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Left Brain, Right Brain
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Product Description

Are you a ?righty" or a ?lefty"? What if you could be both? With Left Brain Right Brain, you can hone your mental skills to become truly ambidextrous. While training your hands with speed based DS mini-games, you'll also be training the left and right hemispheres of your brain. It's like two games in one! Use the Touch Screen in 15 different mini-games based on speed, accuracy, association, recognition, memory and strategy. Games include: Connect the Dots, Pop the Balloons, Feel the Music, Hit the Monsters, Touch the Green Square, Save the World, Open the Safe, Trace the Shape, Navigate the Maze and many more.
Monitor personal progress and assess improvement with development percentages for each hand that appear after play. ESRB Rated E for Everyone

  • Book style play has you flipping the DS over and around to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Master 4 single player game modes
  • Challenge a friend to 2-player mini-game tests via DS download play
  • Monitor personal progress with development percentages show after each game
  • Extensive use of touch screen for speed, accuracy, recognition, memory and strategy based games

Customer Reviews:

  • you get annoyed pretty quickly
    I was excited about this game but I got dissapointed just as fast. It is all about training your left side of the brain (for right handed people...for left handed the other way around) by letting you you use your "bad" hand.
    I got annnoyed very quickly. I love all the other brain games but this one is too tedious....more info
  • I thought I was ambidextrous...UNTIL...
    I thought I was ambidextrous since I can write, do various tasks and play games with either hand.

    This is a very good at improved your abilities in the non-dominant hand. It works well for hand and eye coordination. There are multiple levels graphical representations of your progress.

    If you are already ambidextrous, this game won't help. If you THINK you are ambidextrous, then try this game. If you want to improve your ability to use either hand, this a great exercise for you.

    This is fun but I don't recommend hours upon hours of play like adventure games. You can only do repetitive tasks so often before you just burn out.


    Fun game and will improve your dexterity with the other hand....more info
  • Good for people who AREN'T already ambidextrous.
    I bought this game because I'm ambidextrous and thought it would be a fun thing. I did enjoy it, but I'm bummed because I completed the whole game in just one sitting - which lasted about 45 mins tops.

    If you're not ambidextrous, I'm sure this game will be a lot better because you can improve your brain. If you are however ambidextrous, I wouldn't buy it....more info
  • Very limited game...
    After playing this game for about two days, I had pretty much reached all of its limits challenge wise. Very simple game, waste of money in my opinion....more info
  • I am getting it
    I am very happy with the exersize left brain right brain. I purchased the program for my husband he is retired and we both think that he needs to keep the mind moving to stay healthy. My husband is one of those that you can not get infront of a PC or a electric game for any reason. But I decided for his 61st birthday to buy him a DS and he is really loving it. I don't hear him slam it shut as much and he is actually coming and showing me his prgress and I think he looks forward to his time in the evening when he works on all his games....more info
  • Too Much Trouble
    I thought this game would be good because I enjoy Brain Age 2 and other learning games. This one though requires you to turn the nintendo ds around over and over again during a game. It is not worth the trouble....more info
  • Not bad - For those who REALLY want to become ambidextrous
    This was actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be; we do not realize how much we rely on a dominant hands (we being those of us not gifted enough to be ambidextrous). I can think of lots of reasons that one might wish to become ambidextrous, least of all just for the heck of it.

    As a statistic, this reviewer broke her hand while playing a Nitendo Wii (go ahead and laugh... I did it while bowling). Being that I broke my dominant hand, I was actually forced to use my non dominant hand for many tasks. After that, I decided that I actually DO want to become a little more adept with my non dominant hand and this game may actually help.

    I suppose after my being forced to use my non dominant hand, I'm not that surprised that I actually did quite well with the non dominant hand but there is room for improvement and I will actually try in order to be a little more comfortable in doing so.

    Why climb Mt. Everest? "Because it's there". Why become ambidextrous? "Because I can".
    ...more info
    I highly recommend this game for any age! It tests your left and right side (brain) utilizing various exercises-games and then grades your efficiency. It then continues to provide a variety of games utilized to improve your deficiencies. As I said it is for ALL AGES - I initially purchased this for my 8 year old autistic son and soon we all became addicted to it - my 14 year old likes it, my 10 year old, my 42 year old sister and it was one of the first games that I have ever played belonging to the kids. It is a game for the entire family. Easy to follow screen. Very user friendly. ...more info
  • Uneventful But Could Be Helpful
    I got this game to, like everyone else, help balance out the usefulness of each of my hands. I was disappointed that after the initial evaluation exam, the game considered me almost 100% ambidextrous (I think I got 98%). It was disappointing because there is a noticeable difference in my writing between my right (dominate) and my left hand.

    After the first exam I kept at it. I went through a couple of the different activities. I now know why I was considered almost 100% from the start. After working to get better scores on each of the activities, there was no noticeable increase in the usefulness of my left hand.

    Some of the activities were enjoyable while others lacked any thrill what so ever.

    I recommend borrowing this game and seeing if this is for you. If you get almost a perfect score from the first exam, pass over this game because it will not help....more info
  • Simple Graphics, Fun, Kids can play
    My 6YO son always tries to play my DS games (Brain Age types) and can't do it. Left Brain/Right Brain is simple enough that he can actually enjoy without frustration. At a good price (I bought used for 12.99), it's worth it for that alone. He is also tickled to turn the DS around to do the Left Hand thing.

    I'm not in interested in true ambidexterity, but I'm sure that doing things with your weak hand is good for the brain. The game is simple and not stressful. Graphics are weak, but adequate. I imagine younger people (12-25) might be put off by this. ...more info
  • Dissapointed with "Left Brain Right Brain"
    After using Brain Age I and Brain Age II, "Left Brain Right Brain" was a definite dissapointment. Stick with Brain Age I & II!...more info
  • Improve Fine Motor Control, Speed, and Coordination of Hands
    Are you a man or a monkey? Monkey's only use one hand. People use two hands. If you want to improve your "weak" hand and have fun doing it, this game is awesome. It's also great if you just want to have fun doing something different.

    This game has a wide variety of small / fast games. Each one works on fine motor control of your hand: speed, accuracy, and fine movements. The expectation is that you will do the games with your weak hand (e.g., left for most people) more often than your strong hand (e.g., right for most people). If you tend toward "monkey", a few of the games can be frustrating when performed with your weaker hand.

    Here are some of the games:
    - quickly draw a line to connect three or more dots
    - quickly and accurately press a "note" that lights up, to play a song. Some musical training helps make this one fun.
    - accurately press the green square that lights up
    - an arcade style game of hit-the-mole
    - scratch the grey surface off of a hidden word (like a "what have I won" ticket)
    - guide a ball through a maze without hitting the walls.
    The games are about 15 seconds to 50 seconds long, with most games being around 30 seconds.

    Fun, fast, and entertaining. So, what are the advantages of strengthening your weak hand? Well, if you have any sort of repetative injury, you can take a lot of stress off of your dominant hand by performing more tasks with your weak hand. For example, my right hand would hurt when I used the mouse too much; by moving the mouse to my left hand, I avoided wrist pains and serious complications. That was tricky for the first week, and this game would certainly have made my life easer.

    Are you a man or a monkey? Play this game and find out!...more info