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Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with Nano Technology and HydraClean System
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Product Description

Panasonic Vortex wet/dry shaver has 3 incredibly sharp Nanotech blades and a pivoting head for comfortable, one-pass shaving. 3 premium blades are polished and honed with microparticles and positioned at a 30 degrees angle for a precise cutting surface that shaves you 30% faster. Adjustable, pivoting head glides comfortably and uniformly over every contour of your face, helping eliminate the need for multiple passes. Powerful 13,000 rpm linear motor cuts steadily through even the densest beard with less friction and irritation, and the 17,000 rpm turbo mode shakes off cut whiskers in seconds. Patented cleaning and charging base and travel pouch included. Intelligent water-based HydraClean system charges, washes and dries the shaver so it is ready to go when you need it next. Fully immersible can be used wet in the shower, or dry for on-the-go shaving. Charges in one hour for up to 14 shaves per charge, or use the 5-minute Quick Charge function to get enough power for one shave. Features a built-in pop-up trimmer, LCD battery capacity monitor, cleaning indicator light and more. Includes a soft travel pouch, AC cord and charging base. Ultra-sharp Nanotech bladesPanasonic delivers the sharpest blades for precise and accurate shaving, now with Nano Technology. Plus, while conventional shavers offer a range of 45 degrees to 90 degrees blades, this Vortex shaver comes with the sharpest, 30 degrees blade angle great for precision cutting. Comfortable pivoting headThis top-of-the-line shaver features an adjustable pivoting head for a more comfortable shave. The pivoting head rocks up and down, and back and forth, to follow the contours of your face. You can even adjust the amount of pivot based on your preference with the Pivot Action Selector. Powerful motor to reduce frictionThe patented linear motor offers a frictionless, clean shave. At 13,000 rpms, it's one of the fastest razors on the market and powers effortlessly through even the thickest beards for less p

The Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with HydraClean uses a pivoting head, a linear motor, and other new technologies to give you an outstandingly close and comfortable shave. The ES8109S's linear motor achieves an astounding 13,000 revolutions per minute. Even the thickest beards are no match for this shaver, and you'll experience a frictionless shave with less pulling and irritation.

A triple-head design offers comfort and support while delivering great performance. View larger.
Triple-Blade Design for Extra Close Shaves
A triple-head design offers comfort and support while delivering great performance. There are two foils and a center slit that all float independently, and the pivoting head rocks up and down, and back and forth, so you'll get a shave that closely follows the contours of your face.

The blades are angled at 30 degrees for the sharpest cut in the industry. The blades are also polished with Nano Technology for even better cutting performance.

Wet/Dry Design Lets you Shave in the Shower
The wet/dry design of the shaver means you can easily clean your shaver by simply rinsing it under running water. The Vortex has a cleaning mode that speeds the motor up to 17,000 RPMs for quick and easy cleaning.

The wet/dry functionality also gives you the option of shaving wet with lather while in the shower, in addition to dry shaving when you need a touch up on the run.

HydraClean Automatically Cleans Your Shaver
Panasonic's innovative HydraClean feature automatically keeps your shaver clean and hygienic all the time. With the intelligent base, you can clean, charge, and dry your razor. The cleaning system uses an alcohol-free water/detergent infused cleaning process that removes debris to keep the blades fresh. A heating element gets rid of all wetness and moisture for an extra-dry shaving head.

Rechargeable Battery Saves Money and Reduces Waste
An internal rechargeable battery means you don't have to wastefully buy and throw out batteries. The shaver gets about 14 shaves on a one-hour charge, and a handy battery monitor lets you know how much charge is remaining at all times. A convenient five-minute quick charge option lets you quickly charge up for a single shave.

International Voltage Conversion
With an automatic voltage conversion feature, you can take the shaver wherever you go and not worry about voltage converters; just plug it in and you're all set to go. A travel pouch is included with the shaver.

What's in the Box
Shaver, recharging/cleaning base, travel pouch.

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Wet/Dry Get an ultra-smooth shave every day, and the convenience of using the shaver wet or dry, rinses clean
Hypoallergenic, Stainless Steel Foil and Blades
Floating Heads Floating heads follow facial contours to provide a clean, close, and fast shave
Pop-up Trimmer For mustache and sideburns
Vortex HydraClean System Powerful hygienic cleaning system automatically charge, cleans, and dries shaver
Sharpest Blades Conventional blades only cut at 45-90-degree angles, Nanotech blades cut at 30-degree for a precise cut at first pass
Micro Polished Nanotech Blades The cutting blades are polished with Nano particles to create an exceptionally cutting surface
Arc Foil Revolutionary arc foil nestle against the skin and glides uniformly
Linear Motor Super fast 13,000 RPM linear motor ensures a quick cut eliminating pulling and tugging due to slow motor speed
Pivoting Head Adjustable pivoting head rocks both up and down, and back and forth, following the contours of your face
LCD Display LCD battery status and charge indicator to keep your blade fresh
Dual Voltage
Number of Blades 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4
Replacement Outer Foil WES9941P WES9941P WES9941P WES9833P WES9085PC WES9085PC WES9087PC WES9087PC WES9161PC WES9161PC
Replacement Inner Blade WES9942P WES9942P WES9942P WES9850P WES9064PC WES9064PC WES9068PC WES9068PC WES9068PC WES9068PC
Replacement Foil & Blade WES9979P WES9979P WES9979P WES9839P WES9012PC WES9012PC WES9013PC WES9013PC WES9020PC WES9020PC
Cleaning Cartridges WES035P WES035P WES035P

  • Water infused hygenic solution cleans stubble and debris from the shave and refreshes the blades
  • Long lasting cartridge provides superior cleaning power and keeps the blade lubricated.
  • Arced Nano technology blades for closeness
  • Linear motor - 13,000 RPM, fastest in the industry
  • Adjustable pivoting head for a comfortable and smooth shave

Customer Reviews:

  • MACH to this shaver
    I thought the Gillette MACH Fusion Power ad of $1 a week as too much, so I bought this for $69 at Circuit City days, just before they went out of biz. I only shave once a week to every three days. My skin has gotten use to the shaver in about two months, but I still get some cuts around my neck and throat. After shaving with razors for a decade and a half, and going with the shaver, I found some things counterproductive and breaking basic shaving rules. I first go over the face and neck with the shaver. My chin and neck normally need retouching, so I use cold water to clean out the shaver. Strange huh? Then I still have some stragglers in those areas. I end up using the machine up,down, down up, to left, right, right left. I never did that with a razor; downward strikes only, every 1/4-1/2 of an inch was my routine. After about five minutes, the shave does not look bad. I still use a balm after it is all done. Maybe $1 a week is not too much after all. I am not sure that I can continue using this after 69 weeks to save money....more info
  • Excellent Shaver
    I bought this product based on my experience with older Panasonic models. Although I have no experience with any other brand of electric shavers, this Panasonic model has not disapointed. It shaves close, does not irritate my skin and the cleaning module is great. Also comes with a portable charger so you don't have to take the big cleaning contraption with you on a trip. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Good Value
    I have owned several electric shavers over the years, but so far this one is my favorite. It was very well designed, easy to grip and use. Keeping it maintained is very simple, either using the HydraClean system or just regular liquid soap.

    I have never used a wet/dry version before, but so far I am enjoying the ability to use it in the shower, it works much better than a dry shave.

    Just keep in mind, if this is the first electric shaver for you, it is NOT as close as a razor shave, not even a little bit. It will take a few weeks for it to go a really good job on your face. If you can wait out the two or three weeks, this type of product is for you, otherwise, stick to the razor....more info
  • Panasonic ES8109S
    I have been a Braun customer for came time to replace the foil on my razor and I was never completely satisfied with the shave I received from my Braun, instead of spending money on my old razor I decided to buy a new one. I researched new razors and saw a lot of favorable comments connected to the Panasonic Vortex, so I decided to try it.

    I bought this razor and have been COMPLETELY satisfied with it. I only wish I would have changed from Braun to Panasonic years ago. This is the first wet/dry electric razor I have owned and I must say that the closeness of the shave with shaving cream is incredible. I will absolutely buy another Panasonic when time necessitates it....more info
  • Phenomenal electric shaver
    I have only used rotary shavers before this one, and always seemed to get burned by them, and my neck would always get ripped up and blotchy red spots, which is really annoying when you have to shave to look clean for work, parties, events, etc.

    So I decided to try a foil shaver and see if it worked any better. Well, after using this shaver for almost two months now, I have to say it is the best shaver I could imagine using. I have not burned my neck since I began using it, and it stays much cleaner than my old razor, thanks to the HydraClean System and even the ease of cleaning with running under a faucet. I feel that foil shavers rinse cleaner than do rotary ones, and it is probably purely because the blades are more straight on these, whereas the old rotary shavers I had contained slightly curved blades, and could never seem to get fully clean.

    This is the type of shaver a person can use for years, with replacing the foils, of course, and be completely happy with. I would recommend this to anyone that swears by electrics, as it is smooth, comfortable, can work wet or dry, and leaves you with the smoothest shave you can have from an electric. I've never shaved better in my life, and plan on sticking with Panasonic shavers in the future....more info
  • Closest electric shave thus far...
    I bought this from Amazon and I just received it today.

    My first impressions are "WOW!" and "AMAZING!" and "UNBELIEVABLE" so far.

    This is the absolute closest shave I've ever gotten from an electric shaver. It's so close that my skin is baby smooth just like after I shave with a blade. There are a few spots that are still slightly stubbly, but those same spots give me fits with a blade anyway, so it's no big deal.

    I'm hoping that after a few weeks when my face gets used to this method of shaving, that those spots will become less of an issue. If not, no biggie. At least I'm not nicking myself and bleeding profusely. lol

    I'll try to remember to update the review as time goes on, to give further impressions later on.

    I also bought the Braun Series 7 790 CC before I saw this one on Amazon, but I'm not even going to try that one. You can't use it wet, so forget it. Since I can't return it to Amazon, I'll have to sell it on Craigslist at a loss, or something... oh well...

    ** Update 3/25/09 **

    Still loving this shaver. I have no complaints at all.

    One tip, read the instructions before using the cleaning thing on the base. You HAVE to add water to it. There's a plastic tub in the back of the base that you take out to add the water. I didn't read the instructions at first, but thankfully I didn't ruin the thing with my stupidity. ;)...more info
  • first electric shaver
    Im very happy with it, I used it on week ends, great to have , love the product...more info
  • OK product, not thrilled
    I have had this product about 2 months. It is my second electric razor, first being a Braun that lasted me 7 years. It gives a pretty close shave around the mustache and goatee chin area. It does not shave well next to my ears or on my neck. This is what really disappoints me about this product. I have to take a disposable razor to finish the job. Positives are that it cleans well and a charge lasts a long time....more info
  • my first shave was a close one
    I got the shaver a few days ago and had my forst shave today. it was closest I have ever got from electric shaver (I used 2 panasonics and a norelco before). I used a panasonic 7008 for last 9 yrs and always had to finish shave with a razor. but with this one, didn't need a razor
    the cleaning was easy. Just the feel of the shaver was fantastic. Good product design....more info
  • my first shave was a close one
    I got the shaver a few days ago and had my forst shave today. it was closest I have ever got from electric shaver (I used 2 panasonics and a norelco before). I used a panasonic 7008 for last 9 yrs and always had to finish shave with a razor. but with this one, didn't need a razor
    the cleaning was easy. Just the feel of the shaver was fantastic. Good product design....more info
  • Excellent shaver
    This is an excellent shaver that is very versatile. This is from someone who has tried a variety of shavers including Braun, Philips, etc. Most important, it is portable, easy to clean and shaves better than all the others I have used.
    JR...more info
  • Smooth Fun Clean
    The reason I purchased this shaver was to find a solution to the acne or bumps that I have around my mouth. I previously owned a Norelco with the 3 rotating heads. I read that the lift and cut feature of the Norelco contributed to bumps since the hair is now below skin level and would curl and grow under the skin. I tried manual razors which took too much "prep work" and had that rough feeling afterwards. I tried this linear shaver and it still cuts surprisingly close. The acne continued so I had to experiment and switched to a different moisturizer which helped to improve my skin a lot. I believe it was a combination of shaver, cutting technique (do not stretch the skin), post shave product and moisturizer that was necessary to solve my problem. Since I can now shave wet or with shaving cream, the shave has been really smooth. I rated this -1 star since this shaver did manage to cut a white-head due to the middle blade which I think is unnecessary....more info
  • Still repairing the damage to my face
    My skin used to have 3 areas that would consistently get ingrown hairs and red bumps using my older "James bond" Spectra shaver. I read the reviews for this Panasonic shaver, and was very optimistic about the upgrade... Wow, did this baby fail me in every way shape and form. I used it for a month as they recommended, and each week my face progressively got worse and worse. The shaving "razor burn marks" become so prominent, that even though it's been 2 weeks since I've stopped using it, and I still see red marks on my skin! The problem ingrown hairs areas on my face went from three to--I kid you not--over 10! It was becoming so bad I was considering going back to manual shaving altogether.
    For those of you who also had horrible luck with this one, here is my regimen that I am using to get my skin back:
    1. Got a Braun 360 Shaver. It's an older model, but I heard good things about it, and it's definitely helping with all the above issues.
    2. Neutrogena Triple Protect, which is helping fade the razor burn , and to prevent new razor burn.
    3. Tend Skin for ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burn. Be careful with this one as it stings.
    4. Zenmed's scar erase cream and microderm at home treatment. You will need something like this because such damage doesn't go away on its own
    ...more info
  • Great shaver at a great price.
    I got a very good deal on the ES8109S Vortex, which makes it easier to appreciate. It's not perfect, but then again I never found a razor that could shave my thick beard perfectly. I still have a hard time with the neck area, but otherwise it's a fine tool. I recommend it....more info
  • Best Shaver...Ever
    I used Norelco shavers + Braun shavers for 15 years. None even compare to the Panasonic Vortex shavers. These simly are the best. They shave your face very evenly and do not tear up your neck like the Norelco ones. My face is very sensitive and this one never irritates it. I use no shave cream or pre shave and shave dry. It is great for on-the-go shaving.

    I highly recommend this shaver!...more info
  • Routine Cleaning Is Easier
    The Panasonic ES8109S provides me with an excellent shave. I rate it 4.5 stars. However, I have stored the elaborate cleaner and charger (overkill) under my bathroom sink, and I use the simpler charging and cleaning methods that the instructions offer as equally acceptable options....more info
  • Decent shaver, but perhaps not worth the price
    I switched to this shaver after using a cheap $35 shaver for a while (and a manual one before that).

    The manual blade worked best (as almost anyone would attest), and the two automatic shavers seem to provide the same closeness/comfort.

    Except for the automatic cleaning/charging station, I'm not sure that this shaver was worth the high price....more info