while the baby sleeps. Even though the incidence of SIDS/suspected accidental smothering has gone down dramatically with the teaching that babies should sleep on their backs, apnea (stopping breathing) does happen in a handful of cases without known reason. The AngelCare movement sensor is sensitive without causing additional anxiety. Having a movement sensor allows us to really feel like we can fall asleep when the baby sleeps. Works well as a traditional monitor, too, and would like to see all monitors come with a motion sensor....more info
  • Absolute piece of mind
    This monitor has to be the absolute best purchase I've made in terms of my baby's well-being. I can now go about and do what I have to do knowing that the Angelcare monitor is monitoring my son's breathing/movement. I do however still check on him several times during his nap but this just gives me more piece of mind than any other monitor I've tried....more info
  • useful but flawed
    Well, we just bought this device for our new baby. The alarm part does work fine. But, there are a few serious flaws. The most important one, as many others have pointed out both with this model and the previous model, is that there is no other way to silence the transmitter alarm other than powering it off. I simply cannot believe the engineers (hopefully they are also parents) don't think this is a very useful feature while they added so many others. I'd think it would be nice to at least have the option to to turn off the sensor alarm once the receiver side alarm is turned off so that the baby and the parents won't be startled in the middle of the night longer than necessary. The tempearture reading is also way off. The display temperature is almost 5 degree lower compared to a good quality, dedicated thermometer. Several other features listed in the manual are either incorrect or broken. This is a cute, but overpriced device that leaves much to be desired. Only if they would listen to many customer desires, this could be a much more statisfying monitor than it is now. ...more info
  • My favorite baby product
    If you get anything for your baby, make sure you get this first. It gives me total peace of mind that my baby is safe and breathing. The voice automation on this model is key! It only kicks on when the baby is crying, thus providing you with extra sleep! I can't recommend this product enough!!...more info
  • This monitor is great!
    This monitor works great, just like advertised. Despite the size of the sensor, it will pick up movement anywhere on the mattress. The sensor is so sensitive that it picked up the breeze created by the ceiling fan, no kidding. I had to adjust the sensitivity to compensate. The sensor pad needs to sit on something solid to work correctly. I was able to get a small square piece of plywood from our local home improvement center for under three dollars that worked fine.

    The audio works great also on this monitor. Loud and clear. This monitor has a lot of good features, like voice recognition. The voice recognition won't kick in with subtle noise like the music, but it picks up the baby noise right away. I would pick this monitor over one of the fancy video monitors any day. A video monitor will not alert you if your baby stops moving, this one does. Highly recommended!...more info
  • The only way we can sleep after baby stopped breathing...
    My 6 wk old granddaughter stopped breathing last Fri. and 911 was called. Turns out she has severe GERD and has to be kept on an incline. The same day we she was discharged from the hospital we bought the 2008 Angel Care Deluxe Monitor Set. I can't say enough about it! It is the only reason that my daughter has got any sleep at all in the last four days. You can set it on a tick sound that you can hear if you are walking around your front room or kitchen so you don't have to constantly check on her to see if she is actually breathing or not. It is so reassuring. My daughter and I were both there when she stopped breathing and it was like she just went to sleep and didn't wake up. Again, I would recommend this for any newborn. We didn't even know my granddaughter had this problem!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Great for infants. . .once they move in their sleep, is another story!
    This was a HUGE piece of mind when we had our son over a year ago!! However, some warnings for those purchasing this; 1. once our son started rolling over, the alarm would go off (yah, it's working! however, night after night, we decided to disable that feature, as he kept rolling close to the railings on the bed). The sensor pad is great, however, it doesn't detect movement from all around. Also, during the summer, whenever we have his ceiling fan on, it created enough movement to have his decorative blanket hit the side of the mattress (therefore creating enough movement for the alarm not to go off - we found this out by accidentially leaving the monitor on after we took him out of his crib). 2. Sometimes in the middle of the night, we get our neighbor's children crying, vs. ours. We switch between "A" and "B" on the monitor, however sometimes that does not help. :o) We live on a 1/4 acre lot, so we're not "that" close to neighbors . . . close enough, I guess :o)

    Other than these two things, this was a good monitor for the peace of mind it gave us during the "SIDS" age of greatest concern....more info
  • warning for restless sleepers
    This monitor may work well and fine if you have a baby that sleeps in the middle of the crib all night. My daughter sleeps all over her crib and the monitor alarms all night long. I called graco for suggestions and they had none. I was informed in a slightly condescending manner that the sensor pad is called a pad because it is a pad and the child has to sleep directly on it. The product will not cover the entire crib. I feel slighted in that my product was advertised as a movement sensor not a movement pad which the customer service representative felt so strongly about. We do use the monitor as an audio monitor but I would've chosen a different monitor if I was just looking for an audio feature. ...more info