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Brother MFC-9440CN Color Laser All-in-One Printer with Built-in Ethernet Network Interface
List Price: $699.99

Our Price: $549.98

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Product Description

The MFC-9440CN is a network-ready color laser Multi-Function Center that offers a wide range of standard features ideal for any office or business. Produce vibrant, rich color documents and copies in-house without having to outsource printing them. Delivers an impressive color and monochrome print speed of up to 21 pages per minute and copy speeds of up to 17 copies per minute. Standard Memory - 64MB Memory Faxing Capability - B/W & Color Faxing Fax Modem Speed - 33.6K bps Transmission Speed - Approximately 2 seconds per page Out-of-Paper Reception External TAD interface Distinctive Ring Detection Ready Total Auto Dial Locations - 316 Broadcasting - 366 locations Quick Scan Memory Transmission - Approximately 2 seconds per page Auto Fax Reduction for fax receiving Fax Forwarding Automatic Redial Dual Access Fax/Telephone Switch Fax Gray Scale - 256 Fax Coding Method - MH / MR / MMR / JBIG / JPEG PC Fax Capability Fax Page Memory - Up to 500 page fax memory Auto Fax Receive Date/Time Header - Monochrome only Automatic Document Feeder Capacity - 35-Page ADF Black & Color Copy Speed - 17cpm Reduction/Enlargement - 25% - 400% Sorting Function Interpolated Scan Resolution - 19,200 dpi Optical Scan Resolution - Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi Input Color Scan Depth - 48-bit Export Formats - TIFF/BMP/MAX/JPEG/PDF Paper Handling Size - Letter, Legal, Executive, A4, A5, B5, B6, A6 and Folio Standard Network Interface 10/100 Base-TX (Ethernet) Output Paper Capacity - 150-sheets Security Functions - Memory Security, Setting Lock and Secure Print Sheet Weight - 17-24 pounds Paper Tray Weight - 16-28 pounds Printer Driver Compatibility - Windows & Mac OS Dimensions - Width 17 x Depth 19.2 x Height 19 Weight - 72.6 pounds Manufacturer's One year On-site limited warranty

The Brother MFC-9440CN Color Laser Multi-Function Center with Built-in Ethernet Network Interface is a network ready all-in-one device that offers a range of features ideal for any office or business. The printer has 64 MB memory, and churns out prints at a speedy 21 pages per minute in both color and monochrome, so your office won't be backed up with print jobs and you can keep the workflow moving steadily. The laser printing technology offers a resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi for outstanding quality. The printer can handle a variety of paper sizes including letterhead, letter, and legal, as well as envelopes. The standard paper tray holds 250 sheets and an optional tray holds 500 sheets. The printer is network ready, with an Ethernet jack, so setting up the printer for the whole office to share is a breeze.

The copier works without a PC and has a maximum copy speed of 17 cpm black and color. An automatic document feeder tray has a capacity of 35 pages for fast copying of multiple pages. The copier can scale documents from 25 to 400 percent of the original. The scanner has an optical scan resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi at a 48-bit color depth. Included is Scansoft PaperPort SE with OCR for Windows and Presto! PageManager for Mac, making it easy to organize your scanned pages and convert them into editable documents. The fax machine supports both black and white and color faxing. With a 33.6 KBps modem speed, best transmission speed is approximately two seconds per page. The Brother MFC-9440CN Color Laser Multi-Function Center with Built-in Ethernet Network Interface is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
MFC-9440CN Color Laser Multi-Function Center, black toner cartridge, three (C/M/Y) color toner cartridges, CD-ROM (software, user's guide), and user's guide.

  • Up to 21/21 ppm color/black print speed
  • Up to 2400 x 600 dpi rich color output
  • Built-in Ethernet Network interface
  • 300-sheet paper capacity, expandable
  • Up to 35-page auto document feeder

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Value
    High quality, energy efficient, prints a lot of pages for the cost of the toners, it's a great printer. I love all of the features....more info
  • Brother MFC-9440cn printer
    This is my second MFC-9440cn. It's the best printer I have ever owned. I would recommend to anyone. Amazon's price is the best I've found and it was delivered within 2 days of my order. WOW...more info
  • Nice Machine, Horrible Customer Service
    Sorry this is long review. This machine has some great features. It has a low price point for a color laser printer. It has your basic all-in-one features that us small business owners like: fax, print, copy, scan. The software allows you to configure the machine from your computer, much easier than punching all the numbers on the face of the machine to make everything appropriate. The cartridges are easy to replace as well. It has a network card built-in (not wireless). One of my favorite features, the document feeder, is significantly faster than any other all-in-one I've owned or used. I also have an HP 7310 and a Canon 780. This one is at least three times faster (maybe even more) at feeding pages through the scanner. I scan a large number of documents, so this is a very valuable and important feature for me. I had another Brother machine and it was very fast as well.

    Here are my problems:

    The printer does not scan a true 8.5 by 11 - it shorts you about a quarter inch from top to bottom and on the sides. I scan documents and need the entire page, but this machine does not scan the entire page. I can set the option to custom size to get the entire 11 inches in length, but the width can not go over 8.27 inches, a quarter inch short of real size. I called Brother to find out why it doesn't scan an entire page and they told me it was not a border-to-border printer and was within their "specs". Would have been nice to know, but this isn't a complete deal killer.

    The color is mediocre at best. You can't print professional quality flyers as advertisements. The colors are dull, even on photo paper and on the vivid setting. The color is good for nice color handouts, but nothing professional. This was expected since I knew this going in. This is not an expensive machine, so I was not going to use it to produce professional advertisements and such.

    The automatic document feeder does not feed the paper in straight. I have stood over the machine to make sure the paper went into the feeder straight, but the copy or scan turn out rotated. I have things off by a quarter inch, but most things are only slightly off kilter by about 1/8 of an inch. Unfortunately some things are off by even more - and this is with me staring at the feeder as the paper is going straight in. The other issue is that they're always off in the same direction, a little twisted to the right. I called Brother and they said it was "within specs", which is 3mm in any direction. I have a feeling this is only my machine; either a feeder problem, a internal interpolation problem or a combination of both. I believe this because I never get a crooked copy to the left, always to the right. Regardless, I have never had a perfectly straight copy, which is a deal breaker for me if it can't be fixed, so continue. I have read that others were able to fix this problem by having the ADF replaced through the warranty. The inability to scan straight is a deal breaker.

    My fax doesn't work right. Two of the last 30 faxes has gone through (both only one page each). It's always had a problem faxing (sending and receiving), but he fail rate has increased significantly over the past couple weeks. I must take things home and fax from my personal Canon all-in-one. I tried this machine on a regular phone line and two VOIP lines (different VOIP and internet connections - the slowest being a T1) . A co-worker of mine has the MFC-9840 (the upgrade to this model) on the same VOIP system at work and hers works without any problems. I believe the modem is bad on my machine, but continue. A non-functioning fax is a deal breaker.

    If these were the only problems (with the modem and document feeder replaced) , I would rate this machine at a 4. It's a nice machine with nice bang for your buck. It has a low price point, several basic all-in-one machine features, but it has the fastest document feeder in the West, which I love. My biggest problem has been the customer service. I've called six times in the past two weeks to address the three main problems I'm having: inability to scan the full width of a letter or legal sized piece of paper, crooked copies, and the fax not working properly. Every time I hear "within specs", but I get transferred to the next level of support. After demanding the contact information for the CEO with speaking with my second tier 3 tech (they're the only ones capable of authorizing on-site repairs - that's how they fix their machine - not RMA like everyone else), he finally said he would send a tech to replace the main board, the NCU board (which has the modem) and the document feeder. All their techs told me that all the problems my machine was having were either "within specs" (the 8.27 inch scan width and the crooker document feeder) or the VOIP problem (faxes failing because I was on VOIP).

    Luckily I bought the machine at Costco. If the service call doesn't fix this machine, it's headed back and I'll have to start looking at a new machine, I may just by the upgrade 9840 as the price has fallen and my friend loves her machine. I had problems with the last Brother, the print head had a well known shorting out problem that wasn't covered by the warranty after 90 days, and returned it away shortly after the problem (and bought the Canon 5 years ago). There's no way I will buy another Brother machine, until I forget how awful the service has been this time around.

    ...more info
  • Laser Multi-Function Copier
    I've had this for about a year now. Other than eating lots of toner, and a few minor jams, it's been great. I would purchase it again, especially now that the price has dropped! ...more info
  • Another good Brother
    After suffering through 2 really poor HP printers I decided it was time to good for the gold and get a Brother MFC-9440CN. I found the Brother easy to set up and the print quality to be everything I needed. The Photo quality is not as good as an inkjet but is better then any magazine photo and for my needs it's just fine. If I want really high quality photos I'll go to a photo shop. The graphics are excellent.

    No more ink cartridges drying out and/or clogged printheads. I've gone laser and never will go back. A laser may cost more but I know it will function when I need to print something. That can't be said of inkjets.

    I'd recommend the Brother MFC-9440CN to anybody. It's fast and dependable. What more could one want?...more info
  • Brother NFC-9440cn Color Laser Multi-Function
    The Brother MFC-9440cn Color Laser Multifunction Center with built-in ethernet network interface is performing as advertised. Shipping time was short and we were able to set it up easily. I am pleased with the machine at this time....more info
  • Does What It Says
    Like most, I was skeptical about all-in-ones. In fact, I waited a year longer than ideal to buy one, crossing my fingers that the "next" model would get all the bugs out. Well - this one did it. First a disclaimer.....I had my professional IT guy from my office come over to set it up/network it for my family and wife's business, etc and I max'd out the RAM from day one since I know color printing large docs can clog any machine up. With RAM being so cheap I recommend this to anyone doing large print jobs or photos of any kind.

    So, given the machine's great performance with every function, I can only conclude that those who did not rate this product with 5 stars must be experiencing "user-error" at some point in the process. And don't be shy about buying a Brother machine - I too felt loyal to HP but based on most reviews and functionality (i.e. the Brother does faxing and the color laser HP does not - at the time I wrote this) this machine was the right choice.

    Not only is this machine doing it all right, but it is actually performing its print, fax, copy and scan functions better than the previous 4 separate pieces of equipment we used to have. Most contend that this is an impossibility. Now that is a BIG bonus!...more info