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Norton SystemWorks 2008 Standard Edition 11.0
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $16.88

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Product Description

Keeps your computer operating smoothly and protects it from online threats / Anti Virus / Anti Spyware / Comprehensive backup tools

  • Blocks viruses and spyware automatically with advanced protection and enhanced performance
  • Lets you enjoy your computer at its best, making sure it's clean, repaired, and running at top speed with the click of a button.
  • Diagnoses and fixes computer problems. Also quickly and permanently removes unwanted Internet clutter, temporary files, and other private information.
  • Allows you to easily see what software processes are running on your system and which ones are affecting the overall performance.
  • Puts you in charge of your PC by controlling access to the Windows settings. Performs a physical examination of the hardware to determine its stability and capability.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product. Shipped on time and was as expected.
    I have always had Norton AV. My only complaint on this version is that it warns me of potential threats a little too often. Just protect me, don't lecture. There is no way (that I've found) to shut off the alerts. Other than that it's a good product....more info
  • Hours of Aggrevation!
    I followed all the rules, removed my prior versions, etc. The install was utter aggrevation... hours spent wasted to no avail and multiple reboots all to no avail. A technician finally "took over" my machine and installed it. Next day it needed activation again and the activation failed with a generic error message. Another call and another technician. It is finally working (I think). When these virus definitions expire, I will switch to something else. I will never buy Norton again....more info
  • Ouch! I'm a loyal Norton user.
    I am a loyal Norton user. I've used Norton SystemWorks (NSW) for many years, and have been consistently happy. I'm running Vista Ultimate on a great computer (Pentium D Processor 940 at 3.2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM). I downloaded NSW from Symantec's web site, but it won't install. After expasperting sessions with "English as a second language" tech support, I was finally able to install the software. After running several of the "check/fix routines" on NSW, many other programs did not work. I had to reinstall at least five different programs. I'm back to normal, thanks to back-ups I made on an external hard drive before installing NSW. But, I am afraid to run the "check/fix routines" on NSW again until (or if) they fix the glitches. ...more info
  • I received this product with not matching code.
    I have been trying to install this product and the installation key in the envelope is not match the software. I'm wondering if the cd it was in the wrong box or was mess by the vendor....more info
  • Symantec a loser in my book
    For anyone considering buying the Symantec Norton SystemWorks product, I would advise them to consider these failures of the product and support.

    In Feb. 2008, I contacted Symantec by chat because my Norton SystemWorks subscription had expired and a "subscription expired" alert was displaying every 30 seconds. When I chose Renew inside the product, as documented, the Live Update dialog was displayed instead of the Renewal Center panel. I waited for the chat through the 67 customers who were ahead of me. In the chat session, the technician could not make renewal work inside the product and eventually sent me a link to the Symantec site to renew, which I did. The product continued to display the subscription expired alert. The technician suggested a couple of options to stop the alert, which did not work. One of the options would have terminated the chat, which I told him when a message was displayed that indicated this. The technician was still in the process of trying to stop the alert messages when the chat connection was lost and the chat terminated. I was left with subscription alerts popping up every 30 seconds after I had resubscribed, and after rebooting.

    When I resubscribed, I noticed that the "Subscription Service" date inside the product on the antivirus status screen was 5/9/2008 instead of one year later, 2/13/2009. From reading tech tips on the site, I determined that when I renewed, the system date was 5/9/2008. I corrected the system date, and the alert messages stopped.

    But I still had this problem: How do I reset the Subscription Service date inside SystemWorks to the correct date (2/13/2009) so that it does not expire in May and I have to try to contact tech support again? After the chat which was disconnected, I submitted the question to tech support by e-mail. After several days had passed with no response, I confirmed that no Symantec mail had been blocked as spam, then resubmitted the question twice. Although e-mail response is committed to 96 hours, I have received no response 36 days after the original incident date.

    I feel that this combination of failures of product, technical support by chat, and technical support by e-mail is noteworthy, even today when technical support routinely ranges from poor to abusive.
    ...more info
  • lousy customer support
    I've had to reformat my computer several times and each time I either get Norton Go Back to work, or the other diagnostics, but not both at the same time. A technician tried to help me online, but was unable. He told me someone would contact me the next day to resolve. That was months ago. It is still unresolved.
    Norton does not seem to care about ensuring that its products work properly and this is one of the reasons I may be switching to a Mac for my next computer....more info
  • BEWARE of Norton SystemWorks !
    I have used Norton for the past 20 years, but no more. I took my CD out of the box, but it did not work.

    I contacted Symantec live chat and got the technician 'Sreedevi' who said that he could take control of my computer and install the program, however, I need a custom install and need the CD. I was refused, I asked for a manager and was told he was out on 'emergency' so I am out the bucks with no program. I will never, ever buy a Norton product again, there is no customer service not even for faulty software. ...more info
  • Worse than Bad, Actually
    There are so many things wrong with Norton System Works that it's very
    difficult to know where to begin. But here are three:

    1) ACTIVATION: The most annoying. Companies resort to this because
    otherwise people would be handing disks out to all their friends and
    family. Norton's is particularly aggravating and chances are you'll end up talking to someone at Symantec. If you get the product, install it and don't think about upgrading your computer.

    2) INSTABILITY: Decide you don't like it? Removing it requires a number of reboots and manual deletion of files and folders. You'll also have to go into the registry and remove the sloppy leftovers. Yuck.

    3) RESOURCES: Taxes your system's resources. Instead of buying a suite, get a defragger, get a registry cleaner, and get them without the pesky activation. These things are designed by committee. My System Works didn't even recognize my Symantec anti-virus, and it's made by the same company. Imagine that!

    If you MUST have a suite, System Mechanic is probably the best.

    ...more info
  • Simple, if long, set-up
    I bought this to replace a 2006 version of SystemWorks, which was a cheaper approach than renewing the license. The set-up took a little while (maybe 20 minutes) and required a few restarts, but really nothing I wasn't expecting.
    One thing I want to stress is that I did NOT have to remove the old version. I have no idea why this wasn't required for me, as so many other people seemed to have to do an uninstall first.
    The separate install for the Virus Protection was a little strange (why wouldn't I want it installed?) but, again, no issues with the process.
    It's running now and seems fine. No performance hit or anything like that. All in all, it seems good.
    ...more info
  • For 1 PC only?
    I have 2 computers and I assume it will only work on one since you must use the code numbers to install. My old Norton was not like that....more info
  • Your Reviews Helped Me Avoid Problems
    This is a time when product reviews helped me avoid the pitfalls that plagued fellow reviewers. Had you good folks not commented on the product I would probably be beating my head against the wall trying to get it to work.

    Based on what the rest of you said I removed my old Systemworks before doing the install. I used the Add/Remove program in Control Panel to make sure that everything was deleted. And you are right Norton doesn't even tell us to uninstall and that info really helped me avoid a major headache. One comment I wanted to share was I tried to download the upgrade from home and I'm on dialup. It's a huge program of about 125 MB so I would recommend that if you had a wireless laptop you head to Starbucks or some local free wifi, grab yourself a drink and a croissant or donut and find a comfy chair. Trying to download it at home on Dial Up it took several hours to get it just half way. The good thing is the download manager let me pick up where I left off. I headed to my nearest laundromat that offers free wifi and finished the job.

    I actually like the product so far, but I do think Norton needs to include information on uninstalling old versions first and I sure as heck would have appreciated it if they had told me how big the download would be.

    Eartlink still lives for some of us, but that's a whole other nightmare I won't bore you with. You really need a high speed connection for this kind of software. I can't wait for FIOS!...more info
  • nortons systemworks
    Always have trusted products from this company. Have had great price from on this product. Will be back in the future to shop again because this is a good trusted site with better than average prices. Price was even better than Symantec online version for download....more info
  • the worst ever
    I did read several of the reviews about this Norton product, BUT I have used Norton since the beginning with no problems. WELL... I am computer literate. I struggled with this ridiculous piece of junk for an hour. I had to go the the web site to get the total uninstall program and then go step by step, reboot by reboot. and then it still does not work right. Can you imagine such a piece of junk bearing your name on it and you call yourself a professional product? PLEASE do NOT BUY this edition. EVER. wait and maybe Norton will get back to releasing quality software that performs. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Bill...more info
  • All the Tools!
    PC boots slowly, till everything gets loaded, it then runs a quick scan. But once it's loaded, it's totally dependable and has all the necessary tools to keep your PC running smoothly. Easy interface, best possible to keep the PC running smoothly and safely....more info