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A vagabond spirit permeates these tales of truck stops, tip jars, boxcars, and love left behind, with a slide guitar punctuating arrangements that range from acoustic folk to classic rock (amid hints of the Rolling Stones, Neil Young's Crazy Horse, and a young Tom Waits). Yet ultimately, the impressive debut by this Southwestern, raspy-voiced troubadour is more than the sum of its songs, as the sequencing almost amounts to a narrative of life on the road, with the world-weary, end-of-the-line "Long Way from Georgia" and "Ever Wonder Why," leading to the renewal of "Sunrise." Former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford produced and provides multi-instrumental support, with Texas honky-tonk legend Terry Allen offering guest vocals and piano on "Ghost of Travelin' Jones." --Don McLeese

Lost Highway will release Mescalito, the debut album from Texas singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham. Mescalito contains 14 songs written by Bingham, following in the tradition of some of the great Texas songwriters such as Towns Van Zant.
Mescalito was produced by former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford, who also plays on the album. Bingham's music, as well as his live performances have already made fans of acclaimed artists such as Patti Griffin and Texas legends Joe Ely and Terry Allen.
At 25, the bumpy course of Bingham's life has already surpassed that of many twice is age. From his bordertown upbringing to his years on the Southwestern rodeo circuit, Bingham's poignant songs, sung through his whiskey-soaked voice, reflect his experiences and the wisdom he has gained from them. His songs are raw, honest and born out of a genuine soul.
From the opening track "Southside of Heaven" to the bluesy slide of "Bread & Water" to the Mexican-flavored "Boracho Station", Bingham's songs come straight from the heart. His influences blend seamlessly with his own style creating a traditional sound that also sounds fresh and original. Bingham has the unique ability to transport audiences into the center of the place from which they came.
Listen to Mescalito and take part in the journey that is Ryan Bingham."

Ryan Bingham knows a thing or two about pain. He learned the emotional aspect early in life, when shuttling between small towns and family members in the hardscrabble ranching communities of West Texas and New Mexico -- and became wellacquainted with the physical facets during his years on the Southwestern rodeo circuit.That ache is palpable in the grooves of Mescalito, Bingham's Lost Highway debut, but what's even more plain is the steely strength needed to overcome it -- a tenor that's evident in both the singer-songwriter's preternaturally wizened voice and his remarkably poignant songs, which resonate with roadhouse wisdom and rough-and-ready border-town piquancy.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    I love this album. He has a bit of old-school grit that adds depth to his fresh music. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Wow!
    I finally just got around to putting this on and it is amazing! Ryan rules. Just buy this album. He is a fantastic writer and the band is super tight all throughout! What a delight!!!!...more info
    What a great CD! Can't wait for the next CD by this very talented artist! Highly recommend. ...more info
  • WOW!
    I bought this for possible free shipping. It was one of those, "People who bought what you've bought also..." suggestions. I like it twice as much as the two cd's I just HAD to have! Bingham's growly rough voice and wonderful accompaniment make for a unique and interesting album--lots of upbeat songs and toe-tappers....more info
  • Non ¨¨ il nuovo Townes Van Zandt, ma...
    ***1/2: Siamo in un periodo in cui, nell' affannosa ricerca di nomi e dischi all' altezza del passato, artisti mediocri vengono trasformati in geni e cd senza troppe pretese vengono spacciati per capolavori.
    Ryan Bingham non ¨¨ un fuoriclasse, questo disco non ¨¨ un capolavoro.
    Per¨° ¨¨ un buon disco, che si ascolta con piacere e si ricollega ad un passato glorioso.
    Vedremo se ci saranno conferme; per adesso accontentiamoci: oggi, ¨¨ gi¨¤ molto.
    MT...more info
  • A+++
    One of the best albums of 2008 if not the last 20 years. It kinda reminds me of the spirit of Billy Joe Shaver singing Robert Johnson songs backed by Roy Rogers. You gotta have this one in your collection....more info
  • Supercharge Your Kia!!!
    This is the song that has brought The Dipper out of retirement (more along the lines of an extended ((distended?)) period of laziness)! The Dipper has got Texas Fever and Ryan Bingham has turned it into FUEGO!!! Mescalito is the Krakatoa of current Texas Music!!! In a previous review, I yowled about The Cult's 2001 song "Take The Power" and how it made me and my Kia spin a 360 degree doughnut at 90mph on the New York State Thruway. Well, Ryan Bingham's song "Bread & Water" is the sole reason why that very Kia is now in the junkyard (where it came from)! Yes, the speeding Dipper rolled the Kia by the end of "Bread & Water"! Dippnik the Tubby Satellite tried to dead-stick the hurtling Kia into southbound Exit 18 on the Thruway recently and made it almost half the way round the cloverleaf before another Black Crowes inspired guitar lick caused all loss of Kia (and bladder) control. Off the edge we went into the inky blackness of a New Paltz cornfield night! The Kia squealed, I squealed, Ryan Bingham crooned, Houston we have a really big problem!!! We tumbled and rolled through half an acre of corn before I came to an upside down stop hanging by my seat belt (ALWAYS wear your seat belt when cruising with The Dipper). The best part, the CD kept playing so, I kept hitting replay until I got Mudpants and his flatbed to finally find me in the weeds. He brought beer and we listened to Ryan until the junkyard opened at 8AM. So, your pal, The Flipping Dipper is off to get a replacement Kia (again) this weekend. But Mescalito is coming with me!!! And, by the way, "Southside of Heaven" will absolutely put you into a happy trance along with "Sunshine", ahhh, hells bells, this album is basically perfect. Buy it now and tell the speed cop that The Dipper warned you!!!...more info
  • Ryan Bingham & Dead Horses: Mescalito
    I had never heard of Ryan Bingham or Dead Horses until last week. I was flipping through the TV channels and came across 'Austin City Limits'. I was taken by the amazing sound created by Dead Horses and then I was 'floored' by the sound of Ryan Bingham. I could NOT believe the sounds that this gang created. The music and the maturity of the lyrics were mind-blowing. The set just got better and better as it went on and was topped by the slide guitar playing of Ryan Bingham. Immediately after the program ended I went to my computer and checked this gang out on Amazon. I was VERY disappointed to see that they appear to only have one disc in release - I am now told that there are two albums produced in a garage and I wish I knew how to get copies! This disc is remarkable - Ryan Bingham has the potential to be a real force in music. His singing voice and his lyrics decry his young years (I suspect that he must be sick of hearing this by now) and it obviously reveals a hard and difficult life. I really hope that this young man and the Horses keep their heads and that their manager and entourage keep theirs too and that they go on to fulfill their remarkable potential. They are tremendous talents. I am waiting for the next album with much impatience. This is the most startling album that I have heard in a very, very long while. A real FIVE STAR venture. Bravo. ...more info
  • love these sturdy pins
    Very happy with the pins and they stay cleaner than wood. My basket snaps into my clothes basket so they are always together. ...more info
  • Where's This Band Been Hiding?
    I've lived in Texas and Louisiana and worked the off shore oil scene back in the day. Fabulous new Texas roadhouse music. Real lyrics, great rhythm...where's this band been hiding? Give me a big old Coonass smile....more info
  • Fabulous damn album
    Bought 4 CDs at once - this one, new Jakob Dylan (a fine album itself), Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello - and this is the one that stays in the CD player nearly full time.

    The early Steve Earle comparisons are fair, and I'd throw Chris Whitley's Living with the Law in there too (maybe even Lowell George era Little Feat), but Bingham's decidedly got his own sound, a raw authentic blues-inflected alt country rock that can piledrive on one song and lope on the next. The band's musicianship, particularly on the occasional banjo and slide parts, is exceptional.

    The sheer number of great songs on this record tell you that this is a guy who's got a lot more in him. Everyone loves "Southside of Heaven," "Bread and Water" is great (first time my girlfriend heard it, she started dancing - isn't any way you can listen to that song and *not* move), but right now I can't get enough of "The Other Side." I'm just sad when it stops after only two minutes.

    I haven't seen him live yet; I can tell you I haven't been this excited to see someone in person since I first heard Springsteen on the radio.

    Buy this CD or the MP3 version so he becomes a big star and we can all hear a lot more of him, OK?...more info
  • Ryan Bingham CD !
    Isn't It Sad How The Best In Country Music Isn't Heard On The Mainstream Radio ? All You Here Is Weak Nashville Pop Music ! This Guy Is Great And Puts All Them Nashville So Called Country Singers To Shame ! Buy The CD Today !!!!...more info
  • Best album I've heard in a while.
    I must say, this is the first album I've purchased in awhile where I really like every song. From "Southside of Heaven" to "For What It's Worth" there isn't a "skipper" on the whole CD.
    Bingham's rough voice takes a little getting used to, but like Rod Stewart, it becomes a non-issue after you hear the quality of his songs.
    ...more info
  • Hidden Gem, Steve Earle would be proud!
    Well, having had a few songs from this album on my Ipod for a while, i finally broke down and bought the Vinyl(LP)version of Mescalito. I was pleasanly surprised to find that not only the stand out tracks, Bread & water & Southside of Heaven...but the rest were well written and tuneful. Perhaps stealing a page from Steve Earle's early work. Throw on "Dollar a day" and you get a strange vibe, he must have been listening to "Guitar Town" one to many times.....outside of the obvious influences....this album was worth the purchase and is bound to get more than a few spins on my turntable.

    This one's a grower!

    ...more info
  • More More More
    I don't write many reviews, I just don't take the time even for the things I realy like. But this CD is exceptional and I had to come here nad say PLEASE give me more Mr. Bingham. This along with Mark Knoplfler & Emmylou Harris's CDs All the Road Running and Real Live Road Running are my favorite CD's and I have a large collection of many kinds of music. If your thinking about buying this CD then I have to say what are you waiting for BUY IT along with Real Live Road Running so you can get them shipped to you free......... ...more info
  • Hats off!
    well, i'm not from Texas, but Texas will love you anyway as Lyle Lovett says, and though i'm writing from a whole another world i can says this IS what the Lone Star State sounds like to me today. He is not the kind of guy you could call "original" but this is false problem in popular music. He holds a bag with many great songs, a voice that seem to come from a very much older person and nothing seems to be false about him. It's a precious discovery, do yourself a favour, buy it and ride with it 'til you fall without forces. The following day you'll do the same......more info
  • Wonderful and Original!
    I bought this for my husband, but I have also enjoyed it! If you like American, Alt-Country, Folk-Country...what ever you want to call it you will love this album. Very much "country, when country wasn't cool". Bingham's raspy voice and poetic lyrics make for interesting contradictions. Good variety of songs and content. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Mellencamp with a twang
    Saw Bingham on PBS Austin City Limits.Better live than on CD but still interesting to an old rock and roll guy....more info
  • Wow!!!!
    I Caught Ryan Bingham on Jay Leon this week, and flipped out. Now that I have downloaded the album, I am blown away. What a great young talent, great songs, such a distinctive voice. I give this an enthusiastic 5 stars!...more info
  • Great album!
    This is a great album, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of new, young, non-trad country music....more info