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B¨¦b¨¦Sounds Flat Panel Color Video and Sound Monitor
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $169.99

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Product Description

Now you don't have to stay in one room if you want to watch and listen to your baby while he or she sleeps. The BebeSounds TV984 Flat Panel Color Video & Sound Monitor will give you peace of mind so you can freely move about the house and still be able to see and hear your baby. This unit is thin, only 1.25 inches deep, but the 5.5" ColorFlat LCD screen will allow you to clearly view your baby. When night comes, the BebeSounds Monitor be your eyes and ears while you get a well-deserved rest! The automatic infrared night vision will clearly capture your baby as they sleep in the darkened room. The BebeSounds TV984 Flat Panel Color Video & Sound Monitor is expandable - it works with two cameras, so you can monitor two children at once. An additional camera (TV900-C) is available separately for purchase. There is also a optional scanning feature on the receiver when two cameras are used. Cameras can run on AC or battery power, batteries not included. Receiver operates on AC power, camera operates on AC or battery power (batteries not included)

  • 5.5 Inch ColorFlat LCD screen
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Expandable - works with two cameras
  • Optional scanning feature on the receiver when two cameras are used
  • 900 MHz/ 400 ft. range receiver

Customer Reviews:

  • LOVE this monitor!
    I cannot say enough about how much we love this monitor. We had the Bebe Sounds Angelcare Movement Sensor sound monitor for the first year of our daughter's life because we wanted to monitor her breathing during the time she'd be threatened most by SIDS. We liked that monitor, but interference with our cell phones was a pretty big problem. I was worried about this video monitor because it was a big expense to risk it not working due to interference, but the reviews were strong and the screen was large enough for grandparents who might be baby sitting to see. We have been thrilled. There is no interference with this monitor (we have one cordless phone, two iPhones, and two wifi stations). Seeing what our daughter is doing (vs. guessing if she is fussing to get us to come into the room or actually has her leg stuck between the rails in the crib) is so nice. It helps us all be consistent with naps and night time sleeping. No caregiver will go in after agonizing over what our daughter is doing. As a result she doesn't expect us to come in if she's fussing because she tossed her lovey out of the crib. Our only joke is that "smell-o-vision" would be nice in case a poopy diaper might be getting in the way of going down for a nap. And as a small real criticism, we think its funny that the manual says the camera has batteries "in case of a power failure", but the monitor/receiver can only be plugged in. What?!? :) Otherwise, we wish there was a SIDS combo video monitor like this one when our daughter was a newborn. It would have saved us a lot of angst....more info
  • so so
    We love seeing our baby on the monitor and were raving about this one. However, it stopped working about a month after we got it. Waiting to receive a replacement. We'll see if it lasts longer than a month....more info
  • Very Good Product
    The video monitor is a good purchase. It provides a very good picture from various distances. We have two, with a monitor in our bedroom and one in the basement. Both work great. Sometimes, you have to play with the monitor cord to get the best reception, but that is to be expected. It helps to point the antenna in the direction of your monitor too. The only point we have with the monitor system are the LED lights. Wow, are they bright. The button on the front of the camera determines the channel you are using. The lights are so bright, they could be used as a nightlight. That isn't very good for a child like ours who is fascinated by lights. I had to paint over them to block them out. LEDs are cool, but you don't need to use them everywhere. We had to have one of the monitors replaced a while back. Once I tracked down the owning company, they were easy to work with and replace the monitor. Other than the LED lights, we have no complaints. It is great....more info
  • Read the reviews before you buy!
    I received this monitor as a gift for my baby shower and I was so excited, however after setting up the monitor I was disapointed and I'm returning it for another flat screen monitor on the market. We had two big problems with the monitor - first there are two lights on the camera and it's like having an airplane runway in our baby's bedroom. It was so bright that my baby just stared at it and wouldn't fall asleep. Finally I put some tape over it and that kind of fixed the problem. Then, on the first night, the monitor kept turning off and on, I have no idea why. I read that other people have had the same problem. My advice - read the reviews before you buy it!! I wish it worked out better!...more info
  • We can SLEEP in peace!
    Finally a wonderful baby monitor with a large screen! It is like having your baby right next to you in bed. We are able to sleep in comfort knowing that when my child wakes up we are able to see if she needs our care or is just stirring in her sleep. It makes working out during her naps a breeze. When she tosses and turns we can make sure she isn't caught up in her blanket or stuck with one arm out of her pajamas ... which has happened. The only down side is that when I am on the phone the monitor doesn't work but I generally use my cell phone to communicate and that does not interfere with the monitor. The lights on the camera base really light up the babies room so I have chosen to cover them with electrical tape so the light does not stimulate my baby. The night vision still works perfectly without the lights. I love this product!...more info
  • We'll take 2!
    We purchased this monitor after seeing it at a friends house. We received the Graco monitor as a gift and Bebe Sounds is light years ahead. On the Graco monior we couldn't tell which direction our baby was laying and the picture was constantly breaking up. On this monitor, I can see when our son's eyes are open. No kidding. That's why we bought it after seeing it at our friends; the clarity was AMAZING. We have a wireless network in our home and wireless phone next to the monitor and never have a problem. We've had the monitor for about 8 months and are buying one for our 2nd child due in June. I love the fact that the monitor has an option for another camera and will alternate between the cameras.
    This monitor also gives us SO much peace of mind when our son has a cold and we move it from the living room to our bedroom to watch him.
    The picture during the day is in full color and at night it's more in black and white (we have no night light in his room) but again, EVEN AT NIGHT the picture is so clear I can see when my sons eyes are open.
    I've been recommending it to everyone in my Mommy group! Ironically, I think we also purchased this from J&R when we saw it in NYC....more info
  • Great product
    Works great. Double camera capability is nice. Reception is sometimes tough thourh. Overall satisfied....more info
  • Stopped working after 4 weeks!
    Don't waste your money on this product. I wish I had read the reviews before I added this monitor to my baby registry. It only worked for about 4 weeks and then crashed. Now, when I turn it on, there is no picture. When it did work, the picture was nice and clear but from the first time I used it, there were many times the picture would suddenly go blank and then return after a while. ...more info
  • Terrible - worst monitor ever...
    I m sad my family wasted their money in giving us this monitor as a gift for our new baby. Our phones 5.4 Mhz phones interfere withe the reception so we have to unplug the phones when we want to watch/monitor the baby. Worst off, the LCD screen doesn t work at all. The only way we can get a picture is to hook it up to the tv. Then the picture is fuzzy at best. This would be a great product if the features actually worked. We called Bebesounds for support and found their customer service to be very rude and uncaring. They stonewall themselves behind "their policies" and refused to help us at all. I would never buy from Bebesounds again and would greatly encourage you to do the same. You d be better off with a $20 monitor from Wal-Mart than this over-priced paperweight....more info