Beverly Hills, 90210 - The Third Season
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One of the definitive landmark shows of the 1990s "90210" quickly became an important fixture on the FOX and in the popular discourse of adolescents and young adults. The third season s main characters Dylan Kelly Donna Steve David Andrea and twins Brandon and Brenda all attended West Beverly Hills High School. Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their parents transplants from Minneapolis were the stable nuclear family with strong values; their home was a safe haven for the whole gang and the center of much of the drama. The show dealt with a steady stream of love triangles and other romantic entanglements and occasionally touched on more serious issues as well. System Requirements:Run Time: 1371 minutes Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY UPC: 097361225043

Things continue to plug along at a rapid and highly dramatic pace in season three for the privileged teens of Aaron Spelling's 90's TV classic Beverly Hills 90210. This season the gang tackles eating disorders, gambling addiction, birth, death, incest, infidelity, car accidents, racism, homelessness, and one whopper of a love triangle, along with, of course, the standard high school fare of college applications, SAT scores, and graduation anxiety. 90210 continues to revolve around Minnesota transplants Brandon (Jason Preistley) and Brenda Walsh (Shannon Doherty), though with every season the twins' Midwestern roots seem to matter a little less. The summer before senior year begins with Brenda and boyfriend Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) still deeply in love, much to the chagrin of Brenda's disapproving parents. To force a little distance, they send Brenda to Paris for the summer with Donna (Tori Spelling), herself the subject of an enjoyable and incredibly absurd French modeling subplot—while halfway around the world Dylan and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) discover a growing mutual attraction and begin an illicit summer fling. But it's clear the love triangle between Dylan and best friends Brenda and Kelly remains the heart of the show. Taking a break from all the drama, there are some entertaining subplots this year, many of them involving surprising guest stars (before they were stars), including Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), David Arquette (Scream), and Dean Cain (Lois & Clark).

As in the first two seasons released on DVD, the lack of the original early 90's music is a major disappointment, but the entertainment value doesn't suffer for it. The highlight of the special features is the return of VH-1's Best Week Ever's John Aboud and Michael Colton. The two comedians' hilarious lampooning of season three in "Everything You Need to Know About Beverly Hills 90210 - Season Three" gently mocks some of the more outlandish dream sequences, Brenda's horrible french accent, and of course, the ridiculousness of many of these highly entertaining but entirely silly plot-lines. Beverly Hills 90210 - Season Three is addictive as ever and incredibly fun to watch - a time capsule, over-the-top soap opera and teen drama trailblazer all rolled into one. --Kira Canny

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally 3rd Season Out
    Reading other reviews and people's comments, I personaly don't care what they have to say. If you are a FAN of 90210 then you'll enjoy every single Episode and Season. What I love in each Season is that they have grown, changed, their problems are more problems of young adults, and I don't think there is worse season, cause ALL ARE AWESOME. I can't wait till I collect all 10 Seasons. Whatever Production releases them, can you please release them more frequently, the waiting period is killing not only me but I think other FANS too. Its a little bit too long!!!...more info
  • dvd
    fast service and in perfect condition. it was a birthday gift & it worked out wonderful...more info
  • The season of the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle!
    Yes, this is the season when Brenda and Kelly duke it out for Dylan and it is something to watch!! Dylan and Kelly's secret relationship begins when Brenda and Donna go to Paris for the summer. After sometime and many episodes later Brenda finally discovers who the other woman was in Dylan's life that summer. It gets very interesting before Dylan finally chooses. The season finale is "The Graduation." It is something to watch itself. This season (3) and seasons 4 and 5 are my favorites. ...more info
  • one of the best seasons EVER
    Despite the music changes on the DVDs (which is yes, very disappointing) I am still very happy to own 90210 on DVD, especially season three. While I love all three first seasons (Shannen Doherty!) along with seasons nine and ten, (Vanessa Marcil!) I would have to say that season three has to be right there on the top. While it sucks seeing Dylan and Kelly together (yuck), seeing as how I'm a total Dylan and Brenda fan (one of the cutest couples ever in television history) I love the drama of the Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle! All in all, great season, great episodes, and is also the second to last season that stars Shannen Doherty. So like another reviewer said, if you are going to buy any of the 90210 seasons on DVD, this season is an excellent choice (I also recommend seasons 1, 2, 9, and 10!)...more info
  • season 3 of 90210
    This season is the pivital season for all the main characters involed due to the drama that they have to face like donna and brenda going to paris the relaships and all the famliy dealings that each one face cant wait till dec 11 picking up my coping cant wait untill season 4 is realed pick it up so we can see a season4 !!! by Kim...more info
  • too soon to say
    season 3 put 90210 on the map. and although i don't know if it's my personal FAVORITE (its hard to choose) season... I think that many people would argue that season 3 is the best. To me, season 3 is the epitome of everything that the average person remembers from 90210.

    I will probably not buy it when it is released though because I hate seeing these shows butchered and shown without authenticity. I know the music will be different, and to me, the songs in this season in particular really help make it. 90210 is airing season 2 on the weekends on soapnet now.. so maybe hold out for the broadcast.

    when I was 10 i labeled a taped episode from this season "losing my religion." I think that song is the most important part of the episode and i'm interested to see if it makes it to the dvds. ...more info
  • Next generation
    I passed the time when I was watching BH 90210; it's for my teenager son! :)...more info
  • The real beginning
    This season proved to be the start of the 90210 we loved, with all the soap opera story-lines. While the story-lines were more dramatic, they weren't close to the every wonderful Melrose Place. There were too many to count. A few were the love triangle between Kelly, Dylan, and Brenda; Brandon dating a high school sophomore with a lot of baggage; David getting a record deal as long as he sacrifices Steve; Donna and Brenda going to Paris and Brenda pretending to be French to impress a guy; Steve breaking into the school to change his grades; Dylan's father returning; Andrea butting heads with her English teacher; the late Scott Scanlon's sister causing lots of trouble; Kelly becoming dangerously obsessed with her weight; and the gang contemplating their college lives. This was probable the best season out of all ten. Behind it seasons 4,5, and 8-10. Definitely worth the price....more info
  • Perfect Transaction
    This was a great item and worked out perfectly. I order the 3rd season of 90210 for my best friends 40th birthday. I was a huge hit. I would suggest this to anyone. ...more info
  • The Brenda Show
    Brenda and Donna spend the summer in France... Brenda pretends to be French when she gives Rick a tour of Paris... The gang all become seniors... Dylan & Kelly get together... Brenda becomes Sue's "senior buddy,"... Brenda blabs everyone's secrets during a Hard Copy-like Beverly Hills expose... ...Brenda arranges a school dance in support of the football team right after there's a shooting at a rival team's game. Brandon & Nicki make-up then break-up.... ...Brenda intervenes when she finds out that Sue is in serious trouble... ....Brenda meets up with Rick and goes on a couple dates with him. There's a horrible fight/love triagle between Brenda/Dylan/Kelly... The Walsh's host Thanksgiving, and as usual Andrea mooches an invite & arrives empty-handed... Samantha Sanders makes a rare visit to West Beverly to ensure that Steve is reinstated... David has a couple of problems igniting his budding "rap" career (who knew that no one would want to hear a rich white boy from Beverly Hills rap??)... ...Brenda & Kelly go on double-blind-dates with boys from "Princeton." The girls go to a very posh weekend retreat together & always-has-her-hand-out-Andrea mooches another freebie... ...Dylan's father is released from prison... Brenda feels the ultimate betrayal when Dylan chooses Kelly over her... Brenda receives a surprise visit from Iris who helps put everything in perspective. ...Jack is presumably blown to smithereens (at least until season 10)... The green eye of jealously rears it's ugly head (once again) when Kelly selfishly thinks that Dylan is paying a little too much attention to Brenda at his father's funeral... Kelly takes one too many TrimSpa's and OD's quicker than Anna Nicole's mother can say "I like money"... Steve hits it off with Celeste Lundy at a dating game show... Brenda invites Donna to a self-defense class for ladies... ...Mr Burt Reynolds has a cameo on the ditch day ep... Incredibly-Insecure Kelly has a temper tantrum (after Dylan lets Andrea read his memoirs) when she finds out that the only type of advice Dylan wants her from her is advice in the sack... Brenda decides at the last minutes to go to the prom with a boy that she has zero interest in... Donna drinks a little too much, makes a total fool out of herself at the prom and gets expelled... Brandon organizes the school walk-out in support of Donna Martin & the West Beverly Dress Code... Brenda decides to attend college back home in MN... The whole gang graduates... Everyone gets together for one last time b4 the summer for a special project to commemorate their graduation... ...Brenda tells everyone that she won't be around next year because she's going to school back home (at least until super-priss Darla ticks her off one too many times and she takes the red-eye back to Beverly Hills)... Brenda, Brenda, Brenda!!! All about Brenda!!! All Brenda, all the time. I want my Brenda-TV!!

    Why is Shannen Doherty such a compelling and provocative superstar...?

    More than fifteen years before Paris, Britney and trampy Lohan burst onto the Hollywood scene, Shannen was already a household name. Shannen became one of the hardest working women in Tinseltown because of her strong work ethic and sheer determination to excel at everything she stamped her good name on.

    Today, Shannen has arguably become one of the most famed American actresses. But, in the late '70's and early '80s she was just an unknown child actor. Shannen got her big break on Father Murphy, playing Drusilla Shannon on Merlin Olsen's hit family-friendly series. A year later, Shannen again garnered critical-acclaim on another wholesome program; as Jenny Wilder in the modern-classic that is Little House on the Prairie . In fact, Michael Landon was so impressed with Shannen's acting and professional demeanor that he invited her to appear in the Little House TV movies even after the series was canceled!

    In 1985 Shannen stared in the cult-classic, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. This was one of Shannen's first roles as a teen which also garnered her coast-to-coast exposure as a film actress. A couple of years later, Shannen was cast opposite two of the biggest teen stars (Christian Slater and Winona Ryder) of the '80s in one of the biggest teen movies of the '80s. Of course I'm talking about none other than Heathers !

    In "Heathers" Shannen played Heather Duke, a stuck-up girl that was only interested in being as snobbish as possible. The same year that "Heathers" came out, Shannen also shot the pilot for a new TV series, originally titled Class Beverly Hills

    A year later, Shannen's series was picked up and retooled. This time, the series was called 90210 . Shannen portrayed the star of the show, kind-hearted Brenda Walsh. Brenda was actually a lot like Shannen. She was sweet, beautiful and very intelligent. And, most of all, she (both Shannen and Brenda!) didn't take garbage from anyone!

    Throughout four Seasons we all watched Shannen on "90210" as she grew up into a young woman. As anyone who was a child of the '90s knows, "90210" was a huge worldwide sensation. And this was all thanks to Shannen! After the first season of "90210" Shannen became a bona fide star!

    Shannen also more than helped put the fledging Fox Network on the map. Prior to "90210," this network was simply known as an obscure TV station that more than 60% of the country did not receive! Once Shannen made "90210" a hit, Fox executives rolled out a "90210" spin-off in the summer of '92; Melrose Place ! And less than two years later, "90210" which begat "Melrose," begat "Models!" Although, Shannen refused to appear in any eps on either of those shows.

    In 1993 Shannen shocked everyone when she eloped at the last minute with Ashley Hamilton. Everyone was shocked, but mostly, the Material Girl was seething, when she complained to MTV about being pushed off the cover of People Magazine so that they can make room for Shannen Doherty! A week later, newlywed Shannen went on Saturday Night Live, which received some of the highest ratings, ever!

    Unbeknownst to Shannen, in the Winter of '94 nude photos of Shannen for an Aids awareness-campaign were published in a men's magazine, without her approval. When a reporter asked Shannen what Mr. Spelling would say about this, Shannen simply said, "ask me if I care!"

    Shannen also stared in the blockbuster thriller, aptly titled "Blindfold." In this feature film, Shannen played sexy Madeleine Dalton in one of her most diverse and talked-about movie roles ever! This film also helped cement Shannen's role as a true actress with completely unique talent. Because the role she was cast in was the total opposite of Brenda Walsh!

    In early '94 there was another controversy when E! News broke the story! Shannen was leaving "90210!" She specifically asked her producers to let her out of her contract. Shannen gave cryptic hints as to why she was leaving the series that she helped build.

    Industry-insiders intimated that Shannen wanted out of the series for a two-fold reason. First, she couldn't relate to any of the other performers because most of them were all much older than her; by now, most of them were all in their twenties or thirties! And, Shannen also wanted to leave the series because, unlike the rest of the cast, she was an actual actress!

    Never one to be typecast, Shannen portrayed the famed novalist, Margaret Mitchell, airing a few months after her lest ep of "90210" aired, in the Fall of '94. The movie, "A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story" became an instant hit! It was also around this time that Shannen yet again made headlines when she proclaimed that she was just a "misunderstood, sweet, Southern Baptist girl!"

    The following year, Shannen stared in the major motion picture, "Mallrats," opposite Ben Affleck. Shannen played Rene Mosier in this cult-classic comedy. And, Ben Affleck's character's name was a homage to Shannen!

    Over the next few years, from '95 to '98, Shannen appeared in a variety of movies, such as: "Gone in the Night," "Friends 'Til the End," "Ticket" and "Nowhere." These films all afforded Shannen some of the best reviews of her entire career! It was also around this time that Shannen caught the attention of a very unlikely individual.

    Mr. Aaron Spelling invited Shannen to consider the role of Prue Halliwell in the then-untitled series. Of course by now, we all know this was the hugely successful drama, "Charmed." The producers of this show lucked out when Shannen chose to sign on!

    Unlike "90210," "Charmed" was science fiction, which was a totally new genre for Shannen. But Shannen totally fell in love with her new role and in fact stayed with the series for three years! Shannen even purchased a portion of the show! In 2001 Shannen experienced deja vu when the MSM reported that she was quiting another hit Spelling-series. This time Shannen kept mum as to why she was leaving, only saying that it was time to leave!

    The producers of "90210" tried their hardest to get Shannen to come back for the series finale, but Shannen was much too busy to even consider such a fruitless project. She did consider letting the producers use images of herself from prior clips in their retrospective show, but then decided against it when no one could come to terms. (FYI: That's why Shannen doesn't appear as Brenda Walsh in any of the clips that are shown in the "90210" retrospective, this ep aired prior to the series finale!)

    After leaving "Charmed," Shannen hosted the much-anticipated hidden camera series, "Scare Tactics." It also goes without saying that Shannen also appeared in a variety of other first-rate movies, such as: "View of Terror," "Another Day" and "Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay."

    In 2006 Shannen got her own series on the Oxygen Network, "Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty." In this reality program, Shannen joined forces with people in relationship peril who wanted to have a little fun! In the summer of '06, Shannen appeared on Babs' "View" as a guest co-host. During the second segment (while interviewing Kristin Davis,) Elizabeth said to everyone, "this is such a surreal moment for someone my age, I'm sitting next to Brenda and Brooke!" EH, I can imagine just what you mean!!!

    What's next for Shannen? She will be staring in the upcoming movie, "Defuct." Look for this movie in March of this year! And, Shannen just wrapped "Kiss Me Deadly;" a suspense-drama that will be out later this year!

    Hate her...? ...Love her? Or, do you just love to hate her? Whatever you feel about Shannen, you can't deny that for nearly thirty years she has been a pop-culture phenomenon! And, unlike today's panjandrums Shannen never went kooky and has true talent!

    ...more info
  • 2 Stars for this DVD set. 5 Stars for the show itself. BUYER BEWARE!
    Beverly Hills 90210 means something different to different people. For some it represents a big part of their childhood, for others it's not much more than a silly teenage drama and a guilty pleasure, and for still others it's a serious commentary and totally relevant to real life (lol).

    For me it's mostly the first two and yeah, some of the issues are definitely things that touch many families while others are pretty ridiculous. Whatever...I love this show! Brandon's self-righteousness and expressive eyebrows, Brenda's drama and perpetual uncertainty over Dylan, Dylan's big hair and quivering voice, Donna's ditzyness, David's TERRIBLE singing and dancing, Steve's hotness and block-headed antics, Kelly's insecurity, Andrea's awkwardness--and yep, the famous love can you not love it all even if you hate it?

    After so many years of waiting for this to come to dvd a lot of people rushed out to buy it, unaware that their memories, er, well the show's content has been more or less raped by CBS Paramount.

    A LOT of the music in the show has been changed (this pertains to seasons 1-3, since these are the only I have purchased so far I cannot speak to any of the other sets) and while that is a major distraction for fans who watched this during its original run so many years ago it is at the very least understandable due to licensing and rights to the music. It sucks but at least there is a reason.

    What sucks AND seems inexcusable is the fact that the episodes are actually edited--meaning there are full scenes inexplicably cut from the original version that aired on Fox back in the early 90's. Why? If anyone can give me a valid reason for this, please leave a comment and do so! I am dying to know what possible reason there could be for certain episodes being chopped up. The reason I commented on season 3 and not 1 or 2 is because this issue seems to be the most noticeable here. And quite frankly it has been so long since I have seen a lot of these episodes there is probably a lot more missing that I just don't remember. And no, I am not imagining it--there is even a TINY comment on the back of the packaging that states "certain" episodes "may" be edited.

    So, awesome show but CBS Paramount is really hosing the fans by selling a shoddy set of dvds to them without giving them proper warning that what they are spending their hard-earned money on is not exactly what was originally aired.


    P.S. One bright spot in the dvd editions is the special feature entitled "Everything You Need To Know About Beverly Hills 90210" which have comedians John Aboud and Michael Colton more or less making fun of the entire season one highlight at a time. Absolutely hysterical fun. I can see why some fans may not like it because after all it is two guys getting paid to watch the season of the show then ripping on it in the end, but as much as I love the show I constantly make fun of it, so to see these guys point out things I also found stupid and poke fun at some of the lamer story lines and characters is great. ...more info
  • The best season by far!
    Beverly Hills, 90210 - The Complete Third Season is the best and most fun of the 10 seasons of this groundbreaking show. I love the love triangle between Dylan, Brenda, and Kelly. Every character also comes into their own including David and Donna. You can really feel the magic and excitement in season 3. My favorite episode is when Kelly's addiction to diet pills goes to far and she passes out at The Peach Pit on the eve of her 18th birthday. I also love the episode where the gang spend senior ditch day at Magic Mountain. If you were to get just one season of this show, season 3 is the one to get, it is so good I could watch each episode 10 billion times and never get sick of it. So don't wait reserve your copy today, it's a great Christmas gift....more info