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Don't Let another day go bye without having the safety and security this back up camera provides. See our in action video at vr3.us of this and all products we have listed on Amazon

  • 4 Button Wireless Backup Camera
  • Large 3.5" digital display screen
  • Wide Angle Viewing 180 degrees
  • 2.4 GHZ Wireless
  • Complete with all accessories
Customer Reviews:
  • It works BUT
    I bought this unit because my 2.5" version got moisture in the camera and I broke it trying to take it apart to dry it out. All I needed was a new monitor but Virtual Reality will not sell just a monitor so I had to buy the whole thing. The packaging did not mention it has 6 IR LED's that turn on for night use.

    Since my camera mount is inside the coach (a motorhome) it was dark enough so that the IR LED's were constantly on causing the camera to overheat and the picture to become blurry. I use it for a rear view mirror always on.

    I just wanted to let others know about this issue. I overcame it by mounting a white LED above the light sensor to keep the camera's LED's
    turned off.

    The unit works well enough in a 22' motorhome to be useful. I have both the 2.5" and the 3.5" monitors mounted. The picture is clearer and sharper
    on the smaller monitor.

    If this is all you can afford get it but if you can afford something better get that. I would not be without some camera in a motorhome after using one.

    Both the 2.5 and the 3.5" versions operate on the same frequency so the components are interchangeable. The help desk did not know this....more info
  • great product, great Canadian manufacturer, fast shipping
    I was wary of buying this product, mainly because of the cheesy-looking packaging that is shown on Amazon pages. I am very glad that I did buy the product. It turns out that this is a very professional unit that works very well. The instructions are clear, all the things needed for installation are included, and the camera and monitor works fabulously. It only took a couple of hours to install and installation was not difficult at all. The company, VR3, is in Canada -- and has typical Canadian quality (good) and good instructions in several languages. VR3, if you are listening, you'd do yourselves some good in replacing the image on Amazon's website that shows your product with something that shows how professional this product is. The existing product image, with the mother and baby, make this look like some cheap product made in China that will have no support and will not last long. ...more info
  • Great Value for the Price
    After investigating the many different products available including the reviews for this one, (including seeing the 2.5" version for the same price in a store) I purchased it last week. The unit came directly from VR in 2 days and was the "latest" version. I installed it on my mercedes in a very short period of time without altering my car what so ever. Placing the camera leads on my back up bulb electrical cartridge (hence no splicing) I would advise making sure additional fuses are available in case the wires are placed (or you twist the lamp fixture) 180 degrees incorrectly. If so it will blow the fuse. Otherwise the install was easy. True, the camera for the license plate is much larger than the previous version, however, by cutting a chrome license plate holder to match its sides and placing it over the camera brackets, it looks quite acceptable. My car is silver so use a license plate holder in a color that works for you.

    After installation I found the camera to work well. The screen comes on instantly and unless you wave your hand around the monitor the resolution is clear and easy to view. I have used it several times over the past week and it continues to work great. Great picture, instant on, instant off when out of reverse. After seeing the 2.5" model I am very happy with choosing the larger screen. Good Job VR!...more info
  • Excellent for RV use
    I bought the 2.5 inch screen version in April 2008 and it worked so well as a back up camera to hitch up my Airstream travel trailer alone, without help, that I ordered the 3.5 inch screen version from Amazon. The packaging and included hardware was different in the 3.5 version (more stuff) but the cameras & screens work the same and are 4-buttons. You don't need to go through all the hook up, permanent installation if you buy a little sticky Velcro tape, then just plug into a vehicle 12 v outlet by temporarily passing the cord through a window or door then closing it. They give you a lot of cord.

    The screen flicker is ONLY apparent when you put your hands near the receiver or have it twisted or tilted in an odd way OR are moving on rough ground. I just did 1,563 miles in 3 days with the 3.5 inch Velcro attached to the dash and the camera attache to the middle rear of the Airstream with 1.5 inch strip of Velcro. This camera is so GREAT on the Interstate that I wouldn't be without one again. Easy to see traffic behind you NIGHT or DAY and invaluable if towing an RV. Superwide lens lets you know if you've passed large trucks far enough to pull in or if someone is right on your tail and wants you to move over.HIGHLY recommended for all RV's. For $95 I'm ordering another one to keep in my tow vehicle as a "spare." My wife towed the trailer for the first time on this trip and found the camera so incredibly useful that she says she won't tow again without it. I found range is at least 60 ft between camera & receiver screen. EXCELLENT for such low cost....more info
  • Latest version is really good
    You can find many reviews here in amazon about this product family, but I received the latest version of this product and it works great. The version I have is the one that has a camera that can be adjusted in different angles and that also supports wired connection. I understand that previous versions have many problems with transmision and image quality but this one seems to solve all these issues.

    One thing I found is that it has an antenna, so I guess this improves reception and solves many of the issues reported. the antenna is glued to the cable that is connected to the camera, so I was very carefull of not cutting it (a label there includes a warning) and place it in horizontal position.

    Net, you have to be carefull with the version you buy. This company has issues with the naming and coding of the models. My model is VRBCS335WCA, but I think you can not identify the different models by the box.

    You can also identify the product by other characteristics in the Monitor and Camera:

    - If the camera can be adjusted in different angles, it is the latest model
    - The monitor in the latest model has a video input and an USB port to charge external devices (I have not test it).

    As I said before the system works as expected. Sometimes I receive some noise but not as bad to affect functionality of the system.

    Installation was not as easy as advertised. I eliminated the license plate light and was able to install the camera there. I placed the monitor in the sun shade and connected the 12V cable to the internal light so I can "hide" the monitor and no cables are shown, the included electrical connectors are useless, I recommend you better make direct connections to the cables. Total time of installation: 3 hours.

    Hope this helps....more info
  • Good concept, poor product execution
    I have three of the VR3 cameras with four buttons and not one works. On the test bench where the camera is next to the monitor, it works beautifully - solid picture, nice color. But once its installed in a vehicle, the screen is not stable. Jumping picture, poor reception with lines across screen, turns off right in the middle backing up, takes too long to turn on. All three units are like this. The remote camera was hardwire connected with 40/60 electrical solder using heat shrink tubing. I've been doing electrical work for many decades so it shouldn't be an installation issue as others have the same problems too.

    Warranty is only for 30 days. Need to drill holes in the license plate and vehicle structure to fish wires to the backup light circuit. Too bad nice little device, if it only works.
    ...more info