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Kensington SlimBlade Media Notebook Set with Wireless Keyboard, Laser Mouse, and Numeric Keypad (Graphite) K72279US
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $75.99

You Save: $54.00 (42%)


Product Description

By swapping the magnetically attached modules on the left or right side of the keyboard, the Kensington SlimBlade Media Notebook Set can be instantly transformed into whatever combination you need. The result is total control of your media and home workspace. Add the 17-keys wireless keypad when needed for crunching numbers Goes into sleep mode when your notebook does Add a media remote to enjoy your digital media and control Windows Media Center and Front Row from anywhere in the room

  • Timeless and sleek design that fits in perfectly at your home office.
  • Universal wireless keyboard with PC or Mac hotkeys gives you instant access to your favorite applications and websites
  • Slim, wireless laser mouse with Scroll Ball provides easy and intuitive 360-degree scrolling
  • Add the wireless keypad when needed for number-crunching
  • Mouse goes into sleep mode when your notebook does to prevent power drain

Customer Reviews:

  • Great design, poor functionality
    It looks great! That's about it, really.

    Less than five feet from the USB dongle (connected directly to an original port on the computer) and the keyboard ignores a good third of what I type. The mouse cursor has a tendency to skip around on the screen. Constantly resetting with dongle/units as well as removing batteries, uninstalling and reinstalling the software (though the same issues were happening before I ever installed anything).
    The same deficiencies happen on OS X 10.4, 10.5, and Windows XP.

    Kensington has replaced the set twice already and I still have problems. Support was good, but a little slow (took a few days each time).

    I purchased a set from a different manufacturer and it's been smooth sailing ever since....more info
  • Very pleased
    The keyboard and mouse work very well, however I have not been as pleased with the range. I've found that you need to keep the USB dongle within line of sight for the proper signal strength. The keyboard is very flat (which can be a good thing if thats how you prefer to type) I've been spoiled my my Logitech Wave which is my other PC keyboard. Overall if your looking for space saving, mobility, and clean lines - this is the set for you!...more info
  • Quality Keyboard Construction, Low Key Travel, Only 1 USB!
    Great overall build quality on this keyboard/mouse combo. The aesthetics are clearly appealing, but using the keyboard and mouse is even better. The keyboard has nice heft to it, is quite slim and doesn't take up extra space on the desk, and key travel is kept at a minimum for good feel. I've read many complaints about the mouse but I'm not sure why. It is a bit flatter than other mice, but the arch in your hand remains whether there is something underneath or not. I don't feel any additional stress or discomfort when using the mouse. In fact, the clicking feel from the scrolling is quite pleasant and feels more "in control" than other mice scrollers I've used. Perhaps the best feature is the compatibility with WinXP/Vista and Mac OSX. I'm using this keyboard/mouse combo with a KVM switch and I can easily share between the two operating systems with no problems! I would highly recommend this product if you intend on sharing between Windows and Mac. ...more info
  • Nice quality for a wireless keyboard
    The overall quality of the keyboard and mouse are very good. It is solid and has good overall feel for the keys. I don't use the keypad much so being able to remove it and only have the small footprint of the keyboard itself works well. The layout of the Home, End, Delete etc... keys are off for what I am use to and I find it a bit frustrating at times. The mouse although good, takes a little getting used to with the 360 scroll button, so I would say it is not a strong point of the package.

    Overall it's a good wireless setup.
    ...more info
  • Sleek, quiet, excellent quality
    I purchase this from somewhere else first and really liked the product. I saw that I could get it at Amazon for over $35 less so I returned the other set to the store after I ordered the one from Amazon. It came quickly and nicely packaged. The unit itself is really nice looking, excellent quality, and has no real setup since Vista recognized the device/had the drivers. The usb dongle is really unobtrusive and easy to swap between computers/laptops if you want to share a setup. The only think that could be better is if it was backlit, but I'm sure that's the next model coming out.... which I will of course buy. 5 year manufacturers warranty... you can't beat that.Overall I am very pleased and would recommend whole heartedly. Enjoy!!!...more info
  • Average keyboard
    Fairly solid construction; does not feel flimsy.

    Keyboard can feel a bit cramped.

    Horrible mouse - not at all ergonomic in design. Hard to click.

    Space bar does not depress properly; had to return the product.

    Overall not worth the high price.
    ...more info
  • Not sure why all the good ratings
    I ordered this because it's Vista certified and I have been having issues with non-Vista keyboards, and all the good reviews in here.

    This keyboard is tiny. The keyboard on my HP laptop is bigger. that results in MANY typos for me because the keys are so small and non responsive. It's a real pain in the butt to type anything. I always miss fixing some of the errors. I have had to make MANY corrections so far typing this.

    The mouse in small, flat, and uncomfortable.

    For a business person like me who emails all day this thing is the worst.

    I am returning it. Worthless! My blackerry keyboard is better than this thing....more info
  • Just OK
    I'm still think about returning this product. The keyboard has a tendency to freeze up and the only way to un-freeze is to remove the batteries. What a pain. Furthermore, the it seems to miss keystrokes on a regular basis. That being said I like the size of the keyboard and the fact that you can use without the numeric pad. The mouse I like and the two stars are based on the mouse. I would not recommend this product. ...more info
  • Kensington Keyboard & Laser mouse
    I purchased one these sets and liked it so well I purchased a second set for my husband. This is an awesome product! The price was excellent as is the quality of the set. The USB attachment for the laser mouse is inside the mouse, for storage. It's easy to remove and plug into your laptop....more info
  • bought for unibody macbook pro
    ive owned a lot of keyboards bye far this is my fav.
    its nice and sleek its a good size keyboard for me i heard a lot of people complain about that. Really expensive though. i was lucky enough to only get it for 10 bucks at a closing circuit city it was a display one and they thought they lost the wireless dongle to plug into the computer but i looked at it and open the battery case and there it was! they were stupid enough not to look there. so i got it for even cheaper than if they knew. the detachable keypad is a great feature that is very convenient. the mouse is also comfortable enough for me a perfect for traveling. this is a great keyboard and mouse combo all in a slim package....more info
  • Slim and Sleek
    I have been using this keyboard for over 1 year. So far, this has been my favorite keyboard ever. I do a lot of gaming and sit in a lot of unusual places, so I wanted something slim. This keyboard suited my purposes perfectly. It even had a detachable keypad so I would not be bothered by worthless extra space when playing games not requiring a keypad. Although my keyboard has taken a lot of abuse, it is still functioning.

    Does not eat up a lot of batteries. I am on the computer every day for over 40 hours a week. I have not noticed any additional battery costs in my budget.

    Slim and sleek. It is easy to store away or hold in your lap, unlike larger cumbersome keyboards.

    Decent range. It gets much better range than my Microsoft Wireless mouse.

    The default mouse is worthless. There is no middle click functionality. This forces me to use two usb ports and a different wireless mouse.

    Conflicts with other wireless devices sometimes by shielding signals.

    The keys detach after much use. My "A" key has been detaching for a while and the plastic holder piece broke the other day. Now I am left without a "A" key pad. My "f6" key has also takes abuse as it is the auto-save key on various games. Other than that the keys are working fine. When the key only half depresses as stated in some reviews, usually some garbage is under it and needs to be cleared away. I have endured my share of frustration reattaching keys.

    Expensive. Tip to manufacturer, market a version without the mouse for less cost. Also include an extra plastic key holder to repair broken keys....more info
  • Good quality worth the $$
    I love this keyboard, it only has a few (minor) cons:
    1. I wish they would have sold the mouse separately and charged less- the mouse is useless in my opinion.
    2. the "alt" key is in the wrong spot for PC users-- it's two keys left of the spacebar instead of one key to the left where it should be. BUT, it's a non-issue if you download the free program "SharpKeys", you can remap or turn off most of the keys to your liking.
    3. it's expensive! why is it so darn hard to find a keyboard that had a keypad on the left-- there are so few to choose from!

    1. the numeric keypad does not need to be attached to the keyboard in order to work, you can let it be anywhere on your desk. good for ergonomics.
    2. if you are right handed and use your mouse alot, this is the keybard for you -- most "average" keyboards have the numeric keypad on the right, which forces you to keep your arm farther away when you use your mouse. this adds up to sharp shoulder pain over the years. I've had different keyboards w/o attached number pads for a couple of years now and they definitely help make the back pain go away.

    one final thought: I think it's worth the money -- my previous keyboard (a no-name cheapo brand)was about $20 did not come with a numeric key pad. when I used a separately purchased number pad (another $20) along with it, it seemed to "affect" the no-name keyboard, causing it to go into "number lock" mode often. also, the lettering rubbed off within weeks. extremely annoying. I would recommend the Kensington slimblade because it's good quality and it comes with it's own numeric keypad that will work with it- no compatibility issues.

    ...more info