V-Moda Vibe Earbuds (Gunmetal Black)
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Product Description

Compatibility With Both iPhone iPods / Bass level isolating soft silicone (BLISS) technology / 3 sizes of ultra-soft silicon fittings (S,M,L) / 12 Grams

  • Handmade premium metal craftsmanship accentuates the modern individual
  • High-definition sculpted sound curve fashioned for discerning music enthusiasts
  • Rich yet precise bass levels accentuate bass-enhanced music
  • Three sizes of ultra-soft silicone fittings provide comfortable, quick, and secure fit
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, and MP3 players

Customer Reviews:

  • Love/Hate
    I loved these Earbuds! Sound was great as was the iphone mic/control use-ability. The just kept breaking though. I had them replaced 3 times while under warranty. Always for the same reason, a break in the wire right where it connects to the plug. My 1 year warranty is now done and earbuds number 3 just died. Tried to repair it myself but the wires are far too thin and tiny. Perhaps that is the problem to begin with....more info
  • Great Headphones
    for what they are, they are great. Solid bass, and cool look. I use them with my iPhone. i had their first model of thse, which broke on me due to poor build quality at the headphone jack connection. But the sound and look of these were so nice, i got the new model and these look like they will withstand the usage....more info
  • Poor durability, ok sound
    I just purchased these right after the new iphone 3g had come out and right off the bat I noticed that the sound quality was not as clear nor noise reducing as my 4 year old Shure EC2's. Just yesterday my right earbud stopped working. Also one thing I had noticed with these headphones is a static shock from time to time.

    [...]...more info
  • Sound is very good, sound transfer from rubbing is very bad
    As long as you can wear these so the cords do not rub against your clothes, they are great!

    Even sitting at a desk all day listing to music, the transfer of noise from rubbing against my shirt can be very annoying. It got to the point to where I am now using a different set. (Vmoda Bass Freq)

    The other issue I have never had with ear buds is getting a shock in the ear. At work where we have carpeted floors there can be times where I get a good static shock. This also happened at home while petting my dog.

    The sound & fit are great, but I have found the noise from rubbing against my shirt or whatever (and the shocks) are just to annoying & have gone back to my Vmoda Bass Freq. I will still use these at home, but that is not where I do most of my ear bud usage. (And the Bass Freq are 1/2 the price!)

    If it was not for these 2 issues, this would be a 5 star review....more info
  • Small and comfortable but lack quality and durability
    Bought these in February 2008. At $80, they were the second most expensive headphones/earbuds I'd purchased. They broke last month. The left earbud just stopped working. I'd used them frequently with my iPod but not every day. I never thought they had the quality to justify the price, and even at $65, I don't think they are worth it. They were comfortable and I liked that they were small enough to wear while sleeping. But again, the quality of sound never was great, merely adequate. They are certainly better than the ones that you get with your media player, but not high end at all, in my experience. I have a pair of Bose QuietComfort 2 Noise Cancelling headphones and you just can't beat the quality of sound these headphones provide. However, they are LARGE -- too large to wear outside or to bed at night. Thus the need for earbuds. I will not buy V-Moda again.
    ...more info
  • poor build quality
    I've moved on from these long ago but I'd like to share my opinion on these. I picked these up at Costco for about 60 or so dollars last year and babied them. I properly burned them in, as advised from ilounge. They were great, and scratched the bass itch that grew from using shure's se210. Two months later however, the left side started failing, as if I blew the speaker. Mind you, my ipod's volume max is set at 1/3. Bad habit of mine for throwing away the packaging and I was stuck with broken headphones with no warranty. I went to bestbuy and picked up a pair of sony mdr-ex36v for $30 that peform better, costs less, has in-line volume control, and is reliable as my 20 year old 19 inch crt sony tv....more info
  • Terrible durabilty, poor design, but great sound.
    I have had this model replaced 2 times and they keep having the same problem. Angular stress on the cord as it enters the jack...over time from normal wear it will crimp the wire resulting in the sound cutting in and out or being lost in the left/right channel or both, or it becoming loose resulting in the same issue.

    Now that I am beyond 1yr they no longer service them nor will they replace them. I think you should be more than a years use out of a pair of [...]-[...] dollar earbuds.


    I won't totally trash them because they sound incredible, better than bose and several other earbuds I've tried, comfortable, great highs, mids and lows without too much base or "fake bass" Just horrible reliability. Be prepared to fill out an RMA and send them in for replacement, or in my case, once you are past a year dropping another [...]-[...]bucks on another set or a set by another brand. To pay [...]+bucks every year on earbuds isn't right but apparently that is what V-Moda expects you to do. ...more info
  • Try reinforcing jack and wire connection with electrical tape
    I personally haven't had the two-month failure problem that some people have reported, although of course I believe them. I've had my original "gunmetal black" v-moda vibes with the rubber (not cloth) cord for about 10 months, and have used them heavily both at home and while traveling (and fidgeted with them more than I should). They're just now starting to get crackly. I checked them out today and noticed that the rubber was starting to split near both earpieces -- on one the wider rubber collar that connects the earpiece to the wire had split, and on the other the rubber insulation sheath had started to split slightly. I repaired both spots with electrical tape and now they work OK again. But the connection points between the jack and the wire and the wire and the earpieces seems to be where they fail -- this is common in many headphones, and probably particularly in ones with heavier metal (rather than plastic) parts.

    I just got a pair of vibe duos to use with my iPhone and to replace my taped older vibes. These have a cloth cord which seems floppier, and therefore possibly more prone to wire failures. As a precaution, I've used black electrical tape to reinforce where the jack connects to the wire and where the wire connects to the earphones. I'll see if this helps. . .

    It is kind of annoying to have to use electrical tape on such a beautiful product, but the tape is black on a black cord, so it doesn't show very much. But maybe the company could add some rubber reinforcement sleeves in areas that get a lot of bending when they design future products. It would also be nice if they sold some that customers could add themselves.

    I chose the vibe duos despite the reports of problems with wire failures because they were one of the few alternatives to Apple's extremely uncomfortable headphones, that provide a mic with an iTunes "skip" function, and that were available for under $100. They also sound soooo much better than the Apple headphones or than cheaper ones that once you start using them it's hard to go back. But hopefully v-moda will improve their design weaknesses and/or other companies will start selling affordable alternatives.

    It also seems like some enterprising person who wanted to work at home could buy some soldiering materials and insulated wire and do pretty well with a mail-in headphone repair business. As good headphones start costing upwards of $100, there are a lot of people who would pay $30 or so to have their headphones repaired. This would create less toxic e-waste in landfills as well. ...more info
  • Good sound, breaks as easily as the rest, cruel leather case
    I bought these to replace Sony MDR-EX71 earbuds. They were a little over my budget, but the sound is good, so I was fairly happy. Unfortunately, I'm on the second pair where the small connection between the earbud and the cable has come loose, exposing bare wire. The left earbud now has less volume than the right, and it's only a matter of time before it loses sound completely. Disappointing durability.

    Also disappointing is the inclusion of animal hide as a trendy, fashionable, and cruelly unnecessary carrying case accessory....more info
  • Good sound but serious ? about their durability
    I purchased the V-moda headphones as my first foray into In Ear headphones. I immediately enjoyed the sound and the isolation from external noises. The bass was good and my iPod seemed to drive these a lot better than my bulkier over the ear Denon headphones.

    About a month in I started listening to music and I noticed my stereo center had shifted to the left. I made sure the ear pieces were clean and I tested each one separately. I quickly found the culprit. The right channel was now playing at about 10db lower (i'm guessing ) than the left. Nothing I could do would restore the audio to %100 so I took them back and exchanged for another pair.

    This second pair again sounded pretty good but about two weeks into it the metal shroud covering the tip of the headphone came loose. I figured "no problem" I'll just superglue it on but somehow that caused some issues and there was intermittent crackling in the audio if the wires were pulled a certain way.

    Figuring that I didn't want to make yet another return I dealt with the slight crackling at times and went about my business. About 3 weeks later I again had one of the speakers short out and begin playing at a lower volume.

    I'm not rough on these headphones and I haven't even worked out in them yet i've had two fail to make it to 2 months. I'm reading concerns about the Vmoda durability and I have to back these up. My fear is that every in ear headphone will be like these and basically be disposable.

    I don't think I'll be buying V-moda again. They sound great for the money but if they cannot make it even half a year what's the point?

    From now on durability will be as important as sound in future decisions. ...more info
  • Audio Vixen!
    2nd pair, wore out my first pair, but I got a great price on this updated version, and they work great!...more info
  • i picked this after extensive research
    There are an overwhelming number of earbuds available on the market for a plethora of prices. For me, it was important that I had a pair that would stand up over time and deliver good sound for around 50 dollars.
    Positives: I would say that the range of sound is vastly better than what is offered by the standard earbuds which came with my ipod touch. They also are made of metal, so there is no worrying factor of sitting on them and crushing them. The chord is substantial, though not nearly as substantial as many other headphones' might be, and I have no problem with the fit of the earbuds in my ears. If I did, I would simply use one of the other sizes which come with the pair. Finally, they look nice, which is still important to me whenever I'm going to be spending money on anything.
    Negatives: The chord makes a funny noise which is quite audible when it is free to move around and jostle against it's surroundings, though that problem seemed to lessen as I got used to it and stopped playing with it. Really if it if going from your ears to your pocket on a walk, it really isn't existent unless you force it to move around in an unnatural way. The music playing quality is excellent, though at the very low base levels, there was some thumping noise which really didn't subtract from the overall sound quality.
    The one thing which bothered me the most when I received the pair, was that it seemed that in other colors, the chord was made out of a different material, some type of fabric coating, perhaps. However, on the Gunmetal Black colored buds, you have a chord that seems just like every other chord in it's composing properties....more info
  • Amazing Sound, flawed design.
    The sound quality of these in-ears is simply amazing, however the design around the input area is lacking. After a month or so of continued use, the wiring starts to break down. I'm on my second pair in 3 months. I'll have to be more gentle with these...? ...more info
  • high quality, lightweight, great fit for small ears
    I have had mine for over 2 months. No problems yet. Fantastic sound quality, great fit in my small ears, and unobtrusive light-weightedness such that they don't pull out or move around.

    Extra bonus is the fabric-knitted wire covering, rather than rubber-coated wire covering. Normally, my earphones don't last long because my cat loves to chew the wires. However, she hasn't made a move on these yet -- not interested in the texture. So, for pet owners with pets like mine, these are a fantastic buy even if the wiring gives out eventually, as many people remark in their reviews. Already exhibiting longer lifespan than most other earphones I've ever owned.

    I've been buying incredibly cheap earphones for years and go through a few a year due to the cat. They are always a terrible fit with heavy buds or wires that pull the buds out of ideal ear placement. Before going cheap, I gave up on trying to find a good set of pricier earphones, because of the same problems. It is so difficult to get a comfortable fit in the ear, and especially tragic because my cat would chew through it anyways during my one moment of inattention. I just opted for cheap earbuds for way too long. I'm so glad a I took a chance with these.

    These are worth it all around. I will buy them again....more info
  • A bit pricy but so far, worth it.
    I've been using these for the last 3 weeks and so far am rather pleased with them. Previously, I was using Sony earbuds of a similar design but there's a few nice differences with these V-Modas. The included leather carrying pouch is nice as it keeps them from tangling much when I pack them up to go to and from work. The cables are wrapped in nylon so they don't seem to retain a memory of being coiled like the rubber of my Sony earbuds did. Also, the length of the wires from both buds is equal (unlike my old ones) and so I never feet like they're being tugged out of one ear. The sound quality is about the same as my old headphones (good bass and reduction or ambient noise). I use them as part of an in-ear monitor system when playing drums as well and they do a good job of preserving my hearing by significantly reducing the drum noise. I know there were a few issues in the past with wires coming loose from the plug but I purchased these direct through Amazon and received the newer version (as pictured). I feel like the extra money was certainly worth it as I'm very satisfied with every aspect of these earbuds. ...more info
  • Meh....I wouldn't buy em...
    I bought two pairs of V-moda Vibe headphones so far, the first one split at the connector and broke, I wasn't able to get them replaced. The second pair spitted near the earbuds, got those replaced. They sound absolutely GREAT with wonderful bass but they just suck build wise. Neither of the two I had had the cloth cables or the L-shaped headphone jack that comes with the current models but I'm done with this company. Just ordered a new pair of Shures, hopefully those will last longer than the Vibes. ...more info
  • false advertising
    DO NOT BUY THESE EAR BUDS IN RED!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are advertising the wrong earbuds. this says they are the newer ones with the elbow jack, THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are the old strait jack ones. when i got mine it looked like the box had been opened and one of the little metal grill like things was missing. NOT HAPPY...more info
  • Poor construction
    LIke others have stated, the construction and durability are terrible. I have had two pair, the first lasted a month, the second a week, with both tearing in the same location....where the wire meets the headpiece. The tear is not visible, but the absence of sound from that side is. Simply a waste of money for a ridiculously over-priced product. If the cost were $10 or so, it wouldn't bother me but for these price points it certainly does....more info
  • iPhone sorta compatible
    They fit- they sound great. But, don't expect to squeeze the mic and have anything happen like the Apple $29 earbuds. Nothing.
    The cord is different from others- it's a nylon cloth wrap- this makes it a little stiffer than most. It will rub against clothing and sound odd.
    The cord wrap is really nice, as is the pouch- giving me hope that these will outlast other headphone options.
    Would I buy them again- no. The lack of controls for my iPhone makes them pretty worthless. I'd spend the extra $30 for the better V-Moda ear buds- or look for other alternatives. Why Apple can't make in-ear buds that work with the iPhone is beyond me....more info
  • Great fit!
    I have tried at least 8 different brands and styles of earbuds, but these have the best fit, sound, and even stay in when you work out! Very comfortable....more info