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TRENDnet TEW-633GR 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router
List Price: $116.99

Our Price: $78.14

You Save: $38.85 (33%)


Product Description

The 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Gaming Router incorporates the latest wireless and Gigabit networking technology to increase speed, range, security and reliability. The router provides unsurpassed gaming and network experience and performance. Advanced antenna and 802.11 N technology increases wireless data range and coverage. Enjoy lag-free gaming and file transfers on your wired Gigabit computers via the built-in Gigabit switch. This router features a powerful firewall and advanced wireless encryption for secured transmissions. Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization provides a seamless gaming and multimedia streaming experience. Increased speed, throughput and range make it the perfect solution to fulfill your gaming needs.

  • 14x the speed and 6x the range of wireless g
  • Seamlessly stream video, download files, talk online and play games
  • Quality of Service technology prioritizes gaming, Internet calls and video streaming
  • Advanced wireless encryption and a firewall provides robust security
  • Supports AP mode and Bridge mode

Customer Reviews:

  • Update after 6 months of use...
    5 Stars If I could change it! I have this router for 6 months at least now. Not only has it worked great, but I have not had to reset the router once. With my Linksys I had to reset the router once per week. That alone is worth the price I paid not to mention the great increase in speed. (Aug 2, 2008)

    It was touch and go for a while.

    ***** UPDATE to Five Stars -- Working Great! Great distance! No disconnects! Very Fast! Watch movies through PS3, and computer at same time... Great buy! Hope it lasts. (4/20/08) *****

    Purchased this router to replace my linksys wireless b which was working fine though I had to reset it about once a week.

    My inventory of network cards include: belkin wireless g internal, linksys wireless g usb, two laptops (dell and compaq), one ethernet and one apple g4 all using a comcast isp. I would not consider myself an expert at all. I am an amatuer who doesn't want to pay technical people.

    The router installed fine, and the user templates were helpful but clunky.

    At first the router kept needing to be repaired, and I could not access the internet.

    After about thirty minutes of messing around with the mac address, and other controls to repair, the xp computer connected by ethernet began to work.

    However, then I began having trouble getting the various adapters on different xp, vista and mac os working. It took about two hours total from start to finish.

    But as of this evening, all computers are working. My son has just successfully connected the wii to the network, and we are going upstairs to work on the PS3.

    The apple computer using the "airport" we could not get to work. Since that computer is close to the router, we simply ran an ethernet cable and it immediately worked. I don't yet know what the problem is regarding the wireless.

    The router is very fast. Transfers on the network are lightning speed. Movies and music can easily be transfered and play across the network, something I never could do on the wireless b.

    I am sure there is more to tell. But as an amatuer I wanted to demystify the process for some who may be hesitant. I'm thinking if I can do it, most any one can.

    I will change the rating to a 5 star after I have had more time to see how it works and holds up. ...more info
  • TRENDnet TEW-622GR Wireless Draft N Gigabit Router
    TRENDnet TEW-633GR 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router

    I'm diggin' it!

    Purchased from my TEW-633GR was well packed (for once). The unit is glossy black with a low profile. Both sides are completely slotted for great ventilation. The face has eight lenses that wrap from front to top for the LED indicators. The Power and WAN LED's are both green. The LED's for the gigabit ports are orange for gigabit connections and green for 100mb or 10mb. The ports are auto-switch enabled for simple plug-and-play. There are also LED's for Wireless Status and WPS setup. The right side has three taller than average 4dBi antenna that are fixed. The rear houses the port and power connectors, and the reset button. The right side has switch to enable/disable wireless connections, just set the switch and the router changes the setting and reboots itself. the top has a WPS button for auto-configuration of new wireless devices to the network. The control panel is feature rich but lacks the on page help of the D-Link CP, however the help file is quite useful.
    The unit runs on 12v/1A of power. Inside, everything is mounted to a one-peice multi-layer PCB showing good design. Unlike older versions that had a Vitesse VSC7385 chipset, the v1.1R model I received sports the RealTek RTL8366SR for gigabit ethernet that supports jumbo frames.
    Performance-wise, my experience with the TRW-633GR is positive. Gigabit LAN is faster than my former Linksys DIR-655 A3, wireless is a bit slower but with better range. Since the antenna are mounted on the side there are no reception issues with mounting the router vertically, unlike the DIR-655 which Linksys recommends be used horizontally for best reception. A big plus is that it has been on since arriving with no reboot save for wireless enable and disable. This includes the 72-hour burn-in upon arrival. I have not needed to update the frmware, though there is a newer version availbale.

    FWIW, I chose this router over a Linksys DIR-655 for the following reasons:
    Internally, it is very similar in terms of hardware used.
    Performance it right on par.
    Everything is mounted to one board, the DIR-655 achieved this only after three revisions.
    It can be used vertically with no loss of reception.
    It runs at a cooler temperature meaning longer life.
    Instant wireless on/off via a physical switch!! Takes about 5 seconds and you don't have to have the host PC booted. Saaahhh-weeet!
    The airport stopped calling with pilot complaint's about blinding blue lights on the approach path. Okay, the airport never really called. but the LED's on the DIR-655 are waaay toooo bright, the TEW-633GR's LED's are easily seen while not casting light into the room.
    The DIR-655 rebotted occasionally for no apparant reason, something the TEW-655GR does not do.
    Three year warranty. Linksys offers 1 year.
    You can mod it. If you are handy you can solder in antenna mounts (the holes are on the PCB) and add removable antenna.

    Things Trendnet could improve:
    Detachable antenna.
    On-screen descriptions of settings while in the control panel.
    A rear-mounted USB port for printer or NAS connectivity.

    So there it is, I hope someone finds this helpful.

    Fuzzilla :o)...more info
  • fantastic wireless router!
    I am falling in love with this fast and flexible wireless router. It is immensely configurable using the web interface. With its shiny black case and three antennae it is a thing of beauty. Highly recommended!

    [...]...more info
  • Unlike some routers, this one is easy to install and easy to encrypt/secure wirelessly
    Unlike some routers that you have to configure before you can get them to work, this one came with an installation CD that did the job right, no strings attached. Instructions were extremely simple and easy to follow, and i've never had any problems with it. Encrypting/securing the router is part of the installation, and you don't have to be a computer junkie to figure it out. About the only downside of the product is fingerprints are highly visible on it when you touch it since it's like a black shiny mirror, but you can just wipe those right off. This product not only supports N-band, but is backwards compatible with all other previous wireless bands (G-band, B-band, etc), no configuration required....more info
  • refreshing quality
    I had to replace my current router because it kept losing settings and needed reset. This router would be my fourth in the last 4-5 years so I'm not happy about needing to purchase another one. I wanted something other than Linksys, D-Link, or Belkin (my last three) so I gave Trendnet a try. I just set it up and so far so good. We'll see how long it lasts. However, my initial impressions are very favorable. It seems well built and the setup CD actually works (and it doesn't install anything on your computer to do so). The web-based admin is well done.

    The package contains a quick-start manual but no full manual. I view this as a positive. Much less waste when you can download it if you need it....more info
  • Problems with Wired Connections... of all things.
    I have never in my life had a problem with wired connections on a router. With this router though I have had several right out of the box.

    For some reason when I plug my wired machines into this router the machines want to use 802.1x Authentication. Since there are no machines on my network to authenticate against the network adapters all go into an error state "Authentication Failed" and fail to DHCP.

    I have never even heard of WIRED 802.1x Authentication but it seems to be related to a service on Vista and XPsp3 called Wired AutoConfig. On my Vista machine disabling this service allowed me to DHCP with the router. On my XP machine disabling the service made no difference. I also tried simply unchecking "Enable IEEE 802.1x Authentication" this also made no difference.

    The wireless works just fine.

    My old router which was slower also worked just fine for all of my devices. I think despite the wonderful speed of this device I will be returning it. I'm waiting to hear back from trendnet support first. I'll update this review if I find some resolution to the problem.

    UPDATE: After a few rounds of shoulder shrugging Trendnet has reproduced my problem in house (I can reproduce it 100% of the time with any machine so this should not be a big accomplishment). I kept the router and am eagerly awaiting a firmware update. If they can get this problem take care of I'll up my rating....more info
  • Good stuff!
    I get a great signal from this little box. It was easy to hook up and syncs with all my LAN and Wireless Products.

    Highly recomended!...more info
  • Average
    Well this about the average router for Your buck but very easy to install and working well ;D ...more info
  • Simply the Best
    Pros: Rate, Range, Features.

    Cons: None really - only GIG WAN port is useless at this time.

    I only have 802.11g clients at this time - getting full 54 Mbps (all the client can do) with 75% signal at 50 feet and 1 floor away while I was getting half of the rate and signal with old 802.11g router at the same location. WISH Feature is cool and it works. ...more info
  • Excensive but worth it
    Got the TRENDnet for the first time based on a friend's suggestion to replace my NetGear router and this impressed me right away. The 300Mbs is awesome with additional encryption options. Even though its a bit expensive, it's worth it....more info
  • Works great - reliable and great signal/speed quality
    This replaced a Linksys router that was getting flaky where my signal kept dropping and throughput speed was horrid.

    The Trendnet got overall great reviews and it has been working great for the last 6 months. Signal strength and throughput is awesome and it was a breeze to set up....more info
  • V. pleased with product. Though some issues...
    As BOTH of my 5 yr old Linksys BEFW11S4'S started being irritable, I needed to find a reliable replacement ( one was used just as a switch). After much research reading many reviews and recommendations I purchased this item ( seems QUALITY for MAJOR brands is NO LONGER JOB ONE.)

    why I chose:
    1) item had mostly glowing reviews, and v.few unsatisfieds. ( 4-1/2 stars )
    2) 3 yr warranty
    3) semi-future-proof ( "N" wireless , GigaBit switch)
    (see Trendnet TEW631 if don't want Gigbit)
    4) responsive Web-based, email support.
    1) There are two versions Ver 1.0R and vers 1.1R ... According to Trendnet, the 1.1R has a REALTEC chipset for the gigabit switch section. I have used both versions. I have NOT noticed any performance difference between the two version ( no testing performed, just casual observation).

    2) Trendnet's website support is knowledgble, helpfull and responsive. I was impressed.

    3) The installation instructions provided are horrible and will waste your time.
    ... just plug router into your network, cycle power to cable/dsl modem and then cycle power to new router, then reboot PC ... the type default router IP: into browser ... then configure router... snap ( hint: there is NO default password " ... b l a n k ... " !

    4) my 1st purchase was from local BIg-Box ( not BB) as I needed ASAP. It was vers. 1.0R. ... worked fine . But AMAZON was 20% cheaper . so ordered it too. I tried to get Amazon ppl to see which mdl they ship ; Amazon was NOT very helpful in that regard. But Amazon shipped the V1.1R mdl to me. ... BUT ... according to Trendnet support... mine was broken..

    Any "100/10Mbps" adapter would only negotiate to "10Mbps" with this ver 1.1R router. forcing 100Mbps in adapter setup would cause the connection to FAIL. Though, 1Gbps devices auto-negotiated to 1Gbps just fine.

    5) To their credit, Amazon is sending a "free" replacement, so I am not without a router during exchange period.

    6) status indicater lights are way too bright; which is a waste of energy and annoying at night.

    7) I love the "DHCP Reservation" feature. I no longer have to use Fix-ed IP in WinXP, as the router recognizes the PC ( by MAC address ) as assigns "reserved" IP.

    8) Switch on router to turn Wireless Access ON or OFF is nice touch.

    I would highly recommend this router and Amazon... either vers 1.0R or vers 1.1R

    Rated only 4-STARs because of my V1.1R unit failure. Manufacturing Final-QC should have rejected this one.

    note: I did try to get local BigBox to match Amazon price, unsuccessfully.

    added: ... recommend mounting the router vertically ( use supplied base) as unit will get somewhat hot laying horizontally (heat causes early failures)....more info
  • Excellent range; no issues with dropping wireless connection
    I have been an avid D-Link user and upgraded to the DIR-655 about 2 weeks ago. After struggling for days to get the DIR-655 to hold a wireless connection for any descent period, I eventually return the DIR-655 back to Amazon and I have just received the TrendNet TEW-633GR instead.

    This model is almost identical to the DIR-655 in performance and so far after 2 hours, I have not had any wireless connection drops with the TEW-633GR. I can now watch my slingbox in peace without a lot of the disconnects.

    For those who may experience some initial hock-up issues with the slingbox, I simple changed the router address from back to the address of my previous router and have had no problems watching my slingbox on my laptop around my house.

    Also, I did not download the optional software that came on the setup disk.

    I'll update if I notice any changes....more info
  • Had for 2 months, works well.
    this is my first wireless adapter and it seems to work as advertised, I am running windows Vista 64 bit and could not get the Wi-Fi setup program thing to work so I went through the manual and found that address and set it up manually, I have gotten the wireless up to around 65Mb per second with the computer sitting almost on top of the router and web surfing is really close to a wired connection. The range is good I think but I live in an all brick building and the signal can go through about two brick walls and then dies out, so I would not have the best idea of normal range. Iv'e had this for about two months and So far I haven't had problems with dropped connections, but then again I'm usually just streaming video and stuff in the same room as the router. ...more info
  • Great router, easy setup...
    Pros: Easy setup; 4 Auto-sensing Gigabit ports; Wireless Draft N 2.0; 3 Year Warranty; lots of options in UI; included stand; black color to match home components; great low price(on sale).
    Both HP dv9000t laptop and Dell Inspiron 6000 are now always connected at full speed/bars anywhere in our apartment and haven't dropped connection once(using G, but haven't had chance to try N yet). Gigabit port on HP laptop is finally getting awesome use for transferring files; also great for gigabit PS3.
    Note: IP for this router is sure if you get this router to look for hardware version 1.1R on box or router, as the previous version seems to have had some issues. If you can, try to use Cat 6 cables for the gigabit ports. Also update all your wireless card drivers/software to the latest, and also this router to latest firmware(currently v1.0.4.4).

    Cons: On Connection Quality/Speed: None yet.
    For Features: found WEP option glitchy(just use WPA and above); Not dual band; no USB port; still DRAFT N 2.0(by the time they get "N" to be a standard, there will be another wireless protocol coming out)

    Other Thoughts: For over 4 years, I had been using the awesome Linksys WRT54G without many issues at all. I recently wanted to upgrade, and did much research for the past few months, but was still hesitant to go into Draft N, or even gigabit routers due to cost. I had settled on the D-Link DIR655 as my first option , and this TRENDnet as one of my possible seconds, but cost was still an issue. Then this TRENDnet went on sale(on another site) for about as much as a G router costs these days. I tried a manual setup with the TRENDnet at first(always did manual setups with Linksys) which initially did not work for me, so I ended up using the included CD to make it easy and switch over to the new TRENDnet router. The trick is to leave your current network connected the original way, and then use the CD to switch over to the TRENDnet router following the CD instructions step by step. After that, remove any installed software, and you can always change all the manual settings you wish(which I did)....more info
  • Your search is over.
    I have owned more than a few routers - old Linksys b router, WRT610N, Netgear and a few others. This one blows them all away. GREAT wireless range. I have mine installed in a furnace room that's in the basement of my house (that room also has thick concrete walls) and I still get great signal everywhere in my home and outside - Even on the street out in front. Right now I'm running 2 wireless laptops, 1 desktop, network printer and PS3. No problems with any devices talking to each other or accessing the internet. I always got DLNA errors when I used the Linksys 610N when trying to stream from my desktop to the PS3. With this router - no problems at all. I can have torrents running and still get zero lag with PS3 gaming. The firmware enables a very high level of customization. You definitely get a lot for the money (I only paid $83 for mine). My only pet peeve is that the case is that shiny plastic that scratches if you even look at it the wrong way LOL. Buy this router, you will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • No real issues...
    I've been running with this router for a month now with little to no issues. Setup was mediocre, the average user may need some assistance but its not too difficult. Distance is far superior to my previous D-Link, I'm able to walk 3 houses down without losing a connection (whereas before I wouldn't be able to reach the middle of my driveway). The only problem I ran into was interference with a cordless phone running the same signal, pitched the phone and I've been error free since....more info
  • XBOX Gamers Delight!
    I just got this for the "N" technology but my inlaws brought over their XBOX 360 and they hooked it to the router -- WOW! It has a game setting that you can select XBOX LIVE (you can even specify the game!), and it assigns the setting to the IP of the XBOX and it is keeping the game lag-free and fast! I am very impressed so far!...more info
  • Great Product!
    Previous wireless router was having issues with home network setup and could not connect to the new Nintendo Wii.
    I'd read a few online reviews about a few issues with this router (i.e. CD software did not work etc.), and had Network Engineer (family member) on speed dial for any issues...
    The installation was very easy! (No need for "family member" at all)
    Home Laptops no longer lose connection or DNS issues!
    The internet speed increased!
    The Nintendo Wii easily connected!
    Very Happy!
    Great Product!!!...more info
  • Great Router found cheaper combo w/8GB Jump drive.
    I Found this cheaper as a combo at NewEgg!! only $99.00 and included an 8 GB jump drive. Sorry Amazon is not always the cheapest. I love this router, I never get connection disconnects like I used to with my D-Link. It is fast and easy to set up. Using with win xp on desktop and win vista home edition on laptop. ...more info