Brother MFC-9840CDW Color Laser Multifunction Center with Wireless Interface and Duplex
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Product Description

The MFC-9840CDW is the ultimate color laser Multi-Function Center that offers superior quality color laser printing, faxing, copying and scanning with built-in network connectivity. The MFC-9840CDW adds automatic duplex (2-sided input/output) for printing, copying, faxing and scanning, a legal-size document glass, up to 50-sheet auto document feeder, as well as an integrated 802.11b/g wireless interface. Fast laser printing delivers an impressive color and monochrome print speed of up to 21 pages per minute, and copy speeds of up to 17 copies per minute. Produce brilliant, colorful presentations, brochures and documents that will give you a competitive edge. Network connectivity lets you print, scan or send faxes wirelessly as well as the ability to install the MFC on a wired network or to connect locally to a single computer via USB. Copy or scan both sides of an original document to either print or store the scan as two single-sided pages or as a single two-sided page. You can also copy or scan two single-sided documents and produce a copy or store a scan as a single two-sided page. Conveniently print PDF or JPEG files from or scan PDF or JPEG files to a USB flash memory drive. You can also print directly from a PictBridge compatible digital camera. Minimum Paper Width/Length (Paper Tray) - 5.8/5.8 Maximum Paper Width/Length (Paper Tray) - 8.5/14 Sheet Weight - Paper Tray (max/min) - 16-28 pounds Minimum Input for ADF (Width/Height) - 5.8/5.8 Max Input of ADF (Width/Height) - 8.5/14 Sheet Weight - ADF (max/min) - 17-24 pounds 150-Sheets Output Paper Capacity Document Memory Backup Unit Dimensions - Width 20.9 x Depth 21 x Height 20.5 Unit Weight - 83.2 pounds Manufacturer's One year limited warranty

The Brother MFC-9840CDW Color Laser Multi-Function Center with Wireless Networking is the ultimate color laser all-in-one device with superior quality color laser printing, faxing, copying, and scanning. The MFC has built-in wired and wireless networking options that let you print, scan, or send faxes wirelessly via 802.11b/g or Ethernet. The printer can also be connected locally to a single computer via USB. The laser printing technology offers a resolution up to 2400 x 600 dpi and can print at a maximum speed of 21 ppm in both monochrome and black and white. The printer can handle a variety of paper sizes including letterhead, letter, and legal, as well as envelopes. The standard paper tray holds 250 sheets and an optional tray can hold 500 sheets. With the built-in duplexer, the printer can do two-sided printing, saving paper, and the printer supports the PCL-6 and BR-Script 3 printer languages.

The copier works without a PC and has a maximum copy speed of 17 cpm black and color. An automatic document feeder tray has a capacity of 50 pages for fast copying of multiple pages. The copier can scale documents from 25 to 400 percent of the original. The scanner has an optical scan resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi at a 48-bit color depth. Included is Scansoft PaperPort SE with OCR for Windows and Presto! PageManager for Mac, making it easy to organize your scanned pages and convert them into editable documents. The fax machine supports both black and white and color faxing. With a 33.6 KBps modem speed, best transmission speed is approximately two seconds per page. The Brother MFC-9840CDW Color Laser Multi-Function Center with Wireless Networking is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
MFC-9840CDW Color Laser Multi-Function Center, black toner cartridge, three (C/M/Y) color toner cartridges, CD-ROM (software, user's guide), and user's guide.

  • Multi-function device offers laser printing, copying, faxing, and scanning
  • Built-in wireless 802.11b/g and wired Ethernet connections for easy networking
  • Prints at maximum 21 ppm in black and white and color
  • Scans at optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi at 48-bit color depth
  • Measures 20.9 x 20.5 x 21 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Value. Color accuracy can be improved. Here's how.
    Out-of-the-box color accuracy is poor. By default, the PCL driver for the printer will barely print green, and other colors are noticeably skewed toward yellow. This problem can be largely fixed by tweaking a few settings, but it takes some digging. Here are the basics:

    1. Verify that the printer driver, firmware, and internal calibration are all current. This information is available at the Brother website.

    Brother link for Color Density Calibration with Firmware Update Instructions:

    2. Using the default PCL driver, set "Printing Preferences" as follows:

    (a) "Basic" tab - confirm Color/Mono is set to "Auto" or "Color" (this can be returned to "Mono" later).
    (b) "Advanced" Tab - set the following: Print Quality - FINE; Color Mode - VIVID; Improve Gray Color - ON; Enhance Black Printing - ON
    (c) Click the "Setting..." button near "Color Mode"
    (d) Set the following: Brightness 0, Contrast +15, Red -10, Green +1, Blue +12, Saturation 0. Ignore the sample photo to the left of these settings.
    (e) Click "OK" where appropriate, saving all the settings.

    3. Run a few test prints. Color accuracy should be *much* improved.

    (When finished, remember to set the Color/Mono option back to Mono to conserve color toner if you are also using this MFC as your default black and white printer).

    Enjoy. Overall I am pleased with features and performance so far.
    ...more info
  • Great Color Laser AND Scanner
    I purchased this printer based on review here and throughout the Internet. If you are looking for a GREAT color laser MFC this is the one to buy. I have been using ink jets for years now and finally decided to move up to lasers and I will never go back.

    One thing I really like about this printer is how fast the scanning is. The sheet fed scanner is easily 10 times faster than my ink jet MFC. However, it is true that the scans to PDF are huge. The easiest way around this is to use the provided scanning software. With the software PDF scans are 1/10 the size of scans with the Brother driver. Weird but true but it is easy to fix this.

    Also, for those of you that need to print protected PDFs on 2 sides I have a trick for you. Simply install the BR-SCRIPT3 driver in addition to the normal brother driver. Then, set that driver to duplex. I have used this trick on all of my computers and now when I want to print duplex I simply print to the duplex driver. This is the ONLY way to print 2-sided copies when the PDFs have been protected with FileOpen. The FileOpen DRM is particularly nasty because it keeps forcing the default to single-sided on the regular Brother drivers. So, just use the BR-SCRIPT3 driver and all is solved regarding FileOpen.

    For those wondering whether the color is perfect all I can say is that I think it looks great. I'm sure that if you waited 3 minutes for a high-end inkjet to print on special paper that it might look better but I can't imagine another printer in this price range printing much better.

    I also would like to mention that page curl can be annoying but it is not as noticeable if you use color copy paper. Right now I am using the Hammermill Color Copy paper and it seems to have minimized the curl. This also produces a beautiful image. While the reams are about $13 I do see them on sale at OfficeDepot and Staples from time-to-time. I definitely think the paper you use affects the quality of any printer (I always used high-end paper for my ink jet) so if you spend the extra $$$ you will definitely be happier.

    If you're still reading and you can't decide whether to buy the printer just do it. If you are patient Brother seems to come out with retailer rebates every few months that will save you a few bucks. I spent the full $599 on it and am still happy that I did even though the price dropped to $520 2 weeks later (grrrr, I got a partial refund but not the whole $80). I also recommend buying toner cartridges when you get this since you usually get a good combo deal. So far I have gone through a little over 2 reams of paper (about 1,100 sheets) and I am still on the cartridges that came with it although the yellow toner is warning me that is it low. BTW, this is my first Brother printer EVER and I love it (I have had HP printers for over 15 years)....more info
  • Do NOT use for envelopes!
    I purchase this printer in hopes that it would handle a few hundred envelopes a week, in addition to the general office stuff. Generally, it works great. It's a very nice printer, GENERALLY. Specifically, for envelopes, it's broken.

    It worked fine printing the envelopes (common 10) for a few thousand. Then it started jamming. "MP Paper Jam" I'd clear the MP tray, then it would immediately tell me "Rear Jam" I'd have to open up the back and tear out the envelope from the inside. This would happen every 20 or so envelopes... Then after a week, every 10 envelopes. The next week, every 5 envelopes. Then it started happening every 1-3 envelopes. I called brother, and eventually they sent out some technicians who replaced the feeder mechanism on the MP tray. It worked great. ... for another thousand or so. Now its jamming again.

    It all has to do with the MP feed mechanism. It's not really getting STUCK, the roller just fails to pull in the stupid envelope (no, I'm not overloading it, I'm using super expensive LASER envelopes, etc). Also, please do note that I am aware of the A, B, and Envelope settings at the rear of the machine. I have it set on Env., but I have also tried B and even A. None of those settings affect the MP feed mechanism as far as I can tell.

    The only reason I'm not giving it a 1 star, is because there is hope that I can set up the printer to feed envelopes from the lower tray, thereby bypassing the MP feed mechanism. [...]...more info
  • Great Value
    This thing does everything it said it would, and with minimal hassle setting up. I purchased based on the other reviews, and so far this thing has given me the best bang for my buck out of any MFC I have owned or heard about....more info
  • Solid Performer - Great Options
    I have owned this product for a few months. It has worked well, as advertised. I really enjoy having the duplex feature (two sided printing and scanning), what a luxury! I have a home office with two users. We are very happy with how easy the wireless connection is! Literally, right out the box (after loading the software) my partner and I were printing, and scanning wirelessly. I use a Mac, he uses a PC. We upgraded from a an HP 7310xi and our new Brother 9840CDW is in a totally different category than our HP (as it should be for the price difference). You do get what you pay for. Shop around for pricing of course. The reviews that talk about it taking a while to print out the first page, after a warm up, are true. But it is not an issue for me. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a better than home use, robust home all-in-one....more info
  • Highly recommended. Easy setup. Solid drivers and software.
    This is a great multifunction document machine . The price is right. It was well protected during its long shipping journey and the transaction was seamless. It does require two people to lift into position. Hardware setup and driver installation [on a Vista computer] is straight forward and well documented. Color copies and prints look great. We love the number of fax presets and appreciate duplexing. It delivers on all technical specifications. I bought this to replace a working HP multifunction printer and have been VERY pleased with my decision. If you've been considering the Brother MFC-9840cdw and are reading this now, read no more and just buy it.

    Since this purchase we have bought 4 more of these printers. They are the best. I have them set up wireless and it was so easy to do. Everyone using them loves them. NOTE: If you don't like how long it takes to wake up between jobs, then adjust your power save settings to your liking. This printer will do anything you want....more info
  • Best all in one I have ever owned
    This is one nice piece of equipment! Over the past couple of years I have tried several HP all in ones including the 7780 and 7410 and both broke down in about 6 months time. I decided to try something something of higher quality thus 9840. I also own a brother 9700 which still works after about 5 years with no issues at all. Networking features work great and scanning works like a champ. I did have some difficulty in setting up the fax from email function but after several calls to tech support I worked it out with a firmware update on the machine and an update. Not to mention that I could not find any other machine any where close to this price range that will allow you to send an email attachment to the machine and have the machine fax out for you. SWEET!...more info
  • Amazing product
    Fantastic!!! That's all I can say....

    1) Setup

    It was extremely easy. Packaging was very nice, and it worked flawlessly out of the box. Took about 10 mins to get up and print my first document.

    Wireless setup was amazingly simple, especially if your router supports secure easy setup. I setup manually - but took no time, it scanned SSID automatically (my router broadcasts that) and it was matter of punching the TKIP key. That's it.

    Scanner setup was quite easy. Though I have not fully configured Printer to PC scan, but PC to printer scan works flawlessly. I have to setup fax yet, but I have no doubts about

    2) Quality

    Amazing, though I thought colors were bit off compared to 8 color ink jets. But for 4 color toners, these colors are exceptional.

    3) Speed

    21 ppm, color and BW - what more can you ask

    Overall I think brother has a winner with this printer. Even if you are planning for a home printer, I would recommend this over ink jets (nowadays you can get very good laser photo papers) as your next printer over those expensive to maintain ink jets....more info
  • A true all-in-one
    Over the years I had acquired a printer for every task -- an inkjet for color, a multifunction for black and white printing and faxing, a laser printer that I had configured to print checks (yup - that's all I used it for!) and a high quality inkjet for photographic printing. Now I only have the high quality photo inkjet and this new Brother 9840CDW. And it's great -- quality color documents, check printing, black and white documents, laser speed and quality, faxing, copying and scanning. And in a multicomputer household, the unit's built-in networking makes it easily available to all users.

    One thing I really like is it's ability to scan a document to a PDF file and have it automatically sent to any computer on the network. Scanning to PDF effectively makes faxing obsolete. It is far better to scan a file and email it to someone than to fax it and kill more trees.

    The only thing you should be aware of is this is a big machine. And it's heavy. It shows up in a massive box that you'll have to spend twenty minutes breaking down into small enough pieces to recycle. And get help lifting it. Really. I exercise every day, alternating between lifting weights and running 5 miles. This thing was too much for me to lift.

    Overall quality and build is very good. I recommend this printer to anyone that wants it all in one device without compromising speed or quality of output.

    ...more info
  • Simply the best there is...
    I have waited for sometime to get that perfect printer for my home office. Saw the 9840cdw from Brother, priced shopped it out and am very happy with this purchase. For me, wireless connectivity was the major selling point. I was able to follow the quick start guide with no problems and get my printer up and running with in no time at all. Setup was relatively easy and connecting to my network was a breeze. This unit prints well, with great quality and of course is all in one. So you dont need anything else...print, scan, fax...does it all! I was an avid HP user for years but HP quality has really gone down hill. This is my first Brother printer and I have installed many Brother units for my clients with good results. I dont regret getting this one! This is a must have printer for your home office!...more info
  • Wake up time is too long
    This printer works very well as described by other reviewers. But the wake-up time is way too long. If the printer goes to sleep, it then takes about 30 seconds to print the first page. In my office, customer and I just have to wait there to joke about this printer.

    We ended up putting the old printer back as the default printer and use this one for special needs.

    If the wake-up tiem can be improved, it will be perfect. If you have the same situation as me, think twice about buying this printer.

    Response to "Dan's review" in the comments section:
    I was simply stating a fact. And that fact has been resonated by other reviewers already. Wake-up time and sleep time are two totally different things. Sleep time is the period of time without activities the printer will go to sleep after. On the other hand, wake-up time is the time it takes to wake up from sleep state. You can control the sleep time such that it will not go to sleep too soon. Hence, you don't have to wake it up. But once it sleeps, then it takes a fixed wake-up time to uh... wake up. So even you set sleep time to a large value, it will go to sleep eventually after that amount of time without acitivities. Then, you have to wake it up. Besides, it is not good to set a large sleep time value. You are wasting the energy and wearing out your printer.

    The same comments have been stated on its sister printer, 9440cn. Check out the 4 star reviews on that printer.

    New comments after owning for one and half years:

    I have owned this printer for about one and half years. People like the features and price of this printer. But it has its drawbacks. If I were to shop for a new color multi-fucntional printer, I will shop around to see if other printers perform better. I will not put too much emphases on the price. After so much touble, it is not worth it.

    1. Wake-up time is too long: I have stated above. It is a constant pain.

    2. Toner is expensive: Printer will stop printing after a preset number of pages even the cartridge still has a lot of toner in it. You can go to Amazon review pages for toners to see how to reset the toner. I am still on my original cyan and magenta toners with more than 3,000 pages printed. They were supposed to last only 1,500 pages.

    3. Drum unit has to be constantly cleaned: Brother has a unique design that toners and drum units are separate. I think it is due to the design that drum unit attracts dusts, paper fibers easily. You will then see those equally spaced dots on your print-outs. Drum unit has to be taken out to clean with a cotton swab. I have done this so many times that I can do that without taking out the drum unit. I never have to do this to other laser printers.

    4. Streaks aross pages: This happens freqently enough that I have to mention this. Sometimes, it will go away after several pages. Sometimes, you have to take out drum unit to clean it. Once you take out the drum unit, you will see very clearly that the drum unit for that color has a band of toner on it.
    ...more info
  • Great product, set up COULD NOT be easierI
    I am a HUGE fan of Brother products. I am a Mac user and Brother printers are really the only brand that I have not had a problem with.

    This is a great product. The setup was a breeze, you can easily print wirelessly and the manual gives great instructions.

    I would recommend that anyone buy this product...more info
  • O Brother
    The product does everything we wanted for a farm office.....only small downside I see is that it's somewhat noisy on start big deal.

    ...more info
  • Oh Brother you get an A+ on this MFC-9840CDW (Envelope issue resolved)
    Buy this multifunction color laser printer. YOU will NOT be sorry!! I had an HP D-145 and ummm it...nevermind! This Brother blows the doors off of anything, and everything in it's class!! Truly amazing quality for the price. It's a wireless printer, too.

    The box it comes in is almost the size of a clothes washer box. Very large, durable, and well protected during shipping. It's a box in a box. Read the removal directions on the inside box flaps. Be careful, it's heavy, and you'll need two people to get it out of the second box. I've read every review on every site in reference to the MFC-9840CDW. The ratings are the highest I've ever seen on a multifunction color laser. 99% of all the reviews are correct. This printer is a real winner! It deserves a ten star rating!! Don't hesitate, I would strongly recommend this fine printer to anyone!!

    Envelope creasing problems are now resolved easily:

    1. Envelope Specifications:

    a. Use envelopes
    designed for laser machines from 20 to 32 lbs.

    b.Verify that the envelope joints that are sealed by the manufacturer are secure.

    c.All sides of the envelope should be properly folded without wrinkles or creases.

    d. Remove each envelope
    immediately after printing.

    e. Stacking envelopes may cause the envelope to jam or curl.

    2. Verify the envelopes are loaded properly:

    a. Open the MP tray and lower it gently.

    b. Pull out the MP tray support flap. Lift up the support flap on
    the top of the machine to prevent the paper/envelopes from sliding off the face-down output tray.
    Note: If you do not to lift up the output tray support flap, they may jam as they are feeding out of the machine.

    c. Put the envelopes in the MP tray.
    Make sure that the paper stays under the maximum paper mark on both sides of the tray. Overfilling the MP tray may cause mis-feeds and/or envelope jams.

    d. While pressing the paper guide release lever, slide the paper guides to fit the envelope size.
    Put the envelope into the manual feed slot with the side to be printed face up. Envelopes should have the flap on the left. Make sure the envelope is straight and in the proper position in the MP tray. If it is not the envelope may not be fed properly,
    resulting in a skewed printout or an envelope jam.

    e. Open the back door and move the Envelope levers down, these are two grey levers next to the green levers on the fuser unit. Make sure to leave the grey levers down for envelope printing only. When
    done printing envelopes return the grey lever to the original position or UP position for use with regular paper

    f. Close the back cover

    3. Be sure to select the correct envelope paper size and media setting in the printer driver:

    a. If you are
    using Com-10 Envelopes, select Com-10 from the Paper Size.For other envelope sizes which are not in the selection of the printer driver, such as COM-9 Envelopes or C6 Envelopes, select User Defined Size and enter the size.

    b. Select Envelopes in the
    Media Type.

    c. Select MP Tray in Paper Source.

    4. Test by printing an envelope.

    If the problem continues, and your machine is within warranty, please call Brother Customer Service Center at 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) .The center is open
    Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

    If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by calling the number listed above.

    If you have questions regarding above Solution or other issues, please feel free to contact Brother Representatives.
    ...more info
  • No Scan Driver for Windows 2003 Server
    Tried to install the driver on Windows 2003 Server multiple times with USB connection, failed. Had to use Ethernet connection before the driver worked. It definitely required quite a bit of expertise to do it. The worst of all, Brother does not provide scan drivers for Windows 2003 server! It took me several hours to figure that out (by googling). Why did they say this product is compatible with Windows 2003 ?!...more info
  • 1st mult function machine I like
    I have never done a review, but I found these helpful when I did my homework on a new multi function copier for our new office that would be in our budget. I have had the machine for only 1 month and it has been flawless. The ADF works great, It scans documents extremely quickly, a 20 page document from scan to pdf on my computer took about 1:12 secounds. The duplex feature works great, its alot slower when scanning or printing but acceptable for what our office uses it for (10 page double sided doc (20 pages total) with duplex PDF scan took 2:58 seconds. We do alot of faxing and scanning and this machine is doing the job extremely well(not alot of duplexing), and we use this with 3 laptops in the office all wireless. Print jobs get there as fast as wired printers. For our business the printer is the least of my needs and it does a nice job, and we have no complaints on the print quality.

    Its noisy but not too loud in an office setting. It is large and is pretty heavy but thats a tradeoff I will take. Setup was relatively easy on our wireless network and we had no issues with the PC's (all dells)reading it and vice versa. Please note we do have a high end router, so I dont know if that will make a big difference or not.

    All in all for the price, easy wireless setup, and functions, it may not be the perfect machine, but I would recommend this to a small business owner....more info
  • A incredible printer
    I'm very pleased with this product. It couldn't be a better printer.

    One issue of note: I-Fax. Receiving faxes via email (logging into a pop3 mailbox) or sending faxes via email (accessing a smtp mail server), the printer does NOT support SSL. The most important feature to me is sending a fax to a email address and luckily my ISP, (RoadRunner), the smtp servers do not need SSL enabled. I want to use gmail for my receive mailbox and that does require SSL. You have to use pop3 proxy server to order to make that work (a server running a open source software product called stunnel)

    Another quick minor issue, you can use wired networking or wireless networking, but not both at the same time. My printer seems to favor one or the other... but for now my advice is to stick with wired networking....more info
  • Major Design Flaw
    One major design flaw you should know about is that the MFC-9840CDW will not print in black and white once a color cartridge has run out of toner. Customer Service told me it will print in black and white until the unit is powered off or you open the door - after that you will have to go buy new color cartridges before you can print again. ...more info
  • Good specs - poor print performance - terrible support
    The Scan/fax portion of this unit works flawlessly, the rub comes into from the poor printing quality and technical support. We have owned this printer for about 14 months now and the print quality was average when the unit was new and has gone downhill since. We now have consistent streaking with cyan and black despite replacing drum, all toners and belt unit. The toners are expensive and both Brother technical support and a local "certified" repair shop have told us that typically the consumables need to be replaced when 25% of life is shown. So you pay full price and only get 3/4 of life from the consumables. Network performance is good but not exceptional, built in duplex is nice, but when your printing looks terrible why would you use it? We also use a old Magicolor D2300DL color laser printer and it prints beautifully but is not as full featured. This will be the LAST Brother printer we purchase.

    ...more info
  • Awesome printer exceeds my expecations!
    Wow, this printer is awesome! We wanted to get a MFP for the past few years for our home office but wanted to wait for the technology and cost to settle down. We just have basic printing, copying, scanning, and faxing home office needs. We have a 7 year old HP 1200se laser printer that won't die and continues to serve us well. I despise inkjet printers due to prior really bad experience with this type of printer (mess, streaking, very high print cost, hassle, noise, etc.) Our daughter is also starting kindergarten, so our color printing needs have increased.

    Text print quality in black and white is perfect, just as good as any other laser printer. The printer is fast and starts up from standby in about 20 seconds. Once warmed up it prints almost instantly and prints very fast. The large memory in the machine makes quick work of larger documents and pictures. Duplex printing is great and seems to work flawlessly. Some reviews complained of curled pages - I have NOT had this problem and I would say is more an issue with the humidity levels in the home (even my HP laser printer curls pages on a very humid day when the A/C is shut off, obviously, but then again, so do magazines and any other paper on my desk).

    Color printing is average for a printer of this quality and price point. We never print our album pictures at home and always use an online printing service for color prints we intend to archive - you can not beat the ease, service, quality, and low cost of printing pictures online! Color print quality of pictures on even budget paper is fine for everyday use, especially for the kids, and even for business cards and things like that. Here is what I don't understand from other reviewers: Why would you skimp on color printing? There are so many reviewers that complain about using up color toner and the supposed high cost of color printing? Hello, the last time I checked we bought a color printer to print, yup, you guessed it, in COLOR! Gee, that makes sense, eh? I happen to enjoy my spreadsheets and financial data and other documents that are color coded on the screen to also show up in color in print. This avoids saying "if you had the color version of this chart, this would be red, this would be green,..." Get the idea? Further, print toner has to be used to print, period, so you can't get around using consumables. So, whether you are taking toner from the black cartridge or from a color cartridge or from a combination of all of them, it is all just toner. Since there is only a modest cost difference for color cartridges vs. black, why not just liberate yourself of trying to save a few pennies and just print in color? Color printing is kind of the whole point of getting a color printer. Anyway, that is my view on the world of color printing. Note: we have a very expensive washing machine sized HP color printer at work - the color printing on that printer is quite a bit deeper and more robust than what this Brother puts out, but you would only know that if you had something to compare it to, but the Brother is close. Nuff said.

    Copying is flawless and actually warms up much faster than the big Xerox at work. The feeder works great and does quick work of making copies. Scanning quality is average and faxing is great. There are many scanning and fax features than I will never use in my home, but they are there for easy use if you need it.

    Is the extra cost of this printer worth it over the 9440? Absolutely! You get double the memory, wireless connection, duplex printing, high capacity document feeder, and a legal size scan/copy bed for about $150 more. This is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned, why even bother with the lower printer? Duplex printing is really awesome and well worth the added expense of this machine alone. The printer is obviously heavy and fairly large, so make sure you have room for it and can physically handle it. I'm pretty strong and could lift it no problem, but it is heavy and awkward. It does save space in the end result, however, since you have one box that does the job of four boxes.

    The wireless setup was nearly flawless. I configured it for wireless printing and it immediately detected my home wireless network through my Linksys router. I entered my network password and it immediately connected to my wife's new HP Vista-based HDX-16 laptop once I loaded the printer application and driver. Voila, works perfectly! My work laptop was a bit more complicated to set up (but not the fault of the printer). Because of all the extra security stuff mandated by my IT environment at work, I had to go into the firewall settings and enter the IP address of the printer manually (which I got off the Vista-based laptop once it was configured) and it then came up immediately on my work laptop. I am totally impressed with the wireless printing since I can put my printer wherever I want and print from any computer in the house from anywhere. That is really sweet and super convenient. To sum it up, this printer rocks and it is unbelievable that so much capability could be attained for such a relatively modest price point. Think about it, COLOR, LASER, COPIER, SCANNER, FAX, for this price point is a good deal. Amazon Prime delivered it via freight four days after I ordered it and the deliver was perfect. I highly recommend this printer....more info
  • Great Machine
    I had the model without duplex before. This one seems much better. Ink cassetes seem better and machine seems to be designed better. Copies are crisp and clear. Color seems very good and once it is warm the speed is excellent for color or black and white....more info
  • Fantastic Multifunction
    I have a home office and I was going broke buying ink for my Epson inkjet printer. I decided it was time to go for a color laser. I have not had to buy any toner for it yet but I could not be happier with its performance.
    The print / copy speed and quality is fantastic. The wireless set up was a snap. ...more info
  • Good deal
    Got it for a SUPER price at for $ 465.00 with FREE 2 day shipping.

    Printer works fine, but sure takes a long time to warm-up. Since I do not leave it on all the time (since that is just a waste of power) in my home, that is a hassel.

    Print quality is good and build quality is good/fair. Dell printers have a better build quality. I wish the printer came in BLACK color finish instead of ugly White/Cream color.

    Software works well and does not take over your computer like HP or Dell software does. Scanning over a network connection was simple and works.

    Packed well.

    I am happy with this purchase....more info
  • Better than HP2840
    I had a similar printer (HP2840) and I like the Brother better. It's easy to operate. I like the duplexing option. The Brother is quieter and cheaper to operate - it's easier on toner and the HP needed a separate drum that lasted about a year and cost $190.
    It's easy to print, fax, and copy. The only thing I found a little cumbersome was scanning to PC, but I'm not real tech savvy....more info
  • Excellent printer value
    The Brother MFC-9840CDW does everything it advertises, and does it well. It provides high quality color laser printing at good speed, with duplex scanning and duplex printing, at a very reasonable price. It serves as an excellent color printer, color copier, scanner, and/or fax machine, and it doesn't come up short in any of these areas. It's a great machine for a small business or home office. It appears to be well designed, as well: reasonably sturdy, with easy access to all consumables. Drivers and software are easy to set up, and work well, both with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. I strongly recommend this machine. Just ask someone to help you carry it. It's shipping weight is around 114 pounds, and unpacked it weighs around 90 pounds. I'd rather have a durable printer than a lightweight one, though, so this seems a fair tradeoff....more info
  • Excellent Unit
    I am very pleased with this unit & would buy it again without hesitation.

    As noted by others this unit is fairly large (huge shipping package) but the footprint is very reasonable. It is heavy so get help to move it if 85lbs will be a problem for you to lift and control while relocating.

    Once set up performance is excellent. It took me a few tries to get the WiFi configured - but my problems were apparently related to a flaky hard drive. New drive - easy setup. Less than 10 minutes. NO JOKE. I can now sit in another room and launch print jobs without any hangups. My wifes older Dell 510 has to be closer to the printer to get an adequate signal to it (weak WiFi output on her laptop) but my Dell 820 can print from anywhere in the house - even out in the back yard.

    Print quality is excellent. Copy quality is generally very good but color duplication is sometimes very mediocre. Note that this is not uncommon for copiers so not entirely specific to this model.

    1) Copier lamp warmup should be faster at this price-point.

    2) One of the buttons for Copy, Scan, Fax stays light continuously (forever) which casts a blue light. Minor quibble but eventually it will burn out. It ought to "go to sleep" when the unit shuts down.

    3) Unit is currently available at a lower cost at Staples than on-line. Not sure what's up with that.........

    I have not yet scanned or faxed but I can telll you that printing & copying are extremely easy and work great. Print speed is fairly fast. The unit is not as quiet as most B&W lasers due to multiple toners moving around during the print cycle but it's not at all noisy.

    Another winner from Brother....more info
  • Batch photo scanning tip
    I've got a bunch of old photos that I wanted to scan into digital images. Much to my surprise, I couldn't find an easy way to do a repeat cropped scan with the included software. My old Paperport 9 was capable of this feature but it doesn't work with the included Paperport 11. I also tried the included printer CCB, picasa, windows photo gallery, etc. All of them allow you to do a prescan, crop the photo, and scan but then it forces you out and you have to start over with the prescan for the next photo. There is no way to memorize the cropped area.

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to put in each new picture of the same cropped size and hit one button to scan again? Well, I found the solution - It's a small, free program that works great for batch or multiple photo scanning projects....more info
  • EXCELLENT!!!!!
    I have owned over 15 printers and this one is by far the best. The initial setup had a couple of software glitches. I downloaded the fix and it has been perfect ever since. I would buy another one for home office or business....more info
  • Works Great
    Fantastic Value! Packaging looked really beat up when I got it so I was a little concerned about the condition of the unit itself. But not to worry, they predicted the rough handling it would go through and accounted for that. The unit works as expected. Only negative would be the slow warm up time. This is a smart choice for the small or home office setting. ...more info
  • Brother MFC-9840 w/wireless interface
    This is a great machine. I was setting up a home office to work from full time. I do a lot of documentation for work and was interested in finding a powerful enough machine, but was trying to keep the cost reasonable.

    This machine is perfect. The wireless set up in minutes - really. The scan is crisp and the colors are nice. It prints quietly and quickly with no paper jams so far! I didn't buy it to print photo quality pictures and I am pretty sure it probably isn't the top choice if that is what you are buying a machine for, but for printing documents - I really couldn't have done better....more info