WiLife Spy Camera Master System DVS-800c
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Product Description

The WiLife Spy Camera delivers professional-grade video security that is easy to setup. This Spy Camera looks like a sleek, fully functioning digital clock and, unlike other spy camera, the WiLife Spy Camera has a powerful 400 MHz onboard processor to power superior image quality, motion detection and intelligent image management. The WiLife Spy Camera Kit allows you to set up an entire spy surveillance system in less than 30 minutes. Using your Windows PC as the control center, you install a professional-grade system with no training, no long cables to run and no complicated networks to configure. Within minutes you will be recording and monitoring with your hidden clock camera. Internet browser accessible Windows Mobile cell phone accessible

  • Kit includes - Spy Camera Software, USB Receiver and mounting brackets
  • Better than wireless, simply plug it in
  • Motion-based recording
  • Email and cell phone alerts
  • Monitor your home or business from anywhere, anytime