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Bamboo Fun (Medium) Black Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software
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Product Description

Now there's a simple, easy, and fun way to harness your creativity. Bamboo Fun makes your computer your canvas, allowing you to freely express yourself by simply touching the pen tip to the tablet. Touch up digital photos, draw by hand, create artwork and paintings, and even write in your own handwriting. Bamboo Fun includes full editions of valuable creative software to help get your creative juices flowing. Edit photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements, create artwork with Corel Painter Essentials, and apply photo effects with Nik Color Efex Pro. Bamboo Fun works with any software, and is the perfect mate to those software applications with special features and tools that are designed to be used with a pen. Tablet Size - 11.0 W x 9.3 D x 0.3 H , active area is 8.5 W x 5.3 D

  • Package contains - Bamboo Fun pen tablet and pen, Bamboo Fun mouse, pen stand, package of 3 replacement pen nibs, USB cable, quick start guide, installation CD with tablet driver and electronic user manual, software DVD that includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Win/4.0 Mac, Corel Painter Essentials 3.0, and Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 GE.
  • Great for digital drawing and painting, touching up photos, or writing in your own personal script
  • 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to more accurately mimic physical drawing
  • Compatible with all major software
  • Works with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Customer Reviews:

  • Bamboo Fun Medium Tablet
    This tablet is simply awesome, from looks to function. I bought the medium tablet with the software. It comes with photoshop and corel painter. I have used it only a few times but in that course it has become very easy to use. The actual function of the tablet is great. The pen and tablet are pressure sensitive which I think is quite good. Not to mention its beautiful. Its very slim with a touch sensitive zoom button that has a ring of blue around it. The medium tablet is quite big, and it auto adjusts to my screen which is 22" widscreen, and is great to use to take notes in your own hand writing or as I use it, to draw with art software. The painter software is a great addition to this tablet. This was a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of getting one....more info
  • cool tablet - great mouse
    I discovered this while looking for a simple, inexpensive tablet for use with an online conferencing service (Elluminate) for the university where I work (day job). It is a great little tablet.

    It connects with USB and functions quite well with minimal setup on a Windows XP machine. Drawing on a tablet while looking at a screen requires a little learning to develop the eye-hand coordination thing, but I found the tablet quite responsive and easy to use. I have not done a great deal with it, as I was testing the functionality, not doing production graphics with it.

    I didn't try any of the included software, so I can't comment on that. What did surprise and delight me was the quality of the mouse that is included. It is a nice scroll-wheel mouse that works over the tablet area, and it is easily the best mouse I have ever used. It is quick, smooth, and nearly effortless to use. Cordless, yet no RF stuff (Bluetooth, etc.) to deal with. It is now the everyday mouse on my work desktop.

    ...more info
  • Nice large tablet with good bundled software
    I've been wanting to get Painter for my mother in law, an artist, for years. I was thrilled this Christmas to find a reasonably priced, large tablet that included a Lite version of Painter. And so was she!...more info
  • Very fun. Next best thing to Pen and Paper.
    I ordered this for about $150 a great deal. It includes a free $60 coupon to open a store on Cafepress, which was a great and unexpected bonus. I'm not sure if that is always included. I love the black color and blue light, it goes great with my Macbook. So far the pen has been better than expected with Photoshop and Illustrator. It is a little hard adjusting to the fact that the pad is the same as the screen, when you are used to using a mouse and having to pick the mouse up to move across a big screen. I keep trying to do the same with the pen when I just need to go to the edge of the pad. So far this is the next best thing to a pen and paper....more info
  • Bamboo Tablet
    This tablet is Great for graphic design. I have used it a couple of times. What ever you do don't purchase Corel Draw, if you use Adobe Products it will conflict. Other than that it is Great....more info
  • bamboo fun (medium)
    As advertised. Great! Haven't had much time to use it yet, so can't be specific....more info
  • great design
    I bought this bamboo for gaming and its awsome constant headshots in crysis.The resolution is lower than a full artist graphics tablet but for the average user it will work great.
    The pen buttons feel a little wooden and the mouse supplied is superflourious. it's feel is great and tracking while hovering above the pad is good enough 2 allow u 2 use pen as a mouse without moving ure hand allover the pad when in mouse mode switching.( also the hover feels right when airbrushing)
    Bundled software is much like the pad itself, plenty if all ure doing is creating backrounds and forum sigs. if u need a pad and cant afford a full one or have vista and want a change from typeing this is a good buy ...more info
  • Bamboo Fun Lives Up To Its Name
    Bamboo Fun (Medium) Black Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software I am super impressed with Bamboo Fun. I spent a considerable amount of time reading other reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, in order to help me make a decision on whether to buy one or not. In spite of a shipping glitch with Amazon (I guess you could say past purchases have been delivered super fast and not getting a shipping confirmation for 3 days had me concerned, so I emailed them), sure enough Amazon pulled through and I had my tablet 2 days later.

    If the instructions says to turn off your anti-virus software, do that before installing. Don't try to bypass the installation guidelines, just do exactly as they say so you don't waste your time.

    There is a little bit of a learning curve with the tablet. This boils down to more of a hands-on, experimenting process. I recommend going through the Bamboo Tutorial before you start using the tablet (unless you're already a tablet pro - this is my first tablet, though).

    No two graphic programs are alike in how well the pen performs.
    Photoshop 3 - performs well
    GIMP 2.64- performs well
    PSP X2 - pen movement jagged and inconsistent at times (mouse as well)
    Corel Painter 10 - impressive pen strokes, really inspired me. I have really become quite fond of this program, and having the tablet along side it just makes it even more awe-inspiring.

    I've been practicing for hours now and the bottom line is Bamboo Fun is just that, fun! 5 stars!...more info
  • Wacom delivers with Bamboo Fun!
    Wacom has brought this technology a long way. Many shopping for Wacom tablets probably have owned similar products in the past. This product is more affordable than the higher end Intuos3 models, yet powerful enough for many pros.

    The "medium" sized tablet will look large to most people. This size is perfect for hard core graphics people who need to work at the pixel level for large images. However, most users will find the small size probably fits the needs of occasional graphics use. Those using this for the mouse and function keys may prefer this size. Either way, the pen function will map to your screen size for any of the Wacom models.

    This unit comes in a variety of colors and configurations. I prefer the look of the black tablet, but there is a silver one as well. Bamboo Fun (Medium) Silver Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software
    Bamboo Fun (Small) Black Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software
    Bamboo Fun (Small) Silver Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software

    Upon plugging in the device, the mouse worked immediately! The pen also works as a mouse or as a pen/brush for drawing applications.

    The mouse is nice because it allows you to free up a USB port if you're using a USB mouse. Power users will need more from a mouse though. If you're anything like me, you prefer a mouse with many more options than this one provides.

    Installing the drivers and software allows you to access the settings and tools that make this device versatile and customizable. The Bamboo software also allows you to customize the buttons. Left-handers will greatly appreciate this! Be prepared to spend some time tweaking this unit to your likes.

    The software included with this device is a nice to have. Many people who buy this will already have or need full blown Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Elements gives you everything casual users need. The Corel application is nice to play with. But other than a few "macro" type functions I have yet to find anything I can't already do with Adobe. Perhaps newer users may find the Corel product more user-friendly.

    + USB connection
    + Works on XP and Vista almost plug and play - before software installation
    + Nice customizable software
    + Nice bundled applications - Adobe Elements and Corel Draw
    + No additional power adapter needed
    + Traditional or pen mouse for casual users

    - Medium size is large for casual users not using the mouse
    - The scrolling zoom function does not work uniformly on all applications
    - The mouse with this model will not suffice for power users
    - Default settings require a lot of adjusting for graphics editing
    - The tablet would have been ideal with several additional USB ports

    Overall, the graphic artist or visual junkie NEEDS one of these. If you are a casual user, it is worth getting one on sale. You just might want to lean towards the small one. The small model with pen only will meet most users' needs.

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    Came in good condition. The wife thinks its the best thing on Earth, and hasn't stopped drawing :)...more info
  • Five stars all the way. Esceeded my expecations.
    The Wacom Bamboo Fun (medium) graphics pad offers a level of precision I have not experienced with any other pad. The mediim size I bought has plenty of room for what I need and both the mouse and the pen work well. The pen is quite sensitive and takes some practice, but both the writing point and the eraser work quite well.

    My primary use of the pad is with Adobe Creative Suite programs. The Bamboo performs well there and the only issue is that pen sensitivity makes it a little difficult to use some functions of the pen tool in Illustrator. On the other hand, I am still in the learning curve with my new pad and this will probably be resolved with practice.

    The only downside I have experienced is the touch ring which I have not been able to master yet. Yet this is something I learned from other reviews before I bought the Bamboo and is not really an issue with my needs. The bottom line is that the Bamboo Fun (medium) is well worth the money I paid on Amazon....more info
  • Great Tablet -- AWFUL Install Program --full of bugs
    It is really shameful that the install program for the bundled software of Corel Painter 4 and Photoshop Elements is 'buggy' and does not work. There is a known problem (confirmed by WACOM tech support) that the install program does not work on all machines. They use an older Macromedia install program that does not load -- does not display an install menu. WACOM support sent me a replacement DVD which also did not work because it has the same buggy code. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them on 'work arounds' trying to get Corel and Photoshop installed without using the Macromedia install program that is on the disk. We were able to install Corel but not Photoshop by using the software install. They made some interesting suggestions for work-arounds like download a new DVD driver for my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and use another laptop, copy the programs onto a thumb drive and then install on my other laptop -- none of this works as the Macromedia install program tries to run and crashes my system. An incredible waste of time and amazing that a company with a great product like the tablet cannot get the install program right. Suggested that they release with a new install program or be able to download the software. Really pathetic. When you buy hardware/software, you do not want to waste your time with workarounds and buggy softward...more info
  • Fun with Bamboo Fun
    Being that this was my first graphics tablet I had no super-high expectaions,especially considering it's very affordible price.When I opened the very nicely thought out packageing I found it to be a beutifully designed piece of equipment.Slick,lite but in no way flimsy.The software bundle(worth the price all by itself)contains a video tutorial that was clear and thorough(I hate reading manuals!).Operation has been glitch-free and gorgeous.This has been one of my best perchases....more info
  • Bamboo Fun is more than Fun
    I bought the Bamboo Fun to help me with the illustration of a book I have written. I am an accomplished artist, and can work with paint brush and pencil, charcoal, and ink. I was amazed at well Bamboo Fun with the Corel bundle it comes with can replicate these media, but with the added feature of erasure, cloning, cut and paste, etc. It is a whole new world for art. It takes a lot of practice to develope the skill of using this tool, but then again so did the paint brush, pencil, charcoal, and ink pen. It is really fun to use, and the results are electronic so it is very easy to share your work....more info
  • Amazing! A must-have for everyone!
    This product is amazing. It is completely worth the money you spend, and I am fully satisfied with it. I'm a hatching artist, and this is all I wanted and more! I can do everything I want so much more easily than with a mouse, and there's no lag at all. It's all instantaneous. I recommend it to everyone who is considering buying it!...more info
  • very fast delivery,and I'm realy very glad
    I hope to see You next time,and thank you for good comunication and fast delivery.I'm very glad and certainly will recomends for everybody who looking for good and reliable sellers

    Respectfully.....Valentinas...more info
  • good but bad
    Installed the software on two laptop computers; a Toshiba laptop with XP and an H-P laptop with Vista business version.

    I didn't need the Photoshop Elements, (I already have it), but installed the Corel.

    On my H-P, the Editor function of my PSE 7 program crashed. I spent almost a day searching for a good solution. I eventually uninstalled my PSE, making a thorough sweep with both Vista and manual steps, such as deleting part of the registry, (a no-no).

    Meanwhile, I had backed up my photos to a flash drive and installed them on the Toshiba. When I opened the PSE in the Toshiba, the Editor crashed. I was mystified, upset, a little freaked out.

    The only connection between the two was the Bamboo install. Having read other comments here, I'm positive that Bamboo caused these crashes. The Toshiba now needs all of the same procedures as the H-P. Labor intensive and really annoying.

    Given that Wacom is a niche company, I'd think they would want to deliver a neat little product with no bugs. Nope....more info
  • Nice for Vista
    Wacom has always made the best tablets and the Bamboo is a nice addition to the group. The tablet has a nice feel - unlike some of my older tablets there is slightly more friction giving the feel of actual handwriting or drawing. The tablet software unlocks some really nice writing features in Windows Vista (which includes surprisingly good handwriting recognition). The buttons and scrolling are useful. I tend to use a separate mouse out of habit but the included mouse is fine. The software has a lot of tuning capability. Overall this is a fun thing to have on your computer and a must-have for artwork or photo retouching....more info
  • Good Value
    This is a great product for the money. The included software is great. you will be Drawing and using all the tools without a major learning curve. I am Using an Apple Macbook and i was amazed on how it didn't use up my system resources, as well as drawing smoothly. ...more info
  • lacking direction
    The Bamboo drawing tablet is fine. It did however come with the Corel Painter Essentials 4 software. That's where the trouble is. There was a rudimentary tutorial with the software, but I've had to learn the rest by trial and error. There are still icons that I can't make heads or tails of... At a major bookstore I was told that the book isn't even in print. ...more info
  • Techie son loves this!
    Purchased the Bamboo Fun for my teenaged son. He's very into tech items and his computer. He loves this! ...more info
  • Great Product
    Works Great with Photoshop Elements 6 and Paint Shop Pro 7. Pen and Mouse do not require batteries or any other power source...Cool!...more info
  • Bamboo Fun by Wacom
    A great product both easy and fun to use. It works well with Corel Photo and Adobe Photoshop....more info
  • Very Pleasing, Fun, and Great Gift!!
    very satisfying, great for users that love doing art and a great item to use for careers in the following media. Outstanding package. it came perfectly. AMAZON IS THE BEST!! =] 2 thumbs up. ...more info
  • Bamboo Fun Review
    Heard about this product from a friend. Bought it from Amazon and recieved it quickly. It was easy to install, except that it requires a DVD drive to install. (some features would not install on a CD-ROM drive)

    It is easy to use and it makes my art and design work easier to manage. I can now get greater details in my work with the stylus pen. This size table is just right. The smaller size would have been too small.

    I would highly recommend this accessory....more info
  • Good for gaming too.
    I will just touch on a few things that I was not able to read about (and maybe a few others that have been mentioned, since I have had mine awhile and don't remember what I read in the other reviews) before I bought my tablet. First off I would like to point out that if you want to use the tablet as an alternative to a mouse it works very well for that. In fact I rarely use my mouse anymore except when I want to be away from my computer and need the advantage of just using a wireless mouse (its too bad that tablet is not completely wireless). Second in case it is not obvious neither the pen nor the mouse use any kind of batteries, must be some kind of sensor that the tablet picks up when you have the pen or mouse over the tablet, this of course means (if what I just said did not make sense) that the pen and mouse must be over the drawing area or they won't move the crusor on the screen of your computer. The tablet also comes with a round pen holder, so you can set the pen up right in it, or on its side and it will stay in place, it is not shown in the pics on amazon but mine did come with it. The other thing to mention if you are considering buying the smaller one and you have room for the larger one (meaning this one) get the larger one. You have the option if using the tablet in pen mode to use only part of the drawing area to move the crusor around (this comes in handy when just using it for general computer use because it reduces the area you have to move the pen in relation to the area it covers on your computer screen). You can use the pen in mouse mode so it functions more like a mouse when moving it around on the tablet, the nice thing about using the pen is you do not have to be touching the pad to move the crusor around the screen (in pen or mouse mode). The last thing I want to mention is using it for gaming. I like to play RTS games and believe it or not it works really well for that, but best to go into advanced options and change the hover click to click and tap, I found that even for general computing using that option works best too at least for me. When you leave it on hover click, and you press the buttons on the pen the crusor tends to move (which makes it hard to click on just one file, icon, or anything else while right clicking), but on click and tap this does not happen. This is especially true when playing RTS games, you select your units and then if you want them to attack another unit you usually right click on that unit, with hover click the crusor moves around as you press the button, because it is hard to keep your hand steady while pressing the button on the pen (even the slightest move of the cursor in a game will keep you from attacking the correct unit) and with a pen you are basically squeezing the pen, rather than really clicking/ pressing it like with a traditional mouse. You could use the included mouse but it is not the best mouse (not very smooth while moving it around on the drawing pad, you would be better off using any optical mouse you already have, but having the mouse is a nice convience from time to time since it requires no batteries or extra hook ups to your computer to use it) and if you are like me you are trying to get away from a mouse because of the potential damage it can cause to your hands. One other thing to metion is when it comes to double clicking it seems that if you put the tip feel on soft double clicking with the pen becomes more easily, if on hard it is really difficult to double click with the pen. Hope that helps anyone considering buying a drawing tablet....more info
  • Great entry level and travel tablet
    IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME BUYER of tablets and you are not sure if sketching on a tablet is right for you then this is a good test option. Functionality is excellent for the price. When I bought my first tablet (a 9x12 Intuos) I made the mistake of buying a large tablet - because I was used to sketching large. However I soon found that finger movements are better than arm movements when working on a tablet and had to reset the working area to 1/4 of the tablet. Newbies to tablets might find it difficult to control lines - smaller is easier. (My second tablet was 4x6 Intuos - I only ever used the function buttons on the left anyway.)

    Of course it is less sensitive than higher grade tablets but 512 levels is adequate for quick sketches and Photoshop users who want more accuracy than a mouse can offer. It is somewhat jittery compared to higher end tablets - there are some lags - but lines are accurate. The pen is comfortable in the hand and buttons feel the same as their more expensive counterparts.

    Oh - and if you love working on a tablet but want to upgrade - go to Intuos unless you absolutely must have wireless. The Graphires feel just like the Bamboo - jittery - and in my view are very over-priced....more info
  • I am loving it!
    I was very surprised when I recieved in the box. It was shiny and new and worked great. I love my wacom.
    I am also impressed that the seller sent it on time and faster then I thought I would receive it. ...more info
  • Loving it so far.
    I have been experiencing very bad luck with electronics lately, but this tablet has been flawless. I bought this about 6 months ago because I do a good amount of art on my computer. I didn't realize how much a mouse was slowing me down until I purchased the Bamboo. It takes a few days to get used to (if you are a tablet virgin like I was), but after that it's like second nature. The medium size fits my needs just fine too. I highly recommend this product. I just hope it doesn't fail me in the near future like so many other of my electronics seem to be doing. So far it's been a blast!...more info
  • Bamboo Fun (Medium)
    Bought as birthday gift for daughter and she loves it! All her friends want one now too!...more info
  • Excellent Investment
    We bought this for my 14 year old daughter for Christmas. She was ecstatic She loves art and is drawing constantly. She has been trying to scan her artwork into the pc to place on various art websites, but now she can create pictures digitally. The images look great, It was easy to use right out of the box. It has a wonderful guarantee. I am extremely happy with the bamboo....more info
  • Wacom Bamboo
    The medium size tablet is just right for 19" wide screen monitor. Most people are upgrading to bigger monitors so I recommend spending a little bit extra to get the medium or larger tablet, especially if you want to do digital art.

    The tablet is very sleek looking and comes with Corel Painter Elements and Photoshop Elements, though I'd advise using the full version of those programs or the Gimp to do any serious digital painting.

    Over all the Wacom Bamboo is an excellent tool for digital artists- it's easy to use and yields great results. It is by no means a budget or cheap tablet- it is a fully fledged professional tool. You won't regret buying a Wacom-brand tablet!...more info
  • Brilliant
    5 stars. I don't do a lot of graphic art, but this tablet makes it easy. It's just the right size for handling. Designating the buttons is intuitive and quick. I had mine up and running with Photoshop and Illustrator in no time.
    I would recommend this tablet. S...more info
  • Great fun.
    I can't believe how long it has taken to get a tablet. This is my first. I was a little worried about the 6x8 tablet size being too small. However, I am glad I got this size (moving from one end of the tablet to the other is a lot of territory to cover and anything larger would have been painful). I do not know what other companies offer, but this Wacom Bamboo has really opened my eyes and given me a fantasic experience. There is only one thing that I can think of that would make this better: a longer cord (I would have loved to have enough cord to snake around to the USB in the back of my PC)....more info
  • Bamboo Fun - Great Starter Tablet
    I'll open with the fact the Bamboo Fun is my first real "tablet"--aside from using Tablet PCs and such.

    ** Installation **
    Installation and configuration of the Bamboo Fun was quick and easy--on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. The drivers on the CD are a bit old, so I'd recommend downloading the latest ones from Wacom before starting. Once installed, the pen and tablet have a dozen or so usability options (more on Vista due to Tablet integration).

    ** Usability **
    The pen is comfortable to use and the size of the "medium" drawing surface is perfect! The mouse that comes with the unit is nice and tracks well, but is quite small and difficult to adjust to if you have larger hands. I am not using the mouse and opt to have my mouse and tablet side-by-side.

    The USB cord that comes with the unit is relatively long, allowing you to place the tablet most anywhere on the desk.

    The tablet is also highly responsive--enough that I spent an evening gaming using just the pen and it kept up without a problem. I was very impressed!

    ** Software **
    The Bamboo Fun comes with a CD of drivers and another CD of software. The software is a bit dated, especially Adobe Elements, but they install and work fine on XP and Vista.

    Overall, I would recommend the Wacom Bamboo Fun for anyone looking to get a great, high quality tablet without a huge investment. To date, I've used it at least once a day for various tasks and have not had a single complaint....more info