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Sony Alpha A700 12.24MP Digital SLR Camera with 16-105mm Lens
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Product Description

12.2-megapixel effective recording * 16-105mm f/3.5-5.6 Sony zoom lens (35mm equivalent focal length: 24-157.5mm) * 3" high-resolution LCD screen (307,200 pixels) * high-strength aluminum chassis and magnesium alloy body * Super SteadyShot? image stabilization *

  • 12.24-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor captures enough detail for poster-size prints
  • Kit includes 16-105mm lens
  • In-camera image stabilization and anti-dust vibration systems; Eye-Start Autofocus system
  • 3-inch LCD display; 11-point autofocus system; 40-segment multi-pattern honeycomb metering
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery; stores images on CF I/II and Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo cards

Customer Reviews:

  • Is every other review a company plant? Or did real photographers just not bother to review this camera?
    The Sony SLRs are toys designed to compete in a market in which they already failed. They are just re-branded Minolta DSLRS, and photographers were so unhappy with the Minolta DSLRS that no one ever purchased one except kids and old photographers with Minolta gear from the days of film back when they still produced quality products.

    With the exception of some gimmick features like image stabilization, Sony does not offer anything with this camera that Nikon and Canon did not offer earlier and cheaper. Nikon and Canon both also offer image stabilization in their lenses, which is an alternative that provides better results when it really matters. When you use a Sony DSLR for any extended period of time, you will start to notice that it is missing buttons for commonly accessed features such as ISO and white balance, which are hidden deep within menus that take a long time to access and change, and you will notice that the high ISO performance being touted by other reviewers is grainy and extremely subpar when compared to the cameras being offered by Nikon and Canon.

    Canon and Nikon offer better cameras, cheaper, with more lenses. In fact, if you buy the right Nikon or Canon DSLR, there is a good chance you can still use lenses going back to the 1950s (this is true for Nikon, I am not sure about Canon). These lenses are still extraordinary. You will be able to use lenses made into the far future. Will Sony still be around? Minolta isn't, and you're betting on the same technology that already failed once.

    The Sony won't take bad pictures; any camera, even a cheap point and shoot, will take beautiful pictures. But a Sony DSLR will fight against you and try to stop you from taking those pictures, you want a good camera that knows what it is doing and is trying to help you along the creative process....more info
  • Great product.
    The A700 is stout. Solid construction and solid performance. High ISO performance that can be mated up to fast Sony or Minolta AF glass. I've got an F2.8 lens and it is unstoppable indoors even in mediocre lighting. I can only imagine if I had an f1.4 prime or something of the like mounted on this body! 3 shot bracketing is quick, metering is accurate, colors are great. I shoot in cRaw and am impressed with that format. I cannot pick up on any loss compared to RAW; but the camera will run RAW all day long with no problems either. The scary thing is that even JPEGS look great on this camera! It is a very serious camera and will sit atop the Sony line until they bring out a full-frame camera. Thoroughly impressed and definitely a worthy replacement for the venerable Maxxum/Dynax 5's 7's and maybe even the 9 depending on your use!...more info
  • Powerful DSLR
    My A700p replaced a well functioning Nikon 8700. The improvement in speed is striking. Low light pictures are fantastic due to the steady shot function.The only disadvantage of any DSLR is increased size and weight. However, well compensated for by the increased performance. Also nice to be able to use my old Maxxum lenses. ...more info
  • fantstic camera!
    great camera! solid build, very intuitive menus and controls, great images and high ISO capacity (after the new software update v4), and camera based sensor stabilization - all your lenses - including the old minotas that you can grab for cheap on ebay will be stabilized! (as opposed o paying premium prices to canon and nikon! at this price I am considering getting a second one!...more info
  • One Fantastic dSLR from Sony
    After ~ 3000 shots with my Sony A700, I'm pleased to say this is one FANTASTIC camera. This is my first dSLR but I'm a long time point-n-shoot Sony customer (DSC-S85 and DSC-P92). Sony has hit a home run (at least in the park) with this model. The rumor mills are debating Sony's intentions but with this body (and the small number of authentic Sony lenses for it), I think it's safe to say Sony will be a player to compete against the Canikons and Olymjis of the world. My two WON"T be disappointed with this camera! I've added to it the F56 flash and the 100mm Macro lens, along with the 18-200mm telephoto. Enjoy the camera!...more info
  • A great camera all around
    I am in love with my new A700. It is a wonderful camera that brings me into the digital world of SLR's quite nicely. On problem i did have was that the battery charger and cord were missing from the box when I received it, so if you order from Amazon, check your box first thing!...more info
    Se?ores esto es una c¨¢mara de verdad, con solo tenerla en las manos ya se siente robusta. La ergonom¨ªa es exelente, es un guante en la mano (los usuarios con mano grande lo agradecer¨¢n). R¨¢pido y preciso AF, Excelentes fotos a ISO 1600. R¨¢faga de 5fps. Joystick para navegar en las opciones del men¨². Botones al alcance de nuestros dedos. Opciones en pantalla configurables. Sellada para evitar la entrada del polvo y la humedad. Cuerpo autoestabilizado. Auto limpieza del sensor y tambi¨¨n modo manual. Pantalla LCD de 3" HD. Salida HDMI, y un largo exc¨¦tera de opciones adicionales. Esto es lo mejor que puede comprar un usuario que le guste la fotograf¨ªa en serio y por que no... un profesional de la fotograf¨ªa.

    Recomiendo la SONY ALPHA 700 con los ojos cerrados. Esto es un Camar¨®n!...more info