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Battlestar Galactica - Season One [HD DVD]
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Product Description

One of the best shows on television looks better than ever as Battlestar Galactica: Season One arrives on HD DVD. Relive all 13 thrilling episodes plus the four-hour miniseries that started it all in this six disc set.When a surprise Cylon attack scatters the remnants of humanity throughout the galaxy it's up to steely President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and battle-hardened Commander William Adama (Edward James Olmos) to unite the desperate survivors and seek mankind's only chance for a future a mythical planet called Earth. Presented in 1080P with Dolby TrueHD audio and showcasing U-Control features that allow you to go deeper into the BSG universe Battlestar Galactica: Season One on HD DVD is gripping drama that explores the human condition at its worst and its best.System Requirements:Running Time: 95 Mins.Format: DVD HD Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025195009607 Manufacturer No: 61101130

Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos wasn't kidding when he said "the series is even better than the miniseries." As developed by sci-fi TV veteran Ronald D. Moore, the "reimagined" BG is exactly what it claims to be: a drama for grown-ups in a science-fiction setting. The mature intelligence of the series is its greatest asset, from the tenuous respect between Galactica's militarily principled commander Adama (Olmos) and politically astute President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) to the barely suppressed passion between ace Viper pilot "Apollo" (a.k.a. Adama's son Lee, played by Jamie Bamber) and the brashly insubordinate Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), whose multifaceted character is just one of many first-season highlights. Picking up where the miniseries ended (it's included here, sparing the need for separate purchase), season 1 opens with the riveting, Hugo Award-winning episode "33," in which Galactica and the "ragtag fleet" of colonial survivors begin their quest for the legendary 13th colony planet Earth, while being pursued with clockwork regularity by the Cylons, who've now occupied the colonial planet of Caprica. The fleet's hard-fought survival forms (1) the primary side of the series' three-part structure, shared with (2) the apparent psychosis of Dr. Gaius Baltar (James Callis) whose every thought and move are monitored by various incarnations of Number Six (Tricia Helfer), the seemingly omniscient Cylon ultravixen who follows a master plan somehow connected to (3) the Caprican survival ordeal of crash-landed pilots "Helo" (Tahmoh Penikett) and "Boomer" (Grace Park), whose simultaneous presence on Galactica is further evidence that 12 multicopied models of Cylons, in human form, are gathering their forces.

With remarkably consistent quality, each of these 13 episodes deepens the dynamics of these fascinating characters and suspenseful situations. While BG relies on finely nuanced performances, solid direction, and satisfying personal and political drama to build its strong emotional foundation, the action/adventure elements are equally impressive, especially in "The Hand of God," a pivotal episode in which the show's dazzling visual effects get a particularly impressive showcase. Original BG series star Richard Hatch appears in two politically charged episodes (he's a better actor now, too), and with the threat of civil war among the fleet, season 1 ends with an exceptional cliffhanger that's totally unexpected while connecting the plot threads of all preceding episodes. To the credit of everyone involved, this is frackin' good television.

Customer Reviews:

  • really enjoy the quality built into this series....Y
    You will repeatedly play the openeing theme song and crank up the true-blue sound.....great holiday show to play for visiting relatives or friends,get them hooked!!...more info
  • Smorgasbord of stolen ideas that is interesting
    The character development is weak in this series. I watched it based on a recommendation from a few people and it was a real letdown after all the hype.

    It is an interesting blend of Blade Runner, the Japanimation Bubblegum Crisis (boomers), and nice random silly lifts off of comic books like Lobo (frakkin!). BUT it doesn't come close to being as amazing as those stories because the characters are weak and development is weak. One of the only reasons I like certain characters are their costumes not the content of their character. ...more info
    I pruchased the HD DVD last week and I received it today.

    Due to the scaratch marks in the cd (I dont know if its a prodcution problem) the CD didnt work at all.. I have tried more than a DVD with HD support palyers... AND I had no reults..

    ...more info
  • Manufacturing problems
    As reported by others, all of my disks arrived scratched. This does not seem to be the fault of Amazon as my set was securely packaged. In addition to the scratches, the Dolby TrueHD audio track on disk 2 is very noticeably out of sync with the picture. Since the problem only appears on that disk, it probably has something to do with the encoding. Hold off buying these and see if Universal corrects these problems. My set is going back for a refund. ...more info
  • Excellent set...highly recommended
    No need to tell you about the show...if you're looking at this set you already know BG is one of the finest shows on television and a sure classic. This HD DVD release does have some flaws; disks can get small scratches due to the design of the case, but every disk played perfectly. The video seems below that of what we might expect, but this show was intentionally shot grainy and that grain is more apparent in HD. HOWEVER, after watching it in both SD and HD, I like the HD DVD set by far. Look for jaggies...they are almost invisible in the HD DVD version, to the point that it's difficult to watch the same shows now in SD. Another point to remember is that not only does this set include all of season one, it has the complete mini-series pilot as well. This alone makes the HD set comparable in price to the SD DVD, with the special features of the HD extras coming as a fantastic bonus! If you are a fan of BG, and would like to see Universal release the other seasons in HD, then by all means BUY THIS SET! They certainly won't release the other seasons in HD if they lose money on this one....more info
  • Another scratched disk victim
    I purchased the season 1 boxset and it arrived in good condition with no obvious dammage. However, all 6 disks have concentric scratches. Just called Amazon customer support, they are going to send another copy, but I am afraid it will have the same problem, as the scratches look like a manufacturing problem, not a package or shipping problem. Amazon support says if replacement set has problem, they will refund money....more info
  • "The look and sound of perfect"... yeah, right
    I'm extraordinarily disappointed in the quality of this HD DVD set. Not only were half of my discs scratched due to the ridiculously cheap packaging, but the audio on disc 2 (the second part of the mini-series) was massively out-of-sync and therefore unwatchable. This is perhaps my favorite show on tv, and to see a transfer that looked worse than my SDTV broadcast in some scenes along with the sync issues and scratching (and subsequent video skipping) is beyond inexcusable. If you love BG, then you'll want to wait until Universal actually releases a quality Season 1 set instead of this tripe....more info
  • I feel like I just got stood up...
    You know that feeling when you have high expectations about a date with some gorgeous woman who, for reasons well beyond your understanding of the universe, seems to want you?

    Then, the night comes, and she's a no-show.

    This has never happened to me, though I expect it's happened to plenty of you, and it probably sucks.

    On a Saturday night when I *should* have been in the company of someone whose company I didn't deserve, I ditched all normal social activities to go to Borders just before they closed. I grabbed Razor and the Season One HD-DVD set.

    Razor? Awesome.

    HD-DVD Season One? As others have already pointed out, the content is, of course, great. I doubt many of us would be here reviewing this thing if the content of the original broadcasts/DVD wasn't all very special and spectacular and other complimentary words that begin with "s".

    Unlike others, I don't mind the packaging. Life is long enough to give up long stretches of time to watch the entire series start to finish at least half a dozen times, but life it much too short to be worrying about "flimsy" packaging. If you're willing to spend tens of dollars on an HD-DVD set, then you could also shell out a few extra for a little DVD case just for the show. Anyway, when you *do* have that gorgeous woman over, the last thing you want her to see is that you own as much BSG as they sell, including two copies of Season One. This is in addition to the whole of Farscape, Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis that you must hide as well.

    Frankly, I see the packaging, if defective at all, as a great reason to get my indolent little body out the door to buy products with which to hide my fascination with things that are snubbed by the social snobs of this planet because there's some freaking outer-space involved. The show isn't even sci-fi - it's a drama set in space where characters and situations can be pushed in directions unavailable to more conventional shows. It might be odd if, say, a Viper popped in for a low fly-by over The Love Boat. Probably wouldn't work.

    But I'm getting off-topic. Point is, the packaging, unless it *is* a problem when it comes to scratching, is a non-event when it comes to enjoyment of the show. It's not like you're going to sit down and watch a box. If you do like to watch boxes, then you might not be the show's demographic. (I'm not convinced that damaged discs are a widespread problem, by the by, as the people who have bad experiences with a product (like me) tend to speak up more often than those who don't - I don't mean to discount the complaints - just to suggest that there are also those of us who had no problems at all with the packaging as it relates to scratches on the discs).

    The biggest problem here, and I think this is the thing getting to all of us, is that the HD-DVD transfer isn't much better than the DVD. There were scenes that definitely looked better - I have this thing about Adama's shoes, in that they're the coolest shoes on television (as is the cut of the legs of his trousers), and I was able to freeze-frame my way to shoe-y satisfaction (they look like a modified pair of Tod's for those who're interested).

    I've watched the whole of Season One in just about every easily accessible medium out there. Saw a few on TV, though I hate watching TV, so I didn't spend too much time in it. Grabbed the episodes in other ways at the time - not the greatest quality (particularly the mini-series), but the story takes priority over any of that.

    Watched it in formats meant for a large screen, for a portable device, from iTunes (always awful), on DVD, and so on. It never looked all that great.

    Now that I've watched this version, I'm starting to think it has nothing to do with the medium - it's the show's style. They simply wanted that grainy look. I don't know anything about production, so I apologize if these assertions are grossly off the mark, but given how limited a budget these people have to work with, and given how quickly they have to crank out these shows, is it possible that they only rendered the live action scenes with the expectation that their primary release formats would be standard broadcast 480i?

    I say this because the space scenes look beautiful. "The Hand of God" is a fine example - their so much clearer and detailed that the terrain of the planetoid thing actually looks quite fake. The rest of the FX are gorgeous, and I'm not someone who seeks perfection, so I kicked back and enjoyed with the whole of my capacity to enjoy a show/movie.

    The Vipers look amazing - the colors stand out, and details I'd always wanted to see more clearly, such as Kara's rescue of Lee by ramming him all the way back to Galactica (*that's* love, by the way), are evident. More than others, those are the scenes I watched over and over.

    In general, as I said, the space scenes are exceptional. Watch the standard here's-the-Galactica shots, and you'll see the difference. This is another reason I think the live action scenes are intentionally grainy and unrefined, although I stick by my suggestion that it could also be a budget issue. Rendering video is profoundly time-consuming and expensive - HD-DVD is a new format that most consumers aren't going to get into yet. So, would it have been worth it to have "fixed" the live action scenes? To us, yes, but had that been a requirement, I doubt we'd have anything at all.

    Some of you are bringing up other HD-DVD transfers - Heroes, for example. When watching the two shows, I think it's evident that there are tremendous stylistic differences. Heroes, as far as live action scenes go, is an ordinarily lit and shot bit of work. Filters, color correction, blah blah blah - in a way, because of its style, and even if it's on a small scale, every shot of BSG is an FX shot.

    I don't know. Maybe we have to make allowances there.

    In the end, despite being a quality-apologist for the quality, I don't feel this set delivers. There are HD-DVD transfers from the 60s on (see 2001? it's mind-boggingly lovely) that look far better than this.

    I expect Razor to look just as good as other HD-DVD endeavors, as the show already looks great on the standard DVD (the attack on the shipyards as well as the escape of the Pegasus are... yeah - *that's* some good stuff), but I don't think, unless they re-release Season One way down the line, that we're going to get the HD experience we want anytime soon.

    If you already own Season One on DVD, there's little reason to pick this up. I'm an addict, which means that I have little control over what I spend on BSG products, as feeding an addiction isn't a rational thing, so I'd still buy it regardless of the reviews (including my own) - I just don't think other people are going to dig it.

    I guess I also support purchasing this set because I want as much money as possible to get in the hands of these people to demonstrate how unbelievably awesome this show is - the best thing ever made for movies/television alike. Hopefully we'll see quality transfers in the future based on dough and popularity. If they follow the George Lucas model of releasing a new set of each season every time they so much as pretty up a scene in the head, I'll shell out whatever they charge.

    This may seem odd given my disappointment with the work done here, but... like I said, I'm an addict. My approval of this product is disconnected from my satisfaction.

    I'd been waiting for that gorgeous woman, and she never came.

    Even worse, she sent her ugly cousin instead.

    Unless you can't control yourself, in which case none of these reviews will matter anyway, and unless you want to support the cause, don't bother.

    Here's to hoping they do the remaining seasons and Razor in such a way that our whining is reduced to that expected pocket of hecklers who are congenitally unable to enjoy *anything*....more info
  • Battlestar where did you go? Bring back the campy stories
    I got it because of the price and it's in HD, I like the old battlestar series best, good ole campy...more info
  • Great show, shoulda bought DVD
    Let me start by saying the show is awesome. Edward James Olmos is fantastic. And I had been looking for a new scifi show to watch. I own a blu-ray and hd-dvd player. I have seen both and I have seen upconverted DVDs. That having been said, buy the DVD version and play it on an upconverting player. The quality of this version is questionable at best. Especially the miniseries episodes, they are incredibly grainy. I am watchign 30 rock right now on my ps3 in dvd format and it looks way better than the HD-DVD version of BSG. Like i said, save your money, buy the dvd version instead....more info
  • Great show, not the best DVD
    As other reviewers have noted, the picture quality of the BSG mini-series on the first two discs of this release leaves something to be desired. It's not horrible, but I also have the standard DVD, and it's an effort to notice much difference between the two. I suspect that the mini-series might not have been filmed in HD, and the producers switched to HD for the series. (The technical info on IMDB appears to support that theory.) Still, a good HD remastering of a non-HD source should produce better results than this, as it has on countless older films out there on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

    That said, the first season episodes in this release are definitely HD, and look much better than the mini-series, and better than the standard DVD.

    However, as everyone knows HD-DVD is dead, I don't recommend buying this until the price drops considerably, unless you are a collector or a rabid BSG fan, or both. What BSG fans should ultimately hope for is a Blu-Ray release of the entire series, with a better HD presentation of the mini-series....more info
  • Quality Control Problems Fixed?
    I ordered this set in February ('08) and when I received it I examined it for the problems that other reviewers have posted. So far, I have found none. The discs are in excellent condition physically (i.e. no scratches) and there is no audio/video mismatch on any of the discs. The case it came in is average and I can see why the discs could become loose within and get scratched. The same problem that the first batch of Halo 3 Limited Edition discs had wherein they became loose and scratched in the case-the result of poor packaging design. However, the BSG discs were securely affixed to the packaging, so I can only conclude that the quality control problems that the other reviewers alluded to have been fixed. Also, I did not see a difference between the miniseries and season one discs as far as visual quality. I am using an LCD, HDMI connection and my HD-DVD player is outputting at 1080i, LCD's native resolution is 768. Overall I am very pleased by my purchase and highly recommend to anyone looking to buy....more info
  • What the hell
    You have a war going on with blue ray and you relise this ? i ordered it from this site and came like everyones all scrached up, i ordered another set and another , with 3 in my hands i picked and choose and got one that is mint, discs and box, I"m hurt. An now that WB is leaving HD dvd and Paramount might fallow with dreamworks, i'm not sure if season 2,3 and rest will ever make it, I have season 1 and 2 on regular dvd was about to sale it off, and now i'm questioning it and am frustrated as rest of people here....more info
  • great show, very bad hd-dvd
    this series is super. However this HD-DVD is a joke. Two discs wouldn't play (already sent it back). The picture quality of the mini-series is very bad and takes me back to the early VHS-days. This needs to be remasterd! The picture quality for season 1 is better but not near reference quality for HD (but better than the dvd, I must admit)....more info
  • Simply Amazing Television
    The "best show on television"? A total understatement! This has everything a show could possibly want or need. The fact that it falls into the genre of "sci-fi" is the only reason it hasn't won multiple awards for its acting as well as its writing. This is a character driven drama set in space. Don't let this show illude you. It is a must see production for anyone who enjoys good television.

    Now as for the quality of HD? I didn't think it would make that much of a difference...but I was wrong. Any fans of the show who have HD players must buy this....more info
  • bad video quality ... terrible, just terrible
    i had high hopes with this purchase, and my decision to pick up a 360 add on HDDVD drive was partially motivated by this, then, HDDVD exclusive release. BSG was shot on HD, so seeing it in HD must be a treat right? no, not right at all.

    sadly this is one of the worst ways to watch BSG. it's supposed to be HD, but it looks barely better than than the, very good, DVD release. grain, fuzzy detail, poor contrast, and visible mpeg artifacts are all highly noticeable on this release. i'm not sure what happened during the authoring process that led to these problems, but something needs to be done about it. long story short, this set is just painful to look at when it should have been the definitive season 1 set. i'd say something about the bonus features, but since i bought this primarily as an upgrade in image quality (when compared to the dvds) i couldn't be more disappointed.

    many other amazon customers/reviewers have noted that they received scratched discs on this set, and i'm not surprised. instead of a traditional box set with plastic mounting pegs, BSG S01 comes with little silicone nubs that require you to twist the discs to properly mount them. i'm not surprised that there are so many scratched sets out there, since the public has been warned against twisting optical storage media since the inception of cds. a bad move that worsens an already bad set. avoid if at all possible....more info
  • Fraking amazing
    First off, the show is 5 stars or more. Best show currently on cable TV as far as I can tell. But this hd-dvd leaves PLENTY TO BE DESIRED.

    First, they reused the same menus as were used in Heroes season 1 on HD-DVD, this is fine with me, as that menu scheme is very nice. The interactive parts of this hd-dvd release (the U control stuff) is great, but I'll never view the show this way but once, if that.

    I own the original dvd of this (season 1 and the miniseries stand alone dvd), I was highly looking forward to watching this on HD-DVD. But I was sadly disappointed!

    The video quality on the mini series is horrible, looks like 480p! Watching the miniseries on dvd upconverted generally looks better, save a few scenes. Also the audio gets out of sync quite a few times during the show.

    The TV shows look substantially better than the mini-series, with many scenes looking very good, but not as noticeable of an upgrade as say, heroes or smalleville, which I also own, and are also on HD-DVD. Those releases are/were fantastic, with pristine transfers. This looks like it was rushed. And pity that, I would be fine with spending 40 dollars, 50 max for this, but 100? or even amazon's low price makes me feel like I'm apart of some cylon conspiracy.

    If the video not being up to standards is not enough, the case arrived crushed due to be shipped in an envelope (first time this has ever happened to me from amazon) and the discs were scratched (seems this is the default, not the exception from others reviews).

    With that said, I whole heartedly recommend this series to any and everyone, it is amazing. The best thing about the HD-DVD is the phenomenal sound, this was a huge upgrade, I cant really applaud any other parts of this release.

    In closing, this show is fantastic, the video quality leaves much to be desired, they should re-master the mini-series, as this looks very bad here. The HD-DVD is still better than the DVD, but not by much.

    I hope universal will release season 2, 3, and Razor on HD-DVD soon. However, I will not be pre-ordering those until after I read more reviews. The dvd's I have look fantastic as is (upconverted) so if the picture quality is no real improvement, I have no real need to spend double the money.

    I must note, I am not against spending 70 dollars for a TV show (I do have both sopranos seasons in HD, and they cost far more) on an High Def format, but I am against getting sub-par transfers, Heroes, and Smallville both on HD-DVD blows this out of the water in terms of picture quality, and packaging. This show deserves better, we deserver better.

    So say we all!

    PS, if you are having problems getting the discs in or out of the case, twist the disc's and they come right off or on, pulling will likely pull the glue off of the packaging....more info
  • I didn't think I'd like it
    I didn't think I'd like it! I was a big fan of the original series and loved the Cylons there so the idea of human cylons didn't seem appealing.

    Well, I was wrong! This is a great series! I can't wait to finish it. (Our XBOX 360 got the red ring of death so it'll be a few weeks until HD DVD viewing returns.)...more info
  • Great show - just got it at Fry's for $9.99 on HDDVD
    I've been waiting for this box set to get REALLY inexpensive, and I just purchased it on 1/19/09 at Fry's for $9.99. That's one of the benefits of a dead format. All of these retailers are trying to get rid of these HDDVDs. Great series overall - some misses, but I anticipate, based on the latest episode, that the end of the series will be excellent television....more info
  • Warning highly addictive.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the quality of this media. Now as for the series itself, I have to say I have been hooked since watching the very first episode. I have noticed that once my brother and a few friends watched the first episode, they too were anxious to see whats next. Overall the series has much talent behind the writeing, scripting, and acting. this series has all things intense, action, drama, even a few WTF moments. I'd reccomend Battlestar Galactica to anyone that is a fan of science fiction and/or great movies!...more info
  • Missing Episodes
    The image quality of the HD release is not bad, but episodes are missing from the set I watched. Disks 1,2 are the mini-series. Season 1 starts with HD disks 3, 4. Both these disks were missing what seemed to be a preceeding episode, since the teaser "previously on ......" showed scenes and story lines that had not appeared on the previous disk. I got frustrated and went to the SD version, and yes, a previous episode was indeed missing from disks 3,4. Including what was considered the best episode of season 1 were Starbuck punched out of her viper during it's re-entry breakup. I don't know if only my set was bad, or all of them are short episodes. With HD dead, no way to fix it now. Since it was an intermediate episode between disks 2-3 and 3-4, one might conclude that it was intentional to reduce the number of HD disks required for the season. Who knows, but I just gave up on the HD version entirely. Since the series (excluding mini-series) are shot in HD, maybe the later seasons will be released blu-ray. Hope they can manage to keep the episodes in order....more info
  • HD?
    The package is junk, the disk have scratches, some episodes wont play and parts look worse than VHS. Save your money until they can fix this great show!...more info
  • I Love This Show-Must Have Corrected the Recording Flaws
    I love this series. They must have corrected the recording or packing flaws because my set came thru fine. Maybe I am just lucky. I am going to own this entire set in HD or Blue Ray however they finish it out. It is a fantastic series that pulls you into the personal drama of the fight of the civilization and the political versus the military. Great acting and action. 10 Thumbs Up on Rigel 7.
    The Time Keeper....more info
  • One of the best SCI-FI shows ever
    In true Battlestar form, Season 1, is truly a journey. A journey to find a new home, a journey through a war, and the lives of the crew that survived an awful tragedy. I am disappointed that the network decided to end the show after 4 seasons. I feel this story could have went on and on. I was so drawn into each episode each week that I could hardly wait for it to come round again. I hated sci-fi til Battlestar now I am trying, to find something to replace the void with. ...more info
  • HD-DVD not worth the extra cost
    Well I purchased this for my self thinking it would be a great addition to my HD collection. I was wrong, the video is grainy, it looks just as good if not WORSE then the DVD version Upconverted! I am very diappointed by this release. Save your self 25 dollars and get the DVD version....more info
  • massively inconsistent
    The transfer on the show is just horrible. There's quite a lot of static left on the screen to approximate the "film grain" look of the show. However, how much static and the extent that it successfully mimics the grain can change, scene to scene, moment to moment.

    The opening sequence of the human negotiator meeting the Six for first time is amazingly bad. The bronze colored walls are practically popping with bright and dark flashes of static. This settles down as the show goes on and then disapears all together in some scenes, only to come back in others. There doesn't seem to be any sort of pattern to this as well. That is, dark scenes sometimes have lots of static, sometimes they don't. Scenes with a lot of visual effects are usually clean but then sometimes they don't.

    The audio is great however. Low frequency sounds are portrayed quite nicely which makes the soundtrack, sound effects and edward james olmos sound incredible.

    If you own the original SD set, this is a minor upgrade at best and hardly does justice to the show.

    edit: Disc 2 does suffer from a very noticable audio/video synch issue....more info
  • Great but not Perfect
    It's great that the studio has decided to release the Battlestar Galactica Saga from the correct point...the beginning that is. Including both the mini series and the 1st Series, you don't have to be a Sci-Fi fan to enjoy the intense action and heartfelt storytelling which makes this a great product for anyone.

    The only downside to this product is the packaging in which it comes in. Interesting to look first, but struggling to understand who's idea it was to release a very expensive TV production on cheap cardboard fold-outs, with glued on polymer stalks to hold the discs in place...and when I say hold them in place, expect a struggle to get them off!

    Don't let the packaging put you off, This is a great show...And even greater in HD!!!
    ...more info
  • Poor quality HD
    Poor quality HD, barely better than DVD version and in some scenes is it worse. A lot of noise and grain. Don't bother, get DVD version, any upconverting player will do a better job. Not worth the money....more info
  • great
    The battlestar series is off the chain it is the best . Amazons ease of use and navigation makes it so easy to get great priced dvds and or tv series. ...more info
  • manufacturing problems
    I love the series. I love the portions of the HD-DVD disks I can view. I would give the content 5 out of 5 stars. The problem is an apparent manufacturing problem. The result of the apparent manufacturing problem is that the disks are not able to play. Upon close examination of the playing surface, I see scratches and mottling of the surface.
    I took several steps to ensure that the problems are with the disks and not the player. My player and other gear runs from a UPS. ((I do this to ensure clean power and to allow for a controlled shutdown if there is a loss of power.)) The firmware for the HD-DVD is current. The HD-DVD player was cleaned with a cleaning disk. The HD-DVDs themselves were cleaned with the appropriate materials.
    My recommendation for folks is to proceed with caution. Perhaps wait for the next production run. I have requested an exchange for the original product. I am hopeful that the exchange will come from a new production run.
    As an additional note about the apparent manufacturing difficulties, I'll add some additional information. I purchased the 4 music CDs ((mini series along with seasons 1 thru 3). They arrived damaged with broken jewel cases. The CD purchase was separate from the HD-DVD purchase. The music CD jewel cases needed replacement. I had spares. I was able to make the replacement. A close examination of the jewel cases leads me to believe that that they are a lightweight case. The material seems thinner that that of my other music CDs.
    ...more info
  • Another Victim of Scratched Disks
    I received this set on Christmas Day. I had read various reviews of the set, but I hoped for the best when I opened it. However, there were the scratches clearly visible on sereral disks. I thought they might just be visual flaws that didn't translate into a performance problem, being ever hopeful, but when I reached disk two the stuttering and glitching started. What I saw on disk one looked good, not overwhelming, but good. However, there seems to have been a massive failure in quality control for these disks to have all ended up like this. The packaging of the box and an entire bad run of disks suggest Universal was doing some serious cost cutting here, and it seems to have put companies like Amazon into the expensive position of replacing the disks over and over or simply returning people's money. Why not do a recall and stop selling these until they can assure us the product is 100 percent? I won't be buying this again until I know for sure this problem has been addressed....more info
  • Sound sych in miniseries disc 2 is inexcusable
    BSG is the best show on television or anywhere else. The HD-DVD release of Battlestar Galactica Season 1 was the deciding factor that made me decide to go high def with HD-DVD.

    In disc 2 of the miniseries, however, 14 minutes in, the film starts to look like a poorly dubbed Japanese film where the words do not sych (even remotely) with the actors' lips. This lasts for about an hour or so, and resolves itself at the end of the film. There are numerous reports of the sych problems on disc 2 (only) across several HD and BSG message boards.

    This is high definition dvd. It should look and sound better than the standard definition version, especially at this price. The larger your TV screen, the more the synching issues will affect you. On a 52" TV, they are so distracting, it's difficult to concentrate on anything else.

    Disc 2 needs to be reissued. I will be returning mine in favor of my properly synched standard definition discs....more info
  • I have scratches too
    I have scratches too on my disks (4 of them). So far no problem in playback, but I have not watched through them all yet...

    As for quality the Mini Series does look bad. It looks like a composite blow up of the SD original. The episodes look good, A great deal better that crappy Cable!!!!! and better than SD-DVD. The HD sound is great!!, and yes goes out of sync on Disk 2. There is a shot with SB is in her viper that is not even close, but then comes right back into Sync aboard the Galactica. So this is a production problem, i am surprised they did not QC this better!

    I hope I do not have any playback problems, and they should deliver in better packaging.

    I hope they fix this before Season 2 comes out and Where is RAZOR in HD? ...more info
  • Not a good production!
    The show is great. But I don`t recommend the HD-DVD set at all. Video quality is bad, especially concerning the mini series. Also the packing is terrible, wrapped in plastic with cut corners. Doesn`t fit in nicely in my shelf at all....more info
  • Bad Discs-lousy pacjaging
    Wow. The shows great but... What's with he discs. 4 out of five were scratched and I bought SEALED in the box. I think I figured it out. The packaging is so bad with these little rubbery plasicky (knobs) that your supposed to stick the discs to are the culprit. I believe that whoever was the poor sap that got hired to make the discs stick to the packaging probably pushed and twisted and pushed like He!! to get them to work hence scratchng them. Too bad - I had to order another set/replacement. I sure hope those are ok..

    -Terry...more info
  • Great series, but some authoring issues
    Battlestar Galactica is a reimagined version of the original series from the 1970s, but with a lot more substance and infinitely better acting. It even managed to win the prestigious Peabody award, among many others. I was anxiously awaiting this box set to come out in hi-def, and was very pleased to hear Universal came through for us in 2007.

    As expected, the original miniseries (shot on film) as well as some of the episodes (shot on high definition video) are grainy, but that was the directors' and producers' intent. In fact, I've been told that the episodes had additional grain added in post production to enhance this effect. Fortunately, the detail was well preserved on this release. Not only do we get the gritty look with the grain and the documentarian style, we also get fine details that simply are not present on the DVD. On the HD DVD, the image quality is a huge step forward compared to the DVD, not surprisingly.

    Unfortunately, there are some technical issues with the authoring of this set. For example on disc two at approximately 55'37" in part 2 of the miniseries, there is a serious synchronization problem between the audio and the video for a short period. This is most obvious in the scene when one character is screaming at the other. This problem is not due to hardware, as it can be replicated on multiple different players, but appears to be due to improper authoring of the disc. Most of the rest of the set is properly synched, and therefore this problem may not be a huge concern for some people, but nonetheless this could be a deal-killer for some others.

    This box set had the chance to be THE collectors' archival set for fans of this series, but unfortunately it isn't, because of a simple technical issue that should have never been allowed to occur in any title, much less a relatively big TV release like this one.

    I give this release 5 stars for content but only 3 stars overall, because of the audio synchronization issue....more info
  • Battlestar Galactica season 1 HD
    Love the show and the HD is a little better than average. But come on people the packaging is silly. I mean at least box it up. ...more info