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Live Free or Die Hard (Unrated Edition)
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"The best of the best is back and better than ever" (WNYW-TV) in the latest installment of the pulse-pounding thrill-a-minute Die Hard action films. New York City detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) delivers old-school justice to a new breed of terrorists when a massive computer attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the entire country over Independence Day weekend.System Requirements:Run time: 130 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE/POLICE & DETECTIVE FILMS Rating: NR UPC: 024543476160 Manufacturer No: 2247616

Twelve years after Die Hard with a Vengeance, the third and previous film in the Die Hard franchise, Live Free or Die Hard finds John McClane (Bruce Willis) a few years older, not any happier, and just as kick-ass as ever. Right after he has a fight with his college-age daughter (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a call comes in to pick up a hacker (Justin Long, a.k.a. the "Apple guy") who might help the FBI learn something about a brief security blip in their systems. Now any Die Hard fan knows that this is when the assassins with foreign accents and high-powered weaponry show up, telling McClane that once again he's stumbled into an assignment that's anything but routine. Once that wreckage has cleared, it is revealed that the hacker is only one of many hackers who are being targeted for extermination after they helped set up a "fire sale," a three-pronged cyberattack designed to bring down the entire country by crippling its transportation, finances, and utilities. That plan is now being put into action by a mysterious team (Timothy Olyphant, Deadwood, and Maggie Q, Mission: Impossible 3) that seems to be operating under the government's noses.

Live Free or Die Hard uses some of the cat-and-mouse elements of Die Hard with a Vengeance along with some of the pick-'em-off-one-by-one elements of the now-classic original movie. And it's the most consistently enjoyable installment of the franchise since the original, with eye-popping stunts (directed by Len Wiseman of the Underworld franchise), good humor, and Willis's ability to toss off a quip while barely alive. There was some controversy over the film's PG-13 rating--there might be less blood than usual, and McClane's famous tag line is somewhat obscured--but there's still has plenty of action and a high body count. Yippee-ki-ay! --David Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • I Rather Live free But for this i will Die Hard!
    Blu Ray Edition: What!?! The Best in the series! I own the other 3, This was great Bruce did his thing even the Mac Guy "Justin Long" This was a Modern film Internet and all Kool Geeks in the movie Nerds have risen! This movie is great and also things that could really happen through Cyber terrorism. John McClain Jumps in to this century with this 4Th Die Hard Movie. U gotta get it! U won't be sorry Great acting, CGI, FX, I'm not mad @ all!...more info
  • Awesome visuals with ridiculous story
    I understand the good guy has to win. But when a villain mercilessly kills so many people without blinking and kills colleagues without an afterthought and then when it comes to killing the good guy, he has to prolongue it and give this whole "I'm going to kill you after I do this and this and this and I'm going to get pleasure out of watching you die, etc", and this all comes after you've told countless henchmen to kill this person (which means a few minutes ago you didn't mind somebody else doing a killing job that you wouldn't see), I guess I'm just tired of the rehashed ridiculousness.

    This villain assembles a team that has the entire United States of America by the balls, but then when it comes down to crunch time, it struggles with a cop that can't be killed by hovering aircraft, crumbling freeway overpasses, or henchmen that managed to kill entire departments of security but can't kill this one cop. This villain has everything planned beautifully, and then sends killer after killer, one by one just like the others, to kill this cop instead of just keeping the killers around him for protection, so when McClain does find him, he has to face several people with guns at once. Not that this would stop him, of course. But it's a movie that tries to convince me that a brilliant villain would all of a sudden become very careless and that hired killers would turn into bumbling idiots.

    The ridiculousness got to a point where I was actually rooting for the villain to win. There he is on the ground. You have a gun. Just shoot him.

    But this film isn't about believability. It's about special effects and yippee ki-a mo fo. And if that's your thing, than this movie's awesome special affects doesn't disappoint. ...more info
  • NEw Die Hard, is as good as it ever was
    I am a sucker for a good action movie, and the DieHard series is the standard from which all other action movies are judged. The latest, Live Free or Die Hard, had me nervous. Recently their has been a ressurection of these old movie dynasties(Indiana Jones, X-files,etc..) and I haven't been to impressed with them, But

    This DieHard renewed my hope. This movie is GREAT! It's non-stop action that left me rivoted the entire movie. I loved Bruce Willis in this movie. He seemed to put on the role of Mclane like someone would put on a comfortable pair of old shoes. He just wears it well. The supporting cast was excellent. Mary Elizabeth Windstead played the daughter and could almost spawn off her own set of sequels. She acts just like her dad.(she played the bad guy in SkyHigh, a great family flick), the side-kick in this movie is Justin Long, and he plays the role to perfection.

    Overall a great movie!! I intentionally bought the unrated version, because when I saw that the theatrical version was pg-13, I was certainly disappointed, but the unrated is just as DieHard should be: Irreverant, action packed, and INTENSE.

    In my opinion this movie falls just behind the first in the series in greatness.

    As long as their this good, keep making more!...more info
  • No DTS??
    Ok, the description on this DVD definitely said it came with a DTS track, and yet there is no track. I am highly dissapointed and angry....more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    The Die Hard movies are all about John McClane the everyman, so it's a bit surprising that this fourth installment decided to turn him into a superhero; when you couple that disjarring fact with the boring villain of Timothy Olyphant and general PG-13 lameness, this starts feeling less like a Die Hard movie and more like a mid-80s Schwarzenegger vehicle. ...more info
  • The best "Die Hard" yet!
    I think this movie is right up there with the others in the series, if not the best. The action scenes are great, and the main characters likeable and believable....more info
  • Die Hard - The Series that Won't Hardly Die
    It's a given in this kind of film that the bad guys will miss 2,000 shots with a submachine gun, while the hero kills three of their guys with but two bullets from his handgun. Live Free or Die Hard squeezes every bit of believability out of any number of those scenarios, but who really cares? This film isn't meant to be judged as to whether or not it "feels realistic." As Willis's McClane would say - "Screw realism! I'm in it to win it!"

    So, what started as a series about a normal guy trying to save his family from a small hostage situation has turned into story about an indestructible superhero who is unstoppable. He is unkillible. He doesn't need to eat, or sleep, or even go to the bathroom.

    Frank McClane has become the terminator, dude, and the bad guys better watch their back.

    Frank's characters can never be allowed to work alone, as his alphamale energy would eventually send off a ray that will kill every other person except Robert DeNiro. So, they team him with a comic fool, in this case, the funny and charming Justin Long, who is the perfect beta man counterpart for the Willisater.

    Also along for the ride is Frank's lovely daughter Rudy, who proves to be a nicer, prettier terminator. Like father, like daughter. Run, Justin.

    Now, once you accept the preposterousness of much of what's happening, you can just enjoy it as good fun. There are spectacular set pieces, including one involving a truck, a jet fighter and a collapsing overpass. Just keeping track of the various elements must have been exhausting!

    Soon, they'll be able to make everything look real in the movies, although not the two Kung-Fu fighers Willis had to handle. They were flipping, floating and repelling off floors like characters out of the Matrix. Just one more heave dose of unreality to bring down the scene.

    Still, the show holds together. Willis and Long keep the franchise feeling fresh - I certainly hope Long gets to do more like this now that he's the "Apple Guy." Turn off your mind and turn on your adrenaline receptors and get ready for the ride of your life. ...more info
  • Utterly moronic yet for some reason I enjoyed it
    In the opening minutes of this movie there is a gun fight combined with explosions that was so loud I instinctively turned the volume down on my television so it wouldn't bother my neighbors. This gunfight lasts for quite awhile. At the end of the gunfight our heroes go driving off. At no point in all of this does a single other policeman show up nor are there even sirens heard in the distance and the neighborhood seems to take the massive explosion that destroys an entire apartment very much in stride.
    At this point I said to myself, "All righty. So this movie is going to be stupid. I'll watch it anyway."
    And I did. And it was. But having switched off the complaining/rational part of my brain early on it actually turned out to be kind of fun. In this world everyone can survive thirty foot drops as long as they bounce off a lot of things during their fall, computer hackers are ridiculously sexy women who also know kung fu and I'm not even going to tell you what jet planes can do.
    But it was somehow less awful than a lot of recent action movies.
    On a final note, there was absolutely NO reason for this to be a Die Hard movie outside of marketing purposes. Except for one minor reference to the original where an FBI Agent introduces himself as Agent Johnson causing Bruce Willis to grimace, there were basically no connections to the original that weren't forced and tacked on.
    Still, for some reason I smiled more than I groaned....more info
  • Love action movies
    Big fan of action movies. This movie deliver the action that it promise. Like the different spoken languages it comes in. Recommend for the action type and bruce willies fan....more info
  • Typical action movie.
    Not bad for a Part 4 of a series. The usual action stuff is in this movie: shootouts, big explosions, karate action, people falling great distances and not breaking a bone, car chases.
    That kid, Justin Long, breathes life into this film and Bruce is still cool as John McClane.
    Live Free or Die Hard isn't as good as Die Hard parts 1 or 3, but if you have an afternoon to kill and want to watch an action film, this movie fits the bill....more info
  • Die Hard 4.0
    Great movie. Highly recommended for any fan of the previous ones and action movies in general
    ...more info
  • Live Free-Die Har
    As usual, Bruce Willis is GREAT. The movie is action packed from
    beginning to end.

    Excellent product - BRAND NEW....more info
  • Don't buy Blu-Ray edition! NO UNRATED VERSION!
    Boy did I get screwed! Having previously enjoyed this film as a rental from Netflix in standard DVD form, I took advantage of a special "buy 2 get one free" offer from Amazon on selected Blu-Ray titles. It never occurred to me that Fox would put LESS on the Blu-Ray than the standard DVD edition. SHAME ON YOU FOX!!!!!!!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I gotta admit, I love this movie. I watch it every time it's on. The infamous Presidential montage is worth watching alone. Anytime I get to see President Clinton and hear him talking, I'm a happy girl, LOL.

    The movie is a little long, but I didn't care. Perhaps it could've been better edited, but there isn't a whole lot I could find that could be thrown out without disrupting the flow of the story. Bruce Willis is as kick-butt as ever. The supporting cast is not as spectacular, with the exception of "Silent Bob".

    The special effects were superb, but over-the-top. NO ONE could survive what poor John McClane had to go through. But, it's a movie. So I'll let that slide.

    I am not a computer genius and have no idea if what was portrayed could actually happen. It was a wake-up call to me, though, as to how easy hacking really is. The movie almost seemed like a public service announcement. I do know that it probably is true (as portrayed in the film) that our government could not rise to the occasion and stop such an insidious attack if it did occur. Again, another wake-up call.

    One thing that bothered me, as an American citizen, was giving out the locations of where we keep our government and private information, like the Social Security building. I am surprised, in a way, that the movie producers allowed to give out those locations in this movie. I guess that it would be easy enough to find out the locations on the internet or something, but it just didn't sit well with me.

    Of all of the "Die Hard" movies, this is my favorite. It is really a up-to-the-minute movie, and very entertaining....more info
  • Great action, good movie, but where's the music video?
    HELP PLEASE. The unrated edition includes the theatrical and the unrated version of the film. On the back it says it has a music video. I have checked both menus for both versions and i cant find anything. Is it a hidden feature? an easter egg?

    Anyway, its great action, sometimes exagerated but thats part of the diehard history. The unrated version is better. Good thing i bought it when it was 10.99. Enjoy it. ...more info
  • Lo bueno nunca pasa de moda!!!
    Esta pelicula es la prueba del dicho de que lo bueno no pasa de moda, este actor se dio a conocer por la trilogia de duro de matar (que segun mi opinion son exclentes), ahora a?os despues sigue siendo un heroe accion, que le imprmime una actuacion excelente. Se las recomiendo para fanaticos de accion.......more info
  • Bruce Willis
    My hubbby's favorite! Great price! Speedy delivery! Highly recommend! Thanks so much!...more info
  • Great film. Over-the-top but enjoyable.
    If you've seen any of the other Die Hard films, you understand the general premise related to the movies. McClain is essentially an unstoppable force on a mission to destroy as many baddies as possible.

    This film is no different, but provides a new and prevalent modern threat: cyber-terrorism! Hackers have infiltrated the bureaucracy and are doing their best to unravel the very fabric that our society is built upon: computer networks. Nothing is off-limits for these hackers -- traffic lights, financial records, television broadcasts, etc. The goal is to initiate a "fire sale", which is basically a three step plan to cause complete and total anarchy among the public.

    While this sounds preposterous, it's actually very cool because the threat seems very real and very scary due to our modern hyper-networked, computer dependent world.

    This film is well-crafted and delivers an exciting ride, but goes a bit too far in terms of McClain being invincible. Some things in the film were just a bit too outlandish to be taken seriously; even more-so than any of the past Die Hard films. The problem was that this caused a discord between two important film elements. On the one hand, you have this ultra-realistic and frightening threat of hackers dismantling society as we know it. As an audience, we can connect with that nowadays. On the other hand, we witness impossible scene after impossible scene in which McClain escapes near death again and again. Most of the time, it was meant as humor in the first place. And it works because this film borders on a comedy at times. But certain scenes were not intended as comedy, yet they make us chuckle at just how preposterous they really are. This isn't necessarily a flaw with the film. If you've seen any of the past films, you know that they can be a bit outlandish. You just have to suspend your disbelief and you are good to go. The problem, as I stated earlier, was that the film oscillated between humor and seriousness during some of these preposterous scenes, and the differences caused a discord in which we could not really tell them apart at times.

    Overall, it's a great film. I enjoyed it immensely in the theater at the times of its release. Lots and lots of humor and some over-the-top action. I will revisit it soon. ...more info
  • No Dogs or Computer Codebreakers Allowed
    There are certain movies in Hollywood where the self-consciousness is so obvious, you can practically see what's going on in the filmmakers' heads. "We'll talk about terrorism, but we'll put an Arabic-looking guy in command, just so the 9-11 watchdogs don't get us. We'll also mix up the good team and the bad team with enough racial colors on each side to look like a two-page Benetton spread so we can congratulate ourselves on how progressive we are.

    But all those missed opportunities at stereotyping need somewhere to vent.

    I got it! The Asian girl can still play the kung fu dragon lady AND vixen prostitute!" (the only two roles available to Asian women for the past hundred years?)

    I was having a five star experience, with the understanding that this was PURE ACTION FLICK ENTERTAINMENT AT IT'S BEST. Reality should be left at home as injured men jump out of speeding cars onto concrete pavements before limping off for 24 more hours of punishment. Angles switch at a jarring pace between every 3-4 seconds, though Bruce Willis is among the lucky few who actually gets more handsome as he ages.

    I was actually quite entertained, finding I was able to suspend my anticipation of what may happen next. Well...up till the hero's racist / sexist trash talking after offing the Yellow Peril. "Can I get another dead Asian hooker b**tch over here right away?" (Unless "hooker b**tch" is colloquial for a female antagonist who is breaching security through computer codebreaking.) Imagine him killing an African American head technician and making a comment about smoking a carjacking drug-dealer. Nobody would stand for it. I know I wouldn't.

    All I'm saying is, if you're going to to through all that trouble to create a pretty rainbow across the cast, why rain on the parade by not going a few more little steps?

    So after that, I found it took increasing effort to suspend my imagination, implicitly knowing the movie was going to follow a stringent script that will grovel to appease the expectations of old men who frequent Thailand for you programmers. There would be no more surprises, as all the fancy CGI thrown at me felt like something I've already seen and heard before.

    The movie is ultimately about how an older generation, with sneakernet technology (McClane to young computer wiz: "We're going to do something (to get across town) that they invented in the 60's: jogging") can still hold it's own against the smug, keyboard-tapping new generation. So it needs to entertain by showing the graying generation that their language and physical brand of communication is still valid. I was rooting for the older, more physical, generation myself.

    But Really Hollywood. It's been over twenty years since the Year of the Dragon. A soft spoken hero whose most passionate moment in a movie is when he turns into Mickey Rourke's Stanley White looks like a dinosaur.

    And we all know what happened to dinosaurs.
    ...more info
  • Jules review
    Live Free or Die Hard - Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)

    Very good movie, I loved it!!!
    ...more info
  • Dying Hardest
    Live Free or Die Hard is the flashiest and most outrageous of the Die Hard series but it has not lost the original candor and humor which makes the older three classic action films. Bruce Willis delivers a great performance that makes you forget his age and he's in terrific shape (if I'm in that good of shape at 50, I'll be perfectly content).

    Everything in this film is slick and clean, though it requires a healthy suspension of disbelief to enjoy. It is the action film of the nerd, but the old-school cop delivering old-school justice to the villain wins out in the end, like all good Die Hard movies.

    This movie falls slightly below Die Hard with a Vengeance, but only because Samuel Jackson is not present. The villains are great, and the femme fatale is stunning in every respect.

    Buy it. Watch it. You won't regret it. If you know and love the old Die Hards, this one will be right up your alley. It's different in tone, less gritty, but still Die Hard....more info
  • Why?
    I suppose in a world where everything is enhanced CGI or Virtual Reality the Die Hard franchise ought to take its already over-the-top formula to new levels of technological "try to top this." Thus the stage is set for the fourth installment, cleverly entitled LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. Here we find a very middle-aged John McClane (yet the years have been kind to Bruce Willis) on his way to serve a routine warrant on a cyber hacker (Justin Long, who needs to calm down) wanted by the FBI for questioning. Yet after three Die Hard death match marathons the viewer knows all too well there is never anything "routine" in McClane's shoot-'em-up life, and soon the two characters embark on a perilous adventure that makes suspension of disbelief the next special on Comedy Central.

    I know this is a Die Hard movie; I know this is Detective John McClane. But. . .come on. Plunging down a shaft, jumping from a semi on a crumbling freeway, clutching the wing of a spinning military jet--all while dodging semi-automatic gunfire or torched tons of TNT--is, perhaps, just a tad too much. But again, this is the age of mind-boggling special effects, so there's no end to the death-defying predicaments the filmmakers gleefully subject their protagonist to. Not even Superman would survive this kind of punishment.

    Willis is delightfully cranky, cantankerous, and curmudgeonly; Long needs to calm down (I think I have mentioned this); and cyber villain Timothy Olyphant definitely lacks the cold, calculated evil of his villainous predecessors. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD deserves three stars just because of all the eye-popping visuals, which are impressive, but really: this franchise should have ended after Detective McClane rode off into the sunset after saving the Nakatomi Tower.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning...more info