Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 500 GB 3.5" USB 2.0/FireWire 400 External Hard Drive
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Product Description

Backup your files with a push of a button or set up the software to perform convenient automatic backups. With 7200 RPM and 16 MB cache buffer, you get fast drive performance, seamless data exchange, and instant access to your files. With the Maxtor SafteyDrill software for windows, SafteyDrill prepares, reboots and recovers your PC's entire hard drive in case of system failure or virus/spyware infection. No need to worry about unauthorized access to your private files with the Maxtor DrivePass and encryption. Simple setup, just connect the USB 2.0 or FireWire cable, and your Maxtor OneTouch 4 hard drive automatically appears on your desktop. For all those precious pictures, videos, music and data files, external hard drive is a must have. FireWire 400, IEEE 1394a, iLink and SBP-2 compliant Up to 480Mb/sec Bus Transfer Rate with USB 2.0 400Mb/sec Bus Transfer Rate with FireWire 400 Operating system - Windows XP Home or Higher, Mac OS X (10.4.7 or later), 256MB RAM Approximate Unit Dimensions - 2.5 X 6.0 X 6.75 Approximate Unit Weight - 2.5lbs

The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus solution is a full-featured backup and storage solution with Maxtor SafetyDrill for complete recovery of a hard drive's contents in case of a system crash or virus/spyware attack*. With two levels of data security and capacities up to 1 TB, users can confidently back up or sync work and home computers.

Protect your data from unauthorized use.

Back up your files with one touch of a button.

Add on storage for your desktop or laptop.
Portable Performance and Security
Provide a safe haven for your entire working environment. Don't back up and protect just your files anymore. System crashes and virus attacks can happen, and it's difficult to get your computer back to just the way you like it. To prepare, should the unfortunate happen, Maxtor SafetyDrill automatically creates a snapshot of the entire contents of your PC's hard drive which can be readily booted for an easy and complete recovery.

With this elegantly simple full-featured backup solution, Maxtor's software makes automated backup scheduling, specific file restoration, sync, security, drive and power management a snap. To safeguard against unauthorized use, Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus comes with both data encryption and Maxtor DrivePass. To top it off, with up to 1 TB you have more than enough room for your important documents, videos, photos, graphics, and music in one safe, convenient location - over 16,660 hours of digital music or 320,000 digital photos or 1000 hours of digital video or 250 two-hour DVD quality movies or 500 games.

The sleek and slim design of this hard drive--only measures 6.75 x 2.50 x 6.00-inches (H x D x W). The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus lets you transfer files seamlessly from your computer via its USB 2.0 connection at a brisk transfer rate of up to 480Mb/sec. The drive delivers a spindle speed of 7,200 RPM, giving you the high-speed performance you need to back your data up quickly and safely.

It's easy to install - just plug the external drive into an available USB or FireWire port on your PC or Mac, run the preloaded software, and presto you're good to go. At this compact size, and with this high performance, you now have the ability to take your data with you anywhere you go, so your digital content finally has room to breathe. A five-year warranty is also included, giving you complete peace of mind.

Product Highlights
, Maxtor SafetyDrill prepares, boots and recovers a PC's entire internal drive contents in case of system failure or virus/spyware infection.* , Back up all your files with one touch of the button or automated scheduling.
, Maxtor DrivePass and Encryption protects contents of drive in case unauthorized use. , Quick and easy installation with pre-loaded software
, Simple Maxtor user-interface drive management, security and backup scheduling , 5-year limited warranty
, Sync data between two or more computers on the same operating system. , Customizable Maxtor OneTouch button
, Auto Updater helps keep your Maxtor OneTouch solution current. , Drive and power management utilities
, Dual interfaces:
—FireWire compatible up to 400Mb/sec data transfer rates
—USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible up to 480 Mb/sec data transfer rates
, PC and Mac compatible
, 7200 RPM, up to 16-MB cache buffer

*Windows Only

Maxtor is the expert and the leader in designing simple external storage and backup solutions for consumers and professionals. Maxtor offers a broad line of trusted, intuitive storage solutions for safeguarding critical business data, digital files and personal memories. Maxtor developed the industry's first external storage device that features easy-to-use OneTouch button backup and restore capabilities. The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus solution is the easy way to back up and store photos, videos, games, music, business data, personal information and more. The OneTouch 4 Plus solution continues the OneTouch legacy as the leading external hard drive for small office users, consumers, creative professionals and mobile warriors.

What's in the Box
External hard drive with preloaded installation software, USB 2.0 cable, FireWire 400/1394a cable, Maxtor SafetyDrill Recovery CD, quick start guide, AC power adapter

  • 500 GB external hard drive connects to your computer via USB cable or FireWire 400
  • Simple Maxtor user interface for drive management, security, and backup scheduling
  • Two levels of security against unauthorized use - Maxtor DrivePass? and data encryption
  • Sync data between 2 or more computers on the same operating system
  • Drive and power management utilities; 5-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • $1700 to Recover Crashed Maxtor
    I have two Maxtor OneTouch drives (120GB) that I got in 2005. They have both crashed this year. One was recoverable by reformating the drive, so I lost ALL the data on it. The other could not be recovered. Maxtor charges $1700 (starting price) to recover data from their crashed drive. That seems like a lucrative business for them (especially based on the lousy reviews they are getting).
    Everyone is right: You are stuck with these drives, since you would never send it back to their 3rd World tech support and risk someone getting all your data from it....more info
  • No On/Off Switch?
    This hard disk have no On/Off Switch. This is a big drawback. I might return my product to the seller soon....more info
  • Do not buy!
    500GB One Touch 4 Plus-MaxtorIf you're looking for a reliable external drive that you can depend on, whether it's to store important files for the long term or to transfer to another computer, I suggest you divert your attention away from this one. It worked great out of the box, but when I connected it to another computer to transfer the files, it automatically synced with the second computer and wiped out everything that was stored on the external drive. Frustrated, I disconnected the drive and put it up for the day. The next time I tried to use it, no computer in the house will recognize it, no matter what I do and the LED will continuously blink. It won't even boot up. After thoroughly searching the internet for answers, I now realize how many other people have had similar issues and haven't come to a satisfactory conclusion. My drive is still within warranty, but I don't wish to send out the product with has my personal information stored on it to the company for repair/replacement, so I'm simply stuck with it. Thanks Maxtor. /sarcasm...more info
  • Maxtor Firewire Drive = Garbage
    This Maxtor 500G Firewire drive is absolute garbage. I purchased two and one was dead out of the box. I exchanged it for another new one only for it to die a year later (just out of warranty) so I opened it and pulled the Seagate drive from inside and put it in another enclosure that was only USB. Luckily my data was there on the hard drive. The cheap Chinese USB enclosure was much faster than the Maxtor firewire! It shouldn't be. Firewire should be faster. The only one left that isn't broken I only use as backup once every month or two, so I expect that one will break too. Garbage! I may never buy another Maxtor product as long as I live....more info
    Maxtor One Touch 4 plus. ** CAN NOT RECOMMEND ** This problem is happening with many consumers. From one day to the next you turn on your computer and you can't access the drive?!?!? I have jumped through All the hoops Tech Support wanted and my computer still won't access the drive. I can't see it. I have EVEN disassembled at Tech Supports request, purchased an new external case to put the drive in and it STILL won't work. My data is all but gone and they won't are offering NO help on their end. They offer NO service and NO repair. They Will send me another garbage product though. The issue is with the firmware on the hard drive inside. It is a Seagate drive that is listed on their website as having faulty firmware built-in. Of course, they deny it is the issue...more info
  • Poorly made hard drive
    I have had my Dell computer with the same internal hard drive for over 6 years. For extra storage space, I purchased the Maxtor One Touch 3. It failed after 11 months. Seagate (which took over Maxtor) replaced it, but the replacement lasted less than three months before it too failed. In each case, Maxtor offered to try to retrieve my data for over $1,000. After much complaining, Seagate offered me the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus. It failed after seven months. Do not buy this poor quality product....more info
  • Great for Macs.
    I simply don't understand all of these bad reviews. Perhaps it's their shoddy computers that are causing the problems. I bought this drive at Office Depot for $80 about six months ago and have had no problems. It is highly compatible with my Macintosh. Simply connect and drag whatever files you want to back up into the drive. Don't even bother with the included software....more info
  • What the heck???
    Shopped today for this thing...$120 at Office Depot, bought it. Saw it 30 min. later at Staples for $100, bought it and returned the first one. No instructions with it, you just plug it in. The "automatic" software did not appear on my computer, and I went in to open the drive from My Computer. 134 page PDF manual, the first pages of which displayed dialogue boxes that I guess are supposed to open when you plug it in. All it did was flash that white light on the front. Nothing ever happened. Restart computer, nothing. Click on various files, nothing. Copy the launch icon to the desktop, click, nothing. Next stop, Google search for customer reviews, land here. Should have done that before spending the afternoon and this evening with this piece of junk. Yeah, no on/off switch either, which is part of what irritates me about the 200 GB Maxtor I bought some months ago (which actually only had 165 GB available). From the Maxtor reviews, I expect the 200 GB to die on me soon. I need to find out who makes REAL external hard drives, not garbage. These things need to be flawless and bullet-proof, or there's no sense in having it. I'll get my money back tomorrow, but I won't get back the time I wasted. Maxtor sucks....more info
  • Unreliable drive, avoid it!
    I bought this drive at staples at the recommendation of the salesman. It failed after one week on my computer. We had an old computer and so I thought that it was just a problem with the computer. Got a brand-new computer two weeks later and it seemed to work fine on that one but failed after a week on that computer too! It had all kinds of partition issues, characters coming up in chinese, and it wouldn't let my computer reboot. All problems dissappeared once I removed the maxtor. Took it back to staples, I'm on amazon now ordering an iomega, which gets much better ratings - and is cheaper!!...more info
  • Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus
    Arrived quickly. Seems to work as advertised. Easy to install, even for me....more info
  • Don't Bother
    I bought the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 500 GB external hard drive in May 2008 based on Maxtor's good reputation and the software capabilities. It's a sharp looking drive. As of a couple weeks ago it's now a very expensive paperweight. SeaGate Techs weren't helpful in figuring out why the drive suddenly decided to password protect itself (I didn't put a password on it), nor why Windows XP won't recognize it nor why even though the software states that the drive now needs to be formatted, it can't do it. They told me they never heard of the drive doing this before, and yet there's now tons of information on the net and on the SeaGate forums regarding this particular issue with the Maxtor drives. They offered a replacement, but I can't send it to them because of the confidential information on it. I tried all the fixes people listed and ran password cracker programs and data recovery programs on the drive and nothing worked. I replaced it with another brand--I won't buy another SeaGate (Maxtor) product which is a shame as I've worked for years in the computer industry and they were top of the line back in the day. If you value your data, use another brand. And one other suggestion--use more than one external hard drive for redundancy. I had some of the data on CD's, but really wasn't worried at the time since it was a Maxtor. Learned my lesson....more info
  • Best One Available!!!!
    I was a little hesitant at first about purchasing this product. Mainly because there were quite a few reviews that I came across that reported that they had major concerns about the device. However I came to the conclusion, after a lot of searching, that just about every external hard drive that is on the market has similar reviews. Another small concern I had about it was simply that most external hard drives are quite fragile, and I was worried about it being damaged during the shipping process. However, even though I had some of these thoughts in the back of my mind, I purchased it because I have had good experiences with Maxtor in the past.
    When it first arrived, I set it up in the spot that I wanted it, (A large mistake in my case. I like to have things like this product tucked in the back of my desk behind things so that I don't have them right in the middle of my workspace.) and plugged it into my computer. It installed easily and worked just fine for me until it came time to transfer some files over to the hard drive. During that process the computer became incredibly slow, and it said that my transfer of only 1 GB was going to take longer than one day. I figured something was wrong, and restarted the computer. After quite some time of investigating, I found that the problem lied with an USB extension cable. What about it? The cable is somewhat outdated, and was rated around USB 1.1.
    If you decide to purchase this drive, here are some things that I would recommend to have or check for:
    USB 2.0 Connections
    Notebook Cooler (Why? In past experience with these hard drives, they get quite hot after long term use. Because I did not want to endanger my files, I also purchased a Targus Notebook Cooler with 2 Fans. This particular hard drive has two vents in the case, one in the back near the top of the drive, and one on the bottom near the front of the drive. So, in the case of the Targus Cooler, I placed the hard drive on one of the fans so the fan "sucks" the hot air out of the hard drive. With this set-up the hard drive doesn't even feel warm after long term use, and it is protected from overheating. If you get the 2 fan cooler, you also have room for a second External Hard Drive.)
    The device has one power port, one USB 2.0 port, and two FireWire 400 ports on the back of it. I believe that the second FireWire 400 port is for linking multiple hard drives together, but I have been unable to find supporting documentation. The device automatically turns itself off when it is not connected to a computer (or the computer is off) and also turns itself on when a connection is detected. The hard drive spins up fairly fast, and has an adjustable energy saver mode. Overall I am very pleased with it, my only small concern is that I am a little disappointed with the software that comes with it, for some reason it will not let me make a "SafetyDrill" back-up of my hard drive. Though that is not the reason that I purchased the drive, it still bugs me a little that I will not do it. (It could be my laptop though.....)

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking into purchasing Large Capacity External Hard Drives. I am actually thinking of purchasing another one. ...more info
  • Buyer beware...
    Mine lasted all of 6 months then died. Calling CS was a joke, they basically said they'd send me out another one of their POS's, a refurbished one, and if I want the data restored I can pay them anywhere from $700 to $2500 and they'd gladly restore the data for me. Wow, wasn't that thoughtful of them! I will never recommend this product to anyone, I thought I was buying one with a good name but I was so wrong! I didn't lose everything but I did lose some things that were pretty important. I know, shame on me for trusting this POS to work correctly.

    ...more info
  • You Get What You Pay For
    I have used Maxtor internal & external drives for years. Then, along comes this piece of junk. First off, the drive is housed in a cheap case made of very thin metal and plastic. It hooks up easy enough, but this one only lasted 3 days before dying. If you read reviews at various sites, you'll find that this is an epidemic with this useless paperweight, but I was in a hurry and didn't do my homework. Stuff like this really makes you wish that some attorney would put together a class action against Seagate.

    Regarding service, you can't understand the tech on the other end AND they clearly don't know how to do anything except tell you that they will send you a reconditioned drive once you return yours. When you think about it though, this makes perfect sense because they've had so many returns on these things that I'm sure they have a warehouse full of reconditioned units. One thing to think about though is this ... do you really want to send back a drive that has lots of your info on it and run the risk that some techno-weenie at the factory in a third world country might get their hands on it? Not me. I threw this piece of junk in the trash after I drilled 4 holes in it and counted it as an expensive lesson.

    The next thing I did was spend $50 more and buy a LaCie that is built like a brick, looks great, is quiet and just plain works. Bye-bye Maxtor (Seagate)....more info
  • Do not buy
    I bought this product then did my research. Read the reviews first. Then buy this drive and realize the reviews are correct and enjoy sending it back. ...more info
  • Do not buy this product
    I bought this product a few months ago. I formatted the drive and have been using it since. Two days ago when I tried to access the drive, I get a message that says the drive is not formatted and do I want to format it. In other words, it suffered a drive failure. Seagate (the manufacturer) via their tech support let me know this drive can fail and will sell me software to retrieve my data, but will not provide a free copy of the software. In other words, they want more money to fix their defective product....more info
  • Good Product
    This product is what I was looking for. Has great capacity, a backup software is included and setup was easy. Can't get much better than that....more info
  • High failure rates from an uncaring company.
    I will never buy another Seagate drive. I have seen the high failure rates of the drives they are making now and it is appalling (do a google search). Do yourself a favor and buy only Hitachi drive mechanisms.

    My Maxtor (Seagate) drive began making a high pitched whining noise after about 90 days. As the problem was intermittent, I switched it to light back up use. After another month it began a much louder grinding noise.

    As I was quite ill with heart and lung problems at the time it wasn't until another month went by that I requested a return from Seagate and was told all that they would send me was another drive that had broken and been repaired. BEWARE. Unless you contact Seagate when the problem begins (within 120 days) you will not get a new drive but another broken one. In my experience Seagate is a large uncaring company that doesn't want to be bothered by the problems they cause individuals. I would rate Seagate zero if I could just for that....more info
    If you're reading the other reviews and they haven't had their hard drive for more than a few weeks take the review with a grain of salt. These are truly terrible hard drives. I had mine for just under a year and my computer will no longer recognize the hard drive. After going to the web site and finding out that you cannot download drivers - you have to have them email them to you - I started a ticket. That was almost a month ago. I was finally emailed by someone in support who gave me a phone number to call. I waited about 45 minutes to get someone who didn't seem like they knew what they were talking about. They walked me through a few things and then informed me it was pooched! They guarantee the unit for five years but it will cost me 5 times what the drive is worth to recover the data. The last thing I would do is have them send me another to go through the same thing all over again. Yes it's true other hard drive reviews have a few similar complaints but no where near the amount you will see on site after site on these units. Do yourself a favor and buy anything else but a Seagate product _ they make a lot of models under different brand names so be careful!!...more info