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Flatout: Ultimate Carnage
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $6.44

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Product Description


  • Deathmatch Demolition Derby provides Xbox Live gamers online racing, stunts and competitions in the destructive racing style that only FlatOut can deliver.
  • Unparalleled destruction with metal crunching, bone breaking, spectacular crashes
  • Hilarious Ragdoll characters catapulted in-race and return of the suicidal 12 mini games
  • Two distinct game styles - FlatOut Mode and Carnage Mode
  • Supports offline as well as Live! multiplayer game modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Loads of Fun
    Really enjoy this game!! If you like driving mind blowing fast and then crashing into objects and other cars, and of course watching them blow-up, you won't do much better than this game.
    Make sure you've got a beefy machine to run this, especially a good video card. It's the only way to do this game justice.

    Had to knock off one star due to the music. A little too hard core RAP Crap for my liking. Could have thrown in something for the 40+ driving fans who know a good driving game and what good music is. Have fun!!...more info
  • Fun!
    It is basically an extension of flatout2. Same tracks! Just dressed up a little different. That is not good cause I get bored EZ and I like something different. But it is good cause I know the tracks from playing flatout2 and can just blitz thru this game, as I am doing. Awesome physics like with collisions and stuff. Also some different races like time-outs and "beat the bomb" like you have to finish in a certain time or get blown the F up. Hey - it's ragin' fun and hi recommend to all X-racing fans. Only wish I could drive IRL like this and have the option of hitting a reset button ....

    This game is a blast to play DUI for real (don't wanna do that IRL!)

    The realizm is awesome.
    ...more info
  • Check your computer specs
    My son got this for Christmas. Was all psyched to play it on his 6 month old laptop. Installed it and tried to play. Got an error about shading. Read the manual but nothing listed as a possible cause. Then, I checked the specs on the back of the box. There in type so small I needed to get a magnifying glass to read it states "on-board/integrated graphics cards and laptops not supported" I know to check this stuff if in store, but online there was nothing listed about these limitations....more info
  • Flatout dun!
    Too much fun. No issues at all. One of the most re-playable games ever! You will play it over and over...very deep and lot's to do....more info