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Ear Force X3 Headset: Chat + Wireless Game Audio, for Xbox 360
List Price: $119.95

Our Price: $92.99

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Product Description

PC gamers rely on headphones to eliminate distracting noise around them, so they can concentrate on their game play and hear every nuance of the game audio. Stereo headphones with an integrated PC microphone are incompatible with the Xbox 360, so gamers are forced to choose between using standard headphones and talking online. Conventional Xbox communicator headsets cover one ear for chat, leaving only a single ear for hearing game audio from the speakers. The Ear Force X3 overcome this problem by pumping game audio AND online chat through high-fidelity headphones to deliver the privacy, clarity, and competitive edge of PC headphones on the Xbox 360 platform. They're also designed to enhance the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming experience by enabling the user to independently control volume of amplified chat and game audio - a first for wireless headphones. Designed for premium sound, the X3s feature 40mm drivers in each ear cup and are powered by low distortion DC-coupled amplifiers for deep, rich bass sound. Engineered for long-gaming sessions, the headphones incorporate a soft, cushioned, adjustable headband, deep ear pads and tilting ear cups to fit the contours of the gamer's head. No matter if your priority is physical comfort, headset options or audio clarity, the Ear Force X3 wireless Xbox headphones will hold up to the test. Headset usable with other gaming systems (mic for Xbox 360 only)

  • Stereo Expander to provide a wider sound field for richer, fuller sound
  • Bass Boost - just like turning up the sub-woofer on a home theater system.
  • Automatically adjusts incoming Xbox Live chat levels during loud game moments, so chat from teammates isn't lost in exciting parts of the game play. When the game volume quiets down, the chat level smoothly returns to the normal volume setting.
  • The headphones are designed for long battery life and will automatically shut off
  • Microphone monitoring - lets gamer hear own voice along with other chat

Customer Reviews:

  • Great buy !!!
    Purchased this for the sole purpose of keeping the peace in my home. My wife hated the noise of my console and more specifically FPS games. When Gears 2 came out I knew I needed to find a solution. Long story, short, What a great find. Sound great, comfortable, and down right awesome. Would highly recommend to anyone....more info
  • The best headphones to date for Xbox Live game play. Period.
    I play combat games for the most part: Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 ... but others, too -- like Rock Band, which as you might guess can also get LOUD.

    My wife hates the noise. That means I need headphones for game play. And I've tried/tested pretty much all of them, including the earlier versions of Turtle Beach (wired and wireless, like the X2) as well as many other brands, like the Tritton True 5.1 Digital Audio Headset with AX360 Audio Xtreme 360.

    Until the Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Wireless Headphones (which I got for Christmas), my two favorite were:

    * the Turtle Beach EarForce X2 (wireless)
    * The Trittons (wired)

    Both of the above had pros and cons.

    The pros of the X2s was that they were wireless and had decent Xbox Live Chat capabilities. The pros of the Trittons was the fantastic sound quality. There are 4 dials for sound alone! If you don't play games that require Xbox Live, these are fabulous headphone. They use an optical sound cable. Fab sound quality.

    Cons of both the X2 and the Trittons: depending on the game, is that it can be hard to clearly hear your teammates during the heat of battle -- even in the lobby if there is default game music playing (in Call of Duty 4, there is no user option to turn this music off).

    You also can't hear yourself talk -- both of your ears are covered, naturally, so when you talk, you tend to get LOUD because you can't hear yourself. Your own voice is muffled.

    Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Wireless Headphones for Xbox 360 solved this problem. Now you can "hear" yourself talk. Much like when you are on the phone, you can hear a little bit of your voice through the earpiece part of the phone.

    The wireless base station is also MUCH smaller than the X2's base station. Which was huge mainly because it was designed to needlessly hold the headphones when not in use.

    Pros of the X3s:
    * Set up takes about 3 minutes. Plug and play.
    * The earphones are comfy -- even on my big, adult head
    * Wireless
    * Can "hear" yourself talk through the headphones
    * "Bass boost" option mode (a switch near the volume)
    * TWO volume dials: one for overall gameplay, another for Xbox Live chat. For example, I love Call of Duty 4, but you are unable to turn off the lobby's default music in between games. With the other headphones, I had trouble hearing folks. The X3s enable you to dial down the music altogether -- so you just hear the chat in the lobby.
    * Mute button
    * Surround sound is good ... you can tell where the bad guys are coming from

    Sound quality is good -- but not amazing. But remember that these are wireless. The wired headphones have a bit of an advantage in overall sound quality.

    Tip: With the Turtle Beach X3s, unlike ALL of the other headphones, under the "voice" personal options 360 menu, select the default "Play Voice through Headset" and not "both headset and speakers."

    You are going to love these headphones....more info
  • Headphones don't work near plasma TV!
    Be aware that the headphones use infrared technology. Plasma tvs give off a lot of IR. If you plan on using these headphones anywhere near a plasma tv, think again. Completely inaudible....more info
  • Gears48
    This product has amazing quality and it feels like I am in a movie theater. A whole new dimension of sound and action....more info
  • The answer to wireless gaming!!!
    Great for late night gaming, wireless makes it even better! Batteries are the only issue. They need to make one with a charging dock, with rechargeable batteries. ...more info
  • headphone / mic
    The product is awesom,w ,,,, BUT >>>> it can only be used for the XBOX system. I was looking for a PC compatible product. The ad did not mention the limitation to Xbox only,...more info
  • Gamer headphones
    I had bought these for my son for christmas and he liked them so much he told his dad to order some so they could play online together. Makes hearing much easier while playing the games....more info
    My wife got it for me after having a partial panic attack thanx to all the shooting booming and screaming sound effects LOL!The sound it's ok not great,there for i think the prize should be no more than 65$. Batteries!! Save money right away by buying aaa rechargeable battery pack,trust me on this BUY IT,the batteries die too soon.When it comes to multiplayer online it's huge advantage over every one else using the regular headset,team comunication it's superb when using this device i love the fact that i have total control of every sound and voice.Overall my only complain will be the prize......more info
  • Love this headset
    Extremely easy to set up, Great sound and very comfortable. I bought this because my wife complained about the noise when I am game playing. Now I can play with it as loud as I please and I disturb no one.
    I debated back and forth between this set and the x-4 set and just couldn't justify paying that much more for surround sound. With the money I saved by not buying the more expensive set I bought another game to play.
    The only negative thing I can find with this headset is that it certainly can become warm around your ears....more info
  • Looks nice, feels nice, too bad it doesn't work
    I purchased the T.B. Ear Force X3 four days ago and haven't been able to get it to function properly. Right out of the box it had power issues. When I put the batteries in the 'on' indicator would flash red but when I tried to put the headset on the unit would short out and cut off. I tried the power button but it didn't work either. The only way I can get it to work is to put the headset on, blindly install the batteries and pray that this will be the one in 30 times it will turn on and stay on. If I am lucky and it actually turns on and begins working then I can only expect about 2-20 minutes of use before it shorts out again.

    I did not buy it from Amazon but rather a local retailer and I intend to return it for a refund as soon as I can. Also, the unit has an issue working with plasma tvs but I'm using an LCD so that couldn't be the problem. Personally, I think I just got a lemon and I'll try a replacement before giving up and finding another manufacturer....more info
    When I frist got these head phones they where great. I got them for Christmas 2008 and they worked well...until February 2009. The mike according to my friends on live "sounded like I was mumbling every word" and when I switch back to my 15 dollar mike they could hear me better. Maybe it is just mine, maybe I broke it but this is a Major Issue for a set of 100 dollar headphones. I recommend them but if you buy them, keep your old mike. ...more info
  • Turtle Beach X3 Wireless Headset
    These headphones are amazing! I heard quite a few people talking about them on Xbox Live on how it was giving them the upper hand on COD WAW Search & Destroy being able to hear where the enemy is coming from. I figured why not just get them, well let me tell you gaming is a whole new world now. They were all right! You can hear everthing not just only foe but also friend. You can also hear no problem when they are planting bomb or dis-arming (if your camping). You can't go wrong with these! If you take gaming seriously it's a must. Plus you can control speaking through headset to friends higher or lower and your voice stays at one range, so you have no one yelling fix your mic lol....more info
  • Fun headset
    The Ear Force X3. I got this headset in order to keep the noise down while my girlfriend is sleeping. Sound quality is good. The speakers try to create a form of suround sound by breaking up the audio and adjusting the volume of individual sounds making it seem like suround sound. During intense moments in games and movies (i.e. gears of war tyro station) the speakers will cut out for a sec. (volume is at half or less at this time.)Overall I enjoy this product. Voice volume is kind of weak. It is hard to hear yourself when in a gun fight. Overall this headset is great as long as you mess with the volume settings and get them just right....more info
  • Best. Headset. EVER!
    Well... Let me start off with saying that I have been gaming my whole life, I have owned everything from PS2's to Xbox originals, to the latest Xbox 360. When the Xbox 360 launched it was created to be the leader in console gaming both for hardcore and casual gamers.

    I am a Hardcore gamer, I game A LOT! I know my way around when it comes to consoles, and I know my hardware and Accessories...

    So, I purchased this headset a couple months back, and from the date I purchased this I have not put it down! The Sound quality is amazing! and I really have not noticed a SINGLE problem with it!

    I will list some pros that I haven't seen posted on here thus far:

    - The Headsets Sound quality is amazing, I play a lot of shooter games (CoD4, Halo , BF-BC etc) and I have never been able to hear what I hear when I am wearing this Unit! The Things you hear are - rain, Footsteps, long distance firing, and much more

    - with the recent Music games that have started to dominate the video game market (rockband / Guitar Hero) I play in my living room and my family gets very annoyed to hear the "annoying" songs that I play in those games broadcast through the house and these headphones have completely eliminated that FOREVER!!!!

    - WIRELESS - I have used several Wireless headsets that cause "Fuzz" and "Distortion" but I have NO problem with these at all! :)

    - You can change anything, if the volume of the game is to loud you can turn it down, or if you need more chat volume you can turn that up, it is a very easy method right on the headphones themselves!

    - Overall I find NO real problem with these headsets... I love them to death, I tried to go back to a garbage MS mic after I got the Turtle Beach X3 just to see how different it was... and I could not stand it! These Headsets are by far the best I have ever used! and I have used a lot!!!


    - The only con that I find in this item is that they don't come with rechargeable batteries... (they come with batteries but not rechargeable ones) so I went to best but, and bought a 4pack of rechargeable batteries ($5.00) and everything from there on out has been perfect!!!

    Overall I would rate this Item with a 10/10! I have used it for awhile now, and have had no problems, and the quality is incredible!

    I always go by the saying "you get what you pay for" well that is the case here, I had 3 Microsoft Mics break on me last year alone, that's $60.00 a year, at that rate... so I invested in this and have had no problems for about 7-8months!!!

    I would suggest this item to anyone looking to get a good quality, superbly designed headset, and get the best bang for your buck!

    ...more info
  • definately worth the money
    Ear Force X3 Headset: Chat + Wireless Game Audio, for Xbox 360
    This headset is great! I have heard so many sounds in my games that I never knew existed. Really helps at night when everyone is asleep and I stay up to play video games because I can listen to the game, the people I'm playing with and myself without disturbing anyone. Only thing is at first it hurt my head because of my glasses but I got used to it. I definately recommend....more info
  • Good deal BUT>>>
    First thing first, Amazon has the best price for this than anywhere else. The headphones are good. They produce good sound and the mic is good. The headset has the function to control your volume as well as in game volume. Here is where it kind of goes down hill. I was recently playing HALO3 with it. I noticed that EVERY time there was a grenade toss, vehicle explsion, and even the 50 cal on the back of the warthog was fired the sound would just cut off. It seems as though the headset just cancels it out completely which of course takes you out of the game. I tried turning off the bass boost, and yet the samething happened again. It's like a dropped call, you can get it back but its so annoying. I tried it with other games and the best thing to do is lower the game volume which kinda sucks cause that was the point of the headset to HEAR the game without diturbing others.
    The red & white plugs right to the back of your 360. I have home theater with digital sound so it left the R&W slots open just for this device. The sensors are on the headset but the signal box must plug into the wall. If your like me you already have a jungle of cords behind the tv and not enough room for another plug for power. Why it couldn't use the usb for power, I don't know.
    The device loses cool points for being so blocky. My fiance constantly laughs when she sees me with it and can't understand why she is marrying a geek.
    Also, you can listen to movies without disturbing neighbors. You don't even have to turn on the controller. It uses 2 AAA which doesn't suck power from the controller.
    Good price, good quality, Hear ambience you may not have noticed before.
    Lose cool points, Too many explosions the headset just cancels out the noise. ...more info
  • ear Force X3 Review
    Great product. It enhances the game experience because of the vivid sounds when playing. I get so into games now because of the headphones that I wished I had bought this a long time ago. ...more info
  • Good headset EXCEPT.....
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He really likes it, but one thing that is bad on this is the foam piece that helps filter background noise that fits on the microphone, well that piece does not fit properly or secure. It slides right off, and FREQUENTLY. The drawback of this is that on a scale of (Good)1-10(bad) on annoying it is a 5 - However on a SAFETY scale it is a 10!! A baby or small child can EASILY get their hands on it. It fell off while my husband was playing a game and before he could grab it our puppy got ahold of it and started choking on it!!
    Needless to say, it now just stays OFF!! Another drawback is that it takes regular batteries, not a battery pack that you can recharge....more info
  • Great Headset
    The Ear Force X3 Headset is excellent. My family no longer has to hear the TV sound when I am playing games. I would recommend this to my friends....more info
  • Great overall, better than other alternatives.
    Review for the Ear Force X3s. Sound quality is fantastic. Get pretty deep surround sound, you can hear the sound in all directions. You will hardly notice you're not listening to the audio from external speakers.
    Very comfortable. Some headphones are too tight, some too loose, with the adjustability on these and the distance of the ear from the earphone, they got it right. The microphone is also adjustable so if you don't want it you can move it without any change in the feel.
    Great value for wireless headphones. Similar ones run way more expensive. These are about half the cost of their successors, the X4s, and from the quality these things deliver, it's hard to imagine it would be worth spending more for headphones.
    Very good range. I have only tested from about 12 ft. away but there is no difference from that distance to very close. I have not tried over 12ft. however. I'm also not sure if you have to have the receiver immediately in the view of the headphones but I doubt it.
    Great battery life. For some reason doesn't drain batteries as fast as I thought it would. Takes AA. Of course, forgetting to shut them off (common mistake with powered earphones) you will lose battery life.
    Look decent. Probably not winning any awards for aesthetics but definitely not catching any flack for it either.
    These headphones also have an adjustable microphone which is surprisingly sturdy and maneuverable. You also have to plug the headphones into your controller if you do want to use the microphone but I've done it and it's comfortable.
    In addition, the packaging on these is too much. I had to use a pair of loppers to get them out of their packaging. Regular scissors would take a lot of energy just to get these things out of their plastic packaging. Also, I don't like the way they designed the on/off button, I would rather it be on the side as opposed to the bottom of an ear-piece. It's super small also so normally you can't immediately just turn it on or off but have to take the headphones off first, but maybe you could practice.
    On the flip-side, these are a great solution if you are looking for noise control with your gaming or DVD watching like I was. They are worth the money if you compare the other models of wireless headphones, as well as the cost of wires you would need to buy in order to adapt regular headphones for use on the 360... but that wouldn't give you wireless headphones nor would it probably give you a mic.
    On a final note, read the review by Daniel Rayburn who complains you cannot use these with a certain XBOX 360 setup. If you fall under that category then you should not get these. I use a regular XBOX 360 connected by component to my television and I have not encountered the problems he encountered. All in all I would buy these again because they reduce noise and are priced better than their alternatives....more info
  • Great for late night gamers with kids!
    For the last 3 1/2 years I have had to play my games with the volume pretty much turned off. Due to the fact the my children are pretty much a wall away, and the game noise would wake them up.
    These headphones are one of the greatest investments I have made in quite some time. I'm hearing things in the game I never even knew existed.
    The only real complaint I can come up with, is that the headphones and ear foam pieces are not really made for people with big ears or heads. Every now and then I need to take them off just to release some of the pressure. It is not horrible, and you really do not notice. But it does happen, or at least for me.
    Regardless I love this product!...more info
  • Comfortable and Crystal Clear
    I almost didn't buy these because of some of the negative things I read about them, but took a chance.....boy am I glad I did, I am a adult and these fit absolutely great, comfy and flawless sound. no breaking up. the separate adjustments for the game sound and chat are perfect. this product is awesome for xbox live play......highly recommend....more info