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Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
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  • 12.3-megapixel captures enough detail for poster-size photo-quality prints
  • 3.0-inch LiveView LCD display; new 51-point AF system
  • In burst mode, shoots up to 100 shots at full 12.3-megapixel resolution
  • EXPEED Image Processing System and similar Scene Recognition System to that found in the D3
  • Self-cleaning sensor unit; magnesium alloy construction with rubber gaskets and seals

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy It
    To start I am an a amateur photographer with about two years experience.
    I own a D40,which was my first and really enjoy it for family and everyday shooting.Great colors and focus.I then purchased the D80 which I have had
    great success with and love it!But when I purchased the D300 there is no
    comparison.The 51 point focus is awesome and the color choices are unbelievable! This thing is awesome when it comes to speed and focus.Quick
    accurate response time is great for nature and fast moving subjects.
    The pictures you take will make you feel like a pro with the very first shots taken.
    The menu is so easy to use that it makes ease of changing and getting exactly what you're looking for.There is a lot in the menu but with a little time you'll get it fine because it has a help section.Anyone thinking of going another step up to a pro camera should not look elsewhere as Nikon truly has created a gem!To me this is a five star camera because of performance and the rugged build quality,A+ ...more info
  • Having major problems with mine
    Having invested many thousands in body and lenses, I am stuck with a non-functioning camera that seems to have a design problem in the electronics. I am sincerely hoping that I am wrong but feel pretty disappointed right now. Specifically the camera shuts down with certain lenses in temperatures below 40 degrees (F). I have installed several firmware updates and returned it for repair but so far the problems are not resolved.

    Update: the problems have now been resolved - the performance of the camera is exceptional at this price point....more info
  • Excellent Camera, far excedes Canon 5D/40D/50D
    I am a long time Canon user, Going back about 30 years. Have been disappointed lately in their offering, not to mention poor quality control and bad design decisions. People have been asking Canon for a weather sealed pro-sumer body w/ a pro-level AF system for many years and Canon has refused to make it, fearing it would cut into their 1 series sales. Even their 5D and 5D Mark II bodies, which they classify as professional, have a dummied down 9 point AF system and virtually no weather sealing. Numerous complains of it "creaking" when you grip it due to poor door design and being more easily damaged by moisture than other bodies. Recent complaints about mirrors falling out, filthy sensors on brand new cameras etc really make me wonder what is wrong w/ Canon and their quality control. When they added the stupid direct print button on the body (starting w/ the 30D) instead of making the body more robust and weather sealed and having a better AF system, I knew they were going down the wrong path. The one advantage Canon had over Nikon, until the introduction of the D3 and D300, was in high ISO image noise. Canon had the advantage until now and everyone agreed that Canon made better sensors and had a wider assortment of lenses but Nikon made much better bodies w/ pro features in the prosumer line. With Nikon's recent offerings, that no longer is true.

    Many of my friends have changed over to Nikon from Canon and every one was happy they did. I went to a local store and tried the D300 and was blown away. Wow, this is the Canon 3D/7D we've been asking for. Amazing camera and I realized then it was time to sell my Canon equipment and "go to the dark side". I did that and have no regrets. I purchased my D300 from Amazon and it arrived quickly and was flawless. And get this, I did a sensor dust test (Shoot grey/blue sky at F32 or as small as you can get, bring up the image in your editor and run auto levels on it) on my new D300. Not a speck of dust on the sensor. Perfectly clean. My Canon bodies always came w/ dirty sensors and one time it came back after servicing even dirtier than when it went in. The D300 was spotless. A real sign of good quality ... but then you know that the minute you pick up the body. I did a lot of research and picked up their highly rated 16-85 VR and 70-300 VR lenses and find them to be nearly as sharp as the Canon L lenses I used to own at about half the cost. Well done Nikon. I also have a D200 which is very close in features to the D300 (and quite a bit less money if you can find one on sale), but all in all, the D300 is my favorite camera and one that I will use for many years. Very highly recommended....more info
  • Simply Amazing.
    I won't write as long a review with all the tech specs, because it looks like that has been done a number of times (which is very helpful to read!), but I did want to offer my review. I am a professional photojournalist, the D300 is simply the finest quality with it's incredible low noise at high ISO, speed, durability, trueness to color, sharpness, etc. and does not get any better for DX format Nikons. Just a few quick things I haven't seen mentioned much:
    This surpasses every non-full frame camera body I have ever used in both the nikon an canon lines in every way, and even has a few features that the D3/D3x don't have but are very nice, one of these is the somewhat lesser known feature that the d300 can work as a commander for remote flashes without any extra equipment. The d300 built in flash can be set to trigger any of your sb-600/800/900 flashes up to about 25 feet away (from what I can tell), which is so great for somebody who wants to experience some advanced light techniques without buying (and carrying) extras like pocket wizards (which are also amazing products). This link helped me, I'm really into getting my light right,[...]
    This camera is also probably the toughest built I have seen, I have dropped it on the hard floor, spilled beer on it, and used it in the snow so much and it hasn't been damaged in the least bit. The controls are my other favorite part, for somebody who needs to change settings quickly and often, it does have many more buttons than any of the other dx models, which just means you have more control of your shots without having to search through the menu for what you want.

    And my last suggestion, it looks like the price has been dropping on these camera bodies a lot, I would buy the body only (it still comes with with all the cords/battery/charger) everything you need, just no lens, and the kit lenses nikon offers arent such a good deal, and aren't the best lenses, buy the body, and then invest in nice lenses, and a nice speedlight, why use such a sweet camera like the d300 with just an average lens and third party flash right? Hope this was helpful!...more info
  • Nikon D300 - simply amazing
    I purchased this camera before visiting Cape May, NJ to bird watch. The 51 point AF system is awesome if you have the proper lens to take advantage of the camera's capabilities. It is fast and has the horsepower to meet the needs of all but the most demanding photographers (who will purchase the D3).

    I was initially concerned with the weight, but after using it a few times, I did not notice the extra weight compared to my D50. It actually fit my hands better.

    Lastly, having the flash commander mode was wonderful. I used in with a remote SB600 without issue. I loved having the ability to dial in the exposure for the on-camera flash and the SB600 from the menus in the D300. I took family portraits at the beach near sunset. I set the exposure for the ambient conditions and had the proper flash settings within a couple of test-shots (and I'm not a pro either - this is very easy to do with the Commander mode enabled). Even with the ambient light changing each minute, I coule easily change the settings to exposure and the flash to account for the reduced available light.

    I highly recommend this camera to everyone I meet....more info
  • Truly a Prosumer Camera
    I upgraded from a D8 to this marvelous machine. Surprisingly, I find it easier to use effectively than its little sister. The ability to change functions by buttons, switches and levers as well as custom menus makes the operation almost easy. There is a lot to learn on this camera but the quality of the photos and the low noise ratio make it a real winner!...more info
  • nikon d300
    i am very happy with the camera. i previously owned the d200 so this was an upgrade. the d300 is very similar in physical appearence although the features are much improved. the only problem i had was that the vendor sent me a unit that was not brand new as the box had been opened and some things were missing. Amazon was very responsive with an exchange or a refund or keeping the item but with a discounted price. ...more info
  • Love my D300
    I've only had this camera for what seems a very short while. I bought it refurbished from Cameta through Amazon. It seemed like I was taking a chance in order to get quite a price break. I can tell you that it was worth it. I have had no problems with the camera. It came with all the standard accessories. Other merchants were selling refurbished D300 cameras but they did not come with all of the manufacturer's standard accessories.

    I feel as though I have just scratched the surface of the features that this camera offers. I upgraded from a Nikon D1H with 2.7 megapixels. I got quite an increase in picture detail. I am quite pleased that I am able to use all of my Nikkor lenses that have the AI mount and anything newer. I am very impressed with the wide exposure latitute this camera offers (if I use that term correctly having used film SLRs since 1971). The noise reduction is as good as they said it would be. I was concerned about that due to Nikon's reputation for not having the best noise reduction in its DSLRs of the past. This camera handles it well.

    The 3 inch monitor is wonderful unless you're in bright sunlight. My only criticism of the camera is that I find myself looking at my own reflection rather than the image I have just taken.

    I recently took my wife's portrait because she needed an 8X10 for a head shot. The best frame turned out to be a horizontal one and I cropped it quite a bit to get a vertical print. You would never know from the quality of the print that it had been cropped from perhaps 30 to 40 percent of the frame. I don't think I could have done this with my 2.7 megapixel camera.

    I look forward to a lot more fun and productive picture taking using the Nikon D300 and I recommend it highly....more info
  • Fun to learn on
    This camera was given to my wife and I as a gift. Neither of us are experienced photographers and were looking to pick up the hobby when my parents bought us this camera. We have had it a few months and we have a lot of fun with it. While we do feel we are in over our heads with some of the features, it has been great fun to learn about photography....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Others have covered the basics, so let me just say that this camera simply helps me take better pictures than any other camera I've owned, period.

    Yes, there are lots of cool features that do all sorts of wonderful things, but at the end of the day, I seem able to take my D300 out with a few of my favorite lenses, and even just walking around town, I always come back with at least a few gallery-grade shots. Between the camera's capabilities and the comfortable controls, it just always seems to be ready to do exactly what I have in mind, and my results show it.

    I tried the 18-200 zoom, but wasn't impressed - I found it a bit soft. The 16-85 has become my favorite "walk around" lens, supplemented by the magnificent 70-200 2.8, the 10.5 fisheye and the 60 micro. Together, these give me about all the options I'd want, and the whole thing fits in a backpack style case.

    Don't forget to buy large (8GB) memory cards...they fill faster than you might think, especially if you choose the option of shooting raw (NEF) and JPEG at the same time - that's nearly 20mb per picture.

    Also don't overlook the very good Nikon Capture NX2 software that comes with the camera. I have Photoshop and lots of other applications, but while Capture NX2 isn't as flexible as Photoshop, it also seems somehow a lot simpler to go from the idea I have in my head to a finished print in my hands.

    Only minor gripe I have is with battery life...I find that on my typical mix of flash and non-flash shots, reviewing images on the built-in screen and so on, I get about 150-200 shots per battery charge. I have a few spare batteries, but perhaps it's a reason to buy the add-on grip.

    Bottom line is that the D300 has proven to easily be the best thing I've done in a long, long time to improve my photography.
    ...more info
  • Better than I expected
    This D300 was listed as new "Factory Reconditioned" for $1199. I was a little cautious but went ahead after calling the company Cameta. They said the cameras were used at trade shows, then go back to the factory for a thorough inspection and cleaning. I figure what could be better? I am very happy with the D300 and highly recommend Cameta. It came in a nice generic Nikon box with the contents as listed.
    The D300 is a wonderful digital camera and I'm enjoying its high level of focus detail, color, and skin tones. I have some great lenses and with this camera its like they're all new and better! I usually have some levels and saturation to adjust in Photoshop, but most of the shots I've been getting are spot on.
    Shooting in low light just got amazing and lots of fun, hardly any noise! I'm replacing my D200, which did its job, and there's no looking back.
    Amazon delivers!...more info
  • exactly what I wanted!
    I did my homework - got just what I was hoping for.
    I am very pleased...more info
  • Nikon D300 the best you can get!
    I ordered my D300 on July 24th of this year after reading hundreds of reviews on Amazon, Adorama, Ritz, Newegg, Ken Rockwell and others. Every once in a while, Nikon will produce something that it's users absolutely fall in love with. In the entry level market, it's the D40. At the advanced level it was the D70. In the high end market, the one between the advanced and professional market which only Nikon has established, it's is the D300! Many try to compare the D300 with Cannon's 40D. No, the 40D is not in the D300 class, it's better compared with the Nikon D80. There's a reason the D80 and 40D are around the same price and are 600 dollars cheaper than the D300.

    I moved up from a D40 which I only shot with for about 7 or 8 months. Often there is a learning curve spoken of, this depends on your current shooting style and can be either steep and challenging or shallow and easy. Because of the way I shoot with my D40, this learning curve was easy for me. I never use any preset modes or dummy (auto) mode. I always shoot in manual or shutter priority. If this is your style then you will love the D300. It has no preset modes and no auto mode so it is not for anyone looking to get their first DSLR.

    Much has been made in these reviews about all the technical things this camera can do. While one cannot speak of this camera without mentioning them, I will do my best to explain briefly at least two of them and when to use them for those who may not be familiar with them.

    1.Active D-Lighting (Adaptive Dynamic Range) is great for contrasting subjects or environments. It subtly brings up dark shadows to enhance detail while controlling the bright areas to preserve highlights. It should be turned off however if there is little contrast in the composition as it can sometimes cause focusing errors. For example, a brown bird on a brown background which is almost camouflaged. Active D Lighting in this situation may cause the camera to focus on the ground instead of the bird. There are four settings for it; low, normal, high and off. You will need to experiment to see which settings suit your taste.

    2. You can get up to 51 points of focus including 51 point 3D tracking focus. The latter of these is useful when tracking a soccer player across a field with other players running in front and behind him/her constantly or tracking a bird moving through the branches of trees. Normal 51 point focus is good for wider shots and you will only see the focus points when they light up after pushing the shutter release half way. Lets say you're trying to get a flock of birds or something; then you might want to switch to the 11 points of focus as these are spaced wider in the frame allowing you to capture more widely scattered subjects. 9 focus points are good for close ups and portraits that you want centered in the frame. For wildlife photographers like myself, the 21 focus points are good as that allows you to fill most of the frame with the subject in focus. The final mode of focus is continuous which is selected by a switch on the left front of the camera and one which, if you're like me with a large hand and long fingers, may accidentally change your focus mode because it can get in the way when you have long fingers. This mode focuses continually, allowing you to track birds in flight. On the back is another focus related switch that selects the focus points used. At the top is a rectangle thats pretty much an automatic selection of the 51 focal points. Most of the time it selects the right ones but not if you're doing wildlife shoots. As any wildlife shooter knows, cameras can have the tendency to focus on the wrong thing. This mode is best not used for wildlife. In the middle is another selection that shows a small square with with small dots on all four sides of it encompassed by brackets. This will use either the focus points you preselect in the menus (9, 11,21 or 51).If this is used with the S on the front switch it will actually move the center point anywhere around the frame as the subject moves. This it will do only if you've selected the S (for single) on that switch in the front..The selection on the bottom looks like the previous one without the small dots. That selects a single focus point. That S tells the camera to only use one focus point. That switch can also be set to M for full manual focus. This Explanation of focus is somewhat oversimplified but it will give you a good starting point when dealing with the focusing of this great camera.

    I could go on about the technical aspects of this camera but that would indeed take a few days to write! I will tell you that once you have this camera in your hands, you will never want to put it down, seriously. I love my D40, I haven't used it though since I got my D300. If you have the money to get one, don't wait for a better deal, just go out and buy one and start shooting with it today. I got mine in advance of the fall and winter migrant birds I like to shoot arriving in Southern California. I wanted to get a good feel for this camera. Everything on this camera works beautifully.

    I never even went into the color and white balance selections as other reviewers have done a great job of that already.

    I will be updating this review as time passes. Any questions feel free to contact me. I hope this helped at least some of you.

    here are a few photos taken with my D300: info
  • Finally I have my DSLR
    This is my first DSLR, and I'm glad I waited for this. Feels much like my F100...on steroids. I'm just scraping the surface at this point and am thoroughly impressed....more info
  • Magnifcent upgrade from D70s
    I upgraded from three years with the Nikon D70s. There are not enough words to describe the completeness, quality, or flexibility the D300 proffers advanced amateur photographers. What prompted me most to make the leap is the video tutorial on Nikon's web site. And it only scratches the surface of the feature-richness of this marvel of cameras. My favorite (though there are many) is the ability to customize all the settings to fit four different scenarios. For instance, if I go from shooting a landscape to shooting flash, I can instantly switch to all the settings I want for flash photography by making just one menu selection. A corollary to that is all the custom settings can be saved to a .bin file on your computer. So you go out in the field, fiddle with everything, come back and reload ALL your default customizations in a matter of minutes. If you take the plunge, you may want do what I did: I got Thom Hogan's "Complete Guide to the D300" and religiously went through it step by step--all 790 pages. It took me about six weeks, because with each step, I'd take the camera up and try/experiment. This has done two things for me: It has greatly shortened my learning curve and increased my overall satisfaction and comfort level with it. ...more info
  • Simply "The Best"
    Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

    This camera is the best Nikon I have owned, it's as reliable as a stone axe! This cameras is feature rich which really helps be creative. Nikon has an awesome user interface and I easily upgraded from a D200 which was a fine camera but didn't have the higher ISO feature, and auto ISO works great, not like before when I use to leave it on ISO 200.

    I thought the Liveview feature was a gimmick, but after trying it, I couldn't live without it now. When on a tripod you can accurately manual focus the lenses and get a tack sharp image. ...more info
  • Won't autofocus, a dud
    All I've read here are rave reviews but my experience is that the D300 is vastly overrated as a shooter. I bought mine brand new at Best Buy with a Tamron zoom lens and right out of the box it wouldn't autofocus properly. The motor would whirr and the lens tried feebly to focus in on a the subject without success.

    Took it back to Best Buy and we tried a Nikon 55-200VR lens and that didn't work any better. I was going to try another D300 but they were out of stock and I was already soured on this product. I've owned Nikons before -- I still have the remarkable D40 -- and was looking to step up. For the hefty $2,400 price (with lens), I expected a lot more. Deeply disappointed.

    I wound up buying a Sony A700, a vastly superior camera in most respects, even with the kit 18-70 lens, and never looked back. Plus I saved $1,000 to boot.

    Nikon has a good rep, but the great d40 notwithstanding Sony Alpha-Series cams outperform in many ways, including easy of use, photo quality and build. Nikon has the edge in customer service, however. And, value-wise, hard to beat the D40.

    ...more info
    I bought the D300 through Amazon in Sep 08. Work & other commitments left me no time to put it to the test until Christmas break and WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. I insert freshly charged Nikon battery and the next day the camera says battery discharged WITHOUT taking any photos. This is referred to on numerous internet sites as the "low battery problem". I've been struggling for the past two days trying to fix this and other problems with little success.

    If you're interested in buying this camera, there a lot info out there about problems with the batteries or power to the camera. Buyer beware. I've found references to these problems dating back to Jan 08. Strangely, there there is absolutely nothing on the Nikon service site about these problems. Or maybe not strangely, I sent them email 30 hours ago and I'm still waiting for Nikon's 24 hour response.

    Next step I guess is to find how to return the camera through Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Better than described
    The Nikon D300 will take well in excess of 1,000 photos on a battery charge - with the standard battery. The quality of photos is strong, though autofocus in limited lighting is underwhelming. Generally satisfied with the value for the money. Arrived undamaged, well packed, on time....more info
  • Great all around, excellent color, sharpness
    I have owned a Nikon D70, D70s, D60, and D80. I bought this camera earlier this year and I love it! I use it mainly for weddings. It has great noise reduction. I normally shoot at 400 ISO, and I definitely feel comfortable shooting at 800 ISO and somewhat comfortable shooting some pictures at 1600 ISO. The color is great. It is easy to use for a professional DSLR. The buttons are placed well on the camera body. It's a fun camera to use and performs great for everything that I have put it through!...more info
  • Nikon D300
    Fantastic camera, everything and more that I expected at the best available price and with prompt shipment. I am very satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • Simply Wow!
    I have been a Proud owner of my D300 for over 2 months now and when you learn every little detail about what it can do and the options you have (user manual) it is simply amazing. I came up from a Fuji-S9600 to a used Nikon D70 and finally the Grand prize a Nikon D300. Sure the main highlight features are nice but its all of the other stuff that you do not see in the description list like How to use it to its fullest potential. The ability to have 1/8000sec Shutter speed With SB-800 Flash is What I Need. To have interval automatic picture taking capabilities is so sweet. The MB-D10 Battery pack is a Must for this beauty, and the 9fps with Seamless Transfer of power from a dead camera battery to a charged Battery pack Is Awesome. I do a lot of night photography and long exposures takes heavy tolls on the batteries and now I do no have to worry about the power dieing because the camera switches automatically without interruption to the next power source. Granted this is my first Professional DSLR but this one beats all in my book. The Customization of the camera to quickly switch between shooting moods with the custom button and YOUR Menu is a big help.
    I can go on and on about this can do everything camera but ill let you buy one and see that you will not be disappointed as a Serious Amateur or even a Professional Photographer. You will fall in love and learn every little detail about it and use it to its fullest potential. I have no regrets buying this Nikon D300. The only Regret is that I did not buy it sooner... If you are thinking about it, so stop kicking yourself and GET IT.
    ...more info
  • Why buy a DX if you can get the D700 FX?
    Well its not cheap, and if you are paying that much for a digital camera then you are serious about your photography. Surely its better than the comparable Canon but as soon as the D700 was released and I cannot stop thinking about upgrading but what would will I do with my 5 DX lenses! I am very disappointed with the noise I get in this camera even in low ISO and the only way to get rid of it is to get a full frame camera....more info
  • Buy It On Amazon
    I researched this camera on Amazon, but because it was so complex, I bought it at my local camera store (Shutterbug), paying full retail for the "customer support". BIG MISTAKE. They don't help you at all! They don't even put in the battery or show you anything. I got much more and better support for this when I bought my lenses and extra's from Amazon and it's partners. They will spend an hour with you on the phone talking you through setting it up, even though you didn't buy it from them. Cameta and Adorama are especially good. So, save some money, don't be a sucker like me, and buy your camera from Amazon! BTW, this is one great camera. Really complex, but wonderful. Buy the book "Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide" by J. Dennis Thomas with it!...more info
  • A terrific, terrific camera
    Could not be more satisfied with this camera: the resolution, color correctness, the many ways to record an image, the ease of use, the construction -- all superb.

    If you can afford this camera -- get it!! You will not be disappointed....more info
  • yes!!!
    OK - this won't be a long review, but I just want to get my 2cents in... I've used Nikons for 25 years (ohhh, I'm getting old...). I had a Nikon D70, and I was "this close" to giving up on Nikons -- that camera was a serious lemon. It was just no good. But after reading many reviews and talking to fellow photographers, I ended up getting the D300. And I LOVE IT! It's really an awesome piece of equipment. Sorry I lost faith in you, Nikon -- way to go... ...more info
  • only reason to buy this camera
    this camera produces the most realistic and artistic file grain I have every seen. Noise is very beautifully rendered. Images are usable even at ISO as high as 3200.

    Look at some full size images of the Canon 40d and even the more expensive 5D for comparison, you'll be surprised at how much more capable this camera is in low light.

    Solid build, customizable menus and controls, 51 AF points......they just sweeten the deal even more.

    ...more info
  • I love this camera!
    I have had this camera for 8 months now and it is absolutely fantastic. I have done landscape, head shots, interiors and macro, the results are outstanding. The lens on my camera 99% of the time is the 17-55mm f/2.8 and with this combo, I can about conquer the world. If you get this camera, please put good glass on it and you will not be sorry.
    I have not had any issues as of yet with this camera and I plan on keeping for a long long time!
    Happy shooting....more info
  • Great backup body for professionals, Great all-around camera for high-end amateurs.
    This is the perfect semi-professional Nikon model for people like me (semi-professional) as well as for amateur photographers looking for maximum control. Unlike Nikon's consumer-grade SLRs the 300 allows full control of all camera functions. In fact, by removing the "scene mode" wheel (close-up portrait, action, &c.), this camera requires you to control the settings. I've done a lot of shooting with the D50, D70 and D90 and this is large step beyond even the outstanding D90. The image sensor is amazing and the sharpness and color capture are outstanding. I love pretty much everything about this camera. My only regret is that I didn't wait a little longer and get the D700 or Dx with the full FX image sensor. Otherwise, sweet camera and, if you search around, you can find a Nikon-refurb model for under $1000, which is an outstanding value....more info
  • Image-maker par excellence, the Nikon D300
    I've been using Nikon DSLR's since 2005 for my "paying hobby". Officially, I created a photography side-business in early 2005 using a Nikon D70s (great camera). This was after a couple of years of ramping up my photography interests from an occasional point-and-clicker to a very serious hobbyist. I very quickly upgraded to the D200 (better camera), using the D70s as a backup. And, in early 2008 upgraded to the D300 (best camera), selling the D70s , leaving the D200 as my backup. I've captured around 15000 images with the D200, and am currently up to about 8000 clicks with the D300. I shoot all types of photography: wildlife, landscape, portraitature, architectural, wedding & other misc. events. I do not consider myself a Pro (only about 10% of my current income comes from photography), but I would like it to evolve into my full time career, someday. :)
    In my opinion, the Nikon D300 is easily Nikon's best DX format (not comparing to FX formats, like the D700, etc.) DSLR out to date. And, currently, the best in its class compared to other brands. Please keep in mind that the latter statement (my opinion) is only based on much reading-on & a little hands-on experience with some of the rivaling Canon DSLR's. I am not discounting Canon's great line of photographic equipment (or other brands) at all, just comparing current models with closely related price range and feature set. As a matter of fact, to this day, I still advise all who ask that since the quality of the top brands is so close, that the most important thing to do before making a decision on your first DSLR purchase is to personally handle several models of several brands, and choose the one most comfortable and easiest to understand; it's all about individual user preference. I DO tell them that I am MOST familiar with the Nikon line, and will be better able to "assist" them, if they get Nikon.

    Here are a few features that I find useful and that I have not found repeated hundreds of times over in hundreds of other reviews (like excellent focusing, vivid colors, noise handling, etc.):
    - One of the in-camera editing tools, the Crop tool, allows me to simulate a 4x5 crop (8x10) when taking group portraits. This enables me to make sure that I'm not cutting off people parts when clients will invariably order 8x10's of large group shots. I wish the largest cropping boundary would start at the outer most edge of the image, but that's really nit picking a good feature.
    - The D-light edit allows me to quickly see how an image looks with the shadows brightened up a bit, even though I only shoot RAW. I will end up deleting this jpg copy when I copy images to the PC, and post-edit the exposure, but I can immediately see if the image still looks good with a brighter exposure adjustment.
    - The My Menu feature is GREAT for quickly accessing my most accessed settings. With the latest firmware update, you have a choice to use the My Menu or a Recent tab (like the D200 has).

    Little things about the D300 that are different from the D200 (that haven't been mentioned hundreds of times):
    - D300 Command and Sub dials are more recessed in, so they are not as easy to accidentally spin.
    - The D300 lens mount seems to lend a tighter connection.
    - The D300 shutter release sounds "tighter", does not have the slight echo/vibration sound at the end of the click, like the D200 does.
    - One small feature that I actually do NOT like better on the D300 is the highlights display feature. It blinks on the most uncluttered display page, not on the cluttered data page that has the image as a thumbnail, but that's nit-picking really.

    Another good thing is that I'm not at all tempted to upgrade since the D700 would mean getting at least two more fast/pro lenses to take advantage of the full size sensor, leaving all but one of my lenses (Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR ?V beautiful lens!!) "out of the picture" (I know that I could still use them at 5 megapixels, but that doesn't count for me). And, I don't need the video feature of the D700 at all. The D700's much better noise handling at high ISO's would be nice, but the D300's noise handling works really well with 99% of my shots. In fact, thanks to the D700, at least in part, the price of the D300 is much more affordable!
    Also, I highly recommend David Busch's Nikon D300 Guide book. I was very familiar with Nikon DSLR's already, but his book really helped fill in the gaps, and helped me take advantage of all of the D300's excellent features.
    The photographer IS still the most important part of the image capturing equation, but I truly believe that overall the D300 delivers better looking images than the D200, and all earlier DSLR models (even considering identical lens, technique, and minor settings differences to take advantage of individual camera body's features), and is well worth the extra expense of a new body purchase.
    ...more info
  • Besy Cam for the money!
    AWESOME! This camera was rated one of the best cameras for the money.. the d200 is great but this is that plus alot: mainly live view but all the other additions the 300 has are awesome! :) if you dont mind reading a manual... this camera can take you to great places!...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I upgraded from my D80 in Jan 09 to the D300. Quite simply it feels like you have been given the Hummer of cameras. I loved my D80 and still have it as a back up body, but you will have to pry the D300 out of my hands kicking and screaming. The super large display and level of zoom, means checking shots for clarity and exposure is a breeze. The controls are nicely placed to have everything literally at your fingertips and once used to whats where makes adjustments easy. I am still working on the (what seems like neverending) options this camera has to personalize for myself. The color, sharpness and simple joy of using is outstanding. I shoot mainly landscape and wildlife (with some weddings thrown in for good measure) and the camera feels like a tank with the 6fps being fantastic for wildlife capture.

    Quite simply I LOVE IT!! ...more info