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Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1 [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Disney and Pixar invite you to discover these masterpieces of storytelling from the creative minds that brought you TOY STORY MONSTERS INC. FINDING NEMO and many more -- now on Blu-ray Disc(R) for the ultimate high definition experience! With revolutionary animation unforgettable music and characters you love these dazzling short films have changed the face of animation and are sure to delight people of all ages for years to come. Experience them now -- for the first time on Disney Blu-ray -- in remarkable clarity that boasts up to six times the picture quality* and spectacular audio enhancement. Disney Blu-ray is magic in High Definition.*May vary with display.System Requirements:Running Time: 54 Mins. Genre: ANIMATION/ADULT SWIM Rating: NR UPC: 786936737820

Pixar's unprecedented string of hit animated features was built on the short films in this collection. John Lasseter and Ed Catmull used these cartoons the way Walt Disney used the "Silly Symphonies" during the 1930s: as a training ground for artists and a way to explore the potential of a new medium. Although it's only 90 seconds long, "Luxo, Jr." (1986) ranks as the "Steamboat Willie" of computer animation: For the first time, audiences believed CG characters could think and feel. (It was also the first CG film to make audiences laugh.) When the artists began work on Toy Story, they had learned so much from the shorts, they were ready to undertake that landmark creation. In the later shorts, the viewer can see the artists continuing to experiment: with a more realistic human figure in "Geri's Game" and with new ways of suggesting atmospheric effects in "Boundin'." Some of the more recent shorts continue the adventures of the characters from the features. "Jack-Jack Attack" reveals what happened to the hapless baby-sitter while the Incredibles were off fighting Syndrome, while "Mater and the Ghost Light" shows that life goes on for the inhabitants of Radiator Springs. When Sully from Monsters, Inc. tries to adjust his seat in "Mike's New Car," the animators prolong the moment to wring every drop of humor from the situation--just as an earlier generation of animators milked Wile E. Coyote's antics for all they were worth. The long-unseen films for Sesame Street are an unexpected bonus. A delightful collection of entertaining shorts, and a significant chronicle of the growth of computer animation. (Rated G: suitable for all ages: cartoon violence) --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • I love Pixar but
    I love Pixar, every single anime they did and everything they do and this is not an exception but... this is the most disappointing blu-ray I have. I should but-it in DVD format. I'm sure the DVD has the same picture quality, the same audio, the same amount of extra. Don't get me wrong I love the content but it doesn't worth to get it in blue ray. I taught for the price I could get more.

    I recommend-it to any fan of Pixar to get it but it's not necessary to paid extra for the blu-ray....more info
  • The best part of this is the history of Pixar itself
    This is a collection of Pixar's 32 short films so far along with a history of how Pixar got into the business of making short animation.

    The first film I saw in theatres, "Gerri's Game" depicts an old man playing chess in the park with himself. We also see Luxo and Luxo, Junior, the desk lamps with lives of their own. The last films show alternate views of the lives of our friends from "Monsters, Inc", "Cars", and "The Incredibles."

    What's so inspiring about this film is the animators themselves and what they went through to bring these characters to life. Some of the details are a little geeky, but utterly fascinating.

    Rebecca Kyle, December 2008...more info
  • Very poor Content
    In this case the cost-benefit relation is very low. The product contains very old animation and we have seen many others and more recent in the movies. Is not fair to pay such a price for such short DVD and without the most representative short films....more info
    if you have seen all the movies that these shorts are allocated to but don't want to own them all just to see the shorts, then this dvd is a must, the blue ray edition is fantastic, just buy it you won't be disappointed...more info
  • Show off blu-ray
    This is great item for if you have full 1080p lcd tv. Pictures come greeeeat. ...more info
  • Excellent DVD
    There is some great talent behind Pixar, and this collection of shorts demonstrates that. If you enjoy Toy Story or the Incredibles, this disk is for you. Highly recommended....more info
  • I liked it but too much money
    My best short favorites are basically the latest versions like "Jack Jack Attack", "Mater and the Ghost Light", and "Lifted"

    I feel that this disc should be cheaper with the amount on content involved inside. ...more info
  • Really Nice Collection
    This is a really cool collection that makes you go wow over how good these animators were. Some of the stuff on this I could not believe had been done at the year they said they were made. My only sadness is that alot seemed to be missing, some shorts I thought I remembered weren't there, but I could have false memories, or maybe they are just waiting for another anthology....more info
  • All in One Place...and on Blu-ray!
    I love the Pixar shorts that appear before the movies. And while I have the shorts w/ the individual movies, it's nice to have them all in one place. Also, there are some bonus items which are fun. One other nice thing is that the shorts are on blu-ray and since I won't be replacing all of my Pixar movies with blu-ray discs, I at least have the shorts in HD.

    For those not familiar with Pixar Shorts, they are made to exhibit new technologies and CGI techniques. There isn't one short that I don't enjoy. I always get a chuckle from Gerald's Game and Boundin' is pure delight....more info
  • Delightful
    This is a charming collection of Pixar short films plus extras like a brief history of Pixar shorts, segments from Sesame Street and audio commentary. The films range from the very basic like Andre & Wally B from the early days, to the sophisticated like One Man Band, a filmette about 2 street musicians competing for a coin from a little girl in a European town square.

    My favorites include Tin Toy in which a destructive baby goes on the rampage while the terrified toys cower under a couch and a drummer-boy toy tries to appease the little urchin, the uplifting Boundin' - the story of a sheep that suffered from depression after shearing until a jackalope comes by and brings out spectacular new talents in the sweet animal. This one has great country music and the story is a rhyming poem.

    Jack-Jack Attack is the scary tale of a babysitter trying to control a weird baby who has supernatural powers, and in Knick Knack a snowman desperately tries to join the fun in the sun by attempting escape from his snow dome - the music here is especially charming. Another good one is Mater and the Ghostlight, a story of cars and trucks with a great country & western soundtrack.

    I also enjoyed For the Birds, a simple story of little bluebirds who were nasty to a bigger, awkward bird and paid for it by losing their feathers, and Lifted, the story of an attempted UFO abduction that didn't quite work out because of the incompetence of the trainee abductor. Those who have seen Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles will probably not be too impressed, but I found the DVD highly entertaining and informative. ...more info
  • doesn't get much better
    To watch Pixar at it's infant stages and watch it grow is amazing,can't wait for volume 2(and future Pixar movies...more info
  • great collection, ultimate quality!!
    excelente colleccion de cortos, como todo lo de pixar, y observarlos en full 1080p HD es un deseo hecho realidad, aqui se aprecia la evolucion de la animacion por ordenador en tan solo un par de decadas y se disfruta el hecho de porque pixar es lo que es hoy en dia.
    de lo mejor del Blu ray es los extras y en especial el documental.
    muy recomendable compra....more info
  • Good compilation
    Got this last christmas and I really enjoyed it. Regular Pixar quality (= the funniest animated shorts around), but I wish there was more content on the disc. The "History of Pixar" featurette is informative and entertaining, but could be sooo much longer, I'm sure....more info
  • A Must Own
    Pixar pioneered a new form of animated film and these shorts show the evolution of the art form that transformed the face of animation. This collection of shorts is a must-own for any fan of animated films....more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 3.75~5/5 Sound Quality: 4.25~5/5 Extras: 3/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    Title: Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
    Running time: 0:55:26
    Movie size: 15,04 GB
    Disc size: 31,89 GB
    Total bit rate: 36.18 Mps
    Video bit rate: 25.30 Mbps
    LPCM 5.1 24-Bit/48kHz/6.9Mbps English
    DD AC3 5.1-EX 640Kbps English / Spanish / French
    Subtitles: English SDH / Spanish / French
    Number of chapters: 16

    Special Features

    #Audio Commentaries
    #The Pixar Shorts: A Short History (HD, 23 minutes)
    #Sesame Street Clips (SD, 6 minutes)

    13 shorts included

    # The Adventures of Andre and Wally B (1984)
    # Luxo Jr. (1986)
    # Red's Dream (1987)
    # Tin Toy (1988)
    # Knick Knack - Remastered (1989)
    # Geri's Game (1997)
    # For the Birds (2000)
    # Mike's New Car (2002)
    # Boundin' (2003)
    # Jack-Jack Attack (2005)
    # Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)
    # One Man Band (2005)
    # Lifted (2006)...more info
  • absolutely stunning on blu-ray
    this is an amazing example of what blu-ray is and can be...strongly suggest adding to the library, and it is an excellent archive of the pixar shorts which preceeded all the great animated films (monsters inc., toy story, etc.)...more info
  • Lots of Fun!
    It's a great way to see the evolution of CGI over the years, each of us has a favorite. Great humor for the whole family....more info