Vivotek IP7138 - Network camera - color - 1/3" - CS-mount - audio - 10/100 - DC 12 V / PoE
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Product Description

The VIVOTEK IP7138 is a professional network camera with mega-pixel resolution for indoor surveillance applications and detail remote monitoring. Equipped with a 1.3 Mega-pixel (1280x1024) CMOS sensor delivering superior image details, it could be the best choice for monitoring extensive areas such as airports, factories, retail stores, schools, offices or banks. Embedded with VIVOTEK VVTK-1000 SoC, it enables to deliver dual streams with different resolutions and video quality upon different devices simultaneously such as PC (MPEG-4 or MJPEG), or 3G cellphone (MPEG-4 only). In addition, the VIVOTEK IP7138 builds in a compact flash card slot for local storage in case of connection failure. It also supports 3GPP mobile surveillance, which enables users to monitor via 3G cellphones or any RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) compatible multimedia device on the go. More features are enhanced in the VIVOTEK IP7138 to meet specific applications such as two-way audio, digital I/O interface, built-in 802.3af compliant PoE, and appropriate lens selection with CS mount. With its versatile functions, the VIVOTEK IP7138 provides a total solution for customers' diverse needs.

Customer Reviews:

  • Probably one of the cheapest megapixel IP camera's available
    First off, the item pictured is the IP7139 (has the antenna). The model I bought and the one listed which is not wireless, is the IP7138.

    Yes this camera supports MJPEG resolutions up to 1280x1024, and is 802.3AF compliant. And according to the manufacturer it is sensitive down to 1.5 lux.

    This is not the camera to buy for monitoring things after dark. If the area is not well lit, then forget it. You need something 0.5 lux sensitive or less. However, in comparison to the Logitech WiLife, which advertises the same light sensitivity, the IP7138 produces more useful pictures in the dark... but not by much.

    This camera does come with its own software for monitoring and recording. But after spending one frustrating hour with the software, I determined it was junk. The software runs slow, and looks like it was designed in the 90's. Furthermore, the software seems to use the camera's on board motion sensing algorithm, which is either completely oblivious to all movement or activates after observing a dust particle moving. Just use BlueIris for your motion sensing and recording needs.
    The web server on the camera is fine. You can view the MJPEG or the MPEG stream, although the MJPEG stream appears to crash firefox after running for an extended period of time. The web server appears to be better geared for IE, since several more options will appear, and things seem to run better in general.
    Picture quality wise, it is quite acceptable especially when you consider the price. Changing out the lens for something better may even improve the picture. To get a better idea of the picture quality, just type "IP7138 live demo", into google and you should be able to find actual images live from the camera.

    One thing that might surprise you about this camera is the size. It is almost 4x6", and maybe 3/4 of an inch thick. There is also a long thin LED that runs across the top of the unit. It blinks green during normal operation, and red if there is a problem. However, you can turn this off. Also there is a built in CF card slot. It appears you can set the camera to record to a CF card if network connectivity is lost. Never used this feature, but if this recording depends on the on board motion sensing, well then, good luck.

    If you are monitoring in a well lit indoor area, this camera should serve you well. As far as I know it is the cheapest megapixel camera out there.
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  • Mega-pixel network camera with resolution up to 1280x1024 in providing superior image details. Dual codec network camera MJPEG/MPEG4 compression selectable. Supports Simultaneous Dual Stream (RTSP streaming for MPEG4 mode with resolution up to 800x600; Server push for MJPEG mode with resolution up to 1280x1024)
  • Live video and audio monitoring using 2.5G/3G mobile phone and media adaptor with RealPlayer or PacketVideo player applications installed.
  • PoE IEEE 802.3af support enabling camera to be powered and operated over a single Ethernet connection.
  • Audio capability with built in microphone
  • Built-in CF card slot for local storage.