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CatGenie GenieDome
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $32.96

You Save: $2.03 (6%)


Product Description

GenieDome gives cats who crave total privacy their wish. The snowy white Dome tops the pearl gray rim that securely nests on to the CatGenie Base. The GenieDome is made of four removable sections which allows you more options to satisfy your cats' needs. The top of the Dome is 19.5" from the floor. With its Dome, the CatGenie is not as tall as the back of the unit. The GenieDome comes with Genie SideWalls so there is no need to order the SideWalls separately. For use with the CatGenie Litter Box, sold separately.

  • Specifically for the CatGenie Self-Flushing, Self-Washing Cat Box.
  • GenieDome comes with Genie SideWalls. No need to order the SideWalls separately
  • Allows you more options to satisfy your cats' needs
  • The top of the Dome is 19.5" from the floor. With its Dome, the CatGenie is not as tall as the back of the unit.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for big cats
    My husband and I ordered the CatGenie Dome after realizing that our cat knocks the plastic pellets over the sides quite a bit. Our cat also had some adjustment issues to this new litter box, so we thought the cover might make him feel more welcome -- like his old box. However, the Dome set us back. He stopped going in it completely. We realized it was simply too small for him with the Dome on it. He's not a Maine Coon or anything, but he is sort of a tall, big-boned Tom cat. I would not recommend this product if your cats are large. I would recommend ordering the Side Walls. It helps with the spillage. He started using it again after we took the top off and gave him some positive reinforcement with treats....more info
  • A miracle machine for cat owners!!
    My husband and I finally broke down recently and had to do keep from having to scoop poop! We've had our feline child, Chester, now for approximately 3 months, and needless to say after the very 1st a solution had to be found. I DESPISE the dust, smell, and also the "appearance" of a litter box and had hidden it away in an extra closet leaving the door cracked so Chester could squeeze through to use the bathroom. Even after doing all of this, the smell still bothered me, (as I am OCD and detest my home being unclean and smelling foul). I know, I know...these things are super expensive, right? Do the math. Add up how much you would spend over the period of year just on cat litter, not to mention the Arm and Hammer deodorizer, etc. Pretty close figure in comparison, eh? That's what we basically did: weighed the pros and cons and purchased the CatGenie. At first, I was VERY skeptical about it; I've read both good and bad reviews, so I wasn't sold all the way. Let me tell you first of all...It is a pain in the a** to hook up, but once it is all is well. Chester took to it immediately, (as he is shy by no means), and we were able to take away his litter box in the same day. The directions also say to wait a week before you run it in their presence; after about the third day I said, "what the heck," and ran it while Chester was awake. He loved it! He gets such a kick out of watching the thing! Be warned...MAIN CON: If you cannot stand a mess, like myself, buy the CatGenie sidewalls and dome. When your cat jumps out, he/she will leave some of the pellets on the floor. We couldn't stand these little things in our bathroom where we tread barefoot, so we purchased sidewalls and dome, (which Chester also loves), and a little mat that catches most of the pellets, then moved the contraption into his room, (aka the "guestroom"). I would have never in a million years put a cat's "litter box" in the guestroom, but with the dome and sidewalls the smell is nonexistent and you cannot actually "see" the cat waste because it is covered by the dome, (which is pretty stylish). I use a little hand held mini vac for sucking up the loose pellets that Chester tracks and then dump them back in the CatGenie, (this saves the $ that you would waste buying more pellets because of them being tracked through your home). Oh! One more thing: Make sure, (I cannot stress this enough), that you get the unscented cleanser to go with it! The scented smells AWFUL while it's cleaning! It eventually dissipates after about 30 minutes, but when the CatGenie is blow-drying the pellets, the smell of poop mingled with a citrusy-flower smell is not appealing at all! So, good luck to all of you pet owners....I, for one, am NEVER going back to scooping poop again; I'll stick with pressing my one button and letting the CatGenie do all of the work.

    TIP: my husband and I bought our on Black Friday and saved around $100. If you can put it off until then you'll save a few bucks....more info
    It pays for itself!

    It stops all that expensive plastic litter from getting outside the bowl....more info
  • Stupid granuals
    This thing cuts down on at least half of the washable granuals getting tossed out. A must have if you ask me!!!...more info
  • Works for me!
    Forces cat to walk over mat to remove sticky pellets and stop litter from flying everywhere when covering up.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    This product works great. It might take your cat a little while to get used to it, but it really, really decreased the amount of granules that our cat trailed through the house. We use this in conjunction with the CatGenie pad that sits in front of the unit.

    We had purchased the sidewalls separately and did not realize that they came with the dome as well, so now we have an extra set of walls. Also, the dome needs a better locking mechanism, as our cat has knocked it off on occasion.

    Apart from those minor gripes, a great product!...more info
  • AutoCycle NOT work with Dome
    The Auto Cycle (scheduled run) does not work with the Dome. The CatGenie seems to think that a cat is in it and will not start with the dome in place. If you are only running the unit manually (pressing the button) this is not an issue. Not sure if other customers are having this issue. For my cats the side walls are enough and the Auto Cycle will work with them.
    ...more info
  • not for very big kitties
    we own two either ragdoll.. or maine coon kitties not too sure yet what they are .. all i know is that they are big.. turns out the dome is nice, but its too short for our big kitties.. they can't fully get in .. and then when they do get in their butts stick out.. so we ended up taking it off.. i wish cat genie would make a taller dome for bigger kitties.. a good idea... but not for big kitties.. ...more info
  • cat toilet
    my cats love this (especially since i added the cover) and so do i. no more litter odor. yeah!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Nice privacy for your cat(s)
    Originally, we didn't purchase the dome but intended to in the future. When the utility and ease of use of the Cat Genie became apparent, we purchased the dome. It comes with the extension ring, so it shouldn't be purchased separately, unless you don't intend to get the dome later. The cat really likes to get into small spaces, so really likes his box with the dome. Since we have the Cat Genie in a bathroom, it also dresses it up a bit and disguises the system's purpose somewhat for our guests....more info
  • Fabulous
    This catlitter box has saved me time, kept my house smell free and kept me from having to touch the litter box. I have has no problems with it so far and my cat took to it in two days time....more info