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Sabrent SBT-CPS2 USB to Dual PS/2 Converter Cable Adapter
List Price: $15.97

Our Price: $2.39

You Save: $13.58 (85%)


Product Description

The USB to PS2 Converter is the best solution for those who want to use legacy PS2 devices on USB systems. It allows you to connect a PS2 mouse and keyboard through the USB port on any computer. Now you can enjoy using your keyboard and mouse connected to the USB-PS/2 adapter as an USB compatible device.

The USB to PS/2 Converter is the best solution for those who want to use legacy PS/2 devices on new USB systems. You can connect a PS/2 mouse and keyboard through the USB port on any computer. Enjoy using your keyboard and mouse connected to the USB-PS/2 adapter as a USB-compatible device!

It is compliant with USB 1.0/1.1 revisions and supports both UHCI and OHCI specifications. Plus, this device is easy to install with no software driver required. Requires Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP; Netware 4.11/5.0, HP Unix, Linux; or for an Apple computer, Mac OS 8.6 or higher.

What's in the Box
One USB to PS/2 dual PS/2 converter adapter.

  • Connects PS/2 mouse and keyboard through USB port on any computer
  • One USB connector on first end
  • Two female PS/2 connectors on second end
  • 7 inches long
  • USB 1.0 and 1.1 compliant

Customer Reviews:

  • Cursed Curser!
    [[ASIN:B000VE3R9G Sabrent SBT-CPS2 USB to Dual PS/2 Converter Cable Adapter. Gave this product a 4 because.... (5) for price, very resonable (5) for quick delivery... (5) for easy to hook up... but an overall score of 4 because since I've installed the cable adapter, my curser randomly jumps to other places on the screen. Of course the only time that is a problem is if/when I'm playing a "timed game" online. HOWEVER, I have NOT contacted the company or Amazon because I dont think it's that big of a deal... Overall, I'm happy with the item, sure beats using 2 separate USB ports for mouse and keyboard....more info
  • Did Not Work! (zero stars not available)
    This product arrived intact and appeared to be well made (although the packaging looked cheap which made me suspicious). When barely touching the adapter to the port, keyboard light came on for a second, but when completely plugged in, nothing. Tried it on a difference machine, same thing. Returned for refund. ...more info
  • Keyboard PS/2 Port doesn't work.
    Keyboard PS/2 Port doesn't work. Not worth the effort trying to get the money back.

    ...more info
  • great space saver
    This is really useful to save space on the slots of the pc, and even for laptops, is very useful....more info
  • works as expected
    I have to attach specialty Russian keyboards to an entire classroom of Dell computers. Since the PCs no longer have PS2 ports without paying extra, I purchased the splitter, and it worked perfectly. I previously bought the single USB to PS2 converter and tried it on several different models and every USB port but the new Dells wouldn't recognize the device. ...more info
  • USB to Dual PS/2 Converter Cable Adapter - AlphaSmart
    This device worked great for me. I used it to connect an AlphaSmart 2000 keyboard to my desktop computer - it worked also into a notebook computer. The AlphaSmart is obsolete, but is usefull for remote journalism and note taking and has a real long AA battery life. I can connect the keyboard to any USB enabled computer through this USB to Dual PS/2 Converter Cable, smart Adapter. files (up to 8) saved on the keyboard to any open window on the computer - email or word processor. What a great new life for an good old useful tool. ...more info
  • Hard to find in retail stores. Amazon to the rescue
    I've amassed quite a collection of mice and keyboards over the years and they all were in perfect condition. The only problem was that they could not be used on my new laptop because the plug-thingies(Geek squad, please forgive my lingo) were round insted of flat like the ports in most new PCs. Instead of buying yet another mouse and keyboard, I purchased this adapter thingy and now I just plug the old mouse/keyboard into the round ends and the flat end plugs directly into my laptop. Perfect solution for a non-tekkie type ...more info
  • Works Great
    It made it really easy to hook up a regular mouse to my lap top computor....more info
  • Good as an adapter - Not good for keyboard and Mouse
    My inention was to use this product on a PS/2 mouse and keyboard and plug into a USB Port. As it turned out, I could only use it as a single adapter (mouse OR keyboard) because my Dell 530 (and 530s) would not recognize the mouse. I ended up buying another one of these adapters but the same thing happened. So, I ended up buying 2 and using up 2 USB Ports. I guess I should have known better....more info
  • Fast typists don't bother
    This Sabrent cable looks exactly like the CablesToGo PS/2-USB converter I bought. If you type at any significant speed, forget it. The cable cannot keep up and the keyboard hangs while you type. CTG techs were responsive by email but suggested only that I set the keyboard settings slower. Even at slowest repeat rate, it still hangs. Seems like a buffer problem. Too bad. But don't waste your money. Am I really going to return a $10 cable? Zero stars but can't go that low....more info
  • Not so good
    I ordered these because our new Dell computers do not have PS/2 ports for the keyboards and the mice. I have three computers on my desk and I need to be able to swap between them. The KVM switch allows me to do this, but with the new Dell computers, my choice was to have three keyboards and three mice on my desk and only use the KVM to switch video or buy and use these. The keyboard works fine, no complaints, but after trying mice from two different companies and a track ball I gave up. So I have two mice and a track ball on my disk, and the KVM switch controls the keyboards and the monitors. The mouse movement is erratic at best, there is no way of using any of the mice affectively, I tried (Microsoft mouse, Logitech Mouse and the track ball). This is a workable solution, but it's not a good solution. For the price I can't complain, I got what I paid for and it will do until I get a USB KVM switch. ...more info
  • product good shipping bad
    the product is good. shipping cost the seller 19 units. until enables the buyers to specify how the item is to be shipped (partial orders from any warehouse)the seller will lose sales on automatically returned items due to USPS "invalid address"....more info