Vivotek PT7137 - Network camera - pan / tilt - color - audio - 10/100, 802.11g - DC 12 V
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Product Description

The VIVOTEK PT7137 is a 3GPP/ISMA-compatible pan/tilt network camera, offering superior image quality and optimized bandwidth efficiency by MPEG-4 implementation. Users can easily access it and receive synchronized video and audio by computers, cellphones, or media adapters with TV, anytime, anywhere for indoor surveillance and remote monitoring.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent little remote webcam!
    I had this camera for 3 months already. My purpose is to monitor the living room and front/back hallways while at work and away on vacation. I looked all around and couldn't find anything within my (not terribly large) budget that can be remotely accessed via the 'net, color VGA quality, Pan/Tilt and wireless. Guess what, the PT7137 fits the bill perfectly. Just remember when setting the camera up, you do need to connect it to your router with an ethernet cable first to config the settings - especially changing the SSID from "default" to your own SSID. Afterwards, everything is a breeze (assuming you also know how to tweak your router to say, open a port).

    Vivotek definitely placed a lot of effort in building this wonderful cam, remote access is a snap, framerate is fast and stable and you can pan/tilt directly from your IE browser or 3gpp enabled cell phone. It even transmits audio as well! Other nicities includes digital zoom, snaphot, patrol mode and even motion sensor driven! I could not have asked for more.

    The only minor "con" would be the slightly noisy motors and manual focusing. But then, at this price and packed with so much features, you simply cannot go wrong with the PT7137!...more info
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