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Gears of War
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Gears of War, a third-person tactical action/horror game, puts you in the boots of Marcus Fenix as you fight a war against the immense Locust Horde, which not only out powers but outnumbers you, your squad, and the entire force of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Gears of War is the only game to blend a deep and disturbing story of human survival against an endless mass of nightmarish creatures, a next-generation tactical combat system, and unsurpassed visuals and special effects. The story unfolds as a ragtag group of soldiers use every last ounce of strength to survive the onslaught from the forces of evil, which begins on the historic Emergence Day. Multiplayer capability - gamers around the globe to connect via their PCs via Windows LIVE All-new content, including three new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer game type, five new campaign chapters, DirectX 10 support and a game editor for unlimited user-created content ESRB Rated M for Mature

  • Gears of War's story plays out like a Hollywood blockbuster
  • Unreal Engine 3 technology brings out the smallest details in the largest of battles
  • To survive you must suppress your enemy, take cover, and use weapons and teammates to outlast the Locust Horde
  • Gears of War for Windows features original content and all-new achievements to unlock
  • LIVE supports online matchmaking for Gold members

Customer Reviews:

  • xbox360 version is AWESOME. PC version BLOWS
    first off, you have to have some sort of silly windows authentication or windows live account to even get the thing to install. When i went through all that it still freezes on launch for me. I've been through all the support info on forums and tried everything I could think of. I loved the 360 version of the game and really wanted to play it on pc since i sold my xbox. No dice. I'm a professional IT guy and a gamer to boot and it took me 2 hours to get it installed and another 2-3 days trying to get it to launch before I gave up. I hear even if you get it to work the save game data blows up after a few days anyway. This game on pc in it's current incarnation is not worth the plastic it's printed on. ...more info
    This game is unplayable. Twice I have got half way through this game and my game save has disappeared. This is a common occurance check the net. The game saves are copy protected so you can't make a back up of them. I have downloaded the latest patch and it makes no difference. I am playing this game on XP. You might be lucky and get to the end of this game without losing your game saves but if you don't it is very frustrating. ...more info
  • Next Gen Graphics/Sound, Initially Very Buggy, Great New PC only Content
    I originally bought an Xbox 360 just to play this game and it was very cool, but as a single player campaign only it seemed way too short to justify the $59+tax price but it was and is a really next gen game with some say a solid multiplayer(never played MP) so it probably was worth full retail. I have since sold both the 360 and the game but I was really happy to hear this great game was coming to PC and picked it up. I play only single player and have played this through several times.

    First of all it is indeed your typical messy console port in terms of compatibility and bugginess. Even to now it never really got Epics/Microsofts full attention like the patches being a relative pain to find.

    1. I had no problem with WinXP SP2 install but recently I got the SP3 and a new computer and installed this on it. With SP3 it has a bug that basically makes it impossible to install it, fortunately as of about a week ago there is a Live Hotfix that fixed the problem and now I have no problem installing or playing.

    2. My last computer, a 2 year old AMD X2 3800+, had a real hard time in the cutscenes/post processing with overheating and thus crashing the game. My new Intel E5200 DC runs much cooler and much more stable as well as faster, so older computers and graphics cards will probably run this on medium or even low settings. I'm on all high at 1680x1050, XFX 8800GT, 4GB RAM, with the post-process settings on low for stability.

    3. You absolutely need at least the first "title update" patch from Epic to get a decent non-crashing game. This would routinely crash and at certain times in the game, like the first Berserker encounter, would point the camera straight up and revert to Xbox 360 gamepad on screen keytips. Also even with the patch if you adjust the brightness/contrast settings it doesn't really work until after a couple of play sessions later for some reason. This was true of sound settings as well. Also during particularly heavy battles and cutscenes it would crash. This crash prone aspect is going to be the biggest issue for MANY people playing this game and was a real problem when the PC version first came out. Most drivers associated with gaming need to be up to the release date of this game.

    4. Typical Windows Live Junk. I sometimes like to use a trainer cheat for particularly difficult parts of the game to cut down on the frustration factor. WL games constantly check for interference from things like trainers and crash the game when they are detected, why they do this is anyone's guess, mine is anti-piracy but how would a trainer be a piracy issue? Also the whole sign in junk is dumb as well as the prompt to opt in to their feedback/monitoring, no thanks and my non-Windows firewall will enforce that too.

    5. Some of the technology needs to be consistent with the other tech. Battle rifles would have built in 4x or more zoom scopes as well as perhaps being non-powder based projectiles. Reload would be perhaps more sparse or even eliminated with advanced weapons. Lasers or other advanced weapons systems would be in place as well as more non-mechanical interfaces for opening doors and other things in general. More auto features would be there as well, like battle drones as well as maybe active armor systems and during the driving section you would have auto sector scanning and firing on the killer bats. Communications systems would be more advanced and visual rather than the radio based systems in game, see Deadspace. The hammer of dawn satellites would be available most of the time, not some of the time, I can get a GPS reading in doors today. I'm an engineer so I guess I notice this sort of thing more than others would though.

    That being said this game, once you get it stable, is awesome and has some substantial PC-only add-ons from a single player standpoint.

    1. Cover combat and camera is awesome. The cover system is really great and the movement is fluid and easy to achieve with the space key. The camera is well done, always moving and giving a real sense of dynamic action and physical exertion of the player. Combat itself feels very fluid and fun to play with not too complicated key setups, other than the reload timing minigame button which is better as the middle mouse/wheel pushdown button, not the default R button. Blood splatter is really cool to look at. Running is really cool tunnel vision crouch looking, but should have included a regular running mode in upright as well, characters do walk pretty slowly but what do you expect with that amount of armor? The chainsaw is just sick to use, very brutal. Again the camera is so well done in this game!

    2. Graphics are still awesome in 2008 terms. Most of the environment is really top notch in terms of textures and detail. The characters are really nice to look at both in body and face as well as the weapons. For me this is a benchmark for other games in terms of next gen qualifications along with Crysis. Bosses are really amazing to look at while in actual gameplay too. You need a better graphics card as well as at least 2GB RAM to get this in decent settings. A cooler running CPU would be important too. Even with that keep the post-processing as low as possible and the cutscene settings low as well and don't turn on Vsync for your life! You'd probably need one of those psycho gaming 2000+ dollar rigs to get this all on insane levels stably.

    3. There is a pretty good extra PC only level that is not an afterthought type of thing. This adds value to the single player only people as well as probably the MPs. This gives the feeling to a more complete game to me in comparison to the 360 version. The COG tag finding is a good exploration motivator as well, available on both versions.

    4. Sound is great overall. The music is immersive and original with parts reminiscent of the Predator movie soundtrack. If you have a decent speaker setup it is really responsive to where the sound is coming from in the game such as enemy banter and fire. Voices are well done, the guy who is bender in Futurama is the main character as well as that guy from Aliens 2 being a character voice. Weapon fire is pretty good, somewhat generic for some of the standard weapons.

    This game is definitely recommended a year after pc release because most of the bugs have been worked out by now with patches and the price is outstanding as well as most current systems/graphics cards won't have much of a problem running it either. The story is interesting and is not just dumped on you in whole, clearly worked out for sequels. Too bad we'll have to wait a few months to get GOW2 on PC!
    ...more info
  • Not good
    I cant believe that this game won 30 Game of the Year Awards for the Xbox 360.

    Started playing this game and it was ok. But you do the save thing on almost every level run ,hide behind cover , kill , Run some more ,and then hide some more.

    The story may be good but i didn't play it long enough to know.

    The enemies are not original they all look the same.

    There is a lack of weapons there is maybe 5 Different ones.

    The game play is just so bad.

    But i guess if you like very easy game that require no skill you might like this game.

    But i wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
    ...more info
  • Great game BUT!
    I have windows vista operating system - it would be nice to warm potential buyers that this game DOES NOT work with Vista - I wound up loading it on a lap-top with is still using Windows XP - Still some minor problems but was able to overcome them....more info
  • If I had had a clue about the problems that come with this game...
    Brand new PC built just for games, (new Quad processor, 2GB memory, 8800 GTS by Nvidia, 750 GB drive, etc.) Flawlessly loads and runs every game I have except for this dog. What a buggy piece of software.

    Other issues:
    Must create an online account.
    Constant crashes, and freezes.
    Save points require unnecessary replay of long segments of game whenever you get killed.
    Control over the character is unintuitive, even keyboard play brings with it unnecessarily difficult movement I always associate with console hand controllers. Give me a keyboard and mouse that tap into modern character movement and control (like Far Cry or Crysis, or even Unreal Tournament) any day over this kind of game control approach.

    I may pick this up again some day down the road, but this baby is being retired early because its difficulties in operation trump its benefits....more info
    DRM has once again reared its ugly head. And this time it's really ugly. Gears of War for the PC comes with a digital certificate that causes the game to expire on January 28, 2009. That means IT CANNOT BE PLAYED unless you set your computer clock back to a date & time before January 28th.

    Those supporting DRM using the arguments that it is 'harmless' and 'non invasive' and that 'it won't really mess up your game' take note of this one. It SERIOUSLY messed up this game. Serious enough that YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY IT.

    I know there will be a lot of folks clamoring about how they will release a patch, yada, yada, yada. Sure, they might release a patch, but how about next time, or the time after that? Do I really want my ability to play a game hampered by issues like this? Heck no! This is stupidity at its finest OR it is a calculated move on EPIC's part to give the game an engineered mortality, something guys like me and the rest of those opposed to DRM have long feared. If game companies can't even get this sort of thing right, what confidence can any of us have that their 'authentication servers' will stay active in the future?

    Once again, DRM proves BAD for the consumer. Good job EPIC. You guys bring a whole new meaning to "EPIC FAIL." ...more info
  • Awesome game!
    Wow! I have never seen a game this beautiful! and the gore! beautiful! I have a PS3 but always wanted to play this game. Now I can instead of buying the xbox :)...more info
  • Not a FPS [First Person Shooter}

    This is a third person shooter; you play the game looking over somebody's

    shoulder, as you do when watching a movie. You are not IN the movie.

    Game developers don't seem to get it. Most all of the great shooter

    games have been first person. Are third person games cheaper to make?

    Shame on the developers and Amazon for not letting us know.

    ...more info
  • Painful because the game is actually cool.
    I purposely got the pc version (windows vista) of this game instead of xbox 360 version just b/c I like playing FPS or any shooting games with mouse better than a controller. Also, windows version of GoW has better graphic than xbox version if you have a good graphic card and has more single campaigns.

    Anyway, I've had so much expectation for this game. It took about 1 hour for me to install the game, but it wasn't a big problem for me. The problem started when I started playing it. The game crashed every 5 ~ 10 minutes and therefore impossible to progress. I searched for solution by googling and solved the problem by running the game "as administrater." But that wasn't all. I got to Act 3 of 5 after playing a few hours. The next day, I pressed "continue campaign" but it told me that there was no saved games. I was shocked and pissed. Indeed, it was painful to start all over again. I tried to find solutions online but still no luck.. This game could have been a great action-filled shooting game, but those critical flaws killed it. I recommend getting xbox version, or other better FPS games such as Call of Duty 4, etc....more info
  • why can't you save your progress??
    Good interesting graphics, and somewhat amusing dialog, but why do they make so many games that you have to achieve a checkpoint to make progress. It becomes very boring for an average player like me. On the bright side the game loads in good time not fast but not agonizingly slow either....more info
  • Horrible Game
    Couldn't get the game to load up and was not able to play it. Kept telling me I was missing a dll file. Microsoft wasn't any help and wanted to charge me for help after buying this game. Save your money don't buy this game. Stuck with a game we can't get to load up. ...more info
  • Fun but Ruined by Windows Live!
    I have a VERY fast system with lots of video processing power. LOTS.

    The game is a blast! The controls take a little getting used to but the learning curve is short.

    Graphics on highest settings are smooth, beautiful and gory, like a FPS should be.

    Storyline seems to refer to a past game in spots but is not bad.

    Windows Live! account required to play. Game saves disappear at random requiring you to start from the beginning some days.

    If you have the hardware and will put up with Windows Live! spying on you while you play single player, it is worth it.

    If not, look at older games without the spyware, or independent publishers.

    core i7 @ 3.0 Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-ex58-ud5
    6Gb GSkill RAM
    2X eVga geforce 9800 GTs in SLI
    ASUS 21.5" LCD 1080p DVI
    ...more info
  • Great game with great bugs
    I bought this game with a happy heart only to have it broken like a rejection on Valentines day. I can't say it sucks as far as game play but it sucks as far as software develpoment. I was having a blast until I got to the third chapter... It was such a drag seeing it freeze, skip, and not to mention the bad graphic just to finish of the last 2chapters...

    I was so disappointed I didn't bother to finish it until 3weeks later. and I don't even want to put it in my pc anymore. Its that bad. I have a great machine for gaming and I know a bit about overclocking and such. and this game messes up even when on low settings....more info
  • Crashes Patches and Unstable gameplay.
    Gears of War is one of my all time favorite games on the Xbox 360. So good infact, that i purchased it twice. The PC version, while being just as fun and almost twice as stunning, had so many problems regarding install, finding and downloading patches, and even getting the game to start. It took some fidgeting to get it, but once i got it working i was very happy with how the game played. Although there were some horibly unsteady framerate problems. And yes my computer is more than qualified to play this game. (3.0 Intel Core 2 Extreme, Ati 4750 HDx2,8gb ddr3 sdram) the shadows were jumpy and some object interaction problems. (Body through a crate?)
    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED 50G : Get GoW started on your PC
    ...more info
  • Great Game
    I thought this game was great. Although you need a pretty advanced computer to run it, overhauling your computer now a days is pretty cheep. Its what I did. I loved this game because, let's face it, who doesn't like ramming guys up the butt with chain-saws. The game takes graphic to an astronomical level, making you fell like you are in the game. The multiplayer is also altered from the original 360 version, making the experience all that much more enjoyable. The story line is good, you can fight aliens from destroying the Earth. There are a variety of weapons that make bashing the bad-guys loads of fun. You can also fight huge aliens with a machine gun. Great Game!...more info
  • Gears of War for Professional Players: PC gaming rules!
    I never played Gears of War on Xbox 360 because I dont have one, nor do I want one. I am a PC gamer through and through; that is why I buy Blockbuster games like Gears on PC.

    Gears of War on PC
    Good: -Beautiful graphics
    -Good Controls, Great Weapons
    -Great action and level design
    -Extended and extra levels exclusive to PC

    Bad: -Sometimes it will bogg down your PC even on a PC gaming rig
    -Going into cover is sometimes glitchy
    -Partner AI is pretty stupid and relies on you to help and
    revive him instead of the other way around

    Overall, this is a good game to have on PC. I would recommend it to anyone who plays PC games exclusively or who wants to get more bang out of an already classic XBOX 360 game....more info
  • Pretty good
    Kind of a hassle to get it working but overall was pretty satisfied.

    Some stability issues every now and then (crashing)...more info
  • cheap, new and fun
    The product was cheap, like new packaging, speedy delivery, and so much fun to play. ...more info
  • NO longer works / DRM
    DO NOT BUY THE WINDOWS VERSION... as of 1-29-09, it no longer runs. Either Epic games, or Microsoft installed a DRM signature in the code for the game, which causes the game to not run as of the above date. Customers who purchase this game were not told of this, and neither company has yet responded with a way to fix the problem. ...more info
  • Lost saved games ruin an otherwise excellent port
    This is an exceptionally good game. The cover mechanic is one of best implemented to date, the enemy AI is decent, it is beautiful, the weapons are interesting and feel solid, the boss battles are jaw-dropping, and most importantly it's a lot of fun. They even managed to make reloading your weapons compelling. The characters are a little over the top and the dialogue reflects that. But the storyline is suitably grand and it serves to move the campaign along well enough. This should have been a slam dunk must-have PC port of the XBox game.

    But it's not. Saved games disappear. The save system is not only an offensively straight port of the console check-point system, but you have to create a Windows Live account to save your progress at all. What? Why? Don't answer that. I know why, and it has nothing to do with the gameplay experience.

    I knew there was no quicksave feature when I bought the game, but I didn't know that the game would routinely lose all of my saved progress and achievements. There's a 40 page thread on Epic Games forums about this problem that's been around since the PC version's release in November. If there has been an official response from Epic or Microsoft I haven't been able to find it. That is too long for a massive problem like that to go unacknowledged and unresolved. Unless you have the time to finish the game in one sitting, don't buy this game until they fix the vanishing save games. Go play Half-Life 2, Bioshock, or some other game with a quicksave feature instead....more info
  • Exciting game, only disapointment is that it ends
    Before my review I will like to show my system specs:
    Dell dimension E521( I made some changes LOL)
    AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.00 Ghz
    3GB RAM
    Windows XP SP2
    Nvidia XFX Geforce 8600GTXXX (256MB)
    Before I even bought this game I downloaded and installed the latest version of Games for Windows live, I have had this game for 2weeks now and no technical issues.

    This game is amazing, I havent had any technical issues with it and the gameplay is phenomenal. I haven't had this much fun with a game since Half Life 2, you actually feel like you are in charge of Alpha squad. The graphics are great if you have the right hardware (With updated drivers of course).This is truly a great game, I didnt beat it just because I wanted to see the ending or because I wanted to be able to say "I beat Gears" I beat this game because the players get immersed in the gameplay, the environments and even the characters of the game.
    The only complaint I have is not about the game per se but the LIVE package which you get free for a month and have to pay for after its expiration. I think it is an unfair deal that takes away from the game itself,online gameplay is fun and addicting and to be honest, I am contemplating the renewal of my Live package. Although the online component of the multiplayer aspect of Gears is by subscription, users can play Gears of War for free on a LAN configuration.
    This is a game I will recommend to everyone, I bought this game for the full price plus tax at an EB games and I have no regrets.
    ...more info
  • Xbox 360 version = 5 stars...this...yeah.
    Ok, don't get me wrong, this is, essentially an EXCELLENT game...for the 360. Not, however for the PC. No, apparently the developers thought it'd be a good idea to rush a product out...then update it but not fix the major issues.

    Here's some things you get to look forward to if you mistakingly buy this port instead of the real deal for the 360:

    A) Saved games disappear randomly.
    B) Probably will act glitchy, doesn't matter your specs so don't feel bad.
    C) Even if you manage to make it through a good portion of the game, don't switch computers and try to transfer the save files like I did...ended up not being able to continue.
    D) Did I mention the saved games disappear?
    E) Oh yeah, it takes an hour to install, 2 additional hours to -maybe- get it running.

    So, essentially you're stuck with 3 hours of pure non-sense. I kid you not, I sat there trying to get this game to run for 3 hours while my wife gamed and gamed and gamed some more on our 360.

    Pop in a disc and play? No no, this is Windows why should we be so bold to expect that?

    Not worth it to be able to use the mouse and keyboard, 360 controller isn't that bad.

    Again, the Xbox version is EXCELLENT, pick it up! Don't pick up the PC version's a waste of time that you could spend gaming instead of click *load* *crash* *click *load* *no saved games found*...more info
  • Fantastic
    I've been blown away by the storyline, action, graphics, and intense gameplay in GoW. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for the PC version of this game. But it does come with bugs out of the package, and I was forced to manually update Windows Live multiple times to resolve crashes. But it performed flawlessly after applying the patch .Overall this is a very good buy for anyone into FPS games and do not have a 360 like myself. Not to mention the extra chapters in the PC version.

    Also, there is a crash bug if you try to launch from the CD instead of the deskop....more info
  • Needs a patch before it will run
    Once I downloaded all of the patches, this game runs fine. For a good gamer (I'm not one), it's going to be a lot of fun. The controls are a bit awkward for me, but others probably won't have any problem at all. I haven't played it very much because even on "casual" I die a lot. Anyway, it was worth the discounted price I paid for it used. ...more info
    The game came quicker than I thought. It was awesome, but very difficult. It's looks amazing and the acting and cut scenes look beautiful detailed. I just wished it wasn't set in post-apocolyptic Earth. . . . . ...more info
  • The damn thing didn't even work
    Put it in the CD drive. Nothing happened. Clicked CD drive - nothing, like its not even there.

    Pulled it out and checked for scratches. There are none. Fresh out of box. Tried different CD. Worked fine. Put back in GoW CD. Again, nothing. Like it don't even exist.

    Tried about 100 CD's before this. All worked perfectly. Number 101 - failed - didn't work at all.

    Went to Microsoft's website - looked for phone number. None existed for technical support. Looked for e-mail address. Didn't find it. Kept looking. 15 minutes later - staring at some kind of legal agreement. Says I might have to pay up to 35 dollars for technical support. Clicked I disagree. Recieved no technical support at all.

    Conclusion: PC port is riddled with bugs. Technical support is contingent on a legal agreement and possibly not even free. Microsoft doesn't care about customers - goes out of its way to make sure they're not contacted at all - or makes it extremely difficult for you should you choose to do so. Buy it at your own risk.
    ...more info
  • Average Gamer beware! Worthless game
    Wow, if you are not a techo geek and are not comfortable diving into your config files and registry keys etc... This game is NOT for you. I am somewhat of a computer nerd but I had a very very rough time getting this game to run. I had all the system requirements and then some. 100% guarantee when you install this game out of the box you can NOT play it without going to the Internet to figure it out. Good luck. typical Microsoft.

    I spent a lot of time adusting my display, downloading new drivers, reviewing other issue gamers discribed (and there are a lot) only to still having problems. Good luck. ...more info
  • Fantastic Shooter!
    If you like first-person shooter games on the PC - this one is one of the most fun games I've ever played. The graphics are excellent and so is the gameplay. If you are debating between buying this or Cysis, I would say the following: Crysis has more varied and nuanced graphics, but GoW has better gameplay.

    - Great singleplayer with a rich story and plenty of action
    - Great multiplayer on well designed maps. The multiplayer is a logical extension of the single player
    - Beautiful graphics - in a dark, surrealistic setting

    None that I can see...more info
  • Do Not Purchase- Epic has not resolved Problems
    I am an experienced and well known on line first person shooter gamer. I have just read over 30 forums and over 200 entries..about the complete incompetence of Epic and Microsoft to release this game without resolving the computer crash problems. I will ask for a complete refund. Clearly if you take the time to read about this situation, this game release may go down as one of the most embarrassing products upon which Microsoft placed its name. Microsoft reps in the forums admit the problem. For example, the computer freezes, including a complete closedown of video cards, after a "checkpoint" has been reached; in other words, when you complete a level. I have a powerful gaming computer, but i read gamers with high end (+$5,000) units freezing up. You have been warned, which these comments only vaguely did for me when I asked for this game as a gift from a good friend....more info
  • Very Enjoyable Game
    Gears of War on PC looks wonderful and plays great (especially if you have an xbox 360 controller to play it with). I had no problems installing or playing it at any time. The only reason I didn't give it a 5/5 is because the online multiplayer is not amazing, but the single player experience is great. Highly recommended....more info
  • Gears of War PC
    Although it varies among computers, unless you are solely interested in the 5 extra chapters, 3 new maps, the new gametype, and the game editor, you should not buy Gears of War PC. I'm not saying that it is bad, no. The 5 extras chapters fill the gap between two parts of the story in Gears of War for the Xbox 360 which certainly makes the PC version more interesting story-wise. The 3 new maps, including Courtyard, Gold Rush, and Sanctuary, are also fairly fun to play on. However, when it comes to gameplay, Gears of War PC (compared to the Xbox 360 version), just doesn't cut it. For those of you who have already played the Xbox 360 version, you will know that lag can be somewhat prominent in several instances. However, when the 360 version is compared to the PC version, the lag seems nonexistant.

    Weapon-wise, nothing has changed between the 360 and PC version, unfortunately. The Gnasher is still used as the run-and-gun weapon and people can still rambo through whole rounds of bullets like they are immortal. Using the Longshot Rifle (Sniper) in the PC version seems to be somewhat easier for pulling off headshots as the sensitivity appears to be higher, which is both a positive and a negative in some perspectives.

    If you are truly looking for the REAL Gears of War 1 experience, but don't have an Xbox 360, THEN GET ONE. With Gears of War 2 coming out on November 7th, solely to the Xbox 360, it would be a wise desicion to get one if you have not already....more info