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Philips SHS8000 Premium Sound Earhook Headphones
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $28.87

You Save: $1.12 (4%)


Product Description

Enjoy great sound in supreme comfort. These earhooks adjust to your ears for a soft but highly secure fit. The choice of three cap sizes ensures a perfect seal to enhance the premium quality sound.

  • Ultra-small efficient driver provides superb sound at lower volume settings
  • Passive noise isolation stops unwanted background noise
  • Rubber earhooks provide a non-slip grip for an extra secure and comfortable fit
  • Headphone cable is centered at the back of the neckband so you are hardly aware it is even there
  • 1.2-meter cable length gives you the freedom to put your audio device where you want

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Product BUT....
    I actually really enjoyed using these headphones. After I lost my Shure E3C's, I wanted to find a cheap comparable replacement. The sound quality was not the same, and the isolation wasn't comparable. I couldn't hear a single outside word on my Shures, but these weren't as sound isolating. I really liked these headphones but I kept on losing the cap sizes. The little plastic pieces that go on the headphones, make or break the comfort level. If I had pulled the headphones out of my pocket, I would have to be so careful about losing the cap sizes. I think this is a great product, but something needs to be done about the damn pieces. ...more info
  • GREAT!...while they lasted...!
    I always wanted a pair of in-ear headphones, but they always felt like they were going to fall out to me, even when they weren't going to.

    I jumped at these ones, because they were in-ear design, AND they went around the ear for the extra security.

    They sound really great and fit perfectly!

    BUT! After 3 months of using them, the plug started to malfunction and the left side's audio would cut in and out whenever the cord was moved around.

    Maybe I got a faulty pair, I don't know. I never pulled on the cord and treated them with care. There is no visible damage to cause this to happen.

    I'm really sad that my favorite headphones stopped working so quickly and am not sure if I will buy a replacement pair....more info
  • Respectable sound, but comfort isn't too great
    My headphones sound very tinny and devoid of bass, especially when I compare their performance to the standard iPod headphones. They are more comfortable than earbuds, but I wouldn't purchase them again.

    UPDATE: The choice of rubber cap makes a HUGE difference. After choosing a larger size that fits snugly in my ear, the quality is much improved. The tinny sound is gone, and the bass response is decent. The comfort factor has gone down quite a bit, though; it feels like I'm wearing earplugs. If I could, I'd up my rating to 4 stars....more info
  • frequency response info here
    well i havent bought these yet, but noticed it lacked some tech specs in the info. i got these from cnet, so hopefully theyre correct:

    Response Bandwidth 6 - 23500 Hz
    Sensitivity 102 dB
    Impedance 16 Ohm
    Diaphragm Mylar - 0.6 in Magnet Material Neodymium ...more info
  • excellent headphones
    I shopped for a pair of phones that stayed secure and had great sound and these did the trick. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Still the best active-wear earbuds
    These earbud hook-style headphones are still the best I've found for any active lifestyle. They are very confortable and overall performance is very good. I am still seaching for a set that is similar with better performance overall. So far this is still the best, just lacking a little in pure audio performance....more info
  • Best in-ear phones I have ever used
    These are great! They fit well in and around the ear. The sound is very good for the price. They stay in place during an active work out and becasue the cord wraps around the ear piece, they do not have the annoying cord noise that many in-ear phones have. Just make sure that you use the right size ear inserts to get the best sound. ...more info
  • Very Disappointed...
    I thought that given the number positive of reviews and the price compared to similar headphones, that I would be getting a very good product. I was wrong. The headphones did not fit well at all and moved around during workouts. As for the sound quality, the only way they sounded any good was when I had the phones jammed in my ears, but this was really uncomfortable and prevented me from hearing any ambient noise. If you are looking for a really quality pair of headphones that sound great, are comfortable, and stay in place while working out then I would recommend looking at the Beyerdynamic SX 10. ...more info
  • Very comfortable, decent sound
    I live in Chicago and commute by bus/train everyday. I tried a few different headphones ranging from over-the-head, behind-the-head, earbuds and then these over-the-ear ones. These are by far the most comfortable headphones I've ever used. They work well under 180s also (the ear warmers that wrap behind your head), and the cord is a nice length of about 4 feet.

    What is really nice about them is the unintentional design that allows you to wear them two different ways. One way is, as seemingly designed, where you kind of push the earbud into your ear so that it is secure. This delivers the best sound and allows you to hear more of the bass. It also helps with noise reduction of people/things around you. If you wear them like this you'll be surprised at how well they block noise. This way works well when you are more stationary.

    The other way is when you just kind of let them hang over your ear and just place the earbud in your ear a little bit. They kind of do this automatically if your moving a lot anyway, such as when walking or running. This way still provides ok sound but allows for more ambient noise which is needed for a morning commute with a lot of traffic.

    For the price of these headphones you can't ask for better comfort. You will probably find some with better sound, however....more info
  • Great for workouts and real good for listening in my cubicle
    Total satisfaction given what these cost. They don't slip out of your ears from the sweat while you work out. They are painless to wear regardless of how long you wear them. The different size ear fittings are a nice touch....more info
  • Philips SHS8000 Premium Sound
    The quality, sound and base of this product are exceptional in brilliance and surpass far and above anything I have used before. On the scale of 1 to 10, where 10 would be the best sound quality headphones I have used, this would be about 25. Quality of sound is so brilliant it is unbelievable. I have nothing else to say. ...more info
    I wanted a pair of headphones that blocked outside noise and were firm enough to stay in my ears while running. These definitely do the job. They are extremely comfortable to wear, you can barely feel them once they are in, and they stay in place firmly. They are easy to fit to your ears because they come with 3 sets of ear buds. The sound isn't the best, but it's pretty great. I have a pair of JVC ear buds which are fantastic - the sound from them is incredible, but they aren't good to be used while working out. I love these headphones and would recommend them to anyone who works out!...more info
    I am not going to say these are the best headphones in the world, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were the best over-the-ear earbuds under $100. I would say they are a shoe-in for best under $50. Great sound quality ... the different size ear-pieces make sure you have a snug fit, and when you do I really think much more bass could damage your ear drum. You can look at the sound specs, and they size up to even some of the high-end earbuds. The earbuds that come with iPods always hurt my ears, so I never thought I would like a pair like this ... but with the small size ear-pieces it is comfortable all day. The over the ear design assures they stay in place even when you are active....more info
  • So comfortable
    I have a hard time finding earplugs that stay in. I love these. The only things is, sometimes the covers fall off....more info
  • Sound great, but glue the rubber pieces on!
    These headphones sound amazing. And very comfortable/secure. *But*, the rubber ear pieces *will* come off and you will lose them. Glue them on!...more info
  • These Earphones are the Best for Working Out, but...
    I have been on a quest for earphones that have great sound (decent bass) and can stay in place while I hit the bags or go for a run. These earphones do the job. The only problem is the rubber ear cushions/buds fall off when I store them (in my bag or coat pocket.) I often have to fish around for the ear inserts and have lost several over the years. There are ear cushion/bud replacements for sale, thankfully. If your rough with them or use them a LOT (like me), they will only last about a year until the sound quality dissipates from wax/sweat buildup and other types of abuse....more info
  • Great For Running And being in the City!
    I live in NYC and walk everywhere so i needed a headphone shat doesn't slowly fall out as i walk down broadway. I also run half marathons, so i needed a headphone that would NEVER fall out. this does that. the sound quality was great right out of package, miles better than your iPod headphones. bass is good and air ported to give it depth, highs are crisp and clear. The interchangeable earpieces were a MUST HAVE!!! i have 2 different shape ear canals, so i wear one large and one medium. ...more info