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Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printer (2181B002)
List Price: $309.00

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Product Description

The Canon PIXMA MP970 Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printer lets you preview, scan, copy, and print photographs and documents with one easy machine. This all-in-one printer features a compact, streamlined design that can preview images in high resolution on its 3.5-inch TFT display, scan beautiful images with color resolutions up to 9600 by 2400 dpi, or print photos directly from memory cards, cameras, DV camcorders, or camera phones in seconds. The printer's Easy Scroll Wheel makes operation a breeze. The Auto-Image Fix feature ensures that every photo is clear and vivid--even when scanning difficult items such as thick notebooks or faded images--to result in stunning color resolutions up to 4800 by 9600 dpi. This PIXMA will even allows print or copy two-sided to save paper and space.

Just press the Power button and get to work, thanks to the printer's helpful Quick Start design. Copies come out crisper than ever with the system's Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology. Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Mac OS X 10.2.8 to 10.4.x8 operating systems, this printer comes backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
Pixma MP970 photo all-in-one printer, cross sell sheet, easy setup instructions, quick start guide, setup software and user's guide CD-ROM, user's guide, PGI-5 black ink tank, CLI-8 (cyan/magenta/yellow) ink tank, power cord, print head, and sample media (8.5-by-11.5-inch sheets).

print resolution: 600 x 600 dpi black; 9600 x 2400 dpi color * advanced 7-color ink system for accurate, lab-quality prints * text documents: up to 30 pages per minute in black; up to 22 pages per minute color * photos: borderless 4" x 6" prints in approximately 35 seconds * built-in two-sided printing * scan up to six frames of 35mm film or four mounted slides at a time * optical resolution: 4800 x 9600 dpi (19,200 x 19,200 dpi interpolated) * 48-bit color depth * copy speed for text documents: up to 30 pages per minute in black; up to 22 pages per minute color * reduction/enlargement: 25-400% * Ethernet port for connecting multiple users in a computer network * 3-1/2" color LCD screen * built-in card reader accepts most types of memory cards * direct photo printing with PictBridge-compliant cameras * dual paper tray * Quick Start function * 7 individually replaceable ink tanks * 1-picoliter sized ink droplets for detailed, grain-free photos * ChromaLife 100 inks for long-lasting photos * Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) 3,584-nozzle print head * paper sizes: letter (8-1/2" x 11"), credit card (2-1/8" x 3-3/8"), 4" x 6", 4" x 8", 5" x 7", 8" x 10", U.S. #10 envelopes * high-speed USB interface *

  • All-in-one printer can preview, scan, copy, and print
  • Color resolution up to 2400 x 9600 dpi
  • Preview images in high resolution on 3.5-inch TFT display
  • Print photos directly from memory cards, cameras, DV camcorders, or camera phones
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Pleasantly surprised with this all-in-one
    I usually avoid products that do more than one thing, since they usually don't do any of the things very well. But this is a great printer! It prints great quality photos on quality photo paper, and its scan and copy quality is also very good. Start up time is fast, which was important to me because my old Canon printer took a long, noisy time to start up. Its footprint is just a little bigger than an average printer but not overly so....more info
  • Best Printer!
    This printer is superior to any I've owned. Love the photoshop options and impressive print quality....more info
  • Good product but some initial problems
    The printer seems well built. It is much quieter than my old one. What little printing and scanning I have done seems excellent. Duplex printing works fine, but would be a little slow for large volumes. I have not tried slide scanning yet.
    Now for the bad part. When I received the printer, the setup was very straightforward and went well. I printed one page and it was great. For the next page, I got a paper jam. I found that there was not a jam, but I kept getting the error message. After a while I called tech support. They quickly determined that the printer had a problem and shipped me a replacement. While waiting for the replacement, I questioned them about what I would have to change because the new printer would have a different network address. They assured me it would just be plug and play. When the replacement arrived, I plugged it in and my PC could not find it on the network. After several email exchanges, I discovered that the printer had been shipped without locking the scanner. I tried a scan and got a bad result. I then found that a local dealer would do warranty repair. I shipped back the apparently reconditioned replacement and took the new one to the local shop. He had to order a new part. After a week, I took it home and found he had made a mistake in putting it back together. I took it back again and he fixed it while I waited. So about a month after I received the printer, I finally had a working machine. All the Canon support people I dealt with were polite and responsive. [....]...more info
  • Great So Far
    I have only owned this printer for about two months so I cannot speak for the long term.
    I bought this because we needed a printer for home use that offered print/copy/scan capabilities. After seeubg t
    I have owned Lexmark and HP printers in the past and HP performance met my needs. I chose this Canon Pixma because it had great reviews and was such a great deal (sale price of about $239 on Amazon with a $100 rebate from Canon). I was hoping to get better quality at a value price. From the moment that I took it out of the box, I felt it was going to be a very good decision. The design and build quality is far above that of any of the HP printers that I have owned or used. This is a solid, sharp looking machine with great features. I have Windows Vista and only have a laptop. I had no problem whatsoever downloading the software and the interface was smooth. I can unplug the printer (USB), roam wirelessly with the laptop, then plug back in the printer with no problems or delay.
    I am only an amatuer photographer but I think the photos that I printed so far came out very nice. Scanning works great although I haven't tried to scan negatives as of yet. Ink usage is much lower than with my previous printers. I think that I haven't even scratched the surface of the capabilities of the machine yet.
    *I don't have a problem right now with available space. However, for those who plan to use this on a compact computer cart/desk, you might consider something else. This machine is large and heavy.... like I stated earlier, it is solid.
    I like the fact that there there are two paper feeds and that the feeds & trays can be closed to keep dust out (the tray pops out automatically if you forget to open it... cool feature). The large screen is great too. This is a classy executive looking machine that will look great anywhere. As far as perfomance, it meets my needs. I am very happy with this purchase.
    Thanks Canon for opening my eyes to quality.
    Hope this helps. ...more info
  • Fantastic printer, fast and full-featured
    I'm so impressed with this printer, since there's so much it can do and yet its basic operations are simple. It prints beautifully every time; it just works. The pages come out incredibly fast. I tried text-recognition scanning on a very difficult source material, and it handled it well. But the best thing about it, from the perspective of home use or a home office, is how it can operate without your computer turned on. It's like I have a regular office copier right in my house. I turn on the printer (it doesn't need any warm up time), lay a document on the scanner, and my copies come out a few seconds later. There's also a quiet mode you can choose, but I've found it's so quiet during regular mode that I won't need it.

    The only downside is that it's very large. However, since it's a flatbed scanner, that's understandable. And it still fits quite neatly and attractively on the shelf I used to use for a separate printer and scanner, with room to spare....more info
  • Exceeded Expectations
    Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printer. It's been 5 years since I had invested in a new printer. The HP PhotoSmart had worked flawlessly and still did, but I wanted a multi function to replace it. I began a week of searching for information on a unit that would fill my needs. I came to the decision that a Canon would fit the bill. I wanted a unit that was more economical to use and with good photo printing without breaking the bank.
    The Canon exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I get it for a great price $175 delivered, but the quality of the unit is fantastic. Photos are fantastic. It's also very easy to set up and use, but the feature that surprised me most was how quietly it printed.
    If you can get a deal on a Canon I dont think you would be disappointed....more info
  • Great, but...
    I am very pleased with the Canon MP970 printer except for one critical problem. Sometimes it doesn't print the black ink. It is amazing how much paper I have used to get this to work. I think the problem is that I have left the printer on and don't close down after each use. I understand that the printer puts caps on the ink tops so they don't dry out. When I run the nozzle cleaning check it prints a great copy and tells me that the nozzles aren't clogged, and then I usually get the printer to print black. I am hoping that this is the only problem, which will just require for me to make sure I turn the computer off after each use. That is a nuisance, but not an enormous problem. Otherwise, this is a great printer. The copies are sharp and the printer is easy to use.
    ...more info
  • so far very pleased
    Have had the MP970 for a few weeks now -- easy to set up & get running. Love the borderless photo option. I have not tried any of the software that came with it -- I generally use photoshop for photos. Have tried the scanner & copier functions for basic tasks -- very acceptable results so far. Only con so far is the paper cassette is quite small - have to load often if used for everyday printing, though ok for light home use....more info
  • easy to use!
    We love this printer! Its prints great pictures and photo copies all the time! We use the lap top and the home comp on the same printer wirelessly. my husband set it up himself! We are thrilled!...more info
  • Great printer - does it all
    I have had many printers and I love this printer.
    Quick, quality output, and easy to use. It does not have fax functions but I knew that going in. Scans perfectly. Doesn't jam! Ink lasts quite long even though I print many pictures. Individual colored tanks which means you can replace only those that need replacing. Software tells you well in advance that you are getting low in ink. Cartridge cost is still tough to take but most are. I use a generic ink from Ink 4 Less and they work great too. I love this printer. Way to go Canon!...more info
  • Canon MP970 is Fantastic
    Excellent printer. The speed, quality, features and use of seven ink cartridges are all first rate. Just did some photo prints on 4x6 "Epson" paper and the result was phenomenal. I cannot wait to see how it looks using Canon paper!

    The other advantage is the ability to print directly unto CDs...after activating that feature after a Google Search for: "The Five Easy Steps" or see
    [This feature is available but not activated on US sold printers although standard on the identical model sold in Europe].

    It is also network capable...a feature I have not yet used, but should work great with my wireless network.

    It also looks neat and with the paper feed closed, dust etc will not get inside. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    ...more info
  • network install for XP is flawed
    I have a Mac OS X and a Windows XP machine. Both machines installed with problems. Customer service was very helpful. However, they concluded that there was nothing they could do to fix the problem... that the problem is mostly on the Windows side and they have no patches for it yet.

    The XP operates as the hard wired machine to both the Canon and to the wireless router (so the Mac can access the Canon wirelessly). However, the XP would not even install correctly and kept generating an error message. I spent about 1 to 2 hours on the phone with customer service and was finally able to get the drivers installed except for scanning. So, Canon tells me I cannot scan into the XP machine.

    As for the Mac, the drivers installed fine, however, there is a clitch somewhere such that the scanner function will only work when I click scan from the Mac itself -- pushing the scan button on the Canon results in nothing. So I have to run from the Mac to the room with the scanner to keep changing the item to be scanned and then run back to the room with the Mac to click scan, etc, etc. Canon customer service spent 1.5 hours on the phone trying to find a solution -- none found.

    All the PC mags gave this Canon great reviews, however, it seems to have severe problems with its drivers interfacing with Windows XP in a network setting. I'd suggest one that is easier to network and sacrifice a little one the photo quality, like an Epson or something else....more info
  • Scanning Negatives Works!
    I bought this printer a few weeks ago and had no trouble setting it up and no troubles with using it to print, scan photos, and scan photo negatives. Colors look good on the copies. Scanning negatives is a really nice option and they look good. This printer was a little more expensive than others that I was looking at, but I am happy with the purchase.

    I have not tried the wireless feature. So, can't comment on if that works or not....more info
  • Excellent printer
    This is a solid printer. It was easy to install on my Windows Vista computer as well as my old faithful XP laptop, print quality is fine, scanning is easy, wifi works great. It takes a bit longer to warm up to print the first copy than the older HP that I replaced but once it spits out the first page, it's fast and oh-so-much quieter than the HP. ...more info
  • I'm very happy with the MP970.
    My only concern is that the Pictbridge connection doesn't work with my digital camera, and according to both manuals, it should. I don't know which machine is causing the problem. The front door seems to have become unmoored on one side. Nevertheless, I really am pleased with the the way it prints photos and copy, and that's the important thing....more info
  • The Worst Printer I've Ever Owned Without Question
    Do not buy this printer. Under any circumstances. Don't get me's a great printer when it works. But here's the rub. It. Never. Works.

    We've had this printer for less than a year and it's worked for about 7 months during that timeframe. First we had a power problem, then the paper feed broke. Then the black ink cartridge wouldn't register, now the yellow ink cartridge won't.

    I will say Canon's product support is very helpful...but first you send in the printer, then they tell you what is wrong, then they fix it, then they send it back...with each step taking a week. Then repeat this for the paper feed, then repeat this for the black ink cartridge problem, etc., etc.

    And when the printer won't recognize the yellow ink cartridge and you just want to do something in black and white. won't do anything, even 100% black and white until the problem is fixed.

    Bottom line: If you HAVE to use this two. Cause you're gonna need the other one when you send the original back and forth to Canon....more info
  • canon pixma mp970 is an excellent all-in-one printer
    The print quality is very good, both as a photo and a document printer. You have the option of selecting different qualities, though you have to go into menues to find that option. It would have been better to put those options on the first menu of the print box. The scanner interface is awkward, and it stores the scanned images in places that it is difficult to locate, but the quality is very good. It takes longer, though, to scan than my pixma 600. I am very happy with the network interface. It works wirelessly through my apple airport extreme very nicely....more info
  • Canon Pixma MP970 - A Superb Printer
    I bought this printer to replace a recently deceased Epsom. Since it is the highest rated printer in Consumer Reports, I was pretty sure I would be pleased with it. The step-by-step setup instructions for set up were easy to follow. It makes beautiful pictures, and it's fast. I like it....more info
  • What a pleasure to use
    Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printer (2181B002)I am replacing a HP Printer that I have been fighting with for years. This Canon printer set-up was easy, photos are great and I am sorry that I did not get one years before. The price from Amazon was fantastic and could not be beat....more info
  • Awesome Printer
    I bought this printer to be specificially used for printing photos. It produces the most amazing prints I have ever seen from an ink jet printer. I use glossy photo stock paper and use the highest settings and every print looks like a lab produced photo. When I copy printed photos with the scanner to the printer every detail is replacated and it is difficult to distinguish the original from the copy. I have not printed any text with this printer so I cannot comment on that aspect. I love the fact that it is networked. I can print to it from each computer in my home without worrying about a host computer. Finnally it is FAST. It produces 8x10 photos in a minute or so.

    I love this printer and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to print photos....more info
  • awesome!!!!
    This 3-in-1 is everything I was looking for plus some at a great price. What more can a person ask for. Pictures look even better than expected. I have already raved and recommended this product to many people....more info
  • Awesome, but a crucial bit of info....

    Great, especially if you know ....... Date: May 6, 2009
    Pros: Compact Design, Lightweight/Portable, Easy Setup, Easy to use, Sharp Tones & Colors

    I used it a couple of times with excellent results and then after some time came back and tried to use it again. But the second time, I used it with some other picture application besides the Easy PhotoPrint EX. The picture quality was grainy and yuck. So use the Easy PhotoPrint application that comes with it, or if you lost the driver, get it from this website again. It's a free download and is available for Macs as well as PC. *Also, VERY IMPORTANT***on the Easy PhotoPrint, when you go to select the type of paper in your printer (tab on the left side of the screen), look within the dialogue boxes at the top that come up for a block to check that says, "Vivid Photo" and check that box. Otherwise, it will come out grainy. If you don't check that box, you might think you are getting a worse product than you really have. B/c this is a magnificent printer! You will be surprised at the clarity and boldness of the colors! Best "photo" printer I have ever bought!...more info
  • fabulous printer!
    I am extremely happy with my printer. It is super easy to use. I would definetly recommend it to others....more info
  • printer
    Great printer. I consulted Consumer Report before I bought the all in one printer and they were right, it's great!...more info
  • I think I finally found the perfect one!
    This Canon Inkjet Printer is the perfect "all in one" to suit all of your needs! Easy to use and a very reliable Canon product. Seriously thinking about giving one to our grown children for Christmas. They will love the vivid colors and photo producing capabilities....more info
  • Great all-in-one printer
    This is a great printer. My husband and I bought a Mac and our old printer was not fully compatible so we had to buy a new one. We wanted a photo printer, but one that could copy, print, and scan and that wasn't too expensive. Prints great photos. We even copied one of our wedding photos that was printed in a lab and it came out very close in quality. Would highly recommend and we haven't even used it to its full potential....more info
    Canon has a serious problem in that the ink tanks on many of the cartridges shipped with the printer or sold by Canon, after some short usage will generate errors. Cartridge not recognized.


    They will after much prodding apparently send a replacement cartridge -
    which isn't great when you need to get that paper, resume, directions, etc. printed on that "top of the line" printer you just purchased.

    Amazing that something so simple can render an otherwise pretty nice printer completely useless with no recourse or workaround.
    ...more info
  • Great Printer
    I got this printer for our little home network of Mac and PC. The printer works on both platforms, and is perfectly happy on the network. I had a little trouble setting it up at first, and Canon support was tremendously helpful. The trouble was not with the printer, but the el cheapo network switch. The printer is now setup and scans perfectly over the network. It prints from all the computers.

    One thing to take note of is use the driver and software on the CD. The downloaded driver is difficult to setup properly....more info
  • Great little space saver
    For a laptop user having wireless access to a printer is huge!

    Overall the printing and scanning capabilities are really nice. The cartridges are reasonably priced though I am not a big fan of the embedded microchips on each cartridge designed to thwart third party inks.

    The color printing is excellent. I noticed on problem with photo printing, on darker prints you can really see streaks between each pass of the printer head. Other than that, this printer has been perfect....more info
  • Printer is great !
    I could not ask for more as far as the printer,scanner and copy.The price of the seven ink cartriges though is crazy, over $100.00 for all 7....more info
  • Consumer Report Printer Pick
    Went to the recent Consumer Report issues to help make an intelligent decision on which multi funtion printer I should purchase that will produce bright, clear photos along with functional features. I believe they steered me in the right direction. The printer was easy to install, (a real plus for a non-computer nerd) easy to use, prints great photos not only quick but clear and bright. The back loader and the front loader is a real plus too. I can have photo paper in one and regular white paper in the other. It is bulky and it is heavy--so what, I say. I managed a great price too. Definitely shop around. ...more info
  • Excellent all-in-one
    I love this printer! I couldn't stop using it the day I set it up (which is super-easy by the way). I scanned old photos and they came out clearer than the original (hard to imagine, I know!) especially when I printed them out. I just love it. It is a little big, but if it were small, you just wouldn't get the quality that you're looking for. Excellent, I love it, I will always buy Canon now!...more info
  • Great all-in-one printer
    I surfed the internet for reviews of all-in-one printers & found the Pixma MP970 was always rated very high by purchasers. So I bought one & must agree with them completely. ...more info
  • Super Machine!
    Recently purchased and have only used the print functions so far and my photos have been AWESOME. Very easy set-up; excellent software provided by Canon. Large LCD monitor makes images easy to view from memory cards.
    I will be using the scanner function soon and I am sure the results will be just as good as with the photos. With the $100 rebate offered and free shipping from Amazon, this purchase was a no-brainer! Highly endorse this product....more info
  • Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All in One
    This is a beast of an all-in-one-printer - it's roughly 4 times the size and weight of the nice little Canon i560s photo printer I recently wore out (It really shakes my computer table). It prints great(!) photos on Kirkland glossy 8.5 x 11 paper with no special color adjustments. Copying/scanning and regular text printing is a breeze - you don't even have to manually turn over the page for double sided printing - it does it for you. I have 3 minor complaints - 1)It's very squeaky - expecially when doing high quality photo prints. 2) the instructions are poor but fortunately the complicated looking controls are pretty intuitive. and 3)Canon gives no info on what processes use which color ink most - or why the different Canon printers use different numbers and colors of ink cartriges and just how much benefit there is from the big extra expense of lots of ink cartridges. I just ordered 1 each of the 7 cartridges at a cost of over $100 - this used up the $100 rebate I bought it with.
    It's a great deal for the after-rebate Amazon cost of ~$140, but not if the rebate expires and you have to pay $240. If money's no object, better you spring for a 13"x19" printer for good photos and get a cheap all-in-one for ordinary stuff. ...more info
  • Canon Pixma MP970 All-In-One Inkjet Printer
    The printer is easy to install. I've only scratched the surface of it's capabilities, but I love it so far. There was some confusion on using it via a bluetooth connection with my desk top computer that has bluetooth capability. It works fine with the bluetooth adapter hookup....more info