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Tanner's Scheme
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A sexy paranormal series set in a world where genetically altered Breeds and the humans who created them sometimes come together in the fiercest of passions. After the Feline Breeds' main base is attacked, Tanner desires revenge. So he kidnaps Scheme Tallant-the daughter of a one-time high-ranking member of the Genetics Council. But when Tanner discovers that Scheme herself is a target of her father's ruthless mission, his vengeance takes a back seat to saving the life of the woman he hopes to claim as his mate.

Customer Reviews:

  • I did not like two of the plot developments.
    The characters were ok and other plot developments were ok, but on balance, I wouldn't recommend it unless the reader is in love with the series. The characters and sex scenes were very similar to other breed books.

    This is Book 2 of The Breed series which is an offshoot of the Feline Breeds series. The Genetics Council used genetic experimentation to create humans with animal DNA, called Breeds. The Breeds were tortured, experimented upon and kept in captivity, but eventually escaped. The Council and other groups are trying to capture and/or kill them.

    Jonas is a breed. He is head of the federal dept. of breed affairs. Scheme is human. She is daughter of Cyrus who is a member of the Genetics Council. Scheme hates Cyrus and becomes a spy for Jonas. Scheme continues to work for her father, but thwarts many of his activities against the breeds over a several year period. Tanner is a bengal breed who works for Jonas. They know that Cyrus has a spy among the breeds, but they don't know who it is. Tanner doesn't know that Scheme is working for Jonas. Tanner kidnaps her with the intent of getting evidence from her and turning her over to the Breed Council for punishment.

    Tanner saves Scheme from being killed by an assassin sent by her father, which is the beginning of his doubts that she is evil and in league with Cyrus. During the several days of the kidnapping captivity, Tanner falls in love with her and wants to help her, but she won't communicate because she thinks Tanner might be a spy for Cyrus. If I had been in her place, I would have at least told Tanner that Scheme suspected Tanner might be a spy, and until she knew the truth she wouldn't trust him or cooperate. Instead she was silent, and he sensed that she was lying. This was the major conflict for 2/3 of the story. This is one of my pet peeves: conflict created through vague communication and inaccurate assumptions.

    My second plot problem: Cyrus wants to kidnap Scheme who is staying at the breed sanctuary. The breeds know Cyrus has a spy among them and that this will happen soon. At an evening function, Scheme secretly leaves her protectors to have a private conversation with one of the women, outside, alone. Of course, the spy comes up, shoots them with a stun gun and carries Scheme off. This was stupid. I would have preferred that the spy come up with an elaborate plan to get Scheme alone (that would foil almost anyone) and not have Scheme do something stupid to get caught.

    Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: ten, most several pages long. Setting: 2023 Washington, D.C., Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Copyright: 2007. Genre: erotic paranormal romance.

    For a listing of my reviews of other Lora Leigh books, see my 4 star review of "Tempting the Beast" posted on 6/30/08....more info
  • Perfect read for me **SPOILERS**
    Hi guys,

    I am writing this review after picking up 'Megans Mark' and 'Harmony's Way' then re-reading 'Tanners Scheme'.

    First let me get out what I slightly disliked- Scheme's name, and that's about it.

    I think that the PLOT of the hero falling in love with the daughter of his nemisis makes great tension. In prior Breed books, the heroine had a standard 'I hate you' reaction to the domineering Breed male. The opening scene at the party where they square off, was exciting to read. It was like 2 fighters circling each other and planning their moves.

    What made me rate this 5 stars, was that Tanner decided that though he lacked mating signs, he LOVED Scheme and he wanted her.( Of course he was a little late, after he threw her to his twin, but hey! he came around.)
    In the other 2 breed books I read, we see protagonists who are compelled to each other because of the mating hormone. They may dislike each other and the relationship but they have no choice. In this situation the mating hormone is there (I'm assuming so right ?) but Tanner doesn't recognize it. He decides to eventually defy his DNA, and say 'I'm taking my woman, mating signs or not!' That's manly right there!

    Oh- I had absolutely no problem with Tanner's or Scheme's past sexual experince and the different scenes in the book- example where Cabal was watching them have sex. People, this is Lora Leigh. She has been pretty *tame* so far in her mainstream books- check out Ellora's cave website to see what she is really capable of.

    Inevitably in books, the heroine does something rather silly that has me sighing aloud; I was gratified in this novel, that when Scheme did her part (she ran away from the safety of the caves against Tanners wishes - STRAIGHT into the enemy) she did have the presence of mind to berate herself. So she wasn't all 'wrong and strong' about it, she realised she made a mistake and felt kinda like an idiot.

    All in all a very hot book with a hot lead. I definitely recommend it!
    ...more info
  • Sexy Read
    "Tanner's Scheme" by Lora Leigh is the third book in the Breeds series, but it seems like these books can be read out of order. I didn't feel any kind of mental jarring from not reading book 1 and 2 first. They are books in the same world, not all focusing on the same characters.

    I like Leigh's take on were-animals. In her books they aren't supernatural beings but the results of genetic experiments, and there is a sort of "science" behind them.

    Lora Leigh has alpha male down pat. She has alpha male down to power games. This is basically subtext D/s games. Spanking is referenced several several times. And carried out once. But the rest of it has that growly subtext, me man, you woman. So if that's your speed, this is your book.

    There was a large amount of sex in this book. If you took all the sex out, you'd take about a hundred pages out of it. This is the kind of book junior high girls sneak out of the library and secretly skim for the dirty parts. You don't have to skim long. My only advice when reading this book? Make sure you have some way to release the tension.

    Oh wait, I didn't tell the basic plot, got sidetracked by the growly. Basically Scheme's father is a psycho who is trying to eradicate the breeds. He even killed her mother when she betrayed his organization. Since Scheme found out, she's been working as a double agent for the Breeds to take her father down. Her father finds out and tries to have her killed.

    He sends to kill her a man he orchestrated to be her lover to spy on her. Nice guy huh? I guess the wisdom here is, don't date assassins except in the case of "Nice" by Jen Sacks, one of my fave books of all time (Woman doesn't like to break up with men cause she doesn't like to hurt them, she finds its easier to kill them. She meets up with a hit man and romance ensues. It's a satire, and funny and sweet, but anyway...) At any rate, A man named Jonas is the only Breed that knows Scheme's a double agent. There is a double agent working for Scheme's father inside the Breed organization so it's not safe for all the higher up Breeds to know Scheme isn't as evil as her father.

    This is where Tanner comes in and kidnaps her. He fully intends to screw her, then turn her over to Breed Law. At least he doesn't intend to kill her, though she doesn't know that. And that's about all I can reveal. He doesn't know she's a double agent, she doesn't know he's NOT a double agent. Mayhem and LOTS of sex and some spanking ensues.

    I felt that the ending was a bit anti-climactic. I would have liked it to play out a certain way that it didn't for some closure, but overall it was an entertaining read. Anyone who can write 100 pages of sex and not make me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork from redundancy gets my vote.
    ...more info
  • 5 Klovers! Courtesy of CK2S Kwips & Kritiques
    **Tanner's Scheme is my Recommended Read for July 2007**

    For years, he has watched her. Waited for his opportunity. When it finally comes, Tanner wastes no time confronting his enemy Scheme, daughter of General Tallent, a man who has committed numerous atrocities against the Breeds race. And Scheme was a party to at least some of them. Her signature is on kill orders; there is no question of her guilt. The time has come for her to pay for her crimes, and Tanner is determined she will do so at his hands.

    Yet when he is faced with this duplicitous, beautiful woman, nothing adds up. His eyes and ears tell him one thing, but her scent tells a different story. And scents never lie - not to a Bengal Breed, whose olfactory senses are more highly developed than any other Breed. When General Tallent's pet assassin attempts a hit on Scheme, Tanner knows there is more to the story than meets the eye. And he is determined to uncover every last one of Scheme's secrets, no matter what he has to do to get them.

    But his plans start to backfire when he realizes Scheme is much more than she seems, and every instinct in him screams to protect her from all threats. But the only way to protect her from her father is by granting her asylum in the Breed community and the only way to save her from Breed Law is if he can mate her!

    I read my first Lora Leigh novel in April of 2006 and was an immediate fan of this author's works. Within a few months, I had devoured every book of hers I was able to get my greedy little book-loving hands on. Although she has many different series, all of which I love, the Breeds saga quickly emerged as one of my top favorites from Leigh. And the Breed whose story I have been hungering for the most was Tanner Reynolds.

    From the first moment he appeared in the Breeds series, I was captivated by him. His wit, his charm - both served to endear him to me immediately. And later, when we began to hear rumors about him and his twin, Cabal, in other stories, I fell for him more and more. As high as my expectations were for Tanner's Scheme, Lora Leigh surpassed them all! Having set him up as the playboy of the Breed race, she then proceeds to peel away the superficial layers to show us the real Tanner beneath the playboy - the dark, serious Tanner who ably lives up to his legacy as a Bengal Tiger Breed. Yes, Tanner is still playful, but we learn that playfulness hides a predator worthy of his genetics. We see that in spite of his numerous sexual exploits, for the past ten years he has been inexplicably drawn to the one woman he shouldn't want. That desire has twisted him up inside, eaten away at his heart and his soul, knowing that Scheme daughter to one of the Breeds' greatest enemies, and as well as foe in her own right.

    Scheme is the perfect foil-er, MATE to Tanner. Her sacrifices on behalf of the Breed community, a race that knows nothing of her work to save their kind and despises her unanimously, are all at once noble and heart-rending. Regardless of the hatred from the Breeds, despite the tortures her own father performs on her, she continues her work without thought for her own welfare.

    General Tallent is the kind of villain that will turn your stomach and make it a little harder to sleep at night. The numerous atrocities he has committed against both the Breeds and his own daughter are bad enough, but his belief that he fights on the side of righteousness is what will really stop your heart. He is a criminal who believes what he is doing is right, a supremacist that is content to completely wipe out the Breed race if he cannot control them.

    Tanner's Scheme had tears running down my cheeks more than once. Learning what Scheme suffered at the hands of her father twisted my guts, and seeing Tanner's reaction when he discovered the same was simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming. Watching this couple overcome their pain, their mistrust, and find a way to bridge the secrets that threaten to keep them apart forever was enough to break my heart. But it is the depth of this story's angst that ultimately makes the happy ending that much sweeter.

    And there is a happy ending, of course. Lora Leigh delivers a very satisfying ending for Tanner and Scheme's story, served up with plenty of sexual heat along the way! Tanner's Scheme is a veritable roller coaster of emotion, and is definitely a contender for the position as her best Breeds story yet!

    Series Order (NY books only):
    Megan's Mark (The Breeds, Book 1) (Berkley Sensation)
    Harmony's Way (The Breeds, Book 2)
    Tanner's Scheme (The Breeds, Book 3)
    Dawn's Awakening (The Breeds, Book 4)

    Connected Books:
    Hot Spell (The Guardians, Book 1) (The Breed Next Door) (The Countess's Pleasure) (The Blood Kiss)(Falling For Anthony)
    Beyond the Dark
    Shifter (Berkley Sensation)...more info
  • Tanners Scheme
    No one writes Romantica like Lora Leigh. Fabulous book, as always. I'm taking it with me when I go abroad next month and have a long plane ride. Reading her books will make the time fly!...more info
  • Must Read
    This is an another awesome read.. readers beware hot and steamy with lots of surprising twists...more info
  • Tanner's book won't disappoint Leigh fans
    Tanner Reynolds has been watching Scheme Tallant for years. The daughter of General Cyrus Tallant, Scheme has inside knowledge of the workings of the Genetics Council. Though he hates himself for feeling attraction for the enemy, Tanner can't help his feelings. Nor can he stand by and let Scheme be killed by her ex-lover and one of her father's own men.

    Scheme Tallant has been working as a double agent for the Breeds since the day that her father did something she could never forgive. After the "tests" of loyalty that her father gives her, Scheme thought she was immune to anything he could come up with. That changes on the day he takes her baby away.

    Scheme has watched Tanner for years, but knows that there is far more to him that the persona he shows to the public. She learns just how different when Tanner takes her away to his underground lair and refuses to release her. Desperate to reach her contact within the Breeds, Scheme does everything she can to escape. She soon learns that escpaing Tanner won't be as easy as she thought.

    Tanner's Scheme will satisfy Leigh fans that have followed the series from the beginning. A little warning, this book is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!...more info
  • My favorite Breed story so far
    Scheme Tallant is the daughter of the Breeds' worst enemy, Cyrus Tallant. Her father has ordered the deaths of countless Breeds, tortures them for sport, and plans to have them exiled from the world so that he can recreate them as stronger, faster killing machines who will do his bidding. Scheme is willing to do whatever is necessary to stop him, and serves as a double agent for the Bureau of Breed Affairs. When she learns her father plans to kidnap one of the few Breed children, she realizes it's time to blow her cover and seek help from the Bureau. But will help arrive before her father has a chance to silence Scheme forever?

    Tanner Reynolds has always been fascinated by Scheme Tallant. How could such a beautiful woman be so cold and calculating? Tanner knows Scheme only as the daughter of Cyrus Tallant, Tallant's right-hand woman who has helped him to kill countless Breeds and who hopes to destroy them all. He plans to kidnap Scheme and make her tell him her father's secrets, but when he realizes her father is trying to have Scheme killed, he begins to wonder if she might not be the deceptive murderess he always thought? Could Scheme Tallant be the mate this Bengal Breed has been waiting for?

    Tanner's Scheme is by far my favorite Breed story so far. Megan's Mark had a heroine who was a contradiction, a gun-toting overconfident woman who at the same time hid in the woods away from danger. Harmony's Way had a hero who didn't listen to his mate and instead thought he knew everything. Tanner's Scheme is the first time this series hit the nail on the head for me, so I was so happy to see both a hero and heroine that I could enjoy.

    Tanner and Scheme were a couple who I could root for and hope that they could find a way to make things work and defeat everyone who might try to come between them. Tanner's devotion to his family, to the Breed cause, and to Tanner made him the sort of hero you could admire. Scheme's stubborn refusal to quit working for her father, even at the risk of her own life, was admirable. She was willing to risk her life for the greater good, and as such was a heroine who was able to back up everything she said. I enjoyed this couple immensely and Tanner's Scheme has solidified my love for the Breed series. I can't wait until February when Dawn's Awakening is released....more info
  • Excellent addition to the Breed series
    This is Lora Leigh's best book since Elizabeth's Wolf!!! It had a great suspenseful plot, a great lovestory, and lots and lots of steam. I enjoyed how Tanner and Scheme fell in love before the mating heat went into effect. It was a nice twist on an old series. Sometimes Leigh's heros can be so raw that it was a nice change for a smoother, sexier hero like Tanner. I highly recommend this book to fans of Lora Leigh and romantica in general....more info
  • Wowee! It's getting hot in here!
    OK this is a superior author who can write the heck out of any story, idea or plot. She can also write a sensual scene that will set your hair on fire with it's intensity. Her villians are so heinous that you want to cheer out loud when they get their just desserts. BUT in this book, what she really wasn't able to do very well is write about people we like. Initially, all the sensuality is rather brutal and very much about dominance, obsession and all that super-intense, nerve-racking stuff. Really well done if that is your cuppa' tea, but a little too high stress for me. If I want this much pain and "aggitato', I'll go back to work. ...more info
  • This is an ultra heated romantic fantasy thriller
    Scheme serves as a special aid to her father General Cyrus Tallant, but also spies for the Feline Breeds. The Breed community unaware of her espionage efforts on their behalf loath Scheme because they assume she is just like her lethal father. Her handler Jonas Wyatt is the only person aware that she risks her life trying to save the Breeds.

    Cyrus believes his daughter is tainted and working for his enemy. He orders her assassination, but Breed Tanner Reynolds saves her life by abducting her. Although attracted to her rescuer, Scheme does not trust him as Jonas has moles working inside the Breed community. Though she feels Tanner is her mate, she will only provide information to Jonas.

    This is an ultra heated romantic fantasy thriller that continues the Breeds saga (see MEGAN'S MARK and HARMONY'S WAY) with a lead couple who does not trust one another, but cannot prevent the attraction from overwhelming their good sense of safety. Scheme is a wonderful protagonist caught in a sort of no person's land as each side represented by the men in her life, her father and Tanner, assumes she is betraying them. Her efforts make the tale as she is all alone even when love arrives.

    Harriet Klausner

    ...more info
  • who is more human
    As I read this book I kepr asking who ia more human, or better yet humaine?
    Those created did not ask to be, but they will fight to surive. The creators act like they should be treated like Gods, but do not treat abybody kindly.
    The genral kills his eife, beats his daughter and has her child aborted whith the help of the babies father. Yets he actully wonders why she would go behind his back.
    I love the action, but I also like how the Breeds use what their trainers taught them for good.
    The suspense in what the Council is going to do to refain control of the Breeds.
    I like how the Btrrds find love and try to make it work in a dangerous world....more info
  • WOW!!
    I am a lover of interesting paranormal romance and this book is a 10+++. Tanner and Scheme's intense romance is one dreams are made of! Lora Leigh really delivers when it comes to a killer story line and super steamy hot incredible love scenes. I could not put this down and read it in one day. I can hardly wait to collect all her books!...more info
  • NOT BOOK 3
    This is a great addition to Lora Leigh's Breed Series I was very happy to see a return to the main characters of this series. This is not the third book in this series it is the sixth I read a lot of the other reviews and most if not all are unaware of the books printed with Ellora's Cave that are the beginning of this series which is a great place to start from even though this is a great stand alone novel as well. Just wanted to let any future readers know about the first three novels Tempting the Beast, The Man Within and Kiss of Heat. Be aware if you don't like sex in your novels this series is not for you. ...more info
  • Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!
    Scheme Tallant has repeatedly proven that she was aptly named during the long years working for her father, Cyrus. Having always walked a fine line in her carefully choreographed life as a spy, and having secretly worked tirelessly to save as many breeds as possible, Scheme has finally reached the point where she wants out. She must carefully plan her exit from her father's ruthless organization, taking with her one more piece of vital information for the Breeds. On the night that she sets her escape plan in motion, things go wrong and she ends up dodging a killer; a killer who's goal is to silence her forever.

    With a deceptively casual air, Tanner Reynolds has obsessively watched the seemingly ruthless daughter of one of his most bitter enemies. Though reports tell him that Scheme is in opposition to the Breeds, his finely honed senses tell him otherwise. The contradictory information eventually pushes Tanner to make a move on the mysterious female. However, Tanner has no knowledge that when he enters Scheme's room to force a confrontation, he is walking directly into the middle of a dangerous plot that has already been set in motion by outside parties, both good and bad.

    Forced to save Scheme the only way he can, Tanner secrets her away to a hidden location. Tanner is firm in his demand for answers; answers that Scheme refuses to provide. After all, there are few people that Scheme trusts, and Tanner isn't one of them. Though she demands her freedom and struggles to escape, Scheme soon learns that Tanner is inflexible when it comes to her safety. What she doesn't know is that Tanner struggles with the knowledge that if she is located by either side, be it Breed or Council, her life as she knows may well be forfeit.

    It is a rare occurrence that I find a book that grabs me by the heart and squeezes until I'm breathless. I am eager to report that TANNER'S SCHEME did just that. Filled with a depth of emotion and a richness of character, this stunning story made it impossible for me to sleep before reading the final word and closing the book in the early hours of the morning.

    Scheme is a paradoxical blend of toughness and vulnerability. Having suffered at her father's hands to save a race not her own, Scheme experiences a deep anguish that is heartbreaking to witness. With Tanner's entrance into her life, Scheme is introduced to a new prime example of obstinacy. The reader can readily perceive her immense frustration with Tanner's implacable resolve. And speaking of Tanner, here is a hero that has strong alpha characteristics well-disguised beneath a readily displayed charismatic charm. What follows for both characters is a struggle involving both the heart and the mind. Amidst sharp dialogue and breathtaking love scenes, Tanner and Scheme look for a way to achieve their individual goals; goals they will recognize as mutual if they ever get past their lack of trust.

    A true master of the written erotic romance, Lora Leigh delivers a compelling paranormal story such as none you've read before. Though her Breeds captured my attention long ago, TANNER'S SCHEME has only raised the bar for this gripping series. If there is only one book you buy this year, let this be the one. This I guarantee - Tanner and Scheme will stay in your heart long past the final scene....more info
  • Hot, Hot Read
    General Cyrus Tallent is a major enemy of the Breed society, not just because of his heinous experiments and torture of Breeds in general, but also his extreme hatred of the Breed society. Scheme Tallent is General Tallent's daughter, and aide to some of his business affairs. As such, she also tends to be a target of the Breed society's hatred and scrutiny. They have bugged her home and watch her constantly.

    The breed who has most observed and followed Scheme's movements for the last ten years, is none other than Bengal breed Tanner. (Fans of the Breed series will possibly remember Tanner being mentioned in prior stories. He's the fun and carefree tiger that had a love of three-somes.) While Tanner believes that he despises Scheme, his role of "watcher" has had him monitoring Scheme in various exploits. (The man must have had a camera stationed in her bedroom!!) And while he's observing Scheme's many activities, Tanner fears that his desire of Scheme may very well overshadow his hatred.

    Tanner decides to kidnap Scheme, and the real adventure begins. But Scheme is not who Tanner thought she was. When he begins to discover all the sacrifices Scheme has made for the breed race, Tanner's thoughts race from not just desiring her, but to mating her as well!

    Tanner's Scheme was a hot, hot read. And while Tanner was a typical alpha hero, I wonder what many readers will think of Scheme? Considering the many atrocities she suffered from both her father and previous lover, she did not really appear vulnerable. Instead, she came off as really capable, strong, (hard??) and despite Lora Leigh's protests to the contrary, rather promiscuous. (I guess the same could be said of Tanner as well.) Still, this did not subtract from the story. Lora Leigh will wow audiences with another hot and engaging read. And while I have not read the entire series, this book can certainly be read as a stand-alone. It's a must-read for fans of the series and the author! ...more info
  • Continueing the Breeds Saga #3
    The latest installment of the Breeds saga continues the story and introduces several new characters. This is by far the most sensual of the stories. Tanner and Cabel are the only Bengal Tiger Breeds. Although raised apart they are now as close as brothers can be. Where Tanner is seen as quiet and sexy and a playboy, Cabel is quiet and intense with a depth to his character that has never been plumbed.

    Scheme is the daughter of the most hated of the Genetics Council, General Tallent. To the outsiders she seems to be a devoted follower of her father, in truth she has been working for Jonas, the Breeds Security Leader, for the last eight years. But now she has learned something so important that she must personally get it to Jonas. Her father has finally realized that she is working against him and orders her death.

    Tanner Reynolds has been fasinated with Scheme for many yrs as she has been watched. He has asked again and again to be able to take her out. Only Jonas has stood between them. Only Jonas knows she is a double-agent. Finally with Jonas gone for a while Tanner takes his oppertunity to kill the hated daughter of General Tallent.

    When Tanner goes to kill Scheme he finds himself saving her instead from her father's assassin. Realizing something is wrong with the attempt on her life, he kidnaps her instead. But Scheme has lived with betrayal to long and she knows her father has a spy in Sanctuary. How can she trust Tanner with her information, she surely doesn't trust him with her life. But the attraction between the two is a battle for both and somehow they must forge a bond in order to stop the plan General Tallent has already set in motion.

    I loved the book and with each new character I have a new story I want Lora Leigh to write. Can hardly wait for the next one. ...more info
  • Nearly a 4 Star
    This story started out fast, and I loved that, but there seemed some logical gaps and I wanted more than an attraction because of hormones to be developed. I like Tanner and I like Scheme. They both have really great anti-hero character flaws. I think Scheme will unfairly get a bad wrap from readers, who find her promiscuous. In reality, I enjoyed that Tanner sort of got right past that sort of issue. Romances set in modern times, should not be looked at with Victorian sexual mores. This was a very sexy little book and unfortunately, sex seemed to be more the focus than anything else. But the sex was very good, so there you go. ...more info
  • What can u say!
    It's LL's writing. The thought of a man like a breed is soooooo hot!...more info
  • Oh, dear.
    Reading the other reviews, I think I'm alone in my point of view about this book. Still, I have to be honest about my opinion because I didn't like this book at all. I'm surprised, because I've loved all of the books in the Breed series (which I've read as ebooks as well as purchasing them in print) but this one just didn't work for me at all. I've looked forward to Tanner's story since his character was first introduced in the series (wasn't it book #1?) but I couldn't like Scheme Tallant much, despite all of the reasons the reader is supposed to sympathize with her. When I read a romance, or really any kind of story, I need to like the heroine at least a little to be able to buy into the story.. hence why I had to stop just over half way through this book.

    I also have to say that I think Ms Leigh is at the point in her series where she (or her publisher) feels that she can start pushing the envelope, and for my personal preferences, she pushed it too far. If I wanted to read straight up erotica, I would buy it. When I buy a romance, I'd like a little warning if this series is going to cross a certain line and Tanner having watched Scheme having extreme, graphic sex (anal sex, 3 ways etc) with a line of men on camera (and taking notes for future reference, no less) just did me in. I'm certainly not a prude in the slightest, nor do I have a Victorian approach to the books I choose to read but that issue and the constant references to it just *killed* the story for me. It's too bad, because I really enjoyed the other books in the series. ...more info
  • Loved It!
    When it comes to Lora Leigh's breeds I've found people either love `em or hate `em. I happen to fall in the former catagory myself and when I received (and read!) my copy of the Leigh's latest installment, Tanner's Scheme, the day of it's release- I just loved them even more!

    In Tanner's Scheme, we get the same hot and wild sex, with a bit more advancement of the plot to destroy the genetically engineered breeds.

    Scheme Tallant is the daughter of much hated General Tallant, a man who wants the breeds who escaped the secret facility which created and tortured them ten years ago wiped out. Tanner, a Bengal Tiger breed, is liaison for breed/human affairs and has had his eye on Scheme since his escape all those years ago. He knows she's Tallant's right hand "man" and wants to destroy her as much as the man himself. When he kidnaps her, he quickly finds all is not what it seems.

    Scheme has hidden her loathing of her father for years- since he killed her mother and masterminded a plot to control her by buying off a mercenary to become her lover. After she discovers she's pregnant with the man's child, the General drugs her and aborts the baby. The day of the despicable crime against her, one of many to be sure, she meets Jonas Wyatt, a ruthless breed in nothing but the best sense, who takes her under his wing and offers her a job as double agent against her father.

    Tanner, of course, doesn't know this because there is also a double agent in the breed camp as well and, to help smoke him out, Jonas leaves Scheme's true nature hidden. Despite Tanner thinking Scheme's a heartless little schemer, he's helplessly attracted to her and being a man of action, he doesn't leave the attraction go by any longer.

    Tanner and Scheme have mega trust issues to work through- on both ends, but they struggle through in the best tradition of romance.

    The mating "heat" process which has characterized much of Leigh's other breed stories is curiously missing between these two and I wondered what was going on, though I suspected Cabal, Tanner's twin had something to do with it. When he arrives on the scene that mystery is solved and left me longing for Cabal's story! (Although it looks like I might have to wait til 2009 to get it as the next two breeds stories scheduled for release are not his and take us up to Sept. 2008!!)

    Scheme is a more than worthy heroine- smart and stubbornly strong in her nobility. Tanner, always portrayed as charming and playful up til this point is HAWT in this book and when he finally goes all alpha beasty I couldn't have been more pleased with his character development!

    I felt this one is much better than Harmony's Way, which was the release just before this one, in fact I read Tanner's Scheme in one sitting because I couldn't put it down!
    ...more info