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TomTom Rider 2 GPS Navigator for Motorcycles and Scooters
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Product Description

Developed for bikers by bikers, TomTom RIDER is one of the smartest navigation solutions for motorcycles. Switch on and go right out of the box. Just mount the unit on your bike, and you're ready to hit the open road. Turn-by-turn spoken directions guide you safely door-to-door to any address in the United States or Canada.

The smartest navigation solution for motorcycles. Click to enlarge.

Developed for bikers by bikers. Click to enlarge.

Rugged waterproof device, anti-glare screen, integrated sun visor, and gloves-on operation give bikers just what they need while riding. Navigation instructions are spoken via in-helmet Cardo scala-rider Bluetooth headset for great audio quality, external noise cancellation, and added safety and convenience. Itinerary planning helps riders to make the most of their time on the road. And with a choice of routes--including shortest, fastest, non-toll roads, and avoiding highways--you can explore the world your own way.

TomTom RIDER can even be used for safe hands-free calling with your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

TomTom has the most accurate maps, and with TomTom Map Share technology, you instantly can modify street names, street direction, points of interest, and more on your own device.

Included universal RAM mounting kit securely fits most bikes. Optional car mount kit accessory makes it easy to transfer from bike to car.

The TomTom RIDER is the ultimate in smart and easy bike navigation.

RIDER Features

  • Maps of United States and Canada with TomTom Map Share
  • Spoken Instructions
  • Glove-friendly Touchscreen
  • Waterproof
  • Cardo scala-rider Bluetooth headset
  • Universal RAM Mount
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling
  • 3.5-inch Touchscreen
  • Car Mount Kit--Optional Accessory

All TomToms Feature

Plug & Go--Works right out of the box.

Preloaded Points of Interest--Easily find millions of gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and more on your route.

30-Day Latest Map Guarantee--Up to date, off the shelf.

TomTom Map Share--Modify your own map and benefit from others' verified changes with TomTom Map Share.

Help Me! Emergency Menu--Easily access local emergency providers, such as police, fire stations, and hospitals.

TomTom HOME--Always up to date.

Traffic Ready--Optional RDS-TMC traffic receiver accessory keeps you up-to-date on traffic events to minimize potential delays.

Fuel Price Service (optional)--Know more, pay less.

Why TomTom?

TomTom believes that personal navigation should be as easy and safe as possible. TomTom develops smart technology that gives you straightforward solutions, innovations to make life easy.

Easy to Use

  • Award-winning navigation software
  • Plug & go

Best Maps

  • 30-Day Latest Map Guarantee
  • Modify your own map and benefit from others' verified changes with TomTom Map Share

Best Routing

  • QuickGPSfix
  • Traffic ready

Leader in Safety

  • Help Me! emergency resources menu
  • Safety preferences menu

About TomTom

Founded in Amsterdam in 1991, TomTom has established itself as a global leader in navigation by being an innovative company with a strong brand, clear customer focus, and high-quality products and services.

TomTom is a leading navigation solutions provider with navigation products sold in 30 countries and in over 20 languages. To further its commitment to car navigation, TomTom acquired Tele Atlas maps in 2008 so that the company can continually provide the most up-to-date maps and intelligent routing.

TomTom has its own mapping company!

Did you know that every year, roads change by up to 40% in high-growth areas? Tele Atlas manages this by using the world's most comprehensive systems to identify and incorporate these changes into our maps with unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy. All TomTom devices benefit from the Tele Atlas advantage--more coverage, more points of interest, and more freshness and accuracy.

What's in the Box

TomTom RIDER, Memory card (SD card) with software and maps, USB cable, High quality Cardo scala-rider wireless Bluetooth headset for in-helmet spoken instructions, RAM Mounting kit
  • A rugged waterproof device, anti-glare screen, integrated sun visor, and gloves-on operation give bikers just what they need while riding
  • Spoken turn-by-turn instructions and 3D graphics will guide you to any address in the United States and Canada
  • Navigation instructions are spoken via in-helmet Cardo scala-rider Bluetooth headset for great audio quality
  • Itinerary planning helps riders make the most of their time on the road; with a choice of routes--including shortest and fastest
  • Makes riding even safer with Bluetooth hands-free calling (compatible mobile phone required)

Customer Reviews:

  • To the uniformed
    "-Should have a trip computer with trip parameters such as max speed, average moving speed, time moving, time sitting still, odometer, trip odometer..."

    Apparently this consumer didn't look at the instruction book. All of this exists on the Tomtom Rider 2....more info
  • TomTom R2
    If you have ever used TomTom before, you will catch on to this in a snap. If not, playing around with the settings and controls will get you comfortable quickly.

    Good- Precise directions most of the time. Quick sync w/ satellites. New computer software easy to use. Headset works surprisingly well.

    Not so good- Concerned on the actual strength of motorcycle mount. Seems a little cheaper than I think it should. Time will tell if the braces snap in half though. Once installed, power cable and all, the mount is meant to be left in place. I do not use GPS every day, I wish there was a solution to being able to remove and hide the power cable without being unsightly.

    Bad- Expensive! I got a bargain on this, and it is still much more expensive than standard GPS products. Also as a consideration, you need the car mount kit to get audio while in the car, which then must be plugged in to power the speaker at all times....more info
  • Great GPS
    I have a older car gps and love the new features of the rider 2. Motorcycle mounts were easy and it is very secure. A friend of mine has a Garmin and the only major difference is the Garmin has the ability to play mp3 files and connect to XM Radio. I read a lot of reviews and came to the conclusion the Tom Tom is the way to go because it is half the price and is a quality gps!! ...more info
  • Doe what it needs to do
    The TomTom Rider 2 is too expensive, but essentially a good product.
    - Screen is visible in sunshine
    - Menus are easily accessible, you don't need to study the manual to work the box
    - Navigation quality is good
    - RAM mount works fine (Ducati 1098 - mount on steering damper)

    The only negative is the price. In terms of value for money, this is not the product you'd be looking for. Yes, RAM mount works fine on all bikes, but there is nothing magic about it. Yes, the navigation quality is good, and the screen is well visible. But again, is that worth 500 bucks?

    I suppose it's a niche market and that makes it worth it....more info
  • A decent unit, but with major flaws, at a ripoff price!!
    I bought the Rider 2 GPS last summer, to tour the south of France, from Paris. I'd travelled before with maps, sometimes missing offramps out of confusion (freeway signs here are only really good if you're a local, in which case you don't need them in the first place!!). After having used a TomTom GPS in a rental car to go to Italy, I decided to get one for my Speed Triple, for the pleasure of being guided from "above". The decision was made a week before my departure, so I didn't really have time to investigate the market. I discovered only Garmin & TomTom have bike-specific models, and that both were incredibly expensive compared to car units. Being used to, and pleased with the TomTom interface, I decided to buy TT. The first Rider 2 I bought would not connect to my Motorola Razr V3i, despite the help from the sales reps, and would refuse to turn on, even fully charged. After 3 (THREE!!) trade-ins, I had to leave for my 1 1/2 month vacation with my current unit, picked up the same morning.

    My first beef was to find that not only would it start trying connecting to my V3i, then fail, but I'd also have to use the cellular connection to obtain the updates, and 1 month trial of various options I'D PAID FOR!! This is totally stupid. If you're going to have to use a PC to save your SD card, let the PC handle further downloads and updates!!! It doesn't take being a racket science wiz to understand a DSL connection is more reliable than a cellular. Also, the fact you have to pay for updates, and options that should be standard, is preposterous.

    My second problem, is the fact that as long as you're moving, you cannot access/change routing information. That's totally stupid too. Even at walking speeds, the unit will accept no change of route, or any other modification. When you're on the freeway, or on city streets with no place to stop, this is really aggravating. I know it's supposedly for security reasons, but changing your destination to a favorite isn't going to put you in danger in most cases, stopping and starting on a road close to heavy traffic will. In any case, you can tap all you want on a car unit, so security obviously isn't a valid reason. In any case, I hate when an appliance is set to restrain my use of it, and not let me decide for myself when/if what I do is safe.

    3rd beef: sometimes, maps are obsolete from the start. When driving through Italy, I was directed to turn right on a freeway, in the middle of... fields!!! There was an offramp on my screen, miles from any actual offramps. Only corn fields, which had obviously been there for years, and weren't going to disappear in favor of a new road overnight. Really scary when you're on a schedule..

    Maybe I should have listed first the On/Off button. I have very strong arms & fingers, but the time & pressure (and numerous attempts) it takes to turn it on hurts my fingers each time. Needless to even think of asking my girlfriend to do it...

    The last unnicety I can think of right now, is the fact, if you're typing an address, the streets that pop up aren't entirely legible on the screen. It appears there's no way to view further past the first letters. This is really a bummer in France, where streets precede their name. Example: if you're looking for an address on Boulevard du General De Gaulle, all that appears on the screen is "Boulevard du Genera", so you have to type each and every letter in the name, or you'll get directed to another general's name, and, as there's no "back" function, you'll have to go through the whole itinerary planning procedure again to try to get it right. Total lack of user-friendliness, for a unit that's supposed to be usable by bikers, with gloves on.

    On the upside, missing an exit leads the unit to recalculate another itinerary very quickly, the reason exactly I'd bought a GPS. Arrival times are incredibly accurate, even on long trips. Screen maps are legible. The RAM fixing system is great, and solid, but props there go to RAM, not TomTom. The Scala system works fine, and is reasonably audible, although the choice of a higher pitched female voice, on full volume is a must, if you're going to be riding over 100 mph.

    If I'd had more time to choose, I'd have bought the Garmin Zumo instead. The price is too high for a GPS that's so poorly engineered. It does work nicely when it's all set up correctly, but not being able to take phone calls, use paid for updates, or use your PC to download data is unacceptable....more info
  • Do not buy this product
    I bought a Tomtom Rider 2 at the end of May. It took a week and a half to receive it after they sat on my money for a week. I had the unit for less than 48 hours before it died. It left me stranded in a strange city. When I finally got to my destination, the screen had gone blank and I could not boot it up. I called Tomtom Support and they told me to do a hard boot. I did this with no success. They then told me to charge it for at least 4 hours. I did this and still no screen. They finally gave me a RMA and had me send it back. Because I was on vacation, I did not have a chance to send it back right away. If I knew then what I know now I would have sent that unit back for a refund right away. You only have 14 days to send it back.
    After about three weeks after I had sent it back, I received a new one in the mail. It was missing the SIM card, I waited another week to get that. I finally had it back only to have it do the same thing. This time it not only did it die, but it told me to turn into a ditch before it died. It had me going down roads that I know would not take me to where I wanted to go. The bluetooth also died before the screen went. It is a total failed unit. I called them and told them that I just wanted my money back. They told me that that was not possible because I had not sent it in within the 14 days refund period. I told them that I had done everything they said to do, but that doesn't seem to matter. I am so frustrated with Tomtom. For the money that I spent on this, I should not have to be sending it back time and time again. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! If you do, just remember that you only have 14 days to return it if it is not working. ...more info
  • Best routing algorithms in the business
    This is my second Tom-Tom. I previously used Garmin and Magellan. Tom-Tom is a giant leap above them for utility and routing algorithms. The motorcycle version is perfect for the rough and gloved environment of touring....more info
  • no hassell great service.
    we did have a problem with our product. but when we called the 1800# we got very courtious answers and no problems they came to our home and picked up our idem with no charge to us and we had a replacement in three days. its great ............more info
  • Worth the Money
    Was as promised, saved me over $250.00 needs better installation guide, even better if it had an fm moldulator with it....more info
  • tom tom rider
    excellent 99% of time ,we used on a 4400 mile trip but we were disapointed
    in the points of interest feature it did not even list Yellowstone Nat Park.Also it did not have gas stations listed unless it was Chevron or Texaco....more info
  • My TomTom Rider 2 Experience
    The TomTom Rider 2 is exactly what they say it is.It does a good job as a GPS unit.If you have had a TomTom unit befor the Rider, you will be very comfortable in the menus of the Rider2. The Ram mount included in the box is very sturdy and holds the Rider very securly. The Scala rider bluetooth headset included in the set seems to work just fine for the voice ques from the rider. If you are expecting much more from the headset you will be disapointed. Bluetooth connectivity between telephone and rider is also a challange. I have tried pairing two different telephones with the rider and have recieved error messages from both. Granted the two phones I have tried to use are not on the known to work list "IPHONE,and the Samsung Blackjack 2" all though I really dont care to answer my cell phone while riding it annoys me that this does not work well for me. I could pair the phones directly to the head set and have it work but this causes the head set to loose its connection to the Rider. Just for your information, You can only pair one device to the Cardo Scala Rider headset provided. There is an option of buying a Scala q2 headset which allows for more paired devices. Back to the rider, you will notice that the screen will wash out somewhat in sunlight. you really just cant seem to get it bright enough to overcome this at times. The power button can be a bit ridged and difficult to operate. I have seen in other reviews this same complaint. I can say that after some use that this situation has improved. Your milage may vary? If TomTom is listinng My request to them would be to please improve the screen visablity for high sunlight conditions. I would ask them to package a more capable headset. An input for a mp3/xm /what ever device would also be a great addition. Overall I think the device is a good choice for Motorcyle use. Its rugged and waterproof and does its primary function well. It also has reached a pricepoint that makes it more affordable then some of the other gps brands. You can buy this device knowing it will do what you bought it for....more info
  • Has some real shortcomings
    Well folks, my wife bought me this unit for Christmas and I was pretty excited about it until I started looking at it in detail. I never mounted it on the bike so I can't testify as to how well it actually works. It has one HUGE fault that I couldn't live with so I returned it this morning. This unit has no audio out jack. I ride a Yamaha Royal Star Venture that has a factory audio system. I already have stereo, intercom, etc. complete with rider and passenger headsets. Most GPS units have an audio out jack and I could simply run a patch cord from that jack to the aux input jack on my bike's audio system. The TomTom rider has only bluetooth audio out and comes with a bluetooth headset. That means that I would have to use THEIR headset which does not connect with my bikes audio system and then would also have to buy a bluetooth headset for my wife's helmet. Plus, the headset that comes with the unit is not stereo so I would have to find stereo bluetooth headsets for both our helmets. I don't know what TomTom was thinking. Most touring bikes, including the Venture, Goldwing, Ultra Classic come from the factory with audio. Without a standard audio out jack, this unit will be non-acceptable to many of us. I returned it for a refund and will buy a Garmin Zumo 450 or 550.

    UPDATE: I replaced this unit with a Garmin Zumo 550. It is twice the unit at only a very slight increase in price. I found the Zumo online for about $50.00 more than my wife paid for the TomTom and the Garmin is a MUCH better unit and has an audio out jack to work with motorcycles that already have audio systems. TomTom is close but just didn't think this one out....more info
  • Not enough features for the price class
    My wife gave me this unit for Christmas. She's a doll and I love her very much, but she was not very versed about what to shop for or expect from a GPS unit. I've now used the unit several hours during trips, utilizing the blue tooth connectivity with my cell phone and the included headset within my helmet. Ive also used it in the car a lot. They said this unit was designed by motorcyclists, but obviously the bikers TomTom consulted knew very little about the minimum expectations for features required in a decent GPS unit...especially one costing this much.

    I am going to break-down my review into two parts....what it has that is good...and what it lacks that makes it a non-competitive GPS unit in the US. I've used GPS technology at work and at play for years. Most of my background with consumer-grade GPS units is with the Garmin brand. So it is to that brand that I will make most of my comparisons because Garmin, for the most part, has it right and does it right! (imho)I have no financial or personal relationship with Garmin, whatsoever.

    OK..first for the's water resistant/proof (don't really know about the proof part cause I havent had it in the pouring rain yet)...Fast processor and fast acquisition of the GPS constellation...good screen graphics and brightness...decent battery life...sensitive touch screen tooth capable...can download your Outlook contact database....decent internal memory...heavy duty Ram mounting hardware for your bikes handle bars....USB connectivity to your computer for map downloads, etc....and if you are into directions from the unit, it has a few male and female voices from which to choose.

    Now for the features it should have but does not:
    -Should have a trip computer with trip parameters such as max speed, average moving speed, time moving, time sitting still, odometer, trip odometer, vertical and horizontal elevation, etc. None of this exists on the tomtom rider.
    -Should leave a track, or a bread crumb trail, as you ride along. Not available on the TTRider. This is a real disappointment.
    -Should have larger fonts for speed, arrival time, etc. Way too small to have to deal with on a motorcycle...even when set to the largest font.
    -Should not "snap" to the nearest road to fool you into thinking their base map is accurate...because it is not that accurate in reality.
    -Should come with a cig lighter plug for powering, but it does not.
    -Does not allow any preference setting while in motion. You must stop before you can do anything with this unit outside of a few limited functions. Excuse: a safety feature
    -Cannot make a call while moving. You can only recieve calls while moving. What's that about???? (yea I know, safety)
    - Has annoying icons on the screen when the phone and headset are not connected and there is no way to get them off the screen!!
    -Gives you no options as far as screen orientation relating to your travel direction...always points you up. Thats ok most of the time, but we deserve to have a choice in this price class.
    -Can fall off the ball mount and, if not tethered to the bike or mounting base, it will hit the ground and will be lost.
    - No elevation available...for those of us that ride in mountains and are use to seeing this on gps units, it's certainly an oversight by the TTRider. GPS derived elevation is not that accurate in the first place, but readings are relative and give a pretty good indication of elevation changes as you ride.
    - Direct sunlight makes the screen totally INVISIBLE.

    If I could send it back to Amazon I would. I plan to give it to by wife for her car and purchase a gps unit that more closely fits my needs as a touring motorcyclist and as a consumer that refuses to settle for inadequate and poorly designed products. ...more info
  • Very good if you can find it on sale and are technically inclined.
    So I got the TomTom Rider 2 on special for a really good price and have been playing around with it for a week on the bike and in the car. I had some problems with it at first, thought I'd managed to brick it within the first day installing the latest software updates, but after some research and playing around I got it sorted out. (Hints: there's a paper clip reset hole on the bottom, and at least on a Mac you want the newer version of the desktop software, *not* the one they say is for the Rider, which probably actually means the 1st gen Rider.)

    Once I got all that sorted out and got the updates installed (thank Dog I backed the whole thing up before trying the update or I would have been screwed) it's been great! It comes with a Cardo-Scala Bluetooth headset, integrates with your phone (you can receive calls anytime and make calls when stopped), and will use the data connection on your phone to pull down weather and traffic info, and also locate other people you know with TomTom Rider units. It has no problem getting a GPS signal, even inside my house, it reroutes automatically, and includes RAM mounting hardware.

    Really my only complaint is that there's no built-in speaker so if you want to use it in a car you pretty much need to spring for their car adapter kit. (I tried hooking it up to another Bluetooth headset but it didn't work very well.)

    I think this will be a nice unit, especially for the price, and considering it comes with a helmet headset. It's got basically the same feature set as the Zumo 550, which is much more expensive and IIRC doesn't come with a headset....more info
  • TomTom Rider 2
    A bit pricy for what you get. I already had 2 sets of Scala Rider Q2 head sets. Would have prefered to have payed less and just bought the TomTom Rider 2 without the Scala headset.

    Does not come with car adapter.

    Works just like regular GPS but more expensive for what you get. Screen is hard to see on sunny days even in the shade....more info
  • always carry a map
    Every thing about this unit is great except for the fact that the screen can not be seen in bright sunlight rendering it almost useless. ...more info
  • TomTom Rider
    This is a good GPS for it's year. They have come out with one that is better and has more features as usually happens with electronics. Had to make a bracket to fit my bike,a HD. Sometimes it gets confused and will send me in the wrong direction, but i've heard of other GPS's doing the same thing...I like that I can put this on my bike or in the car....more info