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Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones)
List Price: $199.99

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Product Description

Conventional Xbox 360 communicator headsets compromise the gaming experience by covering one ear for chat, leaving only a single ear for game audio from the speakers. The Ear ForceX4 Wireless Headphones overcome this problem by playing both the game audio AND the online chat on a single set of high fidelity headphones. The result is the intense experience, privacy, clarity, and competitive edge of PC headphones on the Xbox 360 platform. With Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets you can pump up the volume without disturbing friends, family or neighbors. Wireless Xbox 360 gaming headsets allow you to freely move around as you play. Hear every nuance of the game - from an opponent sneaking up behind you to your teammate's voice right next to you. Trash talk online & Block out distractions at the same time. The Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 wireless xbox 360 headsets are everything you need for an amazing gaming experience. Separate controls for game and chat volumes Eliminates game sounds picked up by chat mic Mic Monitor lets you hear what you're saying Digital input for highest XBOX sound quality, plus analog input for TV and other audio sources Automatic shut-off feature means you'll never have to worry about forgetting to shut off the headphones to conserve battery power. When you're done playing, just put them down and they'll automatically shut off after a few minutes of silence X4 transmitter sends uncompressed game audio to the headphones via a powerful wireless infrared (IR) light beam to assure high fidelity and reliable operation. Connects to the digital output on the Xbox 360 with included optical cable The headphones are powered by a pair of AAA batteries which provide up to 20 hours of continuous use XBOX Live TalkbackCable - Connects the XBOX Live signal from the XBOX controller to the X4 headphones. Includes mic mute switch and volume control for chat level Headphone Weight - 9.5 Oz (270g)

  • Dolby Pro Logic II provides surround sound from PLII encoded audio and also enhances stereo
  • Hear XBOX Live Chat plus stereo game sound with a heart-thumping bass boost that adds sonic realism
  • Dynamic Talkback lets you hear chat even when the game gets louder; Separate controls for game and chat volumes.
  • Eliminates game sounds picked up by chat mic; mic monitor lets you hear what you're saying
  • Digital input for highest XBOX sound quality, plus analog input for TV and other audio sources

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Wireless Headphones
    Just short and sweet, these headphones are great. Yes, you do hear some hissing as others have stated, but nothing that is noticeable when you are listening to something or playing a game. I have my Xbox 360 connected, plus my PS3 (I am just disconnecting the Xbox optical cable and connecting the optical PS3) and my TV.

    The voice feedback system is a little weird at first, but works just fine. The surround sound is great for when playing media that is decoded for it. On the PS3, Blu-ray's sound great and so do the games. Even when watching TV through the analog input is more than passable.

    If there was anything to say negative about the headphones is while they are very comfortable; and of a sturdy construction, the plastics used are a bit cheap for the price. The Bass Boost is a bit much on some games and movies, and the stand is a bit light so it falls over without the headphones sitting on the stand. (I am using a heavy set of analog cables so that is mostly the reason, I just used some double stick tape on the bottom and it sits just fine)

    All in all, the negatives are really just nit picky things that in no way detract from an excellent pair of wireless headphones that work exactly as advertised....more info
  • turtle beach x4 headset
    this product is amazing. I like to play call of duty 4 and 5. While playing those games, you can actually tell where the enemy is coming from because of the surround sound capability. definitely recommend this product to the game enthusiast out there...more info
  • Best Headset and worth the money
    I have used a few different headsets in the past, but this one is by far the best one yet. You get great 5.1 surround sound. So good that I can hear people sneaking up behind me on COD 5 as well as the type of granade that is being thrown at me. I hear sounds now that I didnt even know where in the game.

    On the flip side...

    Connecting it to the Xbox 360 is a little tricky. This was the only downside to the headset. I have an Xbox 360 Elite so it was easy for me. I run HDMI output for both sounds and video. Because this, if you dont have a sterio receiver that can convert the audio (I researched this and it seems that only the $2000+ receivers have this ability) you will not be able to connect the headset to the Xbox 360. The white cover Xbox 360 comes with this large HD / TV switch plug that makes it too big to plug in the HDMI cable and this cable to have a digital audio output. The Elite comes with a digitall audio plug that fits into the slot while still allowing an HDMI cable to be plugged into it as well.

    This is very important because if you do not have an Xbox 360 Elite you will need to get a special cable from Gamestop or another video game store in order to get the headset to work. Once you do get it connected though, it will all be worth it. I was never told about this connection issue when I bought it so I wanted to make sure I left feedback so others would be warrned about this issue that they WILL come up with. It is fixable, but does take some planning and maybe a few new parts....more info
  • pretty nice...
    these headphones are a bit expensive, but do work as advertised.

    i've used them with halo3, cod4, and rockband.

    sound quality is very good. the bass boost adds low end, although the thump of the bass pedal in rockband is not quite included in the spectrum.

    the surround sound is decent, but not earth shattering. it's better than stereo in that sounds do seem a little more out away than normal headphones, where it feels more like the sound is in your head.

    i was hesitant to purchase for fear there would be a delay while the optical signal is processed. this would be especially critical with rhythm games like rockband/guitar hero. i was very pleased to find zero delay.

    the chat during gaming works perfectly. there is no difficulty hearing others, and being able to hear yourself while while transmitting helps alot.

    the headset is relatively light and comfortable. i especially like the material used on the earpads.

    as others mention, there is a hiss during silence. i can't hear it at all during gameplay.

    so, to sum it up, like the opening statement..... pricey for sure. they are exactly as represented though. no negative suprises.

    are they worth buying? for me, yes. as long as they hold up, i'll be getting my money's worth without a doubt....more info
    I have had these for 6 months and feel I am ready to give my proper feedback. Like many other reviews, I feel these are worth the money for someone who is putting in the hours on the xbox. For the casual gamer, maybe $200 is still a bit high. That being said, after using these I don't think I would go back to anything else.

    - Surround sound is excellent. You can tell where an enemy is attacking from and how far away they are just by the sounds.
    - Comfortable and durable enough for long game sessions.
    - Independent mic and game volume is a great feature to customize to your liking.
    - Eliminates the need for TV volume. I can play my headsets as loud as I want and it wont bother anyone else close by. This also helps for loud movies.

    - Registering certain sounds in some games was a problem, for example in "Left 4 Dead", when shooting a shot gun, no noise would come through the headset but rather just silence. This was very annoying and made me not enjoy the game at all. "Halo 3" and "Gears of War 2" seem to work fine though.
    - Battery life is ok, but there is no warning signs as to when I need to replace them...other than my friends telling me they can't understand me anymore.
    - Still has CORDS! even though these are technically "wireless", they still have the cord from your controller to the headset, which I always manage to knock out. If they could find a way to eliminate these altogether, I would consider these perfect.

    Overall, I feel these are a great value and add to the gaming experience. I would these a final rating of 4.5 stars
    ...more info
  • Ear Force X4
    These work great!! I love the sound quality is AWESOME and the range is great. It works great for watching a TV and playing my XBOX 360. I Love them!!...more info
  • While the sound quality is great.... not fool yourself into thinking these are truly wireless. The gaming portion is wireless but the talking portion is not. I have had to return the headphone jack twice...and the third one is shaky at best. The jack just does not fit correctly into the plug. It constantly pops out about 1 mm. I have to plug and replug the cord into head phone again and again. It is very annoying.

    That being said, these headphones rock. The clarity is wonderful, particularly in Gears of War and all the Halo games. It provides an advantage as you can hear footsteps and other things I had previously missed. ...more info
  • superb
    This was better than the surround sound-You could hurt your ear drums with too much but it was better than I had imagined...more info
  • cheap and bad, not a good combination
    Well, I bought some X1's and took them back because they sounded like tin cans and I wanted wireless so I bought the X4's. Yes, I have a Plasma TV but I did everything to get them sound right and actually work and it was horrible. The brief seconds that the stars and the planets aligned, it sounded ok but God forbid you sneeze or cough and throw off the rotation of the earth and start having to move around again to get connection. I contacted customer service and they told me the same stuff on their website that I already had done and left it at that. So I sent them back, took the $20 hit on shipping and bought some Tritton AX360's and wish I would have just bought them to start with....more info
  • Works as advertised
    It's everything they say it is. I use it for first-person shooters and it certainly lives up to the hype.

    The purpose for purchase was late-night sessions, but now even when loud noise isn't an issue, I choose to use the headphones as they rival my surround-sound setup.

    I recommend this product....more info
  • I recommend these headphones
    Lightweight and everything as advertised. I wish the ear cups were a little larger, but the wireless feature is a huge blessing. I recommend if you can afford them. I have had two other 5.1 headphones, and these are the best....more info
  • x4. wow...
    The X4 is by far a game changer. I play first pirson shooter games and what you can hear is amazing. it is crystal clear and improves your gaming. I just bought them and this is not a joke, my dog just ate them. but the difference between with and without is so big I am buying another pair. buy them, you will be amazed......more info
  • Good sounding ... I am sticking with my X3's though.
    I have used the Ear Force X1, X2, X3 and now the X4's.
    Each new model offers needed and welcomed enhancements over the previous. The X3's were nearly perfect to me. So I figure why not try the X4!

    -Earcups are more comfy than the X3
    -If you are watching Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, Headphone profiles they will enhance the sound.

    -The Stand, it can ONLY stand up. And the little headphone holder sticking out of the top can NOT be removed
    -For anyone watching Movies that are in DTS, or pretty much anything on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, these will not do a thing for you besides give you stereo. Audio can ONLY be in Dolby formats, but not Dolby HD that is on new bluray and HD-DVD.
    -The sound is not very noticeably different than the X3's.

    For half the price, go with the X3 and get equal quality....more info
  • Excellent but for a few minor issues.
    I bought these so I could game without disturbing others or be disturbed. Nothing worse than not being able to hear your teammates online at a critical moment. These headphones were all I'd hoped for with just a few minor annoyances which I'll list below.

    Pros -
    1. Sound Quality. Great sound, especially when hooked up to the digital output of my xbox. (minor problem with hiss, see cons). Playing games with these headphones seems almost unfair. Hearing the location of the competition without seeing them is a huge advantage and leaves them clueless on how you got the jump on them.

    2. Chat Function. Game chat is near perfect, greatly improved over the standard headset. Chat is clearer in both directions and the auto volume level helps keep chat intelligable over loud game audio. The separate chat volume is great for fine tuning. The plug/puck for connecting to the xbox headset is a great design, puts the mute switch and volume control right on the controller within thumbs reach and the jack stays connected, unlike the standard headset plug.

    3. Comfort. Headset is very comfortable with a few minor issues (see below). The ear pads are very soft cloth and the head band is well padded. There are a few small issues. First, they are a bit heavy and you will notice this after long periods of use. Second, the pressure applied to hold them to your ears is a bit to much for my liking. Would have been nice to have a little adjustment, also they won't adjust small enough for children to wear at all.

    4. Good design and well built, other head phones feel like they might break if your to hard on them, these feel very solid.

    5. Range. You can go just about anywhere in the room and keep a good signal as long as you maintain line of site. My family room is good sized and no issues at all. One minor issue is the transmitter needs to be high up. I originally had it down low (less than 1 ft. above floor) and if you tip you head back the signal degrades and you get a loud hiss in you ears. Placing the transmitter higher than waist level helped quite a bit.

    Cons -
    1. Price. At $180 they are very expensive. I'm happy I have them, but feel they are over priced and the X3's may have been more cost effective.

    2. Hiss. There is a constant hiss from the IR transmitter which is very noticable when game sounds are absent and the volume is high. When game sounds are active you don't notice it so much. Some people will be bothered more than others by this. I find it very annoying and will actually play games at a lower volume to reduce it as much as possible. For the $$ they should have addressed this.

    3. Isolation. Whether by design or not, they do not block out ambient noise very well. I can still hear sounds in the room very easily. This is a con for me, maybe a pro for others?...more info
  • works as advertised
    The products works well as advertised. Other than the helpful reviews already written, a few items to point out:

    -the microphone is detachable
    -auto off feature works well
    -comes with a SFDIF cable unlike similar products
    -nice way to store the headphones onto the transmitter
    -color scheme matches the non-elite xbox 360
    -cable lengths are nice and long
    -earcups are felt and is my main complaint
    ...more info
  • Get what you pay for...
    More often than not it is true in life, you get what you pay for, and this is the case with the Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless Headphones. These head phones offer a great range of sound have a great interface, are quick and easy to use and consume minimal batteries considering they sound like a high priced stereo. I primarily use these for Xbox gaming while my wife is in the same room and the sound quality is amazing. I have surround sound with my setup but this seems to offer a more personal feel to it while also allowing you to hear some of the more often missed sounds and sound fields. They are a great purchase if you are looking for high quality sounds with the Xbox live option all in one bundle or if you just want to use them as headphones alone. I would recommend these to anyone. High priced but well worth it....more info
  • Sounds like Gold
    These headsets do what they set out to do. They sound solid & feel solid. Sound is sent via a router like device that works better than the previous X3 models in that those didn't handle something getting in the way of the beam very well. 5.1 sound simulation is spot on. So if playing a game like COD4, you'll know or have a solid lead on your enemy with this headset. Listening to entertainment on the X3s is great as well. So watching & enjoying your entertainment without waking anyone or annoying anyone is solid. Wonder what the X4s will be like after trying this headset? Only problem's were that the battery life didn't last as long as I'd love but not the headset's fault. Plus random hissing or warping sounds are heard if a cell phone is near the headsets receiving. ...more info
  • Save your money!
    I got this because I was told by a few friends that its awesome. That its true surround sound and you can hear peoples footseps "across the map".

    thats not the case at all. Playing Call of Duty 4 I have only heard footsteps behind me once and that was on stairs right behind me. usually all you hear is explosions and gun fire, its information overload. The surround sound doesnt work well at all IMO it just sounds like some fairly good stereo speakers.

    Tried it with guitar hero hoping it would sound awesome and it just sounded OK. You couldnt turn it up that loud to really rock out either.

    Finally the microphone seems to short out, the other day my brother couldnt hear me, I kept unplugging and replugging and toggling the mute back and forth, no luck.

    I would not buy again, no chance. IMO if you want the turtle beach go with the X1 with the coord its only like $50 and is prob just as good....more info
    Do not get them, here is why!:
    1) there is actually a lag in sound from the picture, I guess it is because of it being "wireless". watch Riverdance on youtube, you will see the legs movement and the sound are out of sync! while on my wired 5.1 headphones are in sync

    2) the damn "Hiss" sound is permanent, even after removing the mic, you have to turn the volume very low for it to disappear! it is very annoying when watching a movie!

    ...more info
  • Works as described
    I was looking for a headset with surround sound so I would not wake up my girlfriend when I game late at night. So I did some research and found these headsets from turtle beach. The headsets receiver hooks up easily to the 360. The only thing that sucks is you must position the receiver in front of the headset you lose sound once you walk away (ie bathroom). As others said you do get a hissing noise when there is no sound kind of like noise canceling headphones.

    I did the "Saving Private Ryan" dvd test with excellent sound. I also played Bad Company with them on and now I realize I was missing so much sound in the game, you can hear the bad guys talk about how they will ambush you and their foot steps!!!

    Bottom line if you got 200 laying around you won't be disappointed....more info
  • almost true surround
    for the cost I want a little more not just sound from the genaral direction but if i hear gun fire i should be able to pin point location after second shot not just over there some where. For the over all performance i would not get any thing other than the ear force x4 no one complained about my voice unless the mike was pulled away from my mouth, some times that is a plus. I like it. ...more info
  • Ear Force X4 Headphones
    I recently purchased the Turtle Beach X4 headphones for my XBox360. The description of the headphones fit exactly what I was looking for...wireless headphones for watching movies and playing video games. There are a couple minor issues with the headphones, but the benefits by far outweigh the problems. Problem 1). There is a slight hissing sound that you eventually learn to ignore. These are not Bose noise canceling headphones, but it's good to know about this before purchasing them. Problem 2). The headphones do cause your ears to get warm after wearing them for long periods of time. These are over the ear headphones and I've noticed that my ears get warm due to the lack of air circulation. Having said that...I'm able to comfortably wear these headphones through a 3 hour movie without problems.

    The microphone works really well with the Xbox360. Online conversations are heard much more easily and the microphone can be re-positioned with ease.

    I love these headphones and would recommend them to anyone....more info