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As I Am
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By the time this long-awaited album saw its release date, most fans had probably read at least a couple of interviews with Alicia Keys in which she explained that first single, "No One"--a firestorm of a song clearly born of a sore heart and steeped in serious soul-searching, was about her decision to retreat from the obligations of stardom when she found out a loved one was in need of her care. The anecdote sticks not just because it explained the song so well--you can actually hear the pain, commitment, and determination in her sultry voice--but because it gets at what makes the woman behind the music so appealing. There's only one way R&B artists grow to become legends, and it's by drenching the words they sing with feeling (think Gladys Knight, Roberta Flack). The skeptical listener might have had her doubts before As I Am, but there's no mistaking it now: Alicia Keys is well on her way to sharing a category with them. This record radiates not just old-soul maturity, the kind Alicia fans say makes her modern rarity, but real soul. Vintage-leaning hooks and horns grab hold on "Where Do We Go from Here" and an assortment of other songs, but Keys can also get by just fine without them, as she proves on more pop-flavored numbers like "Lesson Learned," with John Mayer, and "Superwoman." The genres may be smearing, she seems to say, but bring them on: she won't shrink back. Her commitment is not to a single style but to what's stirring her soul. Because of it, she's moving R&B, or something like it, from the hips back to the heart. --Tammy La Gorce

UK pressing of the Deluxe two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0 DVD) edition of the 2007 album from the R&B star features one bonus track. Also features a DVD that includes three performances from her appearance at the Hollywood Bowl, the 'No One' video clip plus behind the scenes footage on the making of the album and the video. Keys is a nine-time Grammy Award winner and has sold millions of copies of her first two album in the U.S. alone. The lead single from the album is 'No One' and was written and produced by Keys' long-time collaborator Kerry "Krucial" Brothers and Dirty Harry. 15 tracks total.

Customer Reviews:

  • Music for the soul
    If you are a fan of Ms. Keys you will love this album. If you are not a fan of her you will appreciate the beauty the deepness and the soul of her music. I own all her albums and I think this one is the best out of all and they are all pretty good. This album seems to come deeper place with in her and I love it so much. I know you will enjoy it too....more info
  • THE BEST!!
    I can't get enough of this cd. My aunt and I blast this song in the car all the time. I love "Lessoned Learned". Everybody that I have told about this cd love it just as much as i do....more info
    I loooved Alicia's debut, Songs in A Minor. I thought every track was great and i fell in love with her. Her second album, Diary of Alicia Keys, I liked tracks 1 through 7...7 being "Diary", the best song on that album. I really was not feeling anything too much after track 7 on that album...but i was still a huge fan. I saw her in concert after she released "Diary" and she was AMAZING. I will def make it a point to see her again in concert when she tours again. I am so PISSED i missed her this summer because i think this is her best work ever! Every track is a great song! She has a more mature raspy sounding voice and has mixed so many styles of music from I Need You to Like You'll Never See Me Again to Where Do We Go From Here to Superwoman, everything's so different and new. It's a perfect mix of fun upbeat songs ( Teenage Love Affair and Wreckless Love ) and lovely ballads ( Sure Looks Good to Me, Prelude To A Kiss, Tell You Something (my fav if i had to pick ONE)....I give every song on this album 5 out of 5 stars!...more info
  • Another hit!
    Alicia Keys does it again! Each track on this cd is amazing and will have you singing along in no time!...more info
  • Alicia Keys can never go wrong...
    I expected more "hits" on this record but Alicia makes everything she does even seem like a hit-worthy song. Basically it grows on you because she is so great. ...more info
  • not sold
    As I Am
    I wanted to like this. between my favorite shows..maybe that is what prompted me to take this leap. I didnt fall far, but i fell and i am bruised.
    Be true to the music. I want an identity from you, Alicia.
    ...more info
  • Great voice!!
    Her best album!!! She has an amazing voice and every song in the cd is worth it!!...more info
  • Alicia Finally Found That Sound
    There's a reason why this album has sold over 3.5 million records to date...With a storng single that is one of the most honest sounding songs in a long while, she brought everyone in to the album. And once you get into the album, she carries it home with songs that are best played one after another for a complete experience.

    Ever since her release of "Falling," I've been waiting for an A. Keys album to match the magic of that single...and this is finally it. Every song is honest, heart felt, and very natural. The album seems effortlessly made, which is a sign of greatness. ...more info
  • As She Is...
    "As I Am," Alicia Keys' third solo effort is her best all-around effort to date. While the CD offers no immediate classics like "Fallin'," or "You Don't Know My Name,", the songs work better as a whole. Heavily inspired by 70s soul and rock music, the CD features some of A. Keys most experimental tracks ever. There's "The Thing About Love" that starts out like a typical A. Keys soul ballad, but transforms into a rock ballad. "No One," the reggae-tinged, Grammy-winning #1 anthem, finds Alicia singing in her most passionate and inspired voice ever. "Like You'll Never See Me Again" finds Alicia experimenting with a softer, Prince inspired 80s ballad. "Lesson Learned," a duet with John Mayer, is a bluesy ballad with Alicia on her lyrical "A" game. Mayer provides excellent backup vocals and guitar. "Teenage Love Affair," "Wreckless Love," and "I Need You" sound like they could have been written circa 1975. They are her most aggressive, uptempo soul jams ever!

    There's no doubt Alicia is marking her place as one of the most successful and creative female talents ever. With 11 Grammy wins behind her already, she could easily get lazy and release piano driven ballads from now on. But she challenged herself with this record by experimenting with different sounds and in the process made her strongest effort yet. I can't wait to hear what she comes up with next! ...more info
  • Amazing 1st SINGLES & then NO SUBSTANCE!!!!
    Amazing 1st SINGLES & then NO SUBSTANCE!!!!

    Alicia Keys is a very talented artist and even though in interviews she can come off a bit street & ROUGH she is overall an exceptional singer. But i am always disappointed by her albums as she really doesn't offer anything else besides a spectacular 1st single which show cases her amazing vocal talents. Then when you get to the album its complete BORING DUDS back to back. Hopefully she'll evolve as an artist and stop tricking her fans who keep buying the CD based off her 1st single.

    Artist these days are really just tricking their FANS and releasing garbage or hoping that their 1st single will carry them to multi platinum success. Once again i was sooo disappointed in this album and i wish i could return the CD....more info
  • A pleasent Surprise
    I was never really a big fan of Alicia Keys. Although, I did applaud her for trying to bring a bit of classical music into the world of modern day R&B. Anyway, I downloaded the album after there was alot of buzz about it. I was never a big fan of the singles that came out of this album, but the rest of the album is very good. There's alot of soul, jazz, and spunk that comes out in this cd. I personally think her 2nd second album is her masterpiece, but this one certainly does not disappoint. I think any fan of R &B will def. love this album this is a must have! Superwoman is the track that really stands out to me the most on this album. There's a few more tracks that are really worth your time. Go and buy it!...more info
  • Every track could hit the charts!
    I wasn't always an Alicia Keys fan but I am now. Her voice is so smooth and she sings with so much soul. Every song on this album is good enough to top the charts!...more info