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Opus, 5503P, Titanium Series Triple Tube Bird Feeder
List Price: $41.39

Our Price: $41.39

You Save:


  • Exclusive patent pending squirrel and weather guard - full size guard
  • Threaded seed cover and integrated funnel for easy filling
  • Nine "chew-proof" die-cast metal feeding stations
  • Quick release tray saves seed and speeds cleaning
  • Extra-large 11 pound capacity

Customer Reviews:

  • Less than expected
    The picture is an older model that is no longer available.The large squirrel shield on the top is no longer there.
    The metal feeder ports are great but the inserts are made of plastic.
    Within two days of hanging the feeder the squirrels destroyed three of the nine inserts. The feeder does have a lifetime warranty so the manufacturer sent me a replacement. To keep this from happening again I made my own inserts out of a metal can.
    Overall even with it's flaws it is still the best feeder available this year....more info
    This seems like a good quality product and the metal hole surrounds and perch deter the squirrels from total destruction. As mentioned by a previous reviewer, however, there are small plastic "gates" that regulate the seed flow - and those were chewed off the first week so that small seed does not stay in the feeder properly. Perhaps each tube opening can be designed for different size seed or include alternate metal hole surrounds with different sizes.

    Keep trying!...more info
  • Disappointment
    I should have heeded earlier critiques of this feeder for indeed it is a disappointment from the similar Opus triple tube feeder which I purchased several years ago. I don't know what the reference to Titanium is as it's all plastic. The prior feeder indeed has metal squirrel proof plates at each feeding unit plus the top dome/squirrel baffel doesn't exist anymore although some of Amazon's pictures indicate it on this feeder. I would suggest getting a Yankee feeder as their parts are 100% replacable....for free ! I lost both feeders to a wind storm. The parts to my Yankee feeder were sent to me in two days with no charge at all. For this Opus feeder's replacement I had to reorder and pay for the entirely new feeder (even though the tubes were still entact). I am disappointed to say the least. Perhaps if you've never had it before and, if you don't have to combat squirrels, you might be satisfied but for me its a huge disappointment....more info
  • Bird Feeder
    This feeder worked perfectly, until the squirrels chewed the little plastic windows and all the food poured out. The squirrels won again!
    I have since purchased "The Elimenator" from Wild Birds. It seems to be really squirrel proof....more info
  • Save your money
    The picture of the one I ordered had a larger weather guard then what they sent. I still put it up and the plastic seed inserts broke in the first day...more info
  • A Good Purchase
    We are very pleased with our new bird feeder. I hang it off the porch and because it has three tubes fill it with different types of birdseed and watch a different array of birds feasting daily.
    I must admit to experiencing a problem at first in how to fill it as I have another one very similar to this feeder and its cover is screwed on with an eyelet bolt so I thought this one was the same. I tried everything imaginable to get the bolt undone and almost gave up and sent it back but decided to call opus. Talk about feeling stupid, They were very nice and said they had alot of people that called with the same problem. It seems the entire cover unscrews not the bolt which is used to hang the feeder up. Once this crisis was over we have enjoyed the feeder and our feathered friends. ...more info
  • Good at first....
    I purchased this pair last year and they worked great for 1/2 a season. Then, all of the little plastic inserts came out,so they no longer hold seed. ...more info