SVAT CV1010DVR SD DVR with Outdoor Night Vision Camera and 512MB SD Card
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Product Description

SD DVR with Outdoor Night Vision Camera and 512MB SD Card - compatible with CVW62 accessories ISC100A, ISC200, ISC302, SGN100, SGN101. The CV1010 DVR consists of a compact 2-channel digital video recorder and a night vision camera. The DVR records directly onto the included SD card, which makes it easy to transfer video clips to a computer for later viewing. You can instantly view your recorded clips on the DVR or play them back on your computer. The videos will play on Windows Media Player with no software to install! Plus, since your clips are stored on an SD card, you can easily pass them on to another person to view. This DVR supports 2 total cameras and has a variety of features. You can set it to record only when motion is detected

  • Smart motion detection disregards small unimportant movements
  • Records to common SD memory cards
  • Night vision camera has 11 infrared LEDs that turn on automatically in the dark
  • Expandable system allows you to add another camera (CV1011C)
  • Record video clips or snapshots
Customer Reviews:
  • Disappointed So Far
    Beware SVAT customer service. I just received this item last week but it arrived defective. Shoptronics tells you to go through the manufacturer for technical support/replacement, fair enough. But, it's taken me three days to get a return authorization for the product through SVAT and now it will take 2-3 weeks to get a replacement, also I am responsible for the shipping to get it to them. They have horrible customer support, 24 hour turn around time for response by email and then they ask for information you already gave them so it ends up taking 3 days of going back and forth. If you try calling the office, they usually do not answer the phone, leaving you with their voice mail, and good luck getting them to call back. I usually do not leave reviews but wanted to warn anyone against buying products from this company because good customer support is important and it certainly is not good at SVAT. ...more info
  • Good video system for a low price!!
    I was very pleased with the overall quality and usefulness of this system. It's easy to set it up & use quickly (1/2 hour). It comes with a long enough cord to remote the camera to another room. Directions are brief & well written, in English. The motion detection kicks in fast. It also turns off fast so you will get multiple video clips if the subject holds still for a bit, but it also doesn't waste space. The resolution and color are true. The user interface uses icons so it's easy to figure out what to select and you don't have to keep referring to the manual. Playback setup is simple - plug the base unit into a TV. It's SO nice not to have to buy a monitor($$)! We experimented in daylight and darkness. Of course the image in daylight is best, and in the dark the image is grainy, but that is to be expected. It comes with a memory card that has enough space for a few days, depending on how much activity is being recorded. If you want to leave the system for a longer period of time, you can upgrade to a 2 GB card easily & cheaply ($7.50@Amazon). The software includes a quick erase feature so after reviewing the pictures&videos, you can easily erase the card, or pop the card into your PC to email a single picture or video. File storage is logical - files are stored by day in separate directories so it's easy to go back to a certain day. It also has a quick review feature that plays back all the files from one day starting with the first, and you can skip fwd to the next video by pressing the buttons on the base unit, saving time. They should have combined the power cords for the base unit and the included camera - you need 2 outlets near the base unit (no big deal). If you mount the camera upside down, the picture is upside down also, unless you take apart the camera and reverse the lens, which can be done. I researched alternatives online and saw systems for more money that did less. I didn't need expensive online reviewing features or audio. This system gave me the video I wanted without the high price tag. Good product for the cost!...more info