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Product Description

New world smallest pinhole camera that mostly used for high tech r/c toys such as helicopter,car, airplane,monster truck,train. It can be used as a spy camera - Ready for action right out of the box ! plug in the power to camera (using the included 8V power adapter or included 9V battery) and receiver (using the included 12V power adapter), connect the Video OUT from the receiver to your VCR or TV, then turn the tuning knob until you see the vivid color video picture. Great for portable video surveillance or for hobbies. The camera and the built-in transmitter only uses about 150mA of power and operates for up to 8 hours on 9 V battery. No more tuning! This new camera use 2.4ghz with microphone/audio features so you don't have to tune any freq in order to get the video as the old system that use 1.2Ghz. Features: 2.4Ghz RECEIVER /w 4 channels to avoid interference & power on/off switch Receiver Antenna Easily connects to a TV, VCR, Computer or DVR for recording Video/Audio Cable AC adapter for receiver AC adapter for camera Manual

  • The World's Smallest Color Pinhole Camera
  • Great for surveillance or fun.
  • Used for high tech r/c toys such as helicopter, car, airplane, monster truck, train.
  • 2.4ghz with microphone/audio features
Customer Reviews:
  • Wish I could give a zero.
    I found this and thought I could puts this on my son RC car, I was wrong.
    The main problem is that if it's 5 feet away from the reciever, you can't
    see anything! Also, this camera won't last a second if it's not plugged into the wall or connected to a battery. Plus, the antenna is weak and it will be blocked out by any other electronic signal. (Sometimes it's own!)...more info