LightWedge Original LED Book Light, Black
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Product Description

The LightWedge Book Light is the perfect book light. The leading book light for nighttime reading. Patented LightWedge technology directs all the light only on the page you are reading, without bothering someone sleeping next to you. The larger-sized LightWedge Original is ideal for hardcover books and large paperbacks. Whether reading in bed, reading on a plane, or reading in a car, the LightWedge book light is the perfect accessory for all readers and an ideal gift for travelers. 40 hours of light from 4 AAA batteries (not included). Measures 6.75 x 9.25 and weighs only 8.5 oz. with batteries.

  • Patented LightWedge technology puts light only on the page
  • Original, larger size is perfect for hardcover and larger "trade" paperback books
  • 4 AAA batteries power the light up to 40 hours (not included)
  • Page-sized, acrylic lens lays flat on the page being read
  • 2 bright LEDs shine light discreetly in a dark room

Customer Reviews:

  • A clip-on book light is a better option.
    I was dissapointed with the LightWedge. It has two lights that don't evenly light up the page, it is not bright enough to read without straining your eyes and it scratches very easily. Great idea that needs to be improved. Luckily Amazon has a great return policy!...more info
  • I wish I'd listened to the other reviewers
    I thought that I could adapt easily to the weight of the LightWedge, and I thought that moving it every time I turn a page wouldn't bother me. Wrong. Also, I read in bed and often slide down to read while on my side--the LightWedge is VERY inconvenient in that position. This product does exactly what it said it would do, which is why I'm not giving it less than 3 stars, but . . . I got intrigued by the "cool gadget-ness" of it, and let that feeling override my reason. For me, this was money wasted. I still use my high-intensity book light....more info
  • Good Read
    Users of the LightWedge booklight will either love it or hate it. I say that because it does provide a well focused light to the page that you are trying to read, and is not as bad as other reading lights when it comes to light broadcast throughout the room that may disturb others. On the other hand you will constantly have to manipulate the wedge to the page that you are trying to read. I not a very fast reader, so I works fine for me, but I can see someone easily getting annoyed by the constant re-placement after turning the page. On a side note: I read a great deal of printed technical briefs, and have enjoyed being able to place the wedge behind the pages since they are mostly single sided printings....more info
  • Great customer service
    I purchased three Light Wedges for my family about 14 months ago. We love the product, but had problems getting batteries in and out of one; recently I couldn't get one of the batteries out at all. I called Light Wedge customer service (fully expecting to fall through some loophole in their "Lifetime Warranty") and was immediately shipped a replacement item....more info
  • Great Light
    I got this for my partner and she likes it a great deal. She can read with it at night for hours without keeping me up....more info
  • Ingenious though squeaky
    I bought this so I could read in bed and not wake my husband. The lightwedge is an ingenious design. It's a little bigger than a large paperback book, but it isn't too cumbersome; it's definitely not as uncomfortable as juggling a small flashlight and a book! The screen does scratch a little too easily and dust and oils from fingers seem to cling to it (like a computer monitor). The light is brighter than I thought it would be, but it doesn't hurt my eyes. One thing that is a little annoying, especially late at night when all is quiet - it squeaks! The plastic in the handle rubs against itself when you flex it ever so slightly (which is pretty much everytime you change pages).

    Overall, though, I like it and I use it regularly....more info
  • Like it a lot!
    My husband bought this as part of my Valentine's day gift since I always read at night when he's trying to sleep. lol! The light doesn't disturb him and it's definately bright enough for me to be able to read by. The only thing I don't like is it's kind of too big for me. I'd rather get the smaller one. ...more info
  • It's a great idea, but needs improvement
    Immediately upon opening the packaging and removing the book light I noticed that there was already a white scratchy splotch on it that could not be removed. Certainly this was a new item, and it's very possible that the splotch happened when opening, as careful as I was. I would say that I am fairly happy with this for lack of finding anything better to use and not disturb my sleeping husband. While it does enable me to read comfortably in the dark, there are radient light rings that almost make the book pages appear wrinkled, though reading is not affected by this. I hope that by the time I have to replace this in the future this product will have been improved. Maybe a bit more scratch resistant too....more info
  • review
    This product is a great idea, scratches very easily and to clean the glass or what ever it is made out of, you better own a micro fiber cloth or anything else will scratch it. As much as I tried to take care, scratches just happened, and I was very careful with it. To read with it was great, sometimes the scratches got annoying., it would work well if the glass had some sort of sratch protection guard on it....more info
  • Works great
    The LightWedge works as you would expect. It definitely has issues with any sort of smudge or scratch being highly illuminated, but it doesn't distract me too much. It is light-weight. It does illuminate the room more than you might expect, with a soft blue glow. but I still highly prefer it to the type of lights that clip on to a book, which can be quite clumsy....more info
  • Lightwedge
    Bought this for my husband, loved it so much I went back for mine. Great gift idea for bedtime readers. Did have to stock up on the AAA batteries though. You really don't bother your sleeping partner while you read with this light....more info
  • light wedge
    I bought this for my spouse. It is a little brighter than we expected, but that said it is a better alternative to the various ool lights and flashlihts he has tried in the past....more info
  • Light Wedge
    The LightWedge was purchased as a Christmas present for
    my wife, who reads in bed. It works, but I guess it
    did not impress her all that much, as she still reads
    with the lamp on. She finds it a little clumsy. It does
    do what is advertised, although I think it is priced a
    little high. ...more info
  • Great but....
    I really love this product and it's far superior to any other hanging booklights I have ever used. My only complaint is that it should automatically come with a cleaning cloth and cleaning solution because it gets dirty quite easily. Other than that I would recommend this product. ...more info
  • Lightwedge Book Light

    Very unhappy with this product. The clear plastic through which you are supposed to read is scratched. (It looks as if it was used and damaged.)

    If in the bustle of the holidays the package had not been thrown away, I would return the product....more info
  • Good product with limitations
    I read books at night, frequently, so I purchased this product so I wouldn't disturb my wife. This light source is simple in design: tiny LED lamps illuminate a thin piece of plastic (working similar to a fiberoptic lamp Lumisource LS-FO SPRAY Fiber Optic Spray). It is about the dimensions of a full sized book and the black handle which houses the battery/light source is somewhat bulky. A small button toggles the light intensity from low to dim to off.


    Place the item on the page that you want to read, push the button to the light intensity that you desire (allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness, which may take a minute or more), and flip the item to the other page to read. As you turn the page, you will need to take the item out, and place it back into the book.

    In concept, this product is ideal. You have a light source that is limited to the pages that you are viewing. However, even on the highest intensity (let's call it dim and dimmer), the light is still somewhat low. What can you read with this item? Books that have high contrast paper (glossy pages are most ideal since the reflective proper of the paper allows for better view). Conventional novels are a bit more difficult to read. Magazines are impossible unless you read on your stomach with the magazine placed on the bed. Furthermore, pictures are difficult to see, at best.


    Like any screen on a laptop, I placed a SCREEN PROTECTOR on my lightwedge to prevent scratches. Any scratch with transmit uneven light (more than usual).

    Given that LEDs have very little power requirements, I have had the same batteries in the unit for the past 3 years, and it is still running.


    More LED bulbs along the 'spine' of the handle would improve the light intensity.

    A thinner, scratch resistant plastic with a lighter handle would be a marked improvement.


    Knowing the limitations and tendency for scratches, it is an innovative product that still has good uses. You will need to try this product for yourself, before you can decide if it works for you.

    ...more info
  • Very displeased
    My wife bought the wedge for me and I was so displeased I had to comment on here, which I never thought I would. The light is very spotty and extremely dim in many spots. Even tried new batteries thinking this was the problem. Would not recommend at all. Nicely packaged, but stick to $5 book light....more info
  • Complete disappointment
    If the photos of how this product lights a page were only HALF accurate, it would have been a good purchase. Lightwedge is worse than nothing. The puny light makes arcs around the insufficient TWO LEDs that are its source, the middle of the page is dark and distorted, and only the far edge projects any brightness at all. You can see more with a good LED flashlight!...more info
  • I like it a lot.
    I bought this in October and used it to read on an 8 hour plane ride. It was great. The 'reading light' on the plane was too high and caused glare on the tv screen for other passengers. I not only had the light just where I needed it (on the entire page of the book) but the passengers around me were in better humor as well!

    I recommend it for anyone. I got the larger version but the book I was reading was paperback and fit it just fine, maybe it was a large paperback? Do get the cover, it seems like it will scratch easily.

    I think cleaning it with a product for plastic lenses would be a good idea....more info
  • Be mindful what color you buy
    I use the LightWedge to read in bed and bought it so the light wouldn't disturb my husband. We both think it works great; however, be mindful of the translucent versus solid colored casing in terms of light escape.

    The translucent lets the light escape through its clear casing and scatter throughout the room. So, if disturbing others around you is an issue then buy a solid colored casing.

    Overall, the LightWedge is a must buy for anyone who likes to read before going to bed and while traveling. I have 2 more suggestions: 1) buy the case covering to protect it when not in use 2) buy a LightWedge with different light settings, if possible: a high and a low. For example, when I wake in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep, I get out my book to read. The problem is that my current LightWedge has only one light setting. This can be so bright, it almost hurts to read and how I mumble and curse myself for not being a more mindful consumer....more info
  • Helpful Reading Light
    This is my second one of these that I've purchased. As others have stated they do scratch very easily even with excellent care and keeping them in their bag. That would be my only complaint. Otherwise, they are great for nighttime reading and keeping you from disturbing others. ...more info
  • Love the LghtWedge!
    I find the LightWedge Book Light to be the best light for reading in bed, while my partner sleeps. Unlike other reading lights, it lights my page fully. No more adjusting the light to get it to shine on the words I'm trying to read. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Best Booklight on the Market!!!
    Hands down the best booklight I have ever used! I purchased this booklight in anticipation of possible power outages prompted by the recent Hurricane Gustav that swept through Louisiana. Sure enough, we were without power for over 4 days. I am so glad that I purchased this particular book light as it made it possible and enjoyable to pass the time reading. It created the perfect amount of light to see the pages clearly and I didn't find myself adjusting it every few minutes like I did with my clip on book lights. Also, I love the color (Petal), it is a nice deep red. Additionally, I highly recommend the case to keep it in to keep it from getting dusty and/or scratched. ...more info
  • Good product.
    I am over 50 years old and a real book lover and this makes reading in bed, on planes and in other dim light situations so much easier. It doesn't bother those sleeping next to you either. I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Convenient but not exactly what I expected
    This light wedge does put a good amount of light on the book page but the light is not as confined as I thought it would be. There is some leakage that may bother someone trying to sleep next to the person using it....more info
  • light wedge
    The best solution for reading in bed in the dark I've tried yet. I read magazines in bed because books keep me awake if they are too interesting. The plastic has a tendency to cling to the pages. Other than that it is a great product even if a little expensive....more info
  • GREAT!
    This product is great! My husband sleeps and I can read as long as I want to!...more info
  • Book light
    I purchased this light wedge (book light) for a friend who likes to read in bed at night, like I do. It made her very happy....more info
  • Wait to buy until they release an updated version
    I bought my Light Wedge after seeing it on Oprah's favorite things last year. I was sure that this was the answer to wearing a headlamp during reading and I am definitely one to keep up with the latest tech. After using it for the last eight months a couple of things have irked me to the point where I am officially retiring the product and moving back to more conventional methods.

    Problem the first!

    This thing scratches beyond easy. I wish I had the foresight to purchase some large screen protectors or something of the sort. I don't mistreat it either, it just acts as my bookmark when I am not using it. In the time I have owned it it has become so bad that it's difficult to read and I have to move it around in order to read a whole page.

    Problem the second!

    The battery casing is a joke. I don't know what the hell the designers were thinking, but in order to get the batteries into the device you have to seriously wedge (pardon the pun) the suckers in. I use rechargeable batteries and the bottoms are ruined from how hard they have to press against each other inside.

    All in all the concept is fantastic. I loved it for the first few months even despite the fact that I couldn't put the batteries in without help. Now that it is nearly unusable I wish that I had spent my $30 on more books instead.

    If you are interested in purchasing one I would say wait until the next model comes out, but if you really must have it now make sure you get something to protect the screen on both sides....more info
  • Coolest light since Lite Brite!
    I love this book light! You have to be careful when turning pages though because it puts off a lot of light and can be distracting for a person trying to sleep next to you in the dark....more info